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A warm breeze and the far off sounds of waves crashing the shore line made their way through the large open window, lightly rustling the corners of pages of thirty or so students' worn out text books as they tiredly listened to the teachers lecture. Ally sat in her English class, her chin resting on one hand, doodling on her notebook and daydreaming. It had been a month since she'd come back home to Miami and she still couldn't get Ross out of her mind.

Every day she felt herself slip into a movie montage of longing and loneliness, her life moving in slow motion as she remembered the feverish night she'd shared with a complete stranger, before falling head over heels in love with him. Their wild, passionate night together was burned into her memory for all time; the way her skin tingled when he touched her; the way his skin felt sliding against hers; his stormy russet eyes burning into hers; the way his face looked when he came; the taste of his skin, mouth and cock; how his lips and tongue felt on her body; how it felt when he was inside of her... It was all so fresh in her mind.

She longed to see him or just hear his voice again, just once more.

Ally had tried to put it in the past, to not miss him, but her dreams were filled with visions of him. Her eyes would close and she would see Ross smirking and beckoning to her; Ross kissing and licking trails over her body; Ross telling her what wicked things he wanted to do to her, his silky, low voice sending lightning bolts straight to her sex; Ross naked and laid out before her like a sinfully delicious buffet; Ross' soft lips twisting into a smile as he brushed them over hers...

A week after she got home, in a moment of weakness and longing, Ally had gone so far as to call the escort service he worked for. Her hands trembled and she chewed her lip in nervousness the entire time she was on hold, then she had been surprised, and heart-sick to learn that he no longer worked for them.

She'd never see him again.

Many a night was spent crying into her pillow for the man she burned for, but could never touch again. It didn't help to think that he didn't think of her as anything but another client. She was just a job to him, the next paycheck that rolled across his desk, but… he had made her feel so special... The logical side of Ally told her that was his job, to make her feel that way. That was how he earned repeat customers and steady income. Still, Ally couldn't shake the notion that he felt something for her too. For someone whose job was strictly show and sex, he had been so tender and, yes, loving with her...

She felt like a moron for developing feelings for him, for craving him like she did, but the fact remained, she was head over heels in love with a gigolo. Other people can have lots of sex and not have it mean anything, why can't I? Why did I have to fall in love with him?

"Miss Dawson, could you at least pretend to pay attention?"

She looked up sharply at her English teacher. He was shaking his head at her with a disapproving expression and all of her classmates' eyes were on her. It wasn't like her to be called out on unless she had her hand held high to answer a question. She blushed furiously.

"Sorry," she mumbled, heat rising to her cheeks as she shyly looked around and slumped in her seat, keeping her eyes trained on the white board.

Her teacher sighed and turned his attention back to the entire class. "I know all of your minds are on graduation and the upcoming Prom, but we still have one more month of school to get through, people. Focus."

The class groaned as he went back to discussing the merits of Dickens' work.

oOo oOo oOo

Ally headed to her father's store during her usual cluster of free periods.

Her friends met there every day to spend some time together with her dad, the local music shop keeper, while they were on break. He was a bit stuffy, and extremely stingy with his money, but a very kind and gentle-mannered man, and he would do anything for Ally and her friends, and they all knew it and loved him for it.

Speaking of father figures... Her step father had called when he got the bill for the weekend. Ally was afraid of what his reaction would be, despite how smug she had been in New York. To her surprise, dear old Paul hadn't even complained about it. He was all, 'That's okay, sweetie. I told you to spend and you did. No problem.' He hadn't even batted an eyelash about the X-rated movies Ally had ordered.

Somehow, that was even worse than if he'd bitched at her. She wanted to get some kind of reaction from him. It was like he didn't care about anything she did at all.

Ally thought about her return to Miami after that weekend in New York as she walked to the store. Her girlfriends had known immediately that she'd 'gotten laid' while she was away. Trish said that Ally had that certain 'glow' about her. They pumped her for details.

Of course she gave them as few details as possible. She told them that she'd met a gorgeous guy named Ross in her hotel. He had blond hair and the brownest eyes she'd ever seen. She'd said that her and Ross hit it off right away, and engaged in mad, passionate, monkey lovin' all night long. She certainly wasn't going to tell them that he was 'hired help'.

Trish and Carrie were very interested in hearing about what kind of stuff Ally and Ross did. It was really embarrassing but Ally gave them some details; how great he was at oral sex; the inhuman way he would move his tongue; how great his body was; how big he was. She couldn't tell them how many times they'd done it because she'd lost count along the way. Trish and Carrie giggled, gasped and laughed into their hands the entire time. They both had agreed: Ally was one lucky bitch.

But Ally didn't feel so lucky. Yes, she and Ross shared an incredible night of passion that would always be special to her... but she would never see him again. Never feel his touch, never look into his smiling brown eyes. Her longing for him was getting worse instead of better. She had expected it to get less painful as time went on, not more so.

Ally put on a happy face and breezed through the shop doors.

"Hey, guys!" she greeted her friends, who were seated around the cash counter.

They all said their hello's. Ally walked behind the counter, tucking her book bag under the counter near the cash register.

"So, what's up? Anything interesting going on today?" Ally asked.

"Nope," Trish said tiredly, dark circles lined her eyes. "Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel. Why do they make us drag ourselves back here every morning after finals? What's the frickin' point?"

"You're forgetting that they love to torture us," Jace, Trish's boyfriend pointed out.

"Ah, yes. Thanks, babe. How could I forget that they're sadistic bastards?"

Dez rolled his eyes and put his head down on the counter, ignoring his pessimistic friends across the way.

Carrie patted his head. "Just think, we still have Prom to look forward to," she said with a smile, and Dez lifted his head and smiled, grateful for her positive attitude.

Mr. Dawson came out of his office, looking harried as usual, carrying a stack of books. He smiled when he saw his daughter and her friends gathered in their usual places, and placed his things on the counter.

"How is everyone this afternoon?" he asked cordially.

Everyone mumbled and groaned.

Lester laughed. "Now, let's not have any of that. It's almost over. You've made it this far. You can get through one more month."

They grumbled.

"Oh!" Lester said suddenly, remembering something important. "Do you recall me telling you about my new intern, Austin?"

They nodded.

"Well, he's finally here from New York. He'll be helping me here in the store in exchange for housing while he records demos for different recording labels." Lester smiled broadly.

He was obviously pleased that he had new help in the store since Ally was busy with finals, and that he got the help without having to actually pay him. He looked towards the door of his office. "Austin? There are some people I'd like you to meet. Could you come out for a minute?" Lester called.

"Coming!" the voice from the stock room called and shortly thereafter footsteps could be heard hurrying into the show room.

Ally went white and froze the moment she heard him speak. She had to be wrong. It couldn't be him. She turned slowly in her seat until her eyes came to rest on him standing next to her father. It was him. New York Ross.

At the same time Ally's eyes landed on him, Austin looked in her direction. Their eyes met. Shock and recognition registering on both their faces.

'OHGODOHGODOHGOD!' Their minds screamed.

'It's him!'

'It's her!'

Lester continued talking, oblivious to what was happening in front of him. "Everyone, this is my intern, Austin. Austin, I'd like you to meet," Lester pointed out each teen as he said their names, "Dez, Trish, Carrie, Jace and my daughter, Ally."

The group heartily greeted Austin. Trish and Carrie's eyes skimmed over him, taking in the hard lines of muscle under his tight black t-shirt and jeans. They were crazy about their boyfriends, but they were still women. Looking couldn't hurt.

Austin felt like he was in the middle of a dream. It was Roxie, the woman from the hotel in New York. The one he hadn't been able to forget. The one that haunted his dreams night after night. The one he had spent many hours fantasizing about while he stroked himself to orgasm.

But... her name was Ally, not Roxie. And she was a fucking high school student!

Oh fuck! How old is she? I'll fucking hang myself if she's 15! Austin's mind raced.

HOLY SHIT! He's here! And he's staying here in the Sonic Boom and working for dad!? Oh God! This can't be happening! Ally thought.

They both panicked, but struggled not to let it show in their expressions. Under the surface of their panic, they were both thrilled to see each other again. It was literally a dream come true for both of them. Their minds were occupied, but their bodies reacted to the other's presence. Their skin itched to be touched and stroked by each other's hands, their loins throbbed with want.

Austin took a deep breath and walked over to shake hands with the young people. He put on a friendly smile and shook each of their hands in turn, giving them a warm hello. He saved Ally for last.

"H-Hello," Ally said. "Nice to... meet you." Her voice trembled slightly. She didn't want the others to suspect anything.

Austin took her hand in his. They both fought back a shiver at the contact. Electricity shot out from their hands, racing up their arms and through the rest of their bodies, cutting through the surprise and shock.

He was getting hard.

She was getting wet.

Their bodies knew what they wanted, even if their brains were muddled.

"Nice to meet you too," Austin kept his voice steady as he stroked her knuckles with the pad of his thumb, "Ally."

Take it easy, man! She's here, it's her... You're touching her... But you can handle this... FUCK! I'm a sick fucker! I know she's just a kid, but I still want to throw her down on this table and fuck her like I've dreamed about for a month! Please God, give me strength!

He gave her a sideways 'we have to talk' look and released her hand.

Ally gulped. I'm dead! He knows what a big fat liar I am! If there is a God, I will be killed in a bizarre dodge ball accident in P.E. before the end of the day. Oh... he's even more of a hottie than I remembered... I want him so bad!

"Are you in college? You look like a college man..." Carrie asked, her eyes discreetly scanning up and down his body.

Dez frowned. He didn't like his girlfriend checking out this... handsome city-boy blonde with the muscular arms and firm looking pecs and... well… Dez decided he couldn't blame her. After all, he had been checking him out too just now - in a purely scientific way, of course. As long as Carrie didn't try pawing this Austin guy, it was okay.

Jace didn't mind Trish's checking Austin out; he was totally secure in their relationship. Even if the guy did look like he stepped out the pages of a magazine...

"Uh, no. I'm not in college anymore. I'm twenty three," Austin said.

Ally looked away. That's only six years separating us... that's not too bad… And yet, as the others all fell into happy conversation, and she locked eyes with him and saw the fear and disappointment held in his russet orbs, she knew nothing good could come of this situation.

To Be Continued…

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