Dedicated to Maddie who has left me crying laughing while we thought of ridiculous names to go with our hopeful shamy smut scenarios.

Kissing was still feeling like a new thing to Amy and Sheldon, even a year after they decided to add kissing to the Relationship Agreement. It had started as only happening after date nights, but soon they upped it to once a week. Then twice a month. And soon, once a day.

Sheldon had decided all of these changes.

It had also been 10 months, 3 weeks and 5 days since Sheldon told Amy he loved her.

"Would you like a beverage?" Amy asked as she and Sheldon entered her apartment.

"Yoohoo, please."

As Sheldon made his way over to the couch, Amy retrieved a yoohoo for her boyfriend.

"Thank you," he smiled genuinely as he took the offered glass.

As she sat down beside him, he placed the glass down on the coffee table after taking the first sip.

"Thank you again for coming to that lecture with me. I know biology isn't your favorite field of study, so-"

Sheldon waved her off. "It wasn't as tedious as I thought it would be. Plus, you're my girlfriend and those are the things you do for love."

If Amy wasn't already sitting down, she'd be on the floor.

After regaining her composure and closing her jaw, she finally spoke. "Did you just say 'those are the things you do'?"

Sheldon was in the middle of sipping his Yoohoo when his words registered.

"Well," he slowly placed his glass down once again as he angled himself toward her. "I-" He was a smart man, but wasn't always the quickest on his feet. He bit his bottom lip before the first thing he could think of slipped out of his mouth. "Do you love me?"

The blush on Amy's cheek was very telling, and Sheldon couldn't help but grin. "I asked you first."

"Nooo. No, you asked me if I said 'those are the things you do for love'."

"And did you?"

"Yes, but-"

"HA," she grinned and Sheldon gasped at her ready to retort, when- "I love you, too."

Jaw snapping shut, he studied Amy's smiling face. "You do?"

Nodding, she leaned forward and kissed his lips chastely.

He smiled into the kiss just before she pulled back.

"Can you say it?"

"Say... what?"

"Sheldon," she sighed.

"Okay, okay." He hated the idea of sharing feelings, but the puppy eyes that his girlfriend was displaying was making it hard not to oblige. "I love you."

"Sheldon?" He quickly turned his head to his girlfriend who was holding out the container of peanut butter cookies that she had brought over for their date night. "I asked if you wanted another cookie."

Sheldon declined her offer with the shake of his head. He watched her place the container on the coffee table before she leaned back on the couch, but Sheldon couldn't seem to keep his eyes off of her. She looked adorable in her pink cardigan and brown corduroy skirt. And when she turned to smile at him, he could see the love in her eyes and only it made him want to-


Sheldon pinned Amy beneath him on the couch as he locked his lips with hers in a heated kiss.

Though shocked by his bold move, she was able to wrap her arms around his neck and play with the hairs on the nape of his neck as her lips pressed against his.

The soft hum that escaped her throat was enough to awake the beast between his legs and it didn't go unnoticed by Amy.

She gasped when she felt the tip of his tongue graze hers and she parted her lips wider to allow him entrance.

Happily accepting the offer, he let his tongue mesh with hers as his left hand ran down her side while the right pressed into the cushion to keep him hovered over her.

For being known as a germophobe, Sheldon really enjoyed making out with Amy. It was still a bit of a surprise each time for the neurobiologist, but she always welcomed it.

She moaned when his teeth lightly tugged on her bottom lip and could no longer deny the throbbing in her nether region.

Sheldon could easily relate.

Sheldon had told Amy only months ago that sex was no longer an if but a when. It had both excited and scared Amy at the time, knowing that time would be coming. But right now, as Sheldon was letting his hand move it's way up under her cardigan to caress up and down her bare torso, Amy felt nothing less than aroused.

She moved her hands down his back before she cupped his ass and pressed him into her core as she arched her back. She listened as he let out a strangled groan against her mouth before his lips traveled from her jawline to her neck, sucking on the sensitive spot right below her jugular.

"Sheldon," she moaned, and his only response was the twitch of his arousal against her core.

If Sheldon was being rational, he would stop. He would tell her they were going too fast and they would discuss the appropriate time to act on their baser urges. But Sheldon wasn't being rational. He was horny.

Kohlinar couldn't help him this time.

"Amy," he whispered once his lips descended to her collarbone. "I think I would like to-"

His movements came to a screeching halt when he felt her hands begin to knead his butt as her back arched into him once again.

"What, Sheldon?" Her labored breathing was only making him feel that much more confident in what he wanted to say.

"I think-" he swallowed hard as the tightening in his pants was almost too much to bare. "I think we should go to my room."

This is it, she thought.

She nodded slowly when she stilled her movements and he picked his head up to look into her eyes.

Sheldon wasted no time in jumping to his feet. He took her hand once she sat up and nearly tripping up the step in the hall, he pulled her into his bedroom.

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