Author Note: Just one thing guys. Emma didn't meet Kelly in college, she met him after when she moved away okay? Alright! Read on.


"Kelly... it's... beautiful.."

Emma walked into Roxanne's with him. He wore a dressy nice white button up shirt and black pants with his hair gelled up in a cute messy way. She wore a classy short white strapless dress. Her hair was longer, still the same blonde though as when she was younger, and her hazel eyes widened when they walked in.

Ever since she met Kelly, he was always trying to tie her in with the connections he had because of his father, and his money. But Kelly was actually a nice guy, and he was different from what Emma was use to so he was perfect for her in this new, fresh life she made for herself here in Connecticut. Before she knew it, it had already been 4 years that had passed by.

Ever since Kelly had started working for his father, Emma moved in with him. His father owned a brand of hotels throughout the state, and he was a very successful business man and soon, Kelly was going be handed down all that responsibility and family estate. Because of Kelly, Emma was almost one of the top American wedding dress designers... even though she was Canadian. But she didn't talk about home a lot, only when Kelly caught her parents calling once or twice in a blue moon. Oddly, Emma tried to ignore the calls. She was a bit of a mystery to Kelly, but that's what he liked about her.

Emma still loved her environment studies, don't get her wrong. You should see the house she just moved into with Kelly, the garden was beautiful. But she tried to steer away from old things, and old memories, that led her to remembering 'him'.

"You deserved it." smiled Kelly as the waiters in the fancy dim lighted restaurant moved their chairs back to sit at the table. It was so fancy that even the waiters had those silk nice napkins around their bent up arms. Emma always wondered if they ever got sore arms..

She smiled to Kelly though and said sweetly, "Thankyou..."

"Well it's our 3rd anniversary."

Emma froze. Oh no, oh god it was. Did she really forget?

He smiled sheepishly, seeing she forgot. "It's okay, I mean... remember when I screwed up when we first started dating? I count that night as our anniversary. We may have different dates."

"The night I found out you had a girl friend and I was the 'other girl'? " taunted Emma, remembering.

He raised a finger to remind, "Me and her just started seeing another, but I just met you.. and I fell hard." he said. Emma rolled her eyes smiling. "I didn't want to stop getting to know you, and I didn't know how to break up with her. Plus, you were new, came out of of nowhere, and had this great ambition in your eyes."

Emma wondered where he was getting at.

"I always wondered why you gave me another chance? But that is just how amazing and understanding you are." Kelly said.

Emma looked down, and tried not to feel that knot in her stomach. That wasn't why. Actually, some would say she was quite the stubborn girl. The only reason she forgave Kelly was because she could see he was truly genuine, and a nice guy. And the fact that he wasn't the only one lying in this relationship.

Emma swallowed hard and tried to change the subject, "So what's to eat?"

She ruined the moment, but he let it pass, picking up their menus and just passed it to the waiter to take it away. She gave a look of confusion..weren't they going to eat?

"Already planned." he insisted.

Emma tilted her head but nodded slowly. Though, her inner feminism wanted to remind Kelly that she didn't need a man to order for her but...she knew it came from a sweet place.

"Where is everyone? I thought this was like, one of the top places in town." she teased, looking around the restaurant to see they were the only ones in there. She could never really let it settle in that she lived so far from home now. The states was so different, more to chose from, more shopping and restaurants. Still though, it was missing that home sweet home feel.

"I bought the place out." grinned Kelly, his eyes sparkling by the candle light, "Just a night for us. Alone."

The waiter came over and began to pour them some wine. Emma's mouth dropped. Oh wow. . .that was really, expensive, all of this. He totally didn't need to do this, she would of been fine with even just cooking tofu tacos tonight at his hou- their house instead.

Emma couldn't remember the last time she went out on a fancy date to a restaurant..

A flashback hit her hard. FLASHBACK:

It was the middle of her senior year in high school, when Sean had just gotten out of jail and brought her out for dinner at the Dot, but it looked different than the Dot usually did. 100 candles lit around them, and really alone, no waiters to bug as Spinner let Sean use it for the night..

But it was so damn sweet how hard Sean tried to make it romantic and nice and it did look really good. Her heart melted just by looking around and into his eyes as he held his hand in hers across the table. She remembered to this day that he wore his blue buttoned up sleeve shirt that clung nicely to his every muscle, and the color matched his blue sparkling eyes../


"Emma, are you okay?"

Emma snapped out of it and plastered a smile on, "Oh yea. Sorry" she blushed, "..just so amazed at all this!" she told him, looking around and grabbed her wine glass.

Kelly raised an eyebrow with a dopey grin, watching her chug the wine.

"Emma." he finally cleared his throat, coughing slightly as he reached over across the table. He took her hand,and then with his other hand, he grabbed something out of his pocket. He was now holding a small box, and Emma's hand began to sweat. .

He opened the blue velvet box slowly, and her breath stopped.

There sat that big diamond ring.


Emma blinked and saw him begin to move down beside her at the table, taking one knee down to the ground and Emma thought she was going to go into shock.

He's proposing. She felt like she just might faint, and not in that good happy kind of way.

"Emma Nelson." he began, taking that ring out of the box and looked up into her eyes while on one knee, "Would you marry me?"

He slipped it only halfway, waiting for her answer and began to be a nervous wreck just watching her reaction. He couldn't read her, her mouth was still hanging and her eyes blank, staring at the big crystal diamond and gold banner ring, on her finger.

"Kelly..." she whispered, shaking her head to try and snap out of it but her heart was pounding.

He smiled and waited for it.

"I'm already married." Emma whispered out loud.

Kelly dropped the ring off her, going into shock himself and the ring dropped onto the floor with a dinging noise that echoed the room.

Emma closed her eyes painfully...a flash of Sean's face clouding her mind.