This is set in the same universe as It Was Just A Bet (which you don't have to have read but these one-shots will be set mid season 3 to mid season 4 and Beckett wasn't shot) and is going to be a bunch of one-shots of Castle and Beckett almost getting caught in their relationship during the year they kept it a secret.

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Beckett had finished work at a reasonable time this afternoon since they closed the case early so she and Castle had made dinner together at her apartment and then watched a movie. A few hours later, when they were cuddled up in bed together, Beckett's phone rang. Seeing Lanie's name appear on her phone, she answered it, just in case Lanie had been calling about a new murder.

"Hey, what's up?" she said, snuggling back into Castle's side, his arm wrapping back around her.

"Hey. Nothing much, just called to see what you were up to tonight," answered Lanie.

"I..ahh…not much, just curled up in bed with a book, you?" Beckett couldn't very well say what she was actually doing. Lanie didn't even know that Beckett had a boyfriend, let alone that it was Castle.

"Good, so you can come let me in the door then?"

"What?" Beckett asked. Lanie couldn't be at her apartment, not when Castle was here too.

"I'm outside with a bottle of wine. I knocked but you didn't answer so I thought you were out but since you're home, come let me in," replied Lanie, wondering why her best friend was taking so long to understand and come answer the door.

"I mustn't have heard you," Beckett responded. Lanie mustn't have knocked very loudly for Beckett not to have heard it but she had been somewhat…distracted recently.

"Well come on then, are you going to let me in or what?" Lanie was confused now as to why her friend wasn't just opening the door for her.

"Uhhhh…hold on, I'll be right there," said Beckett and then she ended the call.

"Lanie's here," was all Beckett said as she climbed out of bed.

Beckett quickly pulled on some clothes and then rushed out of her room. She glanced around, looking for any evidence that Castle had been there. Noticing that his jacket was draped over the arm of the couch, she grabbed it, tossing it back towards her room as Castle was walking out.

"Stay in there," Beckett hissed, as Castle's jacket hit him in the face. Jacket in hand, he retreated back in to the room, not wanting to be hit with another flying object which was sure to happen if he didn't listen.

With Castle safely hidden away in her room, she opened the door.

"Hey," said Beckett, only opening the door halfway, in case she'd missed something inside her apartment that would give away her secret.

"What's going on, girl?" Lanie asked, trying to get a look around the door, wondering why Beckett was acting so strange and not letting her in.

"Nothing," answered Beckett but it was said far too quickly to convince Lanie that nothing was going on.

Lanie then stepped past Beckett, somehow getting past before she could stop her and then Lanie headed to the kitchen to grab two wine glasses. Lanie really needed to have a talk with her friend, something was different about her lately.

"Are you going to tell me what's been up with you lately?" asked Lanie, as she was pouring two glasses of wine.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," answered Beckett, although she knew Lanie would see right through her lie.

"You're different, happier. Don't tell me you've been hiding a man from me?" Lanie teased while handing Beckett one of the glasses.

Beckett's blush told Lanie everything she needed to know.

"Oh my god, you are!" Lanie exclaimed, excited about this new piece of information, "So, who is he?"

It was then that Lanie noticed the two sets of dishes in the sink. And while she had seen one empty wine glass on the counter when she walked in, she just now saw another one sitting on the coffee table.

"He's here, isn't he? That's why you didn't hear me knocking," Lanie said, knowing she was right and laughing as she continued, "and he's hiding in your room!"

"Lanie, I…" there was no point denying it, Lanie had figured out she had a new boyfriend, but she wasn't about to tell her friend that it was Castle, "Ok fine, I have a boyfriend, you happy now?"

"Yes, and I want to meet this mystery man since he's made you so happy." Lanie had to know who this guy was.

Just then Beckett's phone rung for the second time that night, this time though it was Ryan, and he informed her that they'd received a new case.

"You're lucky this time," said Lanie, after receiving a similar phone call about a dead body, "but don't think I don't want details later," she continued, giving Beckett a look that told her she was going to have to tell her everything later.

Lanie then left to head to the crime scene, saying she'd meet Beckett there. Beckett breathed a sigh of relief. She and Castle had only been dating a month and while she knew that the relationship was what she wanted, she wasn't yet ready to go public with it just yet. She knew she'd have to tell Lanie eventually but for right now, she was enjoying having Castle all to herself.

Castle came out of her room at that point, walking up behind her and circling his arms around her waist, pulling her into his chest. She relaxed back into him, enjoying the comfort his closeness gave her.

"We got a case?" he asked, whispering the words into her ear.

"Yeah," she replied, sinking back further into his chest.

They stood there for a few minutes in silence before Beckett reluctantly pulled away.

"Come on, we better get going before they start to wonder where we are," said Beckett, and so Castle released his arms from around Beckett's waist and they both went to get dressed.

Once they were both acceptably dressed to go out in public, they left for the crime scene. In separate cars of course.

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