Sean only opened the door slightly and turned, a wild look upon his face. Manny was now behind him, standing in the kitchen with him. She had walked into the house a second ago without a knock (she never needed to, this use to be home)

Sean looked back at the door and to Manny again as she walked over quick to him and took the handle of the door from him.

"I'll go talk to her." she told him and gave him a serious look, "You aren't ready for this."

Spike frowned deeply standing feet away from them but couldn't agree more. Sean looked twitchy, nervous.

Sean snapped back breathlessly, "Being ready doesn't matter, she wants it done now." he snickered bitterly, "I'll probably never be ready, Manny."

Manny glanced at Spike before stepping closer to Sean with a look of sympathy and worry.

She whispered, "Sean, you were an alcoholic for months." she reminded, "You're having the same shakes and anxiety as you did before. You can't do this now. You're a wreck." she said it because she cared.

He looked down at the ground with a hard look on his face, like battling something inside of him before he nodded and stepped back and his shoulders dropped like a wieght had been lifted off of him.

Manny nodded, seeing she got him to agree and watched him turn and both the women watched him storm out quickly

Manny and Spike shared a sad look and Spike passed her a small smile when Manny sucked in a big breath and went to the back yard herself.

When she stepped out, Emma was sitting on the patio, nose red, eyes puffy, staring at her old ring in her hands.

Woah, good thing she didn't let Sean come out and see this.

Emma was such a wreck that she didn't even notice Manny until she spoke up and she jumped, almost dropping the ring and cursed, clenching it tightly in he grasp.

"Had no idea you still had that." Manny admitted.

Emma blinked and wished Manny hadn't seen it before tucking it into her pocket, "Thought he might want it back.. after its all.." she drifted off..and so did her eyes.

"Ends?" guessed Manny.

Was that the word Emma was looking for?

The blonde gave Manny a hurt look but tried to hide the pain away. No use.

Manny took a deep breath, now sitting on the other side of the table and looked up at the blue sky

"what are you doing here?" muttered Emma. She had finally taken the hint they weren't friends anymore so what did Manny want?

"Spinner said you were upset."

"I'm not." snapped Emma. But she still had tears in her eyes and not fooling anybody.

Manny gave her a dumb look, as if that would of worked on her.

Emma just rolled her eyes and leaned back in her chair with a huff. She avoided her eyes and just muttered, "Nothing."

"You came to the carnival." Manny bluntly put it out there for her.

Emma stayed silent.

Manny played with her hands and leaned forward, "Did you see something you weren't ready for?"

More silence.


Emma winced a little, showing Manny she was close and Emma finally snapped, glaring into her eyes that had actually shocked Manny a little how cold she looked.

"I saw that someone with his specail OLD someone, looking AWFULLY happy, especially with MY old friends." Emma snickered madly and threw her arms out, "What do you want me to say Manny? Yea. Ya it hurt to see Sean with Ellie. To see you with Jay. To see you four walking around the carnival like a foursome couple." she leaned back with a scoff, crossing her arms and then shook her head madly, "I thought you didn't even LIKE Ellie?"


Manny stared at Emma.

Emma looked back up and feared the look Manny gave her. Was that too much? Too selfish?

Manny finally bursted into laughter, so hard she was trying to stop herself but giggled madly and Emma slowly smiled and shook her head until she began to laugh too.

"I hate Ellie." Manny declared in between giggles and Emma laughed harder with her, "WE hate Ellie. Even Jay!"

Emma ran a hand through her hair, blushing madly but laughing too and trying to stop.

"Sean is not with Ellie." Manny confirmed, coughing slightly to calm herself down.

What a crazy assumption!

Emma was trying to calm down too and that helped, but she still smiled somewhat softly and happily. Good. She'd admit she felt happy about that. Ellie wasn't good for Sean. Sean needed a girl as tough as him and would push him when he needed it. Ellie was just the type who let him do whatever he wants, would baby him when he needed to be pushed into something he needed to do, let him give up to easily. She'd be a bad support, and a girl people walked over too easily.

"Foresome?" teased Manny.

they giggled once more.

Emma was a bit confused they were laughing and actually sharing a moment, but none the less she was happy about it.

"what are doing tonight?" Manny asked her.

Emma shrugged, "nothing." she looked back down at her hands sadly in her lap.

"Lets go out." sighed Manny, "I need a girls night. Desperately."

both of them shared a soft smile at another.