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Time: Around a year after the series ends. Most definitely does not include 'Teen Titans Go.'

This is going to be rather short compared to my other Teen Titan stories. However, I do hope you enjoy it. It will be shown mainly from the perspectives of Beast Boy and Raven, along with her emoticlones. BBxRaven will be the pairing, or at least is the pairing I currently plan for it to end as. Starting off they're the same as the series ended; friends.

The Future Awaits...

With an icy sense of dread sending chills down her back the violet-eyed girl waited, knowing that at any time now a certain green-skinned shaped shifter would be knocking on her door.

"Idiots." The empath muttered to herself, letting a hint of worry get through her usually impassive tone. "Idiots! Idiots! Idiots!" She muttered again, referring not to just the shape shifter, but to all of the other Titans. "What do they think Knowledge is?" She asked, speaking with a hint of savagery to the empty room. "A glorified personal tutor?"

Rising, the girl paced, or rather stalked, around the dimly lit room with little bursts of black energy sparkling around her fingertips. Considering what'd been going on for the last week, she was more than a little amazed she wasn't blowing up the entire room each time she had to go through this. "Heck. It's a wonder the Tower is still here." Raven admitted to herself. Once again the voice of the extremely anxious, half-demon empath failed to remain impassive.

The whole problem, fuming girl recalled, dated back to about three weeks ago. With the five of them working as a team, handling the villains around Jump City was now a piece of cake. When any of the more dangerous ones did show their face then, with the T-ship, it was a simple matter to call in Titans East. That amount of overwhelming firepower had easily dealt with everything they'd faced over the last year. It was rare when one of them even had to break a sweat anymore. It was too easy, and that left plenty of time for other things.

Robin had been the one to bring up the subject first. In a nutshell, he'd just wandered into the commons room one morning, as Beast Boy and Cyborg were arguing over tofu, and in a normal voice he'd asked, "What are you three planning on doing with your lives?"

"Oh yes." The brooding, half-demon muttered as she continued to paced around her room. "Such a simple question." Though, she admitted to herself, he did have a point. With the various villains managing an average of five to ten minutes between escaping prison to the time they were tossed back in, most of them had moved on to greener pastures. It was rare that the Titans were called on to handle even one villain a week; rather, it was more like one per month. If free time would've made them rich then they would've been all billionaires by now. What to do with all that free time, other than video games and Tower maintenance, had become a big discussion.

Cyborg had indicated he would like to return to school and finish college. As he'd spoke the eagerness in his voice had been obvious. Over his years as a part of the team he'd ceased to see the machines that kept him alive as a deformity. He no longer saw them as something to be hidden, but as a fundamental part of who, and what, he was. In fact, the cybernetic teen was more than merely content, and rather than just accepting them was proud of them.

"Without them I couldn't protect my friends, or the city." He'd solemnly spoke, looking them in the eye. "What more." He'd added with a grin even as his tone had remained serious. "I now realize they're not all that different from the arms and legs I once had. Those I had to train to keep in peak-physical condition to play sports." The cybernetic teen had lifted his arms to look at them. "These I still got to train, just not in the same way. I got to use my brain to fix them when they're damaged, and to improve them to be the best I can make them."

He'd flexed his titanium fists. "I can still push my limits, and that's what I've always wanted to do, even as a kid." A sense of glee had filled his voice. "I've always wanted to reach for the sky, and once I though that was sports. Then that was taken from me and I was lost." His one human eye had lit up, as he'd looked at them once again before continuing. "But then I became a Titan and learned that I could still reach for the sky, and that I wouldn't be alone. That I wasn't a monster or a freak. That I'm still just Victor Stone, and that I got a future."

It had been, the violet-eyed empath recalled, a rather motivating speech, delivered in a voice that'd caused them all to consider what they wanted out of life. It'd caused even her to reach deep down inside, ignoring the tiny voice that'd whispered in her ear that she was nothing and could never be anything, to consider what she, a half-demon, might do with her future.

To her surprise the answer had come easily, and without doubt. She, Raven, the daughter of Trigon the Terrible, who'd been meant to bring about the end of the world, wanted to be a doctor. Not just a doctor. She mused as she paused in her frenetic pacing for a few seconds. I want to help children, and the power that came from Trigon is perfect for that. I can order cancers, like leukemia, to go into remission. That's easy; I don't even have to heal a wound, just tell the body what it's doing wrong." A hint of a small smile crossed the lips of the young girl as she happily pondered her future, and saw just how bright it could be.

"And that I'm spitting in that bastard's face is just icing on the cake." She mused aloud, thinking how using that power to heal would drive Trigon insane with rage. A smirk crossed her face and nearly, just nearly, she almost laughed aloud.

A knock on the door brought her back to her current condition, causing her to gulp as she struggled to control her emotions. In the process a tiny spark of dark energy leapt from her fingers to singe the dark blue blanket on her bed. Nearly growling as she saw this, the young girl doubled her efforts to suppress the darker aspects of her demonic heritage.

The problem, the panicked empath recalled, was Beast Boy. Robin had hadn't entered the superhero business until his teens, and even then he'd been tutored by Batman. Starfire had entered it later than any of them, and had, being in line for the throne of Tamaran, been given the best education her world could offer. She, herself, had been well taught by the monks of Azarath.

That left Beast Boy. Not his fault. Raven reluctantly admitted to herself. The rest of us were in our teens before we became heroes. Before that we were all in places where we were well taught. He was eight when he lost his parents and became a shape shifter. The same age as when he'd decided to use that power to help people. The girl continued her pacing, ignoring the knock on the door. Actually. She thought. Given he was eight and could shape shift it's a wonder he didn't become a villain.

"He's pure of heart, our BB." A cheerful voice spoke within her mind.

"True." Raven spoke back to Happy before letting her mind drift back to the green-skinned Titan and her less than enjoyable circumstances.

Back three weeks ago, when asked what he wanted to be, Beast Boy hadn't answered and they'd all assumed the same thing; that's our Beast Boy, immature as always. It'd been two days later that he'd admitted he'd given it a lot of though, and didn't really know. "However." He'd added. "Without some sort of education I'm not going to have many options." The green-skinned shape shifter had looked at his hands as he'd removed the gloves he normally wore, to gaze with a deadly serious frown at his fingers. "It's not as though I'm going to have many as it is with these." He'd sighed with an expression that none of them had ever seen on the normally hyper-active, and jubilant boy before.

In a nutshell it came down to the fact the boy had never attended school in his life. Sure, even at age eight he should've been in grade three, but his parent had moved a lot and had homeschooled him. Added to that was the fact that while he could write somewhat, his hands weren't really properly formed for it. It took him ages to write, or rather print, even a short sentence, and the letters had to be large. Raven figured even writing a short essay would require a book's worth of paper for the shape shifter. And, the girl sighed, we can add to that the fact his mutated DNA makes him restless. It's nearly impossible for him to focus on something. It's like giving Knowledge a new book, and then trying to discuss the weather with her. You just ain't going to get anywhere.

Letting a tiny sigh escape her control she let her soul flow out towards the door to open it. If she waited too long she knew the boy would just leave; not because he wasn't focused on his studied, but rather because he was embarrassed.

"Morning." She greeted her fellow Titan, as he reluctantly entered the dark room. The normally talkative boy didn't utter a word in reply, choosing instead to stare at the floor. In his left hand the books he carried had holes gouged in them from the way he tightly clutched them. His right hand held the handle of a laptop.

The laptop had been Cyborg's idea. "BB might not be able to hold a pencil properly." The Cybernetic teen had observed. "But his hands are more than flexible enough for him to type with."

And so it was. The case for the laptop had been reinforced with titanium so the often frustrated pupil didn't damage it, while the keyboard had been modified so it could take a little more wear-and-tear from the needle-sharp claws of the embarrassed teen who often forgot just how delicate the machine was. At the end of the first week the pencil-challenged boy had been able to type at nearly fifty words per minute, which was more than enough for him to write an essay or type in the answers to questions.

That had been the easy part. Raven mused. Even if he'd gotten up and wandered around practically every five minutes he'd stuck with the program. And, she nearly smiled, he'd only broken two of the specially rebuilt laptops. But that thought brought her back to reality.

The Titans, once overwhelms with spare time, were now rather busy. They handled the rare villain that popped up, maintained the tower, practiced a little and, except for Saturday movie and pizza night, went their various ways.

Cyborg was taking a full load of college courses, and while his technical skills were beyond compare he was somewhat lacking in other areas. The near-genius intellect might be able to build a fusion reactor, but he didn't know the difference between a pyramid and a Ponzi scheme.

Robin was working on getting his highschool diploma, while also attending classes on forensics at a nearby police academy.

Starfire, who planned on remaining on earth so long as she could be near Boy Wonder, was taking language courses. She'd commented on how it was time she learned how to speak the language of her adopted world properly.

Raven herself, even if well educated, had no school records in this dimension. She was focused on taking the tests that would give her her highschool diploma.

In short, few of them had time to tutor the shape shifter, and they all doubtful he would fit in well with a kindergarten class. He's way too hyperactive for that. The empath admitted to herself, as she pictured the boy changing into a monkey to go swinging on the lights. But that he would need help getting started was obvious, and he was a Titan. Whether it was in a battle against a villain, or something like this, they couldn't just abandon one of their own.

It was then that Cyborg had come up with the 'so-called' perfect solution. Let Knowledge tutor the boy. Raven could do her own work while her emoticlone did the tutoring. It was insane, and the empath had been against it a hundred-percent. Had been, and still am. She sighed, looking at the boy who, noticing the sigh, clenched his books even harder and looked down as if near tears. That made Raven cringe inside.

We've been doing this a week with everything going perfect. The half-demon admitted. If he wasn't trying it would be one thing, but he is. This is something he's deadly serious about. He's NEVER let me down, and I'm NOT going to let him down now. "'Ready?" She asked, forcing herself to give the smallest hint of a smile.

The shape shifter, still not looking her way, nodded.

"Good. Let's go." The empath, who had a nagging premonition that today might not go as well as the others, picked up her mirror.

End of Chapter.

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