Day one-

The moment they pulled up to the mansion that they had been hired to check for ghostly activity, she knew something was wrong. A nagging sense in the back of her mind that she should not be here. As she felt a chill go down her spine. Almost as if someone had just stepped on her grave. And her stomach- the bottom dropped out of it so quickly before the nausea hit her- that she'd almost thrown herself from the vehicle before it came to an abrupt and total stop.

So naturally once it did come to a total stop, it shouldn't have surprised anyone just how quickly she had managed to blindly fumble with the door handle and let herself out of the car before she hit the ground on her knees and doubled over puking while everyone else slowly got out of their cars and made their way over to the van and paused when they all saw her sick on the ground.

"Mai?" Takigawa cried as he made his way over to her and suddenly dropped to his knees next to her and wrapped an arm around her slender shoulders as she coughed up what little was left in her stomach and then let him pull her against his side as he asked her in a concerned tone, "Are you okay?"

No. She was not okay.

Asking her if she was okay seemed like some sort of really, really sick joke, She thought as she took several deep breaths and tried to wait until she felt a little more settled before answering when her boss, Naru, the narrsissit- er had she actually thunk that? She meant, Kazuya Shibuya, walked over and looked down at her and frowned slightly before looking back at the western style mansion that they would be investigating, then looked back at her as Ayako- the red headed priestess placed a bottle of water in her hand.

Distracting her for a moment before Naru asked, "Did you sense something Mai?"

Knowing that Naru was like a dog with a bone once he had certain 'delicate' information, she gnashed her teeth and ground out in a raspy voice that held a wealth of anger and defiance, "No."

"Then if you're done making a spectacle of yourself-" Naru muttered as he turned and headed towards the house, letting his words trail off so that she could interpret them for herself as something along the lines of, Pull yourself together girl and get the hell up! They were professionals in their field of study, after all and must present a professional appearance at all times otherwise no one would ever take them seriously.

Gnashing her teeth again to keep herself from growling something very unladylike at Naru's back, she was suddenly startled when Monk tried to stand and haul her to her feet with him. Which as it turns out was a horrible mistake on the older man's part since her body was starting to feel the backlash effects of being back in the place where her parents had been so brutally and savagely murdered before her very eyes.

She looked back at the house again and blinked as she saw the faces of her parents, both smiling, both so happy and blissfully unaware of what had been in store for them.

She heard Monk swear softly and was suddenly pulled back to the present as another vision swam in her mind. One of a small child, about seven or eight, stripped naked and chained to a wall by one of her slender little ankles while a man in his mid fifties sat perched on top of her stomach, pinning her to a dirty rat infested cell. He wide jade green eyes fixated on the silvery glint of a scalpel held in his hand as he sliced little a little bit here and there into her skin. All the while telling her how lovely she was. How pretty. How much the crimson flow of blood suited her.

He stroked the skin of her throat, the soft underdeveloped flesh of her chest, then lower to her stomach- checking to a nice area to carve up before his hand was laid on her abdomen-

Her legs felt too weak to hold her up even with Monk's help. She staggered earning a worried look from him, as her fingers tightened on his shirt. It was becoming more and more difficult to breathe now as she saw the child twist and buck and heard her cry out for help in a terrified voice.

Momma! Daddy! No! Don't touch me!

Help! She thought as her vision started to fade. She couldn't do this.

The screaming in her head only got louder as the man began to carve the little girl's abdomen. Help! Please someone help! I don't want to relive this! She thought frantically as her legs finally buckled and she slipped into the welcoming blackness unconsciousness.


When she woke up two in a half hours later, she was laying on a couch in their base with Lin's work jacket draped over her and all of her friends sitting or standing in various places all over the room either checking the monitors that they had already set up or simply waiting for her to awaken so that they could ask her why she had passed out.

Laying there quietly among the cushions for a moment, she tried to get her bearings when Lin, Naru's assistant, turned in his chair to say something to their boss and noticed that her eyes were open and none too subtly jumped to his feet, "Mai! You're awake." Drawing the attention of everyone in the room who all seemed to suddenly close in on her as she slowly pushed herself up into a sitting position, causing Lins overly large jacket to slip from her shoulders.

"Are you alright?" Ayako asked as she sat down on the arm of the chair, right next to her and started to run her fingers through her hair in a soothing manner. Mai groaned and shook off her hand, startling the woman since she had never rejected her comfort before.

"I'm fine... My head just hurts." Mai muttered as Lin picked up a tea cup and saucer and walked over to her and sat down on the coffee table across from her and held it out to her as he said gently,

"Here. This should help. It's ginger and willow bark tea sweetened with honey. It'll help with you're headache."

"Thanks." Mai muttered in a sullen tone as she looked around the room noting in irritation that the idiots had brought her inside the hellhole she had escaped as a child. Reaching out she took the cup and saucer from the Chinese man without looking at him, and took a small sip of the liquid to keep herself from telling him that the tea would do nothing for her headache since it stemmed from reliving the horrors of her past.

Besides he had obviously been worried about her to go through the trouble of making the tea for her. So who the hell was she to be a bitch about the small things when he was only trying to help? Everyone was silent for a moment before Naru asked, "Did you sense anything Mai?" His voice, though soft, seemed to ring in her ears as if he had shouted them at the top of his lungs.

Ignoring the question was out. Naru would know if she ignored him. But talking about what had happened to her in this place when she was a child somehow made it seem that much worse. So maybe lying would deter Naru and the others- stop them from asking unnecessary things. Lin reached out and took her chin in his hand and lifted her head and stared at her for a moment with his dark, nearly jet black eyes before stating, "She saw something alright."

Mai jerked her head, forcing him to let go of her and growled, "No, I didn't."

He dropped his hand and gave her a puzzled look before frowning a bit and arguing, "Yes you did. I can tell. You're eyes have a slightly glazed and pained look to them." Mai glared, giving the Chinese man her most scathing look before leaning forward and slamming her tea cup on the coffee table next to Lin's leg and then stood up and hissed,

"Just fuck off!" Then went storming to the closest exit. Not caring that everyone, Naru included, was gaping at her.