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Chapter 2: A New Start

"Okay, everyone settle down," Iruka, a teacher at the ninja academy, yelled to gain the attention of the gathered students. "Now then, as you know, today is the day of the genin exams. There shall be a written test, followed by target practice, a one-on-one spar against your fellow classmates, and finally the ninjutsu portion," he explained as another man began passing out the written tests to each student.

When the man passing out the tests reached a particular seat, he leveled a glare at the white-haired boy seated there before dropping his test on the floor. It was a very childish thing to do, but he didn't care and only 2 other students seemed to take any particular notice of the action. As the man continued to pass out the papers, the white-haired boy, Naruto, picked his test up and brushed it off before placing it on the desk in front of him.

"Alright, you may begin." Receiving the signal to start, the students all began writing. The first to finish was, of course, the Nara clan heir, Shikamaru, who immediately proceeded to take a nap. The next to finish was surprisingly Naruto. Unlike the Nara, he just stared off into space waiting for the others to finish.

Once the test was finished, the man who passed out the tests, another instructor named Mizuki, escorted the class outside while Iruka stayed behind and began grading the tests. Once outside, the would-be ninja saw 5 targets along the fence roughly 10 yards away and a wooden post not far from the fence. Their test was to throw 5 kunai at the targets and 5 shuriken at the post. They would be graded based on hitting their targets as well as how close they come to the bullseye. For the shuriken, the score was based solely on hit or miss. If the shuriken didn't embed itself into the post, it didn't count.

Mizuki began calling out names one by one based on the class's seating chart. Unsurprisingly, the majority of the civilian-born students barely managed to hit any of the targets. There was only 1 student Naruto was particularly interested in seeing, knowing that the others would be a disappointment.

"Sasuke Uchiha," Mizuki called out prompting the only surviving member of the Uchiha massacre to step forward. The pre-teen had a pale complexion and eyes as black as his hair. He wore the standard outfit of the Uchiha clan with the clan symbol displayed proudly on the back. Pulling out 5 kunai, the raven-haired boy launched them all at once at the separate targets. All of which hitting their marks with 3 hitting the bullseye. He followed up by quickly throwing 5 shuriken directly into the post with ease.

There were loud cheers from the boy's many fangirls as he walked back to the group with a smirk. Naruto gave the boy a small nod of acknowledgement that was returned before they continued to silently wait.

"Naruto Kaguya," Mizuki practically spat the last name out as Naruto stepped forward. Brandishing 5 kunai of his own, Naruto quickly released the first 3 from his left hand directly in front of the center target before throwing the other 2 with his right hand.

"Ha, he's gonna miss," the remark came from the Inuzuka clan heir, Kiba. Sasuke snorted and didn't even bother to turn to the boy.

"Just shut up and watch, moron," the Uchiha replied drawing everyone's attention. Unexpected to most of the other students, the kunai that were thrown with Naruto's right hand quickly caught up to the first 3 and collided with outermost 2 slightly. This changed the trajectory of all 4 of them and as a result, all 5 kunai hit their marks with a resounding thud.

"He-he actually hit every bullseye," came the stunned response of the Inuzuka with many others thinking the same thing. Sasuke just rolled his eyes and gave the boy a look that clearly said "duh" before watching 5 shuriken embed themselves in the post similarly to what he had done minutes ago.

Sasuke and Naruto shared a look for a moment before nodding to eachother once again. The Uchiha may have been a bit arrogant, but if there was one thing he respected it was talent; and the white-haired boy had it in spades. Most of the class was completely dumbfounded by the silent exchange.

Moving along to the one on one matches, Naruto decided to keep an eye on someone besides the Uchiha. A somewhat large civilian-born born stepped into the ring first with a smug smirk when he heard the name of his opponent. A small girl in a horrific orange outfit that Naruto could hardly even imagine wearing in his worst nightmares stepped into the ring. Her long, blonde pigtails swaying in the light breeze as she got into her stance. Naruto cringed slightly when he recognized it as one his so-called father had taught them long ago.

"This fight isn't even close to fair," Naruto stated in a bored voice. Sasuke nodded his agreement.

"No kidding, he's like twice her size. She's gonna get crushed." Another boy said earning a scoff from the Uchiha and Naruto.

"You're an idiot," Naruto started earning a glare from the boy. "Leave it to a civilian to think size determines strength. The one who's gonna get crushed is him." Several students looked at him like he was crazy while a few, such as the Aburame clan heir, Shino, nodded their agreement. The boy had no stance whatsoever and clearly thought his superior size gave him an advantage.

After Mizuki called out "Begin!" the boy was on his back before he could even blink. As he got back to his feet, he saw her smiling at him from a few feet to his left.

"You're dead!" he yelled as he charged at her and began throwing punches; all of which were dodged easily. After a particularly sloppy punch, the girl ducked down before delivering a heavy blow to the boy's kidney before sending him into the air with a palm thrust to the chin. Once he hit the ground, she stood over him with her foot on his neck prepared to crush his windpipe.

"Winner, Narumi Namikaze!" Mizuki announced. Most of the fights that followed were either completely predictable or just plain pathetic. Of course, Naruto still paid close attention to his rival's fight.

"Hiro Fujisawa versus Sasuke Uchiha." Hearing their names, the 2 participants stepped into the ring and squared off. As soon as he received the signal, Hiro ran at Sasuke as fast as he could. Sasuke lazily countered each of the frenzied strikes thrown at him with the Uchiha clan's interceptor fist style. This went on for some time until the other boy was panting heavily while Sasuke seemed perfectly fine.

"Oi, Uchiha. Didn't your mom ever teach you not to play with your food? Just finish it already," Naruto called out with a smirk receiving a matching smirk from Sasuke.

"If you insist, Kaguya," Sasuke replied dryly before appearing behind the other boy and delivering a harsh roundhouse kick to the back of his neck. Needless to say, the boy crumpled to the floor in an unconscious heap. Sasuke walked back to his spot as Mizuki announced him the winner and called out the final match.

"Try not to make it too quick, Kaguya. I need to at least get some entertainment." Naruto grinned as he watched an older boy step into the ring and take a stance. The boy looked like he was about 15 as opposed to the average 12 of the rest of the students. Analyzing his stance, it was obviously a mock-up of the academy style that focused on dealing heavy blows.

"Don't worry; I think I know just the thing to make this enjoyable." With that said, Naruto took his place in the ring and crossed his arms over his chest casually. Everyone watched closely as Mizuki gave the signal to start and the older boy ran towards Naruto, who didn't so much as blink at the fist approaching his face. The sound of a heavy impact resounded before, to the utter shock and disbelief of everyone there, Sasuke started laughing. Yes, the Sasuke Uchiha began laughing as everyone stared at him like it was a sign of the apocalypse. A pained scream broke them from their stupor as they turned back to the fight. As if just to add to their disbelief, the one screaming in pain was not the one who received the heavy blow, but the one that delivered it.

"Hahaha well played, Kaguya. Enjoyable indeed." Sasuke said as his laughter died down and everyone tried to figure out why the large teen was cradling his hand that seemed to be swelling up already. Dropping his injured hand to his side, the boy ran forward screaming and threw another heavy swing at Naruto's face. This time everyone watched closely as the young Kaguya didn't so much as budge from the contact and the larger boy once again howled in pain.

"Okay, what the hell is going on?" questioned the Yamanaka heiress, Ino, as everybody wondered the same thing.

"What's going on is that idiot will never be able to hurt Naruto, he's just gonna beat himself up." Sasuke answered cryptically with a smirk. There was a soft gasp as everyone looked over to see the Hyuuga heiress, Hinata, with a strange expression as she looked at the white-haired boy with her Byakugan active.

"W-w-what is that?" Hinata asked earning a soft chuckle from Sasuke. Sasuke's answer was one word; "shikotsumyaku". Everyone seemed confused while Shikamaru frowned slightly with a raised eyebrow.

"It's over; you're about to get your answers. Watch closely, Hyuuga." Sasuke said as he saw Naruto sigh with a bored expression as he removed his arms from his kimono and wrapped the sleeves around his waist to keep them from brushing the ground. Several girls blushed at his bared upper body while most only seemed to be more confused.

"Oi, why the hell is the freak stripping?!" Kiba yelled getting an annoyed glance from several people.

"Just shut up and watch, mutt." Before Kiba could retort to the insult, Naruto started bringing his right arm up to reach over his shoulder. Everyone was speechless, and some mildly disgusted, as they watched him pull a sword made of solid bone out of his shoulder.

"What the fuck is that?!" Once again, it was Kiba to voice his disbelief. Everyone watched as the wound where the bone was pulled from immediately closed and Naruto stood there holding the bone sword as if it was perfectly normal. Before anything else could be said, Naruto disappeared from the view of most of the observers before appearing behind his opponent with the incredibly sharp blade to his throat.

"Winner…Naruto Kaguya." Mizuki finally managed to say as the other boy collapsed to his knees with a warm liquid dripping down his legs. Naruto broke the calcium in the sword down to dust before pulling his kimono back on and walking away from the ring.

"You were true to your word. Watching a civilian piss his pants was definitely entertaining." Sasuke smirked as he and Naruto bumped fists.

"Okay, somebody please tell me how I ended up in this weird alternate dimension where the Uchiha laughs and the freak…is more of a freak. What the hell was that with the bones?!" Naruto stared at the Inuzuka heir for a long moment before giving his reply.

"It was a sword," he deadpanned earning sweatdrops from everyone. "As for your statement about alternate dimensions…you're an idiot," he continued earning a nod from Sasuke, as well as several others, and a snarl from Kiba.

"What the idiot means, is how did you do it?" Shikamaru asked with a sigh getting a glare from aforementioned idiot.

"I already told you, it was the shikotsumyaku." Sasuke intervened. Naruto gave a nod to confirm the answer. Sakura decided it was her turn to make her appearance as she gave an exasperated sigh.

"Ugh, what the hell is that? And since when are you all buddy-buddy with Sasuke-kun?!" the pinkette shrieked.

"The shikotsumyaku is my bloodline, the specifics of which are none of your business. As for my relationship with Sasuke..that too is none of your business, banshee." Naruto turned to leave after giving his explanation. The loud shriek from the banshee alerted him to her intentions as she ran up to his retreating form and punched him in the back of his head. 'She learned nothing from that fight,' Naruto mused with a shake of his head as Sakura howled in pain and he continued his way back into the academy along with Sasuke who was internally cheering for the injury to one of his fangirls.

The whole exchange was watched by a certain pig-tailed blonde who frowned slightly. 'Brother…'

The ninjutsu portion of the test was rather uneventful. All of the clan heirs passed as expected along with several civilian-born students; including the pink-haired howler monkey. After claiming their headbands, they were all instructed to return tomorrow for team assignments and their final rankings. With that said, Naruto and Sasuke were currently making their way toward the Uchiha compound when someone ran up to them and called out to Naruto in a way that made him flinch.

"Brother!" Narumi called as she caught up to the 2 boys and stopped to catch her breath. Sasuke nodded to his companion and continued his journey to his clan compound to give the siblings some privacy.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?" Naruto asked with a sigh. "What do you want, Narumi?" The girl pouted for a moment before smiling again and grabbing onto his arms.

"Oh, forget about that. Let's go have some ramen to celebrate graduating," Naruto seemed to be considering the idea for a moment until she continued talking. "We can go get father and-" she was interrupted by Naruto pulling his arms back forcefully and turning around.

"Not a chance. I'll spend time with that howler monkey Haruno before I voluntarily do anything with him. I'm sick of repeating myself so I'm only going to say this one last time," Naruto turned his head to the side to show his narrowed grey eyes. "That man gave up any right to call himself my father the moment he tossed a 4-year-old child out of his home."

"What about..us?" Narumi asked with a hopeful look as she bit her bottom lip. She could see the conflict in his eyes as he continued to stare at her before looking away with a sigh.

"I'm not sure," he whispered as he started walking away. Narumi's eyes dropped to the ground as tears threatened to fall before she just barely caught his last words. "But I don't hate you…sister." Narumi's face lit up like a Christmas tree as the tears finally broke free. But this time, they were filled with happiness. For the first time in 8 years, her brother called her sister.

"This calls for extra ramen to celebrate!" Narumi yelled as she took off running for her favorite ramen stand completely ignoring anything else as her smile remained on her face every step of the way.

'Somehow I get the feeling I'm going to regret saying that…' Naruto internally berated himself as he let out a heavy sigh.

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