Hello my fairies! How are you? Long time no Fanfic! I have finally started a story that will BLOW YOUR MIND! It's a Fairy Tail Nalu love story with a Trigun twist! I am so excited to post it! And for all of you reading the previous story, "Say Those Three Little Words! Please?" I meant to write Epilogue not Prologue sorry about that! Hahaha! Anyway here is the new story I started called "Cyclone"!

Chapter 1: The $8billion Girl

"They call her Cyclone." An old man says. He picks up his drink and chugs it. "You fellas' know why?" He asks the bar. There are five men at his table listening eagerly. Although the bar was not completely filled, the other customers were listening trying to act disinterested.

"Why Boss?" A man from his table asks. The man is tan with brown hair and a cigarette in his mouth. The other man he called "Boss" was a fat old man with slicked back black hair.

"Cause she leaves any town she's been in in worse shape than any storm or natural disaster ever could. She gives no care who she hits as long as they're dead." He points his fingers as to show a gun and pantomimes shooting it at the man who asked the question. "They say she's worth about $8billion." He says licking his lips. "The things I'll do to that girl. Not to mention the money." He looks at his men. They grin "Men, we're going storm hunting." They all cheer and cocked their weapons they were obnoxiously showing off.

"Hey another round over here!" One of the guys shouted.

"Start a tab!" Another one screeched. They all laughed and cheered. Then, BOOM. The bar explodes and a brief moment of deadly silence follows. The bar is in rubble. All that remains is part of the bar and a chair. When the survivors all get to their feet they run as far as they can away from the bar. The only ones left are the gang members who previously were cheering. They are now cowering under some rubble. Then although they weren't actually seen, a voice calls out.

"Hey Cyclone, we know you're in their! Come on out and we will be gentle." Light laughs could be heard and guns were cocked. Men. A lot of them. They were the ones who bombed the bar. They surrounded the rubble. With no reply to the voice. Bullets sprang from all angles. The fat man who once was so confident in his own abilities, sprang to his feet in tears and took off leaving his gang to die.

BANG. The man stops and turns around in fear. I take a sip of my whiskey and place it down. My gun loosely in the palm of my hand. I stand up.

"You know it's cowerdish to run." I say getting closer to him. "And one more, you left your comrades to die. Pathetic." I look up to his hulking ugly face. He looks at me and glares.

"And what are you gonna do about it girlie?" He looks down to try and get a look at my face. He struggles because my face is covered by my hat. He gives up and grabs my hips. I remain calm. "Hey your pretty cute, why don't we leave this joint and mmph-" His mouth was open and he gets cut off by my gun in his colossal mouth.

"Get your hands off of me." I say. He releases me and slowly reaches for his gun. I grab his hand and break it. He lets out a muffled screech. "That's not a good thing to do when your fate is left in my hands." He begins to cry. Tears are streaming down his face "Huh?! Now where did that obnoxious and 'brave' man go? The one who is going to kill me?" I ask nodding my head up and giving him a good look at my face. His eyes are full of terror. He begins to beg for his life but my gun is still in his mouth. His words sound like a child's that is learning how to talk. "Now why waste time begging for your life when you yourself say I'm not merciful?" I ask. I grab the other gun that is held in its holder up against my thigh and shoot his left foot. "That's for talkin' bad about me." I shoot his right foot. "That's for being cocky." He begins to fall to his knees but the pressure against my gun and his mouth keeps him standing up. "We ain't done." I shoot his knees. "And that's for leaving your comrades." Blood pours to the ground and he is losing consciousness. I get close to his ear and whisper as deadly as I can, "This is for touching me." I click the trigger of the gun in his mouth. He collapses onto the ground. A pool of blood beneath him.

"Boss!" A man calls. It was the same one as before. He is in tears and looks at me. "You.. You BITCH!" He shoots me a bunch of times. I walk towards him bullets spitting at me. And as soon as I get into his face he runs out of bullets.

"I've been called worse." I say. I shoot him in the arm and walk away.

Then BOOM. More bullets spit at me and I shoot em all. The rest of the gang, the surrounding me and I throw a grenade behind me as I walk away. BOOM. I smile. I loved that sound. I don't look back. I am Cyclone. The $8billion Girl.

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