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Chapter 1: How it all began

Once there was a clan of nomads that's name was feared throughout the elemental nations; the Kaguya. They were known to be a very violent, war-obsessed clan that most would refer to as barbaric. Amongst their clansmen, there were a select few that were feared above all others, even amongst their own kin. The bearers of the ivory curse; the shikotsumyaku. The shikotsumyaku was a very rare kekkei genkai that manifested from a certain recessive gene that flows in all of the Kaguya. Any other required circumstances are unknown, but both parents must possess this specific gene in order to unlock the bloodline.

The shikotsumyaku gave the possessor the strange ability to have complete control of their own skeletal structure. This allowed them to do anything from changing the density of their bones, to replicating their bones, or even manipulate them in a multitude of fashions such as forming weapons from them. This made them incredibly deadly and instilled fear into the rest of the clan. This fear drove the rest of the clan to even go so far as imprisoning them or even, in some cases, killing them. Regardless, most ended up dying shortly after unlocking the bloodline either way.

Those who were imprisoned generally died from a strange disease that manifested along with the bloodline. This was how the shikotsumyaku got its name as the ivory curse. The disease started in the bone marrow and slowly spread throughout the body through the blood. In the early stages, symptoms appeared as that of an ordinary cough. As it progressed, the coughing would worsen as the lungs filled with blood. Eventually, the individual's immune system would fail to the point where they would find it difficult to so much as go outside. Things would continue to worsen until they either died from acquiring another sickness due to their failing immune system, or they would simply drown as their lungs filled with their own blood. Because the wielders of shikotsumyaku possessed a different body structure, a cure was never found.

Eventually, the battle-loving clan attempted an all-out attack against Kirigakure and was unceremoniously wiped out. However, due to their nomadic nature, the Kaguya had "mingled" with people all across the elemental nations. Though diluted, the Kaguya blood still lives to this day.

Konohagakure; considered to be the strongest of all the ninja villages. It was here that, 5 years ago, the nine-tailed fox attacked. Along with the massive damage caused to the village itself, many shinobi lost their lives that day. Among those was one of the greatest shinobi the village had ever produced, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the third hokage. He sacrificed himself to perform a forbidden technique to summon the shinigami himself, at the cost of the user's very soul. Originally, the current hokage, Minato Namikaze, had intended to perform the seal and seal the fox into his newborn child, but the elderly Sarutobi refused to allow it.

Unfortunately, having no other options, the fox was still sealed into the newborn Namikaze. More specifically, the firstborn of a set of twins, Narumi Namikaze-Uzumaki. Minato's wife, Kushina Uzumaki, sadly, did not survive the birth of Narumi's younger twin, Naruto.

The following day, Minato announced the fate of his predecessor, as well as his daughter's status as the new jinchuuriki. Both were heralded as heroes for putting a stop to the rampaging bijuu. Over the next few days, there were memorial services held for those that gave their lives in the defense of their village and several names were added to the memorial stone to honor some of Konoha's greatest heroes.

The village recovered quite well over the last 5 years. However, all was not as it should be. Looking over the village from his office window, Minato Namikaze let out a deep sigh before there was a knock on the door.

"Enter," he called out as he sat down behind his desk. The door burst open to reveal a young blonde-haired girl with pigtails. She had the same piercing blue eyes as her father and a light sun-kissed tan. The thing that stood out the most, apart from her dreadful orange shirt, was the 3 whisker-like marks on each cheek. She panted to catch her breath as she looked at the blond kage behind his desk.

"What's the matter, Narumi-chan?" Minato asked as he walked around the desk to kneel beside his daughter with a concerned look on his face.

"It's Naruto. People were being mean to him again," the young girl answered as she began to sob. Minato sighed as he signaled to an ANBU that gave a short bow before leaving, understanding the silent command. Minato hugged his daughter and whispered comforting words to her as he waited for the ANBU to return. He didn't have to wait long before the masked ninja walked in with a small boy behind him.

"You wanted to see me, Hokage-sama?" The boy looked to be about the same age as Narumi, though that was where the similarities ended. He had pale skin, grey eyes, and shoulder-length white hair. As opposed to the bright colored outfit of Narumi, he wore a traditional grey kimono with a black obi. On his forehead were 2 scarlet dots that looked like some type of clan symbol.

"Yes, I'd like you to tell me what was going on before Bear escorted you here," Minato said as he motioned towards the bear-masked ANBU next to him.

"It was just a simple misunderstanding, Hokage-sama. If that is all, I will take my leave," Naruto answered before turning and walking toward the door.

"Just a moment, son," Minato noticed Naruto visibly stiffen before turning around and narrowing his eyes slightly. Luckily, nobody seemed to notice Minato flinch at the young boy's glare.

"I would appreciate it if you would refrain from addressing me in such a way, Hokage-sama." Naruto stated coldly. Narumi frowned as she walked up to her younger brother.

"You shouldn't talk to father like that, Naruto," Naruto gave her a blank stare for a moment as if trying to comprehend what she just said. Narumi searched his cold, grey eyes for some trace of emotion, but there was nothing there. His eyes were completely empty and devoid of any emotion.

"I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean, Namikaze-san," was Naruto's response. A light growl seemed to be coming from Narumi as she clenched her fists and grit her teeth.

"I told you not to call me that! We're family!" She yelled.

"Not anymore. My name is Naruto Kaguya now; we stopped being family the moment I was excommunicated from the Namikaze clan," Narumi and Minato both winced at hearing that. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have other things to attend to. Farewell, Hokage-sama, Namikaze-san." Naruto gave a short bow before quickly leaving the room and closing the door behind him. As soon as the door closed, Narumi started crying. Minato sighed as he motioned for the ANBU to leave the room before kneeling down to hug his daughter once again.

"Why does he hate me?" Narumi choked out between sobs as she cried into her father's chest. Minato clenched his eyes shut and held Narumi tighter.

"Shhhh he doesn't hate you, sweetie. It's daddy's fault things are the way they are. Just give him some time." Narumi nodded as she gripped her father's robes tightly. Minato could only think one thing over and over as he held her until she fell asleep.

'I'm sorry, Naruto.'

Last year, close to the time of the twins' birthday, a certain event led to the young white-haired Naruto being taken away from his home and family. Several older kids would often pick on Naruto for his unusual hair color and the strange clan markings on his forehead that clearly didn't belong to the Uzumaki or Namikaze. On this particular day, one of Naruto's frequent bullies decided to go beyond the usual name-calling and proceeded to beat him.

After several minutes, Naruto was lying on the ground groaning in pain as the boy prepared to kick him again. Before his foot made contact however, it was intercepted by something. Several of what appeared to be Naruto's ribs burst out from his side and blocked the offending limb. The boy hollered in pain as his shin made contact with the solid defense. Several nearby civilians rushed over at the pained sounds and witnessed the strange bones retreating back into the white-haired boy's side.

Some of the civilians just so happened to be on the civilian council and were quite disturbed and frightened by what they had witnessed. News that the son of their beloved hokage was some type of monster quickly spread through the village like wildfire. And, as the case usually is amongst humans, fear quickly lead to hatred.

Naruto and the other boy were taken to the hospital as members of the civilian council met to discuss what had happened. The boy that attacked Naruto only had some bruising where he made contact with the hard bone while Naruto's pale skin had large bruises appearing all over him. However, as the doctors began running tests, any signs that the boy had been attacked at all quickly began to disappear.

Once Minato was informed of the situation, he quickly made his way to the hospital. When he arrived, the doctors were in the middle of running several blood tests. Though they had no clue how it happened, they had concluded that the child clearly possessed the cursed bloodline of the extinct Kaguya clan. Hearing this, Minato immediately ordered more tests to determine if his son had acquired the fatal disease that usually came with the bloodline.

After several hours of testing, it was determined that there was no trace of any type of illness and Naruto's immune system was working at full capacity. There were debates about the reason for this. Some thought it had something to do with the Uzumaki's longevity and strong life force; others felt it was due to the exposure to the nine-tailed fox the boy received in the womb.

One thing that they were able to discover was that both Minato and Kushina possessed the recessive Kaguya gene responsible for the shikotsumyaku which allowed the boy to unlock what is known to be the strongest taijutsu bloodline ever seen.

Minato was relieved to hear that his son was okay, but knew that things weren't in the clear yet. The shikotsumyaku was feared even amongst the Kaguya so there was no predicting how the citizens of Konoha would react to this.

[Later that day in the council chambers.]

"We should kill the boy before he hurts anyone else," a member of the civilian council called out earning nods from several others.

"Now hold on a minute, the other boy was the one who had attacked. Naruto's instincts just kicked in to defend him." Tsume, head of the Inuzuka clan, defended.

"That's not the point. The boy has the ivory curse!" another civilian yelled earning more nods from the other civilian council members. Things went back and forth in a similar fashion for quite some time. Most of the clan heads thought the meeting was pointless while the civilians were out for blood. They refused to believe that a direct descendant of the barbaric Kaguya could be related to their beloved hokage. Of course, Danzo with his bloodline obsession fought tooth and nail to get the boy for himself, but nobody other than a few civilians had any intention of letting that happen.

"I propose excommunication from the Namikaze clan," Danzo advised. If he could at least get the boy away from Minato then he would have a better chance of recruiting him for his ROOT forces. Minato immediately objected, but it ended up coming to a vote…one that ruled in Danzo's favor. With a heavy sigh, Minato prepared himself to say the most difficult words he had ever spoken in his life.

"Effective immediately…Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki is hereby stripped of his name and banished from the Namikaze clan."

When Naruto woke up in the hospital the next day, he was informed of what had happened. Minato tried to apologize repeatedly and explain things, but Naruto completely ignored him with a blank expression. Before, he had been just like his sister; full of energy and warmth. As soon as the words left Minato's mouth, it was like someone flipped a switch. Energy was replaced with lifelessness while the warmth was swallowed up by a harsh coldness.

Without a word, Naruto left the hospital and went straight to the Namikaze clan compound. When he arrived, he didn't so much as acknowledge the "welcome home" he received from Narumi as he went straight to his room. Minato asked Narumi to stay in the living room as he followed his son to his room.

When he arrived, he found Naruto packing a backpack with his belongings that he thought he would need; most of which being clothes and various scrolls. Once he had what he viewed as the essentials, he grabbed his wallet from a nearby dresser and made his way to the door that was being blocked by his father. Minato once again tried to explain things to his son, but didn't receive the answer he had hoped for.

The first words Naruto said since he had woken up in the hospital broke Minato's heart. In a flat tone devoid of any sense of emotion, he clearly stated he wanted nothing to do with their family, even going so far as to abandon the name Uzumaki. As he made his way through his childhood home, he spared one last fleeting glance to his twin sister before walking out the door, never to return.

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