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CHAPTER 1: The Mysterious Siblings

"S-Sensei, I—" Hinata gulped "May I—um, go to-to the r-r-restroom…please?" Her words shrivel in an inaudible whisper. With cheeks flushed red and fists pressed firmly, nervously, against slightly gasping lips. Kakashi stops his lecture and turns his attention to the shy student standing timidly behind her desk. Her…curious behavior tugs an eyebrow on his forehead, causing him to take a quick glance at the dark-haired Uchiha sitting beside her. Suddenly he knew what could have caused her odd behavior—or who caused it.

The man could only pity the innocent girl. It's tough having such a cold brother. She probably couldn't stand sitting next to him anymore. Who wouldn't? Sasuke is a notorious figure in school, as sly and dangerous as a snake, with an aura that can wither the daintiest of flower within his range. It was like watching a fly struggle helplessly on a spider's web.

Both can easily be classified as the silent type, but there's a strange and massive difference. Hinata is simply shy and reserve. The problem lies in Sasuke. He's not shy—oh, no. Far from that. He's what one would say...antisocial, introverted, and very unfriendly. Maybe even misanthropic to an extent.

Kakashi has always suspected a strange relationship between these two. He just couldn't put a finger on it. Known for his hentai mind, he sometimes couldn't help but imagine them in some sort of forbidden relationship. Incest? Hard to tell. Whenever Hinata is by his side, which is all the time, unless certain school activity pulls them apart, she is always tense, self-conscious, and weird. Whereas, in Sasuke's part, Hinata seems to be the only person he can open up to and showcase hints of human emotion—at least if you count the occasional sinister grins over his typically blank expressions then yeah Kakashi would say that's a good…character development. Sasuke and Hinata may be compatible in terms of looks, but those two are just not in the same league in terms of personality. Then again, he's just their sensei. All who work in the school are pretty much mere underlings of the influential Uchiha clan. Whatever they do with their lives is none of his business.

Kakashi smiled. "Sure, Hinata, you may go anytime you want."

"Arigatou." Bowing, Hinata brush pass that certain raven with her head drooped down. The scent of lavender and vanilla wafting from her flowing locks acted like a dog leash, urging him to go after her.

"Patience" "Stay put" such were the thoughts he replays in his mind as Sasuke examines his left hand that was still under their desk. It is glistening with wetness. Her wetness.

He curled his hand into a fist and brought it close to his mouth to lick the juices trailing down his wrist, groaning in silent agony at the seductive scent that woman left behind. The class resumed with no sign of Hinata returning. Sasuke leans against his folded hands to hide a smirk that replaced his previous frown. Leaving him like that while they were still in the middle of it, she must really want to be punished.


Hinata strolled down the empty corridors, wheezing, her heart pumping wild. As soon as she's gone far enough from the classroom, her anxiety finally took over and Hinata bolted the rest of the way into the nearest girl's bathroom. She blindly jumped into a stall and slammed the door, not caring if someone was there to hear her rampage. Her slim form is shivering like a puppy. Sweat drips down the side of her face due to the short dash and her breath came in short pants.

After gaining a bit of composure, Hinata pulls down her underwear. It happened again. Her body has betrayed her again. Gasping is no longer a suitable reaction at the massive pool that has gathered on that flimsy piece of cloth. She noticed a string of cum and couldn't help but whimper at the sight that disgusted her about herself.

She doesn't want to admit it, but the sensations of his fingers continue to linger below her abdomen, leaving a massive space between her thighs. It's suffocating how empty it is now, how he made her feel that she needed him to fill that empty gap inside her. She reaches for the toilet paper and wraps a bundle around her hand, afterwards using to it to wipe the clear, whitish liquid that had escaped down her inner thighs. Having accomplished her task, Hinata leaned against the stall, finding the strength in her legs diminishing. She brought her hands to her chest and wrinkles her uniform. She could make out the drumming of her heart and the blood boiling underneath her skin. The fragile girl slips down the floor and finally allows her tears to burst from the confines of her secrecy...

News of their parent's death had spread like wildfire throughout Konoha. It wasn't a surprise since the Uchiha clan is a distinguished family who controls almost all of the industries and securities that run their city. The private high school they currently attend is just one of the countless branches they control. That is why nobody dares mess with the Uchiha siblings, including the teachers. They were untouchable.

Regardless of their immense power, their world has become even more isolated than it already was. Because now, Sasuke and Hinata only have each other.

But ever since that accident, it was as if the binds that's been restraining that possessive side of Sasuke was suddenly unleashed. Of course, Hinata have known him ever since they were kids. She's grown used to his dominating and perverse qualities. But as they grew up, it has gotten worse. Perhaps the recent development in their family was the last string that completely free his true colors. Those activities he used to do to her were nothing but childish plays. What had occurred between them in the classroom was only the beginning. And now the one thing she began to fear herself. Something in her is changing. She can feel it. He is changing her.


The bell ring marks half-way of the day. Hinata had used up the last fresh panty she brought to school and discarded it to the trash. She'll just have to make sure her skirt won't magically fly up to reveal her nakedness. As she made her way back to class, a pair of arms suddenly wraps around her waist and pulls her in a musky, janitor's closet. Before she could scream, a rough mouth engulfs hers with hungry ferocity. She momentarily struggled against her captor but the match was futile. She didn't have to open her eyes. She already knew who he is.

"Where the hell did you go?" Sasuke hiss while nibbling her cheek down to the crook of her neck.

"I-I…" Hinata inhaled as he involuntarily push her head up to expose more of her creamy neck, "The restroom."

"Hmm? You went to finish it yourself?" His voice became muffled at the pressure he exerts on her sensitive skin.

"N-No…" Hinata felt broad hands rummage up and down her sides.

"Seriously, you should've let me handle it. I know when your tight pussy is about to—"

"Don't say that!"

Sasuke paused to look at her in the eyes but she quickly darted her gaze away. Smirking, he asks, "Why?"

"B-Because…because it's embarrassing."

"You clearly weren't embarrassed when we were doing it in class."

Fuming red, Hinata slap Sasuke's face. She didn't know what came to her. Of course, any normal person would've snap at his provocative words but Hinata is not the type to physically hurt people no matter what happens, especially Sasuke. But, none of that matters now because the person in front of her has suddenly grew more threatening and malicious. Of all people, Hinata should have known better not to test his temper. The fact that he's not molesting her to a certain familiar degree yet is considered a kind act coming from a merciless guy like him.

Shivers ran wild in Hinata's system as she stares at the black-orbs of her captor. "Gomen, Sasuke-kun," she muttered in a panic, but it's too late. He twists her back to him so that she is facing away before squishing her between his large frame and the wall that was previously behind her. Hinata had occupied her hands into pushing the wall to provide a bit of space for her breasts which means no resistance from Sasuke's wandering hands.

"Hinata, you don't seem to understand." Before she knew it, Sasuke had managed to slide both of his hands beneath her bra to fondle the soft, large mounds beneath, "You're mine. And, whatever I do to your body is none of your fucking business." He tugs at her nipples and squeeze them between his fingers. He's always loved the tiny mews she makes for him like soft melodies flowing to his ears, making him want to violate her more. Lavish her until she can think of no one else but him.

Having done it multiple times every day in the past week, Hinata already anticipates his next actions. "P-Please, not here…" she whimpers softly, her eyes watering perhaps from remembering the overwhelming sensation he ignited in her body. "…"

That one particular word momentarily struck Sasuke. They've lived together for so long, she knows exactly what buttons to push and this only served to infuriate the young raven. His eyes burned and he pulled her hair back so that he could position his mouth directly to her ears. "You know damn well that I hate it when you call me that! I am not your brother." Hinata nodded. She can't resist him, after all, she owes him her life and despite her resistance, Hinata knows that deep inside she truly cares about him and would do anything for this undeserving Sasuke Uchiha.

From the moment he found her on the streets all those years ago and adopted her into his family, she knew that she has become his possession. In order to hide Hinata's identity and protect the reputation of the Uchiha family, the fact that they are not really related was kept confidentially, not to mention it was an irrelevant factor that his parents didn't care so much to mull over. So, the secret adoption was an immediate decision. No questions and other technical law crap necessary. Because of this, he's always hated the fact that he couldn't be open about his feelings for her in school especially when other guys drool over her without her knowledge. He found her first. Hinata belongs to him and him alone. She. Is. His.

"Say it, Hinata, say it!" The force of his resolve propelled him to bite hard on the middle of her neck and shoulder, drawing in blood before savoring it with his tongue.

Hinata winced. She knows what he wanted; he's always made her say it. "I'm—hiccup—yours…"

After a few moments of silence, Sasuke had managed to calm down. He had abandoned her breasts and is now gently making his way under her skirt and smirk upon discovering that she is no longer wearing her underwear. With one hand, he lifted her left thigh and held it up high semi-vertically. Hinata whimpered as she felt her folds spread apart, allowing Sasuke's other hand to delve more easily to the bundle of nerves beneath. Hinata stifled a moan as he began collecting moister along her slits, teasing though not exactly touching the spot where she desperately wanted him to. "Now, I want you to be honest," he whispered, his voice becoming huskier and rough. "Does it feel good here?" He taps her clit.

Hinata squeaked, recoiling away but his body kept her pelvis pressed against his hand and the wall, "H-Hai!" Sasuke felt the bud protrude painfully in eager anticipation despite Hinata's attempt to keep a distance.

"What do you want me to do with it?"

"I…" Hinata buried her face against the wall in humiliation.


"I want..." The tip of his middle finger ever so gently traced the tiny swell. Hinata gave a shaky breath.

"I want you to—hya!" Before she could finish, Sasuke began rubbing her up and down, slowly at first, and then adding more pressure after each stroke. His other fingers worked to keep the nether lips apart, allowing cold air to tickle her moist area. Not wanting to draw any attention outside, Hinata could only suppress her pleasurable screams against the wall. Slender hands squeeze her face shut while Sasuke sucked the back of her neck, adding to the collection of hickeys around her neck and chest.

He leaned her suspended thigh against his arm so both hands are now free to work on the same area. It was only until he began to insert two fingers did she realize that she's still sensitive from his earlier actions. It also didn't help how he's pressing her lower body further against the wall, guiding her to move in circular motions along the pads of his fingers.

It wasn't long before Hinata started buckling her hips. She's close, he can feel it from the contraction of her walls, but that didn't stop him. The combination of his fingers on her clit and inside her maidenhood uncoiled the burning sensation in her loins, and it only heightened, like she's about to explode. "Oh no, this feeling again," Hinata thought. She wanted to go through with it, but at the same time, she wanted to stop. She didn't want to feel the shame and the guilt that will surely result afterwards, yet the immense pleasure and overwhelming sensation is tempting her to commit it again and again.

"Don't hold back anymore." He gently bit her ear and fastened his pace the more she resisted, curling his fingers, spreading the walls apart—anything to make her succumb to her needs. Her liquids squirted uncontrollably on his hands and then dripped on the ground in light plops. Hinata, the stubborn girl she is, began to push against him. "No…iie, onegai!" Sasuke knew she's trying to escape again, but he won't let that happen. This time, he's going to force her to feel it, to force her to want it, to need it.

Hinata huffs as she felt herself drawing near her end. The more she resisted, the faster he goes, the faster he goes, the weaker she became. It's always been like that, he would always do the opposite of what she wants. If she wanted to go left, he'd choose right. It's hard to understand him; after all, he grew up a spoiled brat. He will get whatever he wants whenever he wants, and Hinata is no exception. "Hya! I'm…I—"

"Then, CUM dammit!" Sasuke was getting tired of all her whining, "If that's what your body wants, then do it!" He plunged his fingers so deep inside her she felt all resolve shatter in a split second, releasing all the tension, all the coils and burns she's been suppressing and out into the palm of his hand. White juices pour down her legs. Sasuke felt her tense against his body at the sudden climax but continues to penetrate her insides to make sure she releases every drop of orgasm.

It lasted for several minutes before the lightheadedness and weakness took over. All her muscles have given away and she would've collapse to the floor if Sasuke's body hasn't been pressing Hinata so tightly against the wall.

His fingers remained inside of her for a few minutes before he withdrew his hands and examined the liquid textures around them, grinning in satisfaction. He steps back, allowing Hinata to finally slide to the floor. Her trembling like a small kitten only served to excite him. "You're so lewd, Hinata," he said as he knelt down beside her, palmed her sore region and flick her clit one last time, "But, I love this side of you…" He kisses her forehead and patted her head, "this part of you that only I know."

His kisses were like ghosts on her porcelain skin. Shallow, empty, yet…gentle. Before he left her alone inside that dark, musky room, she caught a glimpse of his face. The both of them know each other very well. They know their favorite food, their hobbies, their sleeping habits, and they know it whenever the other is nearby. But, it's just so hard to understand him sometimes, this heartless man known as Sasuke Uchiha. Yet, why? Despite having everything going his way, why does he have such loneliness in his eyes?


Half naked, helpless, blood flowing in a mad rush on soft, pale cheeks, big watery eyes and swollen, plump lips, there is no way Sasuke can restrain himself in that cramped room. He could have taken her right then and there, but he wouldn't want that to happen...yet. Sasuke is not entirely bad; in fact, he wanted her to get use to it first. He wanted her to accept and awaken her natural human desire. Nothing wrong with that, right? He walked out and slammed the door shut before sliding down the wooden entrance.

Amidst the peaceful hall sat none other than a seemingly sexually aggravated teen. "Fuck…" he sighed, "Not yet…she's not ready yet." Indeed, they've been living together for a long time. He knows how much she had been sheltered by his parents, seeing how she was the only daughter they ever had despite their fake blood relation. Ever since then, he'd hated how she stole all of his parent's attention while they neglected their real son. He'd hated how she remained untarnished in spite of all his maltreatment towards her when they were young. And most importantly, he hated how he came to crave the one person he hated the most in the world. "Just wait a bit longer…she'll break soon enough."

He looked down to find his pants still tight from erection. It's been slick and throbbing since their episode in the classroom. He needed release. Now. His hands are still covered in her cum. Close enough. He lubricated her cum around his member, concentrating most of it on the tip. He imagined her soft form riding him from above. She would scream his name as he plunge himself inside her core so deep he'd have reached her womb. The mere scent of her aroused him. He pumped faster.

"Shit!" Sasuke growled and closed his eyes. "How can you be so clueless?!" There's no reason to be guilty. She gets hurt, she cries, she deserves it. It's her fault anyway. In fact, he likes torturing her. It's only fair, right? Because…she's doing the same thing to him. "You're the one who have me wrapped around your finger."

Sasuke groaned as he reaches his climax. "Hinata…"


School is over. Everyone has gone home; everyone except for a certain spiky-haired man whistling as he ventures down the hall. Kakashi stop by the small window of his classroom and spots a peculiar dark-haired pair. The room is silent and all the lights have been turned off, giving an eerie feeling to the once lively setting. Hinata is swiping the floor while Sasuke is simply…there, sitting beside the windowsill, gazing at the sun setting on the horizon.

Kakashi heaves a sigh. Of course. He remembers that it is Hinata's turn for the after school clean-up duties and he already assumes Sasuke had driven away her potential partner. One couldn't help but question this strange bond they have. As far as he knows, they're siblings, yet they don't seem to generate that aura. There seems to be more to it than that. Kakashi slump his shoulders and shrug. Welp, he shouldn't be butting in on other people's personal matters. With that said, he turns and heads home.

Sasuke glanced at the window of the classroom where Kakashi had been. "He's gone." Finally, he turns his piercing onyx eyes at the back of the remaining person in the room. "Hinata." The female paused. "Come here," Sasuke's command is monotone, yet there is a sense of weight in every syllable he utter that Hinata couldn't help but oblige. After all, they are alone so she is already expecting it. She knows what's going to happen next, but she's not yet certain if she's prepared for it.

As soon as Hinata stands in front of him, Sasuke reaches for her head but stops half way when she flinched and blushed. He glares at her. "Stop pretending like you don't like it. Pisses me off." Then, he grabs the back of her head and pulls her into a spellbinding kiss. He licks her lips to pry open her mouth which she shyly did. He immediately thrust his tongue within her wet caverns, soliciting her sweet taste of honey. Hinata could taste him too. That proud, tangy flavor he has as she decided to be assertive enough to push his tongue all the way back into his mouth. She can feel her heart accelerate again as he suck on her tongue. Excess saliva dribbles down the corner of her mouth. Sasuke followed that glittering string and licked it off her jaw before sinking his lips back onto hers.

He broke the kiss to allow the both of them to breathe, their foreheads still connected. "The truth is you want it too," he whispers and looks at her intensely. She didn't say anything. She didn't deny it, and it compels another grin on his face. He presses his lips onto hers again and stood up. Wrapping his arms around her bottom, he lifted her up to the top of his desk and kissed her senseless as his hands roam elsewhere. Hinata is pushed onto her back while her legs hang at the edge of the desk.

He felt her hands quiver against his broad chest and broke the kiss to say, "You realized you want it so badly you can't even push me away." The crimson shade on her face increased, if it were possible. He pulled her neck tie and unbuttoned her school uniform, leaving her white, frilly bra exposed in front of him. He wasted no time in pulling the hindrance up. He's seen her countless of times yet her unique cleavage never failed to entice him, and the many kiss marks that had not yet disappeared around her body added more fuel to the fire inside him. The red blotches will always be a reminder of who she belongs to. He felt pride in that.

"Hnn…ha…" Hinata closed her eyes and moaned as he engulfed her left nipple. His right hand massaged the other while his other hand wandered off south to her inner thighs. He ran his hand up, dragging her skirt along, and once again, cold air hit Hinata's nether regions. He immediately brought heat back between her legs as his long fingers forcefully intrude the source of her wetness. Hinata yelped, having felt him pinch her clit before slipping his entire fingers inside of her as if he's practiced this long enough to know the right spot and nerves in every inch of her body. Perhaps he is right. Her body belongs to him.

She regrets throwing away her panty, but Sasuke seems to enjoy this convenient service. As a reward, he shifts to her other breast and presents it with the same treatment, making sure he leaves at least three new marks around the center before he moves on to his next target.

"W-Wait!" Hinata knew what he's planning next; she dexterously read that mischievous glint in his eyes. In the end, Sasuke managed to pry her legs open. His right hand continues to play with the organs between her thighs, enjoying the slickness and warmth of her not-so-private area. He felt the rise of another orgasm as he watches her back ache for more of his heated touch. But this time, he's not about to give in to what she wants and withdrew his hand.

Sasuke could not help but snicker at her reaction. Hinata closed her eyes, anticipating his next move. He drags his tongue into her navel and made circular motions upon it, earning one sweet moan from Hinata's lips. He's had more than enough eye candy to stimulate his own sexual needs that for a moment he needed to palm himself through his jeans to calm down. "Not yet…"

But as she continues to let seductive cries and moans, Sasuke grew more and more impatient. Fuck it. Fuck it all. No one can tell him what's right or wrong, and no one can stop him now. His parents are gone, his older brother is no longer to be found, and he's the only one next in line to take over the Uchiha Corporation. He's conscience has long been thrown out the window ever since he first laid his eyes on her. He's practically free. For years he's waited for the perfect time when he can finally fully quench his thirst, the inexplicable cravings he felt, gnawing at his core for far too long. Now Hinata is right here; naked, exposed, squirming at his finger tips.

He stretched her legs so far apart that it hurt Hinata for a bit before it was overpowered by another intrusion on her cunt. This time, something moist and slimy dragged heavily against the entire length of her slits. Intense shiver avalanches throughout her body. "Sasuke!" Hinata instantly grabs his hair, having felt his tongue dart in and out of her rapidly, desperately, as if to prove a point. This was the first time he's done this and it caught her by surprise. Sasuke pushed against her folds until even his nose and chin were buried deeply within the lips. His soft grunts and pants reverberates every nerve endings as he unconsciously move his nose against her clit.

After awhile, he replaced his tongue with two fingers as he decided to concentrate all efforts on her sensitized clitoris. He's always dreamed of tasting her so badly that he opened his mouth as wide as her vulva to allow a greater surface area of his tongue and then nodded his head to create a powerful friction against her sacred pearl. Hinata's eyes widened and she hit the back of her head against the desk. A scream erupted from her mouth. Afterwards, Sasuke continued on alternating between licking and sucking hard on it as though attempting to give it a kiss mark of its own.

"Kya! Please, Sasuke-kun, I d-don't think my body can…hnn...take it anymore—ah…hah…AHH!" She eventually exploded in his mouth, but Sasuke was relentless and pursued to eat her out like a starved man. As always, he cannot stop until he's sure every drop of her true being; her real, perverted nature stain that innocent facade where she has always hid for he cannot stand being the only one corrupted, consumed by this ever growing darkness inside him while she bathe in a shimmering light. He wanted her to understand that she too has always desired him in a dark, twisted kind of way.

"Shut up. I won't stop." He involuntarily nip the small bud above her entrance and flap his tongue on it through his teeth. "Not now. Not until you break. Until you completely succumb to me and you won't be able to live without me." Hinata caught a glimpse of that overpowering lust in his eyes and finally understood why he's acting this way. It was no longer about longing for his parents' attention or mourning over their deaths. It's not about taking all his frustrations out on Hinata or corrupting her or loving her. The whole thing simply revolves around him. To satisfy his own selfish desires. He is the last heir of the great Uchiha bloodline thus the obligation of dominating everything will soon be in his grasp. He will be unstoppable.

At last, Sasuke emerge from her hot, dripping sex and aligned himself between her, "…Until you become just as obsessed to my body…as I am to yours… ". At last, he broke through the last barrier of her innocence.

IMPORTANT Author's Note: I practically rushed through most of the parts here so I'd understand if the writing is not up to everyone's standards, not to mention this is the first mature content I've ever written (can't really say it's a lemon since I didn't actually go all the way). I started this fic without any prior plans of a storyline. I went about going with the flow therefore, I intentionally made this smut-centric rather than make it a plot-driven story. Plus, I didn't originally intend to make this deep and touching. You can say that one of the only reasons why I wrote this in the first place is to practice writing mature contents that could hopefully stimulate you readers. Until then will I be able to assure myself whether or not I am qualified enough to make multi-chaptered stories under rated M. The summary basically says it all: it's all about lust and obsession. That's it. Nothing more. Nothing less. If you have been expecting Sasuke to suddenly become a gentle and sweet blushing tsundere, then-oh my god, you should've read the summary first. As I said in the beginning, I'll be going all out. But then again, I still can't help but attach some back stories and provide significant themes rather than make the entire thing 100% smut. Although I'm initially uncomfortable for making my favorite couple do such intimate acts without mutual feelings for one another, I feel like I should step out of my comfort zone that usually revolves around light romance, innocent love, flowers, ponies, rainbows, butterflies, etc and not be afraid to make something dark, twisted and sinister (and perverted).

To reply to holmesfreak1412's review, I understand that the concept of obsessive love is anything but new here in fanfiction, but there were times when I felt like stories like that gradually fall back to the usual fluff formula with sparkles and happy endings where Sasuke would change for the better. I want my first attempt of a Sasuke fanfic to be different where he's not doing anything for the sake of love, but for his own "selfish desires". I used him because he's such a complicated character; ambiguous, hard to understand (which is what makes him so fun to write about). Although I wanted readers feel a bit of sympathy towards him, in the end, it all comes down to the fact that his actions cannot be justified by love and I don't want to use love as an excuse to romanticize an abusive relationship. Obsessive love is a serious health problem and, most often than not, it does not always end so smoothly.