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This is the final chapter. Not much; just showing how things turn out. Hope you enjoy it. I also hope the Color Wheel didn't lead me astray.

Assertive wouldn't want to be the leader. They're going to hunt for BB, but she already knows he's not in Nevermore. The other, younger emoticlones, just aren't willing to listen to that. She's meant to be portrayed as the older sister. When the rest argue, she's the one who would, now that she'd become Assertive, declare a time-out.

While it wasn't clear, I meant to imply that when Raven seals her power, all her emoticlones are unleashed and can see and feel what she does.

If Robin doesn't have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome already, he will after this chapter.

There is a time skip for this chapter.

Time: Several weeks later.

The Nickname,... The Emoticlones Prepare,... A Fight,... The Night Arrives,... Assertive,...

If I had known this would be the result. Mused Raven, who was less than pleased. I would've just stuck with the scarf.

"Morning Cy II." Cyborg greeted the girl as she walked into the commons room with an obvious smirk on his face.

"Hey Cy ..." Robin started with a slight grin of his own.

The violet-eyed girl checked her emotions, making sure they were under control, before touching the tiny lump that now existed in the middle of the right side of her throat.

"Waaa." Screamed the team leader as dark magic reached out to grab him. A portal then open that led to the ocean just a few hundred yards from the Tower.

"Hey, no fair ..." The portal then claimed another victim as it gobbled up a certain cybernetic teen who'd given Raven her new nickname, Cyborg II.

"Good riddance." The girl intoned, before touching the tiny lump again.

"Morning Raven." Beast Boy greater her with a smile that lit up his face.

She nodded her head, smiling back. 'I think I should've just stuck with the scarf.' She replied, using sign language.

The boy frowned. "Not in a million years, love." He shuddered. "It makes it seem too much like ... Well, you know."

Her heart melted as she heard the word 'love'. Sure, he said it any number of times each day, but she could tell he always meant it. It's one word I'll never get tired of hearing. She though, letting her smile grow larger. Grabbing her usual muffin from the fridge, cranberry this time, and setting the kettle to boil, she leaned down to give her boyfriend a lingering kiss that neither of them wanted to end.

"Glorious morning friend Beast Boy, glorious morning friend Raven." Starfire bounced into the room, interrupting the still ongoing kiss. "By chance have either of you seen boyfriend Robin." She looked around. "He was here just a few minutes ago."

"He said he was going for a swim." Beast Boy said, looking a little dazed with a silly grin on his face.

"Oh why ..." The girl blinked. "I see. He did the calling of names again?"

'Next time he ends up at the zoo.' Raven signed. 'In the cage with all the poisonous snakes.'

"I will speak to him about it." The red-head backed away from the girl whose glowering eyes made her sweat a little. "I will try to make him understand it's not nice." She turned and fled, obviously heading out to search the ocean for the missing boy.

With a sigh, the violet-haired girl stood up, having sat on her boyfriend's lap for the short, if intense, kissing session. 'How's the studying going?' She signed.

"Good. I finished the section on algebra last night. It's geometry now."

'Excellent.' She signed with a smile. 'Keep this up and we'll be taking the highschool equivalency test together next time.' She grinned.

"That'll be cool." His heart melted at the grin his girlfriend sent his way. "How's the device working?"

Raven reached up to touch the lump in her throat. She had no plans to abandon her role as a Titan, so giving up speech altogether was out. And Beast Boy was right, a scarf seemed way too ... kinky. The device, as they called it, was something Cyborg had come up with. In short, while her emotions were under control, it allowed her to turn the muscles she needed to speak off and on at will. Unless they were on a mission, it would disable her speech altogether should her blood show chemical signs of any particularly strong emotions.

Much as she hated it, it was just until she was twenty-one, and had finished growing. And the benefits make it worth it. The violet-eyed girl thought with a warm glow, recalling all the make-out session she and her boyfriend now regularly engaged in.

Finally sitting down to eat her muffin, having resisted the urge for more kissing, she continued to prod at the device. It had a number of drawbacks. For one, there was her new nickname... Cyborg II. It was even worse than Rae, yet nearly all the honorary Titans had taken to calling her that. It seemed Cyborg and Robin had referred to her by that name a number of time in public notices, and it'd taken hold.

Stupid nickname. She silently fumed, taking a larger than usual bite out of her muffin. I'll get them back. She swore.

"It's just a name. They would only do that because you're a friend, and it's the sort of things friends do. It's not meant to be mean."

She glanced up to see her boyfriend watching her, and her heart melted again. Stop doing that. She told it. I mean sometimes is okay, but all the time? She sighed. 'I know. That's why I just sent them for a swim, and not to the zoo. It still annoys me though.'

"We still on for tonight?" He asked, eyebrows raised as he looked at her.

The girl gulped. 'We are.' She signed with her nimble fingers, as her heart melted again. That was the second drawback. Unless her emotions were under control, she had to use sign language.

"Boring." Sighed Brave, as the other girls talked about dresses and makeup and boys; well, one boy in particular anyway.

"Brown is such a limited color." Sighed Neat, who'd once been known as Sloth.

"But you can always add pink." Happy told her. "Maybe some pink rings, or earrings, or maybe even a pink necklace."

"Does pink and brown go together?" Neat wondered.

"Who cares. No one is going to see us anyway." Brave pointed out, turning to throw a few punches in the air. It was, she knew useless. Since Beast Boy had asked Raven out on an actual date, the others could only think of clothes and makeup and jewelry. It was enough to make her sick.

"Sure." Assertive said sarcastically, as she watched the girls have fun. "That's why you cut your hair, and had a pink heart drawn on your cloak." She smiled at the blushing emoticlone.

"Well..." Brave found she had no real answer to that, so she just threw more punches, wishing Raven had a villain to fight. Or would go back to kissing. That, she decided, was even better than fighting.

Assertive turned to Neat. "They go together." She informed the emoticlone who seemed lost in thought.

"Cool." The girl bounced around, giggling. "But I wonder if BB would like it?" While not as bad as Happy and Affection, all the emoticlone became giggly when it came to the green-skinned shape shifter.

"I think he likes anything Raven wears." Knowledge answered. "He's always looking at her."

"Sometimes too much." Retorted Rude. "But I like that he does." She then added in a totally different voice. The emoticlone was torn between her old ways of being Rude, and the new persona she was developing called Polite. Like all her sisters, she had a range of emotions and attitudes that she shifted between depending on the occasion.

With a hint of a frown, the girl once known as Timid glanced at Rage. The red-clad girl was the aspect of Raven that represented lust, and as such was willing to be more than just a little bit daring when it came to her outfit. Not that anyone can see her in here other than us. Assertive sighed in relief. Thank goodness. That outfit would giver BB a heartattack.

"Can you make us pink rings with rose shaped stones?" Happy and Neat suddenly chorused.

"I'll make you one ring each, and a pair of earrings." She told the whole group, causing them to swarm her with questions of what they should get, and if she thought BB would like such and such. "What matters is if you like it." She added with a smile. Her sisters had grown, and the word 'cooties' no longer sent them running in terror.

The festivities was interrupted as Brave let out a triumphant yell. "Yes. A fight. Go Raven." She began to dance around, still swinging her fists.

Raven looked up as the alarm went off. 'Seems it was a bad time to toss our name-calling leader in the ocean.' She signed across the table to her boyfriend.

Beast Boy shrugged. "I'm sure Star has found both him and Cy by now."

"The alarm." Yelled a soggy looking boy with spiked hair, as he rushed into the room.

"If my systems weren't water tight ..." Cyborg marched in behind Boy Wonder muttering.

"I found them." Starfire needlessly informed them, coming in behind the duo.

"It's Adonis." Robin informed them seconds later, shaking his head in wonder.

"What is it?" Beast Boy asked.

"It seems he's robbing the students at Jump City University."

"Not much profit there." Cyborg mused. "Between books and tuition, along with all those late night parties, those students don't have much cash to spare. Why condoms alone used to cost me ..." He paused, and blushed before adding. "Ahem. Never mind."

"Oh. It's just the girls he's harassing." Boy Wonder explained with another sigh. "He's demanding their jewelry unless they admit that Adonis is the greatest, and give him their phone numbers."

"Oh." From his expression it was obvious that Cyborg didn't know what to say.

"That's our Adonis." Beast Boy sighed.

As it turned out, the supervillain was making a mint. The campus usually saw a hundred thousand people pass through each day, half of them women. However it seemed even among those masses, that not one of them thought that Adonis was the greatest, and even found the sacrifice of their jewelry a small price to pay to be able to flee his non-ending self-praise.

"Finding the owners of all that is going to be a pain." Cyborg said, as he stared at the steps to the University Library that was covered in rings and necklaces, along with tens of thousands of pairs of earrings. Scattered around there were literally small mountains of bracelets.

"Not our job." Their still soaking wet leader declared. He looked towards Raven.

She touched the lump in throat, setting it to mission mode. "Ready." She intoned.

"Titans! Go!" The boy exclaimed, and they moved into position.

"Give it up Adonis." Boy Wonder commanded.

"The Titans." Came the growled response. "Even if I don't get any phone numbers, I still get to crush you." He flexed the muscles of his cybernetic suit.

Raven held up her hand. "Wait. Fifty thousand girls, and they all said no." It was clear even she found that hard to believe. "I mean, not even one ..." She shook her head in disbelief. "Wow."

"They were just too in awe of me." The boy in the red suit declared. "They didn't think themselves worthy of the great Adonis."

"Talk about an ego." Raven quipped.

"I'm the great Adonis." Came the angry reply. Jumping down into the parking lot, the villain grabbed a car to throw.

The violet-eyed girl, who easily caught it with her magic, twirled it around before setting it gently back on the ground. "I know one person who might go on a date with you." She intoned, though an evil glint appeared in her eye. Obviously Rage was having a little say in what was to come.

"Oh." The villain stood in shock, hardly able to believe what he was hearing. Obviously he thought the girl meant herself.

Raven pointed at Robin. "We've caught him making out with the Joker once." She intoned.

"Waaa. No... That kiss was supposed to be a secret." The spikey-haired boy claimed, causing the several thousand on-looking students, all with cellphone cameras held high, to believe the girl's words were true.

"I'm sure if you asked nicely, he would be more than willing to ... you know." The violet-eyed girl smiled happily, looking innocent.

"Grrr." Came a growl. "Titans. Go!" The leader yelled again. Taking a freeze disc, he flung it at the boy who'd actually looked thoughtful at Raven's suggestion.

With a slight smile, the pleased half-demon decided to handle matters. After all, she did have a date to prepare for even if it was still twelve hours away. With ease she lift the giant suit-clad figure, and started to twirl him around. As Beast Boy had suggested, it had more of an affect than just slamming him into a wall; as a side benefit it left said wall intact.

So much easier. The blue-clad girl sighed with a happy smile, still twirling the red-clad villain around and around. Her emoticlone were aging rapidly as they experienced the real world, and were now better able to manage their own emotions without letting them run wild. As such, her powers were nearly double what they had been, and would continue to grow until her sisters reached the same age as her.

Slowly, still possessing the evil glint that said Rage had some say in this, she counted off two minutes as she twirled the screaming figure around at a rate of roughly ten times per second. Then she put him down. That was it; the fight was over as the red-clad figure fell moaning, and puking, to the ground. There wasn't a villain yet that'd managed to escape unscathed from that particular trick.

The mission over, the violet-eyed girl smiled before reaching up to set the device in her throat to off. She immediately lost the ability to speak as it sensed her emotional state. The headache that'd been slowly building quickly started to fade.

'I have a date with Beast Boy tonight." She signed to Starfire.

"Eeeek." The red-headed Tamaranean squealed in sudden delight. "You must tell me everything that happens." She insisted. "Especially any kissing. I still need to get boyfriend Robin to kiss me more, and I have observed that isn't something you and friend Beast Boy have trouble with. I need pointers."

Feeling a little disturbed that her and her boyfriend's kissing sessions might not always be private, Raven shuddered a little before continuing. 'He said it's casual, but I need a new outfit. Would you help me pick it out?'

A nearby car window shattered with the next squeal, as the jubilant Tamaranean pulled her fellow female Titan into a bone-crushing grasp, and rose into the air. It wasn't the only broken window as the excited girl, who finally had someone to go to the mall of shopping with, set course for the nearest clothing store at supersonic speed.

Meanwhile, the video of their leader's soon to be famous confession sped around the world. 'Boy Wonder Confesses Love for Joker.' Would soon become a common theme for newspapers headlines and talk shows alike. Not to mention the talk of the honorary Titans. The traumatized boy would never call Raven Cyborg II ever again.

Sneakers, along with a pair of blue denim jeans, and a black shirt, was Beast Boy's outfit for the date. Pacing the floor of the commons room he was driving Cyborg and Robin crazy. They were intent on returning the favor.

"Yo, B." Cy called out. "You know those colors don't go together."

"Green skin with a black shirt." Robin shook his head and sighed. "I think you might finally get her to laugh.

The shape shifter continued to pace. He really had no idea if they were right, or if they were just teasing him. However, after a half-hour online he'd found something called the Color Wheel, and had zealously studied it for another half-hour. It'd claimed that the colors of blue found in denim went well with anything, as did black. With his stomach twisted in knots, he prayed that his instincts were right.

Will she laugh at me? Will she laugh at me? The poor boy asked himself time and time again, nearly hyperventilating as he circled the room over and over. Only the fact the floor was made of titanium kept him from wearing a hole in it. Only the fear of what the violet-eyed, half-demon, girl would do to them if they messed up her date, kept the other two from committing murder as he endlessly circled them, frenetically muttering under his breath.

Finally the clock stuck eight, and the door leading to the living quarters opened. As one the three guys looked, and then blinked, as their jaws dropped. Raven wasn't in her usual outfit.

Nervously she entered the room, dressed in colors she'd never imagined herself wearing before. Her violet hair, which had been given a simple trim, brushed against a yellow shirt that was tucked into a pair of form-fitting black jeans. They in turn brush against pair of sensible sneakers that were a denim blue. To complete the outfit she carried a small, fake-leather handbag. Nervously swallowing, she looked up, unable to meet the eyes of her date. Oh Azarath. She thought in heart-wrenching agony. What if he laughs? I've never worn bright colors before. What if I don't look nice in yellow? Why did I listen to Starfire? Because she nagged at me for six freaking hours! That's why! But what would she know about Earth fashion? She's not even from this world. What if ... She wanted to scream.

In reality Beast Boy had no idea if the colors matched. For that matter he didn't care. He only knew she was beautiful, and that was what he whispered. "Beautiful." In a tone that spoke of someone whose breath had been taken away.

Finally the trembling girl managed to look up, and then smile as she saw the handsome figure who stood before her. The figure who looked at her not as if she was merely beautiful, but as if she was the only thing in his world. 'Handsome.' She signed, as the smile reached her eyes, making them sparkle.

The date was simple. He knew that being half demon, the eyes of the violet-eyed girl were sensitive to light. So he avoided fancy places that were well-lit. He also knew she tended to be solitary, and didn't like crowds. So he worked on what he knew she did like.

In a city of five million there were countless cafes, some depressingly creepy and some not. So he'd spent days scouring Jump City for a few cafes he thought she might like; all were some distance from the Tower, so he considered it unlikely that she would've been to either of them before.

Knowing that her favorite food was muffins, which she practically live off, he'd researched various kinds, and had, at a price, had several rather unique varieties he though the girl might like added to the menus of a few of those cafes for that one day. Any place that didn't offer myriad forms of herbal tea had been automatically scratched from the list.

Driven by the T-car, which he'd viciously bribed Cyborg into lending them, one of those cafes was their first stop. There they ate, and quietly talked about what he had in mind for the night. He spoke in a quiet whisper, while she spoke with those nimble fingers of hers. As they talked the nervousness quickly faded. Date or not, they were still Raven and Beast Boy. When they realized that, the awkwardness faded, and the two of them settled back to enjoy the night with slight smiles adorning their faces.

That'd been followed by a movie. Nothing with bright flashing lights, but rather a simple horror story filled with dark colors and a lot of gray. The theatre had been nearly empty and so, alone, they'd sat in the back while their eyes more than compensated for the distance. There they'd quietly whispered, talking about the movie, wondering if the special effects could've been any worse. There were no words of love as they cuddle together, quietly commenting on this and that as they watched the movie. Yet it was peaceful, and even if the movie was rather forgetful, the cuddling more than made up for it. For both it'd been sheer bliss.

Next they toured the rest of the cafes the shape shifter had scouted. Raven went into a frenzy, frequently commenting on each as she carefully marked their location, and made plans to visit them again. She'd been radiant, with an expression of pure bliss as they'd strolled through them, hand in hand, occasionally stopping to try this or that from the menus.

It'd been at the last of those that he'd given the unusually cheerful the girl the ring. It was nothing fancy, being just a simple band with a small pale azure blue amazonite. As rings went it was cheap, but that wasn't the reason he'd chosen it. That particular stone was commonly refered to as the lucky Hope Stone which, among the emoticlones, was her name, Hope. Nor was it given as a promise that they would one day marry, but merely as an oath that he would always be there for her, and would always cherish her; that they were soul mates.

Until then Raven had been merely letting one wave of emotion after another wash over her. He'd made a date that suited her. That told her just how well he knew her. The effort he'd put into it spoke of his love for her. As they'd quietly talked and ate, she'd known she was in heaven, but then came the cheap corny ring, and that had made her cry. She'd held in it tightly in her hand, knowing the oath he swore was no idle thing; that he would stand by her until the end of the time; that she, Raven, also known as Hope, would never be alone again. So she'd wept, and smiled, feeling that which she'd known would always be forbidden to her; true love.

Assertive, also known as Timid, smiled. From the time she'd touch his arm she'd known that the one they called BB had already sworn that oath a thousand times. It'd been in his heart each time he saw the girl called Raven, and each time he thought of her. It'd been that oath that'd give her the strength to fight the part of her called Timid, and that'd told her she could finally rest, for there was now another who would share her burden; that there was another who would forever stand guard over her and her sisters.

With a smile she looked down at Rage who was resting her head on her stomach. Even the darkest part of Hope was content to just let things pass as they should. Around them, she saw the other emoticlones with smiles on their faces as they shared with Raven the hope and love she was feeling.

More than content, she let her head rest back against one of Happy's very pink cotton-candy trees. Tomorrow she knew she would have work to do. Everyone of her sisters, Rage included, would want a ring identical to Raven's.

End of Story.

Raven the prankster: Remember, Rage is a part of her, and pranking would be in that particular emoticlone's nature. Plus Raven has spent years living with three pranksters; some of it would've rubbed off.

The stories I write always twist around on me, and hardly ever turn out the way I plan. For this story Beast Boy was never meant to turn into a toad, rather Rage was supposed to get her kiss. The other emoticlones were then supposed to seeit and go to war with each other, taking to heart the phrase, 'All's fair in love and war.'. It was supposed to be a brutal (in a friendly sort of way) battle to see who could get a kiss of their own. But then I though, 'What would Beast Boy do?' and the story twisted to become what it is now.

Many thanks to those who read and reviewed this story. I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it.