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Natasha, Clint and Tony leave the plane and walk the block to Libby's house in silence. About halfway there, Natasha's steps falter slightly and she turns to Tony.

"Tony… Is it alright for Ilaria to come and stay at the Tower with us? If it's not, I can just get an apartment for the two of us somewhere. I just thought maybe…"

"Natasha, it's fine. Honestly. I don't mind at all, and I'm sure Pepper would love to have her around."

"You've changed, you know," Natasha says to him. "You're not the rude, crude, self-absorbed man you were when I first met you."

"I think we've all changed recently. None of us are who we were six months ago." He responds.

Natasha nods in silent agreement. The rest of the walk is completed in silence. When they reach Libusa's house, Natasha knocks on the front door. "Libby? Are you home?"

Almost immediately, the door swings open to reveal a blonde haired girl who looks to be about the same age as Ilaria.

"Наталия (Natalia)!" The girl exclaims, throwing her arms around Natasha in a tight hug.

"Здравствуйте оболочке (Hello Katja)," Natasha replies, hugging the girl back, "Ваша бабушка дома? (Is your grandmother home?)"

"Да, конечно. В! (Yes, of course. Come in!)" She ushers the three adults inside and Natasha makes her way straight to the kitchen upon smelling a baking cake.

Sure enough, Libusa is in the kitchen, having just taken a cake out of the oven.

"Наталия! (Natalia!)" Another blonde girl, this one a few years older, exclaims as she breaks a piece of cake off and pops it into her mouth while her grandmother swats her hands away, when she notices the redhead in the doorway.

"Семейное положение Женат приветствия, (Hello Olena,)" Natasha responds.

Libusa hurries over to Natasha, her grey curls bouncing as she moves. "Нашли ли вы -? Я был так беспокоиться, когда я не слышу от вас после того, как вы покинули наш дом в понедельник. (Did you find Ilaria? I was so worried when I didn't hear from you after you left our house on Monday.)"

Natasha nods her head, "Да, я нашел ее, и моя группа найти нас обоих. (Yes, I found her, and my team found us both.)" She ushers to the two men standing behind her to show that they're members of her team.

"Следует приветствовать, (Welcome,)" the old woman says to the two men, "Любые рецепты от Наталья, является другом Libusa's. (Any friend of Natalia's is a friend of Libusa's.)"

"Thank you, Ma'am." Clint says, understanding the relatively simple phrase.

"I have no clue what she just said," Tony whispers in Clint's ear.

"She said that any friend of Natasha's is a friend of hers." The blonde man mumbles back.

"Ahhh. Makes sense." Tony nods.

"Вы хотели бы некоторые пирог? (Would you like some cake?)" Libusa's eyes flick between the trio questioningly.

"Would we like some cake?" Natasha translates for the two men.

"Uh, would we like some cake? That's a ridiculous question; of course we would like some cake." Tony answers.

"Да, пожалуйста, (yes please,)" Natasha says to Libby. "Мы хотели бы некоторые из них. (We would love some.)"

"Чай? Кофе? (Tea? Coffee?)"

"Кофе, пожалуйста. (Coffee, please.)" Natasha answers.

"Черный, один из сахара? (Black, one sugar?)" Libby looks at Natasha for confirmation, and the redhead nods. "Просто хотел бы -. (Just like Ilaria.)"

"действительно, на самом деле, в самом деле, разве, впрямь, по-настоящему? (Really?)" Natasha asks curiously.

"О, да, вы два очень. (Oh yes, you two are very alike.)"

Natasha smiles softly at that revelation, because even though she tries to be there for her daughter, she doesn't really know her too well.

"What did she say?" Clint whispers in her ear when he sees the gentle look on his partner's hardened face.

"She said Ilaria and I are quite alike." Natasha responds absently.

"Yeah, I could've told you that, Nat."

"Right," Natasha smirks at him, "Because you can read my eyes like an open book, and apparently she's the same."

"Exactly," Clint responds with a matching smirk.

"You're an idiot." She whispers to him, before focussing back in on what Libby, Olena and Katja are saying.

Nearly an hour later, Strike Team Delta and Iron Man walk down the streets of Russia carrying numerous duffle bags, backpacks and suitcases.

While Libby was saddened by the news that Natasha wanted to take Ilaria back to America with her, the old woman knew it was for the best. The most upsetting part for Libusa, Olena and Katja was the fact that they wouldn't get to say goodbye to Ilaria this time, as Natasha wouldn't let them go to the jet to say their farewells.

"Thank you, Tony." Natasha says out of the blue.

"Hmmm?" He looks at her, wondering what the hell he did to earn her thanks.

"For allowing Ilaria to stay at the tower." Natasha clarifies.

"Oh. Well, it is your floor. You can have whoever you like on your floor." Tony says. "But, no problem. I figured I needed someone new to corrupt anyway, seeing as I've done all I can with Legolas, and Cap is kind of a lost cause, and I don't have enough patience for Thor."

Natasha rolls her eyes and threatens, "You so much as think about turning my daughter into a party animal, I'll make sure you can never have kids of your own."

"Now now, Ms Rushman, don't be like that." Tony says.

Natasha shakes her head and continues walking.

"Hey, Nat…" Clint begins, "Can I see that photo of you and her? The one she had beside her bed."

"Yeah, can you hold this for me?" Nat says, handing Clint one of the backpacks she's carrying, so she can unzip it. Still walking, she rifles through the bag until she pulls out the picture of a young Ilaria, no more than seven years old, and Natasha.

Clint isn't sure who took the photo – he assumes it was Libusa – as Ilaria is sitting on a swing while Natasha pushes her. Both mother and daughter are smiling and laughing happily, even though the grey mist of rain can be seen falling around them, and their long red hair is hanging it wet strands around and across their faces. It's such a strange sight, to see Natasha looking so happy, and Clint can't take his eyes off it.

"I have my own copy of the photo," Natasha whispers quietly. "I keep it under my pillow."

"You don't have many photos of her, do you?" Clint guesses.

"No," Natasha shakes her. "For exactly the same reason that you don't have many photos of Izzy."

"The less hard evidence of their existence, the less danger they're in."

"Exactly." Natasha agrees.

"Do you think they'll get along alright? Ilaria and Izzy?" Clint wonders.

Natasha smiles at the prospect, "I hope so. Aria will be able to babysit Izzy when we have to go on missions. That should keep her out of everyone else's hair."

"Everyone else loves that little girl," Tony pipes up. "She has us all wrapped around that tiny little pinky of hers."

"And doesn't she know it," Clint states.

The three all chuckle just as they reach the jet and walk up the ramp, just in time to hear the end of a conversation.

They hear Steve sigh in what sounds like defeat, "Fine. I won't tell her. But you'll have to tell her eventually."

"Thank you!" Ilaria says, her voice full of relief. "Thank you. I will tell her. Just… not yet."

"You'll tell who what?" Natasha narrows her eyes, looking between the entirely guilty looking quartet. "What's going on?"

Ilaria is frozen, like a deer caught in the headlights, Bruce does not want to be involved in any form of conflict, and Thor knows he'll probably just make things worse. So, naturally, it's Steve who speaks up.

"Ilaria needs to tell you about something that happened before you found her."

Any guesses as to who 'Izzy' is? And what sort of interactions would you like to see between Ilaria and The Avengers, and Pepper?

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