Disclaimer: - I do not own anything related to Lord of the Rings. All characters, places etc that are not from lotr are mine. Do not sue me as I am an university student and own nothing valuable. Summary:- A series of catastrophic events have changed Middle - Earth and the wood elves have suffered. Their youngest prince taken and the rest of the Royal family injured or missing the other races wonder if it is the end for the fair race of elves from the forests. Authors notes: - This is my second story. My first the dark lord has been completed. Hehehe. Yes that is how its ends. I wrote the end after my first few days at university and I was really lonely so it suited my mood. I hope everyone enjoys it. Please review. Enjoy!

Aragorn trod softly down the almost pitch black passage deep within the depths of Dol Guldur in South Mirkwood. Carefully he slowed his breathing back to regular breaths after the huge battle outside. He didn't want to give away his presence to any orc still within the walls. A faint sound of footfalls caught his attention and he dropped to a crouching position and froze. He waited listening to his breathing. The footfalls disappeared and he slowly stood up clutching his sword tighter in his sweaty hand. It was again silent even the sounds of battle didn't reach this deep. The dark caverns of the dungeons. A place that time passed so very slowly and it was here that he would find the object of his search for the past year. As he went deeper the chill increased and his breath billowed in front of his face. Stopping in front of a huge metal door his heart clenched. He placed his hand on the cool metal and pushed. It opened with little effort that a metal door of its size shouldn't. The dark cave the door revealed was just as still as the outside passage. He paused and waited for his eyes to adjust and there the object of his search sat huddled in the corner chained to the wall. No movement revealed whether it still lived. He moved forwards fearful of what he would find. Kneeling down he reached forward and put his hand in front of its mouth.

A few seconds later he felt warm breathe on his hand. Relieved he looked at the chains that held his dear friend captive.

"Legolas. It is I Aragorn." He whispered reaching out to take hold of the chains that were around his friend's neck and wrists. As soon as he touched them the elf jerked backwards violently hitting his head on the wall. The elf whimpered and backed away.

"Legolas. Do not be afraid. I will not harm you."

He reached forward again trying to calm his friend. The elf tried to back away again refusing to let the man touch him but the chains bit into his already raw wrists preventing him from moving and they began to bleed. Aragorn tried to release the chains but in his blind terror the elf had become agitated and was thrashing around. One arm hit Aragorn in the side of the head. Aragorn grew increasingly desperate as he heard the sound of orcs approaching. Legolas's actions would give them away. In desperation he grabbed the elf's chin holding him firmly. The elf froze. Aragorn stared at his friend, the split lip and the bruises that marred his pale face. His eyes were fixed firmly on the ground like an afraid, submissive slave.

[Look at me my friend] he whispered in elvish. Legolas made no move to comply.

"Look at me" he snapped and then winced at the harshness in his tone. The elf did and Aragorn nearly fell backwards. Instead of his brown eyes he was staring at white unseeing eyes.

"By the Valor. What have they done to you?" Legolas made no reply, just sat frozen as Aragorn undid the chains. He got up and moved towards the door expecting Legolas to follow him. The elf just remained still.

"Legolas get up!" he cried watching as 5 orcs walked towards them. The elf complied. Aragorn's heart cried as he saw the elf obey him like Aragorn was his master. He readied himself for the fight but before they reached him they were cut down. Two elves appeared. Elladan and Elrohir.

"Aragorn we must leave. More orcs have arrived. Have you found him?" Elladan asked. In answer to his question Aragon led Legolas out into the passage. Both elves gasped at the sight. Legolas at that moment collapsed. Aragorn picked his limp body up and followed the shocked elves back out.

He held the precious cargo to his chest tightly. Now that he found his friend he would never let any harm come to him again, but he wondered silently to himself whether too much damage had already been done and if his friend would ever truly be the Legolas they knew and loved again.