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Five Years Later…

Eren hummed as he sat his palette down, taking a step back to admire the new painting on his easel. Blue-purple flowers blanketed a field of green, contrasting the previous painting he had finished of a desolate battlefield bearing three lonely flowers instead. He preferred the current painting, of the blooming field to the barren picture, purely because of the happier, lighter tones and brush strokes. But also because of the feeling it brought him; something deep inside like a far, distant memory. Something long forgotten.

Leaning against the walls of his studio were tall photos he had taken and developed himself; several were sets of wedding photos and there was a set of baby shower photos. Those were just set out, ready to be packed and delivered to their recipients.

On the walls, however, hung his paintings. A few old ones, several new ones, all ready to be taken to his gallery downtown. Except for the largest one of a skinless, humanoid creature; that one was going to the museum over the weekend.

There had been no easy way of telling his mother that he dropped out of college during his final semester. But there had been no easy way of staying at a university, no matter how prestigious, that tried to force talent into a premade box. He left but not without making the proper connections. Pixis was still fond enough of him to spread good rumors and those rumors turned to people taking a close look at his art. It earned him a spot in a high end gallery and his reputation spread like wildfire from there.

He found that graduating as an art major didn't mean an immediate spot in the artist limelight. He was just talent that got noticed.

He heard the familiar clicking of the front door and smiled, finishing his brush stroke before closing his paints. By the time he had put them away and walked out of his studio, Levi had already walked into the living room, shoes off with flowers in hand. There was even a bottle of sparkling cider under his arm.

Eren smiled. "You brought me sunflowers and tulips? And cider? Levi, what's the occasion?"

Levi sat the vase down as Eren rested his arms on his shoulders. Levi wrapped his arms around Eren's waist, not bothered by the paint splatters across his skin.

"I don't need an occasion to bring the most beautiful man in the world flowers," Levi replied. Eren smiled and kissed him, careful not to get paint on Levi's suit. "And the cider is for this weekend."

"You're amazing."

Levi made a noise and shrugged, patting Eren on the rear.

"How was work?"

"Busy today," Levi sighed. "I'm exhausted. And I still have a few depositions to look over. I'm so fucking happy it's Friday."

"Poor thing," Eren gasped. "Buuuut I did make shrimp alfredo for us! I figured you'd be hungry and not really up for going out to eat tonight."

"Thank God."

"And we're going out this weekend, too. I didn't think you'd want to eat out twice," Eren said, hugging him tighter. "Besides, it's not like I had a photoshoot today. Just as long as you come home I'm happy."

"And you call me the amazing one," Levi hummed, running his hands along Eren's sides. Eren squirmed at the light tickles and pulled away, tugging Levi to follow him to the kitchen.

"Let's eat," Eren said, biting his lip. "Unless you want to relax for a bit first."

Levi pulled Eren back to him, scooping him up with ease. He swung Eren around and walked back towards their room.

"I think I want to relax for a bit," Levi said. Eren giggled, wrapping his arms around Levi's neck, nibbling on his ear.

"Oh really?"

"Really, really," Levi replied, setting Eren on the bed. Eren crawled back and leaned against the pillows, spreading his legs ever so slightly. His skin was covered with dried paint but that didn't stop Levi from placing kisses all over.

He paused, shedding his jacket and tie and letting them fall on the floor, before returning to kissing Eren's legs. Every soft noise and burning touch made Eren shudder. Whimpers escaped his lips as he tangled his hands in Levi's hair, guiding him closer between his legs. Levi grabbed his hips, wrapping his arms around Eren's legs. He kissed Eren's crotch, pulling on the waistband of Eren's shorts. Eren sighed, a smile across his face, and lifted his hips enough for Levi to slide his shorts and underwear off.

"Oh fuck…," Levi moaned, spreading Eren's cheeks. Eren laughed, turning away with a blush on his cheeks. Levi reached between his legs, playing with the sea-green princess plug adorning his lover's hole. "What have you done?"

"I got bored and took a break while I was painting," Eren breathed as Levi turned the plug. "And I—Ahh! I wanted to make things easier for you—"

Eren was cut off as Levi pushed his shirt up, kissing and sucking on a nipple. He continued to play with the plug, turning it and pulling on it in time with his mouth. Eren grabbed his hair, ushering him on until he couldn't take it anymore.

"Levi, just fuck me."

"Hard?" Levi hummed against Eren's skin.

Eren nodded, pulling on Levi's shirt. Levi bit his nipple and sat up, stripping out of his clothes as Eren pulled off his own shirt. Levi grabbed Eren and kissed him deeply, leaving his mouth burning hot. Levi reached between Eren's legs again, this time removing the plug with a wet little pop. Eren shuddered and Levi held him close as the sensation washed over him.

Keeping his arm around Eren's waist, Levi helped him onto his lap. Eren straddled his waist, holding onto Levi's shoulders with shaking fingers. Carefully, Eren repositioned himself on Levi's lap, finding his cock and holding it as he settled back down.

Eren slipped Levi's cock into himself, careful with every inch he took. Levi held him tight, keeping him balanced and steady until Eren was sitting in his lap. Eren hummed, pleased, and gave his hips a little wiggle. Levi laughed and caught his lips in a long, slow kiss.

"I love you," Levi whispered. Eren hummed and kissed him, slowly rocking his hips against Levi's.

"I love you, too," Eren gasped. He tangled a hand in Levi's hair, kissing him harder as he moved his hips. "I love you so much, Levi. I—Ahh…!"

His words were lost in exchange for loud gasps. Levi rolled his hips up into Eren's, and Eren dragged his nails over Levi's shoulders. He threw his head back and started to bounce on Levi's cock until he felt a jolt of pleasure shoot through him. Levi grabbed him tighter, slowing him down with a grin. Eren groaned as his quickening orgasm was delayed.

Levi rolled them over, splaying Eren on his back with long legs wrapped tight around his waist. Levi slowly pushed back inside, teasing Eren and watching him groan in frustration. Eren thrust his hips up and Levi grabbed his legs, opening him up to thrust back harder.

Eren gasped and grabbed the sheets, Levi snapping his hips back and forth, rocking the bed. With a little turn, Levi knew he hit Eren's prostate by the look in his green eyes.

"Fuck yes," Eren breathed, clenching tight around Levi. "Fuck yes, oh God yes!"

Levi made long, deliberate strokes as he moved, making sure Eren felt every deep thrust until he was unable to say words as he screamed. With a final, hard thrust, Eren came, barely able to form Levi's name as hot cum shot on his stomach. He whined and clenched around Levi, holding him close with his legs to keep him inside. Levi bit his lip and came, shooting his load in Eren's body with a shudder.

The two of them stayed together, their breathing ragged as their minds raced. Levi eventually laid down on Eren's chest, stroking his arms until Eren's breathing evened out. Eren wrapped his arms around Levi's shoulders, nuzzling his mess of dark hair and enjoying his scent.

"Do you want to take a bath?" Eren asked softly. "

"In a minute," Levi replied. "I know you enjoy your cuddles."

Eren laughed and snuggled more into Levi's body. "I'm glad we got a little bit of time in before tomorrow."

"We'll get more in tonight," Levi replied with a grin. "It's going to be hard going an entire week without sex."

"If you want, I can tell mom and Mikasa to stay at a hotel."

"That's ridiculous," Levi yawned, sitting up. "They shouldn't have to stay in a hotel. They're fine here."

"Armin and Erwin are staying in a hotel," Eren said.

"That's because they need to," Levi replied. "They can't control their fuck-needs like us. I'm really surprised that Marco kid isn't coming up. I know you two talk frequently."

"I know but he's moving out to Nevada with Jean," Eren explained. "He said he wanted to wait until they were settled before visiting."

"Nevada…," Levi mused, "Are they gonna go play Vegas police out there?"

"As if," Eren snarked, "Jean would die on a coffee run."

"You have no faith, do you? Marco'll keep him out of trouble."

Eren laughed, covering his face with his hands. Levi smiled and grabbed his hand, kissing his fingers gently.

"Are you telling them first thing tomorrow when we pick them up?" Levi asked. "Or are you going to wait a bit?"

"I'm not sure," Eren said. "But I think I'll probably tell them at dinner tomorrow. At the restaurant."

"Because I proposed there?"

"I think it's fitting," Eren said with a gentle smile. Levi hummed and kissed him on the head. He found Eren's hand and ran his fingers over the ring on Eren's, returning the smile. Eren snuggled closer to him, kissing him on the cheek.

"I think so, too."

End notes: And they lived happily ever after!