"This is getting really old." Sean taunted Emma that same night.

Sean was wearing a nice fitted black V neck shirt and dark blue jeans, his hair pushed sexily back but waves still in his hair.

Emma got out of her car that parked next to him, still in just casual clothes. She followed him into the bar he was headed into.

"Well I thought I should say Hi to Ellie again. It's been awhile after all."

Sean stopped at that, his face twisting in confusion. "What?" he stopped at the door with her. "You think first chance I got without you, I'd go running back to her or something?"

Emma hesitated but folded her arms, slightly scolding him. Didn't he?

Sean just snickered and shook his head, going inside. He didn't know why she would think that but he smirked as he walked ahead, knowing Emma couldn't see he was glad to see jealousy still in her eyes.

Emma didn't get jealous much over other girls. Or with other guys she dated. Just Sean. That had to mean something.

When they got into the Bar, the bartender turned his head to nod at Sean, "Hey Little Brother."

Two regulars at the counter turned and Sean walked by. He gave Tracker a look but kept walking with an unhappy look on his face. Emma stopped, and her mouth dropped. Tracker double glanced at her too and raised an eyebrow.

"Look what the cat dragged in." he smirked a bit.

Emma glanced to where Sean was headed and just gave an odd look. "You moved back?"

"For a few years now." nodded Tracker and he winked, nodding Sean's way. "I'll come bring you guys a round."

Emma gave him a look, seeing Tracker chuckle as he turned to make some drinks. She then followed Sean again.

"Sean, over here!" he heard and went towards the pool table in the far left corner. Jay, Manny and Darcy stood over there.

Jay noticed Emma behind Sean and went to sip his beer to stop. "Great, you brought the wife."

"She followed." Sean grabbed a pool stick.

Emma glared, leaning her hands on the side of the pool table.

"She does that now, doesn't she?" joked Jay.

Manny even giggled until she stopped quickly when she caught Emma's very pissed off glare at her next. Emma then glared at Darcy when Sean went to her. No wonder she was being such a bitch to her the other day. Was he SERIOUSLY on a date with her, Darcy Edwards!?

"Hey Sean." Darcy greeted him, wearing a mini red dress. She curled her ombre hair just in certain spots, and some make up too. She looked good, but taken back. "Oh you brought ... Emma. Hey."

Emma's blood boiled. "Hey Darcy."

"Sorry I'm late." Sean muttered and Darcy gave a small forgiving smile.

"No problem."

Manny took the time to go to Emma and whispered, "I didn't hook them up, I swear. Jay did. Before you came back to town a week ago. Darcy has liked him for a while.. We've been asking him for a while to just try one date."

Emma glared Sean's way. It just so happened to be the time she came back that he finally agrees, huh?

"Got a problem with that Greenpeace?" Jay taunted.

Emma actually noticed he wasn't being as spiteful as usual. He wore a shit eating grin though. They both glanced at Sean and Darcy in their own conversation, oblivious to theirs. Jay raised an eyebrow at Emma and turned to go shoot again at the pool table.

It was like Jay was almost taunting her. What'd he want her to go? Go steal Sean from Darcy?!

Emma tried to swallow it all down. She shrugged it off like no big deal, "I just want my papers signed."

Manny even just gave her a look now and snickered, rolling her eyes. "Sure, Em."

"Ok!" Darcy turned back to them, with Sean behind her. She giggled and insisted, "Someone pass me a stick, I'm gonna show you all how to play."

"That so?" taunted Jay, snorting. He'd believe that when he sees it.

"Hey." came a voice and they turned to Lucas. He came over with a pitcher of beer in his hand, wearing a black shirt and his dark hair styled up and messy but cute messy.

"Thought I saw you guys."

A girl followed with him and stopped beside.

"This is Rachel." he introduced. They all turned and the girl scoffed at him, hitting his shoulder.

"It's Becky!" she stormed off after that, not believing he didn't know. Lucas caught everyone's side looks and small smiles, and he gave an embarrassed one back with a classic Lucas Vaughn shrug.

Tracker came over next with two pitchers and his wife Wendy carried a tray of shots.

"So this is my husband's brothers long lost wife." Wendy joked towards Emma.

Emma turned her head from speaking to Manny. Sean was leaning against the wall with Darcy awfully close to him, twirling her hair flirtatiously. He even cornered his eyes at Tracker and his wife..

Uh oh.

"Soon to be ex long lost wife." Emma joked back.

Wendy opened her mouth and shut it, quickly looking at Tracker. Tracker chuckled and put the beer on a table near by their pool table. "Emma's a special kind of girl, Wendy."

Emma noticed one glass of water by the beer. Sean walked to it and picked it up, taking a sip. She eyed him and glanced back to Tracker.

"So, soon to be ex sister in law..." Tracker asks Emma, "What brings you to town?"

Emma picked up a glass of beer for herself. "Just taking care of some things." she sipped her drink.

Tracker looked at Sean who gave him a look back and he raised an eyebrow back at Emma.

"I hope you do it peacefully." Tracker said somewhat warningly but also as politely as he could. "You know you hurt my little-"

"Tracker." Sean shot at him, and a glare was enough for Tracker to take a hint.

Emma already got it though. Tracker was protective of Sean, even if Sean was the 'stronger' brother, he'd always be the youngest.

Emma muttered, "He's not the only one who got hurt."

Suddenly music started to play from the juke box and Manny walked back from selecting a song. Lucas and Jay turned to Sean, "You're turn."

Sean grabbed his pool stick and went to take a shot, putting his water down. He hadn't heard Emma's response to Tracker due to the music.

Darcy clenched her jaw and took this time to go to Emma and Manny while the guys played.

"So," she says, stopping in front. "Hope this isn't..awkward."

"You're on a date with a guy I'm married too. A guy I've been with since I was a little girl." Emma taunted her, "It's pretty awkward."

Manny tried to lift the tray of shots up, "Look, shots!"

Emma grabbed one, and chugged it back. Darcy ignored it.

Darcy huffed, "Well, soon to be ex, right?"

Emma clenched her jaw and bit her tongue. She stopped when she turned her head to Lucas coming over, reaching over for a shot as well and he grinned at her.

He asked her, "You good at pool?"

Emma snuck a glance at Sean, who caught it and was chalking up his stick for another game.

"I know some things." Emma said. Sean had taught her some tips before. It's been a while though..

Lucas nodded, "Alright," he smirked, "You're on my team. There's an even number on two's here so, which couple wants to go up against me and Emma?" he put an arm around her. He then caught Sean's dark look and grinned sheepishly, taking it off.

"We'll play you." Darcy spoke up, walking over to Sean. Sean even glanced at her and back to Lucas with Emma.


"This will be interesting." teased Jay, his arm around Manny as they got ready to watch a fun game. Jay took his own shot down the hatch. "Let the games begin!"


"Here we go, Manula Santos. The final 8 ball." Jay announced a bit drunkenly 20 minutes later during the game of pool.

Lucas tried to focus on the one last ball on the table. He leaned forward, stick ready to strike it in the net..

"Lucas is in for the kill... the room is silent.. everyones watching." Manny slapped Jay to shut up. She giggled madly.

Tracker and Wendy stood by with a few of their friends to watch the game too. It was pretty close. Sean and Darcy were ahead for a little but Lucas and Emma quickly caught up. It seemed there was a game off behind the scenes too though, as Emma cornered her eyes watching Darcy whispering things in Sean's ear.

Emma drunkenly put her cup down and went to Lucas' side. "Luke. Lucas."

He laughed just as drunkenly as she did. "I prefer Lucas." he teased, raising a playful eyebrow at her and then focused on where he was going to shoot again.

"Don't. Miss. The hole. Okay?" Emma whispered.

"Never do, darlin." some people laughed and Emma giggled beside him.

Sean looked away from whatever Darcy was talking about. She wanted to get out of here after the game, but he couldn't do that. He didn't want to leave Emma here alone. He knew she was getting drunk, and he knew her and Lucas might be flirting.

That wasn't okay to him.

Lucas knew Emma was hands off though. And he knew this was just for fun. He shot, and missed. Everyone cursed for him.


Sean stepped forward now, giving Lucas a silent look before he nailed the 8 ball in the hole and everyone cheered.

"Winner again." Tracker pointed to his brother.

"Guess you do sometimes miss the hole." Jay taunted Lucas and he faked a laugh back. Manny shook her head smiling.

Sean was probably just trying to sent a 'point' to Lucas.

"Our turn." Manny said to Jay and stood up.

Tracker looked around and told Sean, "Hey. We're going to go." he nodded to his friends and reached in his pocket for his keys. "Close up for me?"

Sean nodded and caught them. Guess it was only he and his friends in the bar now.

Darcy looked ticked off, whispering to Sean as Jay set another game up. "Sean, could we go soon?" she kept her voice low. "I don't really like spending time with your ex here."

"Don't you though?" Emma chimed in. They turned.

"Ooo0ooo." sang both Jay and Lucas, turning to Emma. Sean too rose an eyebrow at her.

She leaned back on the pool table and shrugged when Manny stepped next to her.

"You dated Peter after I did. Then you dated Spinner after Manny did and now.." she just merely glanced at Sean.

"She's not wrong." muttered Jay.

Darcy gave him a look to shut up. "Look Emma," she glared back at the blonde, "Maybe we should call it a night. Seems you're not as over this as you seem."

Jay even mouthed 'wow', glancing between them then at Sean who wasn't looking at the girls but clenched his jaw.

Emma's eyes looked almost murderous.

"Alright." Sean finally stepped in. "It's getting late."

"It's only midnight" Jay said, looking entertained.

"I gotta ask," Lucas said, going to Emma and wrapped an arm around her again. "How could you let this girl go Cam? She's gorgeous."

Sean was getting real sick of this. He locked eyes on Emma as he responded. "I didn't."

Emma clenched her cup in her hand, her heart speeding up. It was hard to breath under his stare. What did he mean by that?

Sean then looked away and snapped out of some trance he felt he was in. "She left. Not me, remember? She wasn't easy to put up with anyways. Maybe she did me a favor."

Emma now snickered bitterly. How dare he!?

"And you were a saint, Sean? Fights, detentions, towns known screw up. Oh, and that one time. . you went to jail? Remember that?"

"You went to jail?" Darcy asked in shock.

Sean sneered sarcastically at Emma, "Why don't you just publicly announce that shit?"

"I just did." Emma remarked, taking her last gulp of her beer and set it down.

Darcy even cornered her eyes between them and then put a hand on Sean's arm. "It's fine. I don't mind. Everyone can change."

"Only reason I was in there was because of her." even as he explained to Darcy, his eyes stayed on Emma the whole time.

Emma walked around the table rolling her eyes, stumbling slightly and giggled a bit. "Please Sean, that was allllll you."

She stopped at the juke box to play another song. She went through the list.

"I'd say it was Peter." Manny chimed in.

"Well whose fault was bringing Peter into the mix?" Sean reminded everyone.

"Oh please!" Emma shot over her shoulder, "He was a good guy until you came along and started a fight as you always do. Besides, he really entered the picture for Manny."

"Right, Manny." Sean agreed and looked back at her.

Manny's mouth hung. "Why am I suddenly in the middle of this?"

"Well you always liked to play the middle man between us Manny." Emma admitted. She turned from the juke box now.

Sean too had to ask, "Tell us the truth, for once Manny. Whose side are you really on?"

"That's not fair!" Manny looked between them, and hated seeing the betrayal in both their eyes, "You're both my best friends"

"You were mine first!" Emma snapped. The music she picked from the jukebox began to play. Whitney Houstons song 'Dance with Somebody' was playing.

"Alright," Jay yelled over the music, "It's getting out of hand now!"

Manny stared at Emma unbelievably, "I kept secrets for you, Emma! Secrets that I HATE keeping."

"What secrets?" Jay asked. He even stared unknowingly at Manny. Her mouth hung.

"I knew you knew things." snapped Sean at her. Manny gasped.

"Sean, I-"

"And you." he stared pointedly at Emma next. "Manny is right about one thing, nothing but secrets with you. Who the hell can trust you?"

He walked over to her and she narrowed her eyes at him. "You want to talk about trust, Sean?"

"You keep things away from everyone, Emma.. You try to control everything. You even made your parents lie for you! And our friends! You're nothing but selfish. "

Emma's mouth hung, and she then shook her head angrily, "I did it to get away from you! "

"Cause I'm the bad guy, right!? Is that it? Between us Emma, you're the person we can't trust. You went from behind Manny's back with Peter, to behind Peter's back with me, and behind my back with Jay, and fr-"

"Hey." Jay barked, hating he brought that up again. That was forever ago and him and Sean were suppose to be past it.

From behind them, they didn't even notice Darcy mumble that she was leaving. Lucas grabbed his coat to catch up with her, leaving Sean and Emma only with Jay and Manny now.

Emma's eyes now stung with tears, "Don't worry he's not mad at you, Jay. He's mad at me. Still." her and Sean glared back at another. "You always did put me on a pedestal like I was Miss Perfect. I knew you never forgave me for that."

"Don't worry, Em. I know that now. I know you now, more than anybody. I am your husband after all." he spat.

"Ex." when Emma spoke, he clenched his fists and had to turn away from her before he lashed out, and his fist ran right into the juke box glass. It smashed loudly. Manny gasped, Emma jumped, and Jay stared.

Emma's eyes were wide, staring as Sean shut his eyes tight and cursed under his breath, taking his fist back out from the jukebox and shook it painfully.

"Lets go." Manny muttered to Jay.

Jay looked worriedly at Sean, "But-"

"Now, Jay." Manny grabbed his hand and turned to Emma and Sean before they went. "You guys need to take care of your shit. We can't take it anymore." she glanced once more at Sean before back at Emma, "..and neither can you guys now."

With that, they left, and Emma stared at Sean for a long moment in silence.

He growled and just avoided her eyes, walking to the bar and looking for a cloth. Emma hesitated, before going over and knew there was probably one in the back. She came out and found one, and saw he was just pouring alcohol on his scratched up bloody knuckles. He hissed when he poured it on his hand over the sink, then stopped when a little white rag wrapped around his hand. He narrowed his eyes, and he watched Emma carefully inspect his hand as she tied it together.

She glanced back at him slowly, and in the silence, she finally whispered. "We're so bad for another." she looked down and laughed sadly. "I always feel like I'm your personal trigger or something."

The words from her lips made her start to sob silently. It was like Sean was always her star crossed lover. In love, but couldn't work, no matter what.

He frowned deeply, and looked down sadly too. "If you're so bad for me, how come I still want you more than any other girl? How come I can't get over you? How come I still feel when I'm with someone else, I'm cheating on you?"

Her mouth opened, staring at him and speechless. Hope flooded into his eyes.

"I still want you, Em. I miss you.."

Emma's heart pounded. Her two hands stayed wrapped around Sean's one wounded hand until she let him go like fire.

"You're just confused. We're just..confused."

More hope lit up in Sean's eyes. "We're?" he repeated, and stepped closer. "You still want me too?"

"Sean. Look what just happened!" she looked down at his hand with a cringe.

He shook his head, and licked his lips desperately, "I know you're not perfect, Em. I know that now. I'm not either. And I don't expect you to be! We're adults now."

"What's that matter?"

"We can start over." he said. "We can be a real couple. I won't put you up on a pedestal. We'll get through shit together."

Emma couldn't believe this. The shock and unsettling nerves pumping in her system right now with all the alcohol tonight was making her sick.

"Can you just, please take me home?" her voice cracked, "I'm not...feeling well.."

Sean's mouth hung, staring at her with hurt and disbelief. Why couldn't they talk about this? He blinked and looked away. He nodded.

"Yea. Lets go."