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Legolas sat in the corner of the balcony of the room he had been left in. He closed his eyes and tilted his face until it was fully covered with the rays of the sun. It warmed his skin and penetrated deep. It felt so good, no one could image how good the sun felt after all that time in the dungeons. The cold, bone numbing cold and the dark. The darkness filled every pore and no matter how hard he washed he could never rid himself completely from its stain. Rolling up his sleeves he ran his fingers lightly over the scars, some self-inflicted. A solitary tear rolled down his face and he watched it fall onto his arm and make a silvery trail as it trailed over the pale skin. He mourned what he had lost. He wondered if he could ever be the same. *No stupid how can you be the same, do you see how everyone looks at you. They don't trust you. * Legolas sighed to himself.

"Legolas." A voice whispered and he looked up to see Aeolian on a balcony above. The crown prince lightly jumped down and knelt by his side.

"How are you?" he asked smiling as he grasped Legolas's hands with his own.

"I don't know." Legolas said looking at him, his eyes brimming with tears.

"Got yourself in a lot of trouble baby brother I see, something's never change."

Legolas laughed but it sounded more like a sob. Aeolian moved forward and pulled his brother into his arms.

"I missed you." Aeolian whispered. Legolas's lithe frame shook with sobs.

As the sobs died down Aeolian picked up Legolas and carried him to the bed.

"Last time I did this you were but a little elfling." He said as he settled both of them on the bed. He leaned against the headboard and Legolas rested his head on his lap. Aeolian ran his fingers through his little brother's hair.

"They don't trust me." Legolas whispered. His eyes were closed as the sun dried the tears on his face.


"Everyone. I can see it in their eyes. The way they watch me."

"They are worried about you, those who matter still trust you. We thought we had lost you."

"You did for I am not the little brother you once knew."

Aeolian closed his eyes as grief swelled within him.

"No you are not. You are much stronger and beautiful to me. You have survived more than anyone could image and you will always be my little brother. I will never leave you and I will always stand by you. I love you" Legolas sighed and reached up to hold one of Aeolian's hands.

"My best friends hate me. I hit Aragorn," He whispered.

"No they don't Legolas. They feel so much guilt that they don't know how to act around you. They crave your forgiveness but are too afraid to even ask for it."

Legolas turned and stared up at his brother.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yes. I would not lie to you. They will never forgive themselves and only want you to look at them without any hatred or disgust in your eyes."

"How do you know?" Legolas asked.

"Because it is how I feel, it is how Ada feels and it is how Azian feels. We failed you and left you to torment and despair. The very fact that you can bear to be in the same room as me means more to me than you can ever know."

Legolas turned and sat up.

"I love you Aeolian. When the darkness was at its greatness I thought about us. The pranks we played and the hunts we went on. I could never hate you. Sauron tried to turn me against you and sometimes I even believed him but then I would think of the fun times and I could never turn against you."

Aeolian sobbed. "Thank you." Legolas leaned forward and for the first time in a long time he was comforting someone instead of being comforted.

** Aeolian left the room as soon as Legolas fell asleep. He had tucked his brother in and placed a light kiss on his forehead.

"How is he?" Thranduil asked as he walked up to his eldest son.

"Sleeping. Azian?"

"The same."

The two stood in awkward silence facing each other.

"He forgave me, he forgave us all." Aeolian choked.

"He always had a huge heart and forgivable nature even when he was a small elfling."

Thranduil smiled and hugged his eldest son.

"We have them back. They have returned to us." He whispered.

The moment was interrupted by one of the scouts sent to guide Lord Elrond's party to the waterfall.

"They are awaiting your arrival my lord." The warrior said. Thranduil nodded.

"Get all the warriors together and the party camped by the falls. Come Aeolian we must prepare. The time for our wrath has come." Aeolian smiled a grim smile.

The scout went to perform his duties.

"I am coming." Azian announced entering the hall.

"You should be resting" Thranduil said sternly. Azian met his look without backing down.

"They are my people. We have fought hard months together and I will stand by them as we go into battle again." He said not asking for permission to come but stating that he was going. Thranduil and Aeolian both raised eyebrows in surprise.

"Are you coming?" Azian asked walking towards the armoury.

"I fear that your two youngest brothers have matured. And here we were thinking that it would never happen!" Thranduil smiled.

** Lord Elrond stood watching his warriors pass out rations. His sons were by his side as was Glorfindel.

"Are you ready to fight a war?" Glorfindel asked, "because I believe that is what is about to be expected of us and I hardly feel we are in a position to deny our aid."

Elrond nodded gravely

"Yes we are. It is something we should have done a year ago. We will rise up and defeat the darkness that resides in Dol Guldur."

"I am glad that is your decision Lord Elrond," a voice said as the Wood elves appeared as if from thin air.

King Thranduil stepped forward followed by Aeolian and Azian. Behind him stood the warriors of Mirkwood and the advanced party.

Elrond stepped forward.

"I Lord Elrond offer my warriors to the valiant warriors of Mirkwood to aid in the liberation of their realm."

Thranduil stepped forward. "I accept your aid Lord Elrond and I thank you."

"I too offer aid to Mirkwood." Gimli said stepping forward. Thranduil smiled for once at the dwarf.

"Thank you Master Dwarf. I accept."

Aragorn then stepped forward.

"I Aragorn son of Arathorn hereby offer the aid of the warriors of Gondor." He looked to Eomer who nodded. "And of Rohan."

"I accept. Thank you Aragorn and you too King Eomer."

"I thank you all."

The two men, two elves and one dwarf walked forward and stood in a circle holding their clenched fists forward in the salute of the brotherhood of warriors.

A flash of light alerted all present to the arrival of Legolas.

The young elven prince appeared stood on a rock next to the waterfall.

"What is going on?" he demanded coolly surveying the gathering.

"They have offered us aid to rid our realm of the darkness that afflicts it." Thranduil said.

"We know it is late Legolas but we want to undo our mistakes. We will fight until the end to save Mirkwood and we want to stand by your side." Aragorn said looking hopeful that his friend would join them.

Legolas stepped forward. He glowed from within and looked every bit like an elven prince. He stepped up to Aragorn who suddenly lost his nerve and looked to his feet. He did not feel worthy of Legolas's attention.

A gentle hand tilted his chin until he looked straight into the blue eyes of Legolas.

"I forgive you mellon." He said.

Aragorn blinked startled. Had he heard correctly?


"I forgive you. I do not blame you for not sending aid. You could not have foreseen, even we could not foresee the devastating size and brutality of the attack. My capture was due to the betrayal of the one of our advisors and through no fault of yours. I am sorry for blaming you and for striking you. Can you forgive me?" Legolas asked.

Aragorn blinked shocked at Legolas's words.

"Forgive you? You have done nothing that needs to have been forgiven. You had every right to blame us. We should not have doubted the desperate need for your aid and should have responded immediately. It is us who should be forgiven."

Legolas smiled. "Then lets both forgive each other and hunt some orc."

Aragorn smiled hugging Legolas in a brotherly embrace.

Legolas turned to face the gathered leaders.

"Under the trees of Mirkwood the races of Middle - Earth have united ready to destroy the darkness. Lets us show Sauron that we cannot be defeated and cowed. Let us show him that united we will not fail."

"Well said Master Elf." A voice said as Gandalf appeared out of the trees.

"The armies have retreated but I know Sauron will send out a fearsome army the likes have never been seen in all the ages of Middle - Earth. We will have to prepare and build defences. It will take all the resources we have. Do we have your full support?" the wizard asked standing next to Legolas and Aragorn.

Thranduil, Elrond and Gimli moved to stand next to the trio and as they did so the sun rose casting its rays across the waterfall giving the people gathered a new hope to deal with what was about to come.

Legolas watched the sun rise. He may have changed and still be recovering but he felt the worst was over and now he was with his friends he could face anything. And he smiled as the sun warmed his skin pushing away the darkness until it was gone.