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Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all its corresponding characters belong to JK Rowling and not I, this story does, however.

Summary: The summer before his 6th year Draco is punished for not taking the Dark Mark of Voldemort. Upon returning to school, the rest of the student body is surprised to see him mute. The Gryffindors see it as a blessing until they learn the real truth--now they'll do anything to get his voice back.

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29 September, 1997

V. Annoyed. Stupid Dumbledore is making me write in this journal. He says that since can't properly express emotion through my voice, then may have some pent-up aggression. Say he's off his rocker and on the floor looking for his lost marbles. But, really, what can you expect from a man like that? The only reason am doing this is because he said that was to treat it as a 'homework assignment'. Have one word for that. Bugger.

Word going around school that am sleeping with Blaise Zabini. V. v. bad news. Will have to kill him if news doesn't stop encouraging this rumor. Every time walk into a room that has Gryffindor gits in it, they always look at me strangely. Whenever catch them, Weasley glares, Granger pales and Potter turns red. Really must clear this rumor up, when the Gryffindors start to notice, you know you have to start worrying. Must torture Zabini until he tells the truth. The whole truth. The truth that am sleeping with him--literally, not figuratively.

Stupid Dumbledore.

Up side to having no voice: So far have lost zero points for Slytherin. Apparently the Professors are taking pity on poor tortured soul.


Draco put down his quill and looked at his handiwork with mild satisfaction. At least he had gotten it done, Dumbledore was looking at him with a twinkle in his eye. The headmaster had called him to his office earlier that day, and throughout it they had been 'discussing' Draco's condition. Truth was, Dumbledore had done most of the talking, no pun intended.

"Are you quite finished then?" Dumbledore asked him, reaching for the leather-bound journal. Draco pulled it out of his reach.

If I'm going to do this, you can't read it.

"That completely defeats the purpose of the whole exercise, Mr. Malfoy."

Defeat the purpose or no, I wouldn't give you this thing if you paid me three thousand gallons. I already have that sort of money.

No, it does not, Professor. You must realize that if you take this from me, then there will be pent up aggression on my part.

"Alright then." Dumbledore looked pained and Draco moved shiftily in his chair, ready to leave. "Ah, there is this matter about a rumor going around school…"

There wouldn't be a rumor going around if you stupid people didn't keep the stupid common room so bloody cold!

Ugh! The nerve…bloody Dumbledore, getting all shirty with me about--

"Er, Mr. Malfoy, I don't know exactly what that has to do with the fact that you have misplaced your voice…"

Oh. That rumor.

And I haven't misplaced my voice. I was cursed, cursed, cursed, cursed. By my wretchedly rich and powerful father.

Draco sighed, thinking Dumbledore an idiot,

That's not really a rumor though, is it? It's true.

"Many students are going on about how you hexed yourself…"

Oh, blimey. This is worse then I thought…it's one thing for the whole school to think that I'm sleeping with the Slytherin Slut, but it's quite another for everyone to think that I am stupid enough to hex myself! Bloody hell…father will be so happy that his plan is working out so wonderfully. He won't know what to do with himself, he'll be so pleased.

What? Hexed myself!? I am not a Hufflepuff!


Hermione Granger took a sip of her pumpkin juice as she looked over the Dark Arts book in front of her. She had told Professor Flitwick that she was doing research on a Dark Arts charm, and he thought it wonderful how she was tying DADA in with Charms. He had, of course, given her a note to get her into the Restricted section. She was his star student and a Prefect, how could he not? But Hermione had been looking into Malfoy's curse for almost a month now, and she still had found nothing. It didn't help that Harry and Ron were hardly doing their job of talking to Malfoy…and that was an understatement.

Hermione looked up from the book and over at Ron and Harry who were standing 'inconspicuously' by the entrance doors to the Main Hall waiting for Malfoy to come in. Hermione had finally barked at Ron and Harry to do something, since Harry was so interested, and they had just gotten up and decided to accost Malfoy at the door. Well, just would be an understatement as well, since it had been almost a half-hour since the two had gotten up. It appeared as if Malfoy would be skipping breakfast again, which wasn't unusual. Ron was getting impatient standing there, and Hermione could tell that Harry was getting hungry. His eyes kept darting to Neville's toast and pumpkin juice, and Neville looked quite paranoid. Lucky for them, their ordeal would soon be over, for Malfoy had just swept through the door looking slightly harassed. Hermione took a last gulp of her pumpkin juice and stood up--she had to put the next part of her plan into motion.


Harry and Ron swooped down on Draco when he was barely ten feet from the main door.

Oh bugger, what is it now? I didn't do it, and I have proof, I have a witness! He's probably crawling around on the floor still looking for his lost marbles…but he's there!

"Malfoy," Weasley said with a dark frown, Draco managed to get out a strangled noise, and nodded forcefully, hoping to dispel them. Potter, however, had grabbed his arm (Injustice!!), and was guiding him out of the hall into an empty classroom.

No, no, no, Potter! I haven't even had breakfast yet! No! NO, I say!! Unhand me you bloody beast!

Draco huffed and grabbed for the door handle as Potter placed himself just between Draco and the door.

"Come off it, Malfoy. We know that Dumbledore gave you a spell that lets you communicate,"

Actually, it was McGonagall--

Well spotted, Potter!

"As much as I enjoy seeing you like this, Malfoy…"

Weasley, you perverse wanker! Inflicting your unholy passions on the likes of me is just cruel and unusual!

"We would actually like to know if the rumors are…true." Potter finished for him, and motioned for Draco to sit down at a desk. Draco didn't take the hint.

Yes, well wouldn't you like to know…

Which one, Potter? The one in which I am having a sordid affair with Blaise Zabini, or the one where I turned Hufflepuff and hexed myself this summer?

"You're sleeping with Blaise Zabini?" Potter's eyes were bugging out of his head, and Weasley was taking that opportunity to laugh his bloody-red head off. Draco rolled his eyes, and rocked back and forth on his feet. Potter really was quite dense.

I take it that you were referring to the other rumor, then. Well, contrary to the popular belief that I've turned 'idiot' over the summer, no Potter, Weasley, I did not hex myself.

Potter was still recovering from the Blaise rumor. Weasley smirked,

"I see, I knew that you had half a brain cell more then once thought."

Oh, Weasley, don't act so jealous. Half a brain cell is more then none, after all. Perhaps if you hook up with Potter you could share his. Quarter brain-cell that is. No! Better yet, hook up with Granger, and then you can both ha--


"Ugnnh!" Said Potter.

"Don't insult Hermione!" Weasley said, reeling back and holding onto his fist, which had just connected with Malfoy's jaw.

Bloody hell! Weasley, you're going to pay for that if my perfect face has a bruise!

Curse the Armadillo!

"What the hell?"

"What the hell?"

What the HELL???

Curse the Armadillo. No! Curse the Armadillo!

What, does this thing have a censor or something? Bloody hell, bloody hell!

"Err, Malfoy?"

Cursed, I'm cursed! You'd think that they would let me…grrr…grrr. Anger, anger. Where is my bloody Journal?

"You in there, Malfoy?" Weasley was looking concerned, like Draco had lost his mind or something.

Of course I'm in here Weasley! You bloody git! If I have a bruise tomorrow--you're getting it…ohhh, you're getting it.

"Hate to point it out, but you're already getting a bruise." Potter poked his face, and Draco pulled back painfully.

Never, never touch a Malfoy, Potter!

Insane git.

"Sorry." Potter didn't sound all that apologetic, and they were left standing there, no one speaking.

Er, can I leave now, or are you both going to try and molest me some more?

Weasley grimaced, but Potter blushed, and Draco imagined that he was probably still thinking about the 'Blaise affair'.

"Ah, Malfoy? If you didn't er, hex yourself, who did, and why?"

You make it oh so incredibly hard sometimes, Weasley. But I've seen this tactic before…and I have learned from my brief bout with stupidity, namely Pansy Parkinson (who, turns out isn't as stupid as I once thought…)…no, my strength will survive!

Bloody hell, aren't you nosy, Weasley? Why do you care anyway?

"Just curious," Weasley shrugged indifferently, Draco was still rubbing his jaw.

Curiosity killed the weasel.

Draco pushed past them and opened the door, leaving it swinging behind him.


29 September, later

People getting bloody nosy at this school. Now that Gryffindors know, they will probably try to do something noble like find out who was hexed by. Not a problem…just pretend house elf got hold of wand. IS possible for house elf to do that, right?



Harry and Ron met Hermione in the library where she was waiting patiently for them with Hogwarts: A History in her hands.

"Hermione, don't you have your own copy of that somewhere?" Ron asked, sitting down at a nearby table. Harry followed suit, but Hermione remained standing.

"This is my copy, Ron. What took you so long, did you two have a heated tryst in there or something?"

Harry choked.

Ron snorted.

"Actually, I er,"

"Popped him one," Harry said, looking at Hermione, who looked amused, "Yeah, apparently Ron isn't into boys as we once thought…seems quite fond of you though."

"Oh, stop it, Harry." Hermione said with a stern look on her face. "Did you find out who hexed him?"

"Definitely his father. He didn't tell us, but…you know, I've known the creep for six years…I can tell what he's thinking." Harry said, pointing to his eyes with his index and middle finger, and then pointing to Hermione's own eyes. This went on for several minutes before Hermione rolled her eyes and pushed Harry's hand away.

"Well, obviously if he didn't hex himself, it was probably his father. I sincerely doubt that his mother would do something like that." Hermione said, she had started pacing and her robes were swishing behind her.

"Why?" Ron said, pulling at a loose grain in the wood, it made a cracking sound as it pulled away.

"Because, I met her in Diagon Alley two summers ago, and she seemed like a very pleasant woman." Hermione said shortly, as if she had been defending Narcissa Malfoy all her life. Ron snorted in a half-arsed protest. "Anyway," She continued, "did you find out what spell…"

"Hermione, Ron was busy punching Malfoy in the face--"

"And Harry was busy swooning…" Ron retorted, Harry grimaced,

"Was not!"

"Were too!"




"Slytherin fancier!"

"Ron! Harry! This is the library…and I hate to say it, but grow up!" They both turned from their word battle to look at her. Harry elbowed Ron in the ribs and muttered through gritted teeth,

"I do not fancy Malfoy."

Hermione rolled her eyes and finally sat down. "Now that we've finally got that all under control. There is the little matter about why Malfoy was hexed…" She looked at them, eyes rather wide and pleading. Harry looked on in disgust. Ron, however, had the composure of a bowl of Jell-O.

"Yes, 'Mione?"

"Since you punched Malfoy last time you spoke with him, I suppose I will have to talk to him."

"Right, if you want something right, ask Hermione to do it." Harry said, making a move to get up.

"I'm not done, yet, Harry." Hermione said, grabbing his arm.

"But I haven't had lu-unch…"

"We aren't done. Now, sit, that's a good boy. Okay, since we know that er, Malfoy's dad put this ah, curse on him, we can surmise that he was either testing something out, or punishing him." The string of words sounded shaky coming out of Hermione's mouth for some reason. Perhaps it was because Ron was staring at her unblinkingly.

"I doubt he would test something like that on his lovely Malfoy-kins." Ron said, "He'd probably just abduct someone to…whatever."

"I pretty much had ruled that out as well." Hermione said deftly. Harry's stomach growled loudly, "Er, before Harry dies of starvation, I think the obvious point of interest here is why Malfoy was hexed in the first place. Then we can go from there. Don't worry, I'll er, corner him in Potions or something." Hermione said, "He's my partner."

"Sounds like a plan." Harry muttered, and walked swiftly to the door, "Going to breakfast, very hungry."


Merciful food. Never skipping breakfast again. Never ever.

"Draco, slow down. You're going to give yourself something…bad." Pansy wrinkled her nose while grabbing for a thermos of pumpkin juice.

And she says she's intelligent…it will take something more to bring down a Malfoy then 'something bad'.

Parkinson, would you please remind me after breakfast to go to Darvish and Banges and buy you a dictionary?

Ah, the pleasures of being voiceless…you can still communicate with your mouth full of food! Very fun.

Pansy sighed, "I do not need a dictionary, Draco. I have to go, I'm meeting a saucy Ravenclaw in the library."

Good for you, maybe if you get something then you'll stop trying to molest me under the table.


Harry smiled happily as he heaped a few pieces of toast on his plate at breakfast. The hall was clearing out slightly, and only a few studying Ravenclaws remained. With of course, the random Slytherin and Hufflepuff.

The random Slytherin just happened to be Draco Malfoy…and the random Hufflepuff didn't know what was about to hit him.

Too bad Harry was such a noble Gryffindor, otherwise the Hufflepuff might have gotten something such as a pumpkin pasty stuck in his sunshine-yellow hair. Because Harry knew that's what Malfoy was thinking, and he was there before Malfoy could even raise his hand to throw the thing at the boy across the hall.

"Malfoy…you wouldn't be planning on throwing that at that Hufflepuff over there, would you?" Harry asked, raising an eyebrow.

No, actually, Potter, I was going to eat it. I am rather hungry, since you and Weasley accosted me before I could get any breakfast.


But now that you mention it, it does seem like a rather good idea.

Harry had just then noticed that Malfoy actually had the pasty in his mouth, and it wasn't even looking like he was going to throw it anywhere. Besides, the Hufflepuff had just left. Grr.


Yes, I believe you already said that, Potter. Is there something you wanted?

"Malfoy, you know we're going to find out anyway, and it would be a lot easier on us if you just told us why your father hexed you." Hey, if he was going to be here, why not get some information. He didn't just come to stare at Malfoy's pretty face--er, that is to say…

Who told you that my father hexed me?

"Ah…I surmised it with my cunning intellect?"

Heh. Nice try, Potter. I'm not stupid, I know when someone is trying to pretend that they have half a brain cell more then they actually do…

"What is it with you and brain cells, Malfoy?"

They're very interesting. I think that since Weasley and you must be sharing one, the further along in time you go, the stupider you get.

"Malfoy, come off it." Harry put his head on the Slytherin table as Malfoy continued to eat.

But it's oh so fun.


Have you taken up whining, Potter? It is most annoying.

So he was annoying him, eh? At least he was getting somewhere…maybe if he could annoy Malfoy to death, he could get him to tell him why he was hexed. It was worth a try…after all, it was a Saturday.

Harry smiled, he was going in for the kill.


*Note to Darcel (and anyone else who has been wondering): JK Rowling does not specify in the books what gender Blaise is. I've always thought that the name was a male name, though it is considered either gender. In this story Blaise is a boy.

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