First of all, I owe all of you a big thank you for all the support for this Fanfic. This is the longest and has the most follows of all my KLAROLINE fics.

I must apologize because I have been more focused on updating my OLICITY fics, another couple i ship and it helps that the whole ARROW fandom has been very supportive.

Now going back, despite the fact that this fic has long been tagged as completed, I still continue to get reviews, follows and favorites for this one. It truly is amazing and it warms my heart knowing that this story has a very long shelf life and continues to inspire and bring a smile to the readers.

My point is, it has been suggested that I write a Book II, a sequel of this story. Much of the focus of The Originals (the show) has been on the Mikaelson family, and it's fitting considering the family were the Original Vampire (and Werewolf) Family. My insert is Caroline Forbes because hey, in my heart, Klaus is destined to be with Caroline (the producers better see that...soon!).

There are several jumping points for a possible sequel.

the story of Nerik (Nikolai Henrick), the son of Klaroline, just incase you all forgot

the story of Klaus' parents, minor plot the Werewolves and Vampire beginning (which sounds more like a prequel)

more Klaroline...

more on the Mikaelson brood: Elijah, Kol, Finn and even Rebekah (they all get their happy ending)

Or something far, far, out there like (as I was typing this an idea just formed in my head. I just got a Thomas Edison moment (as in the bulb lighted) ...or any more suggestions...

Need your comments... I just need maybe TEN... who think this is a great idea, then I will work on a sequel.

I really need my Klaroline fix, if it's only going to happen here in Fanfiction, then 'que sera sera..."


The Author

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