"It's a scratch." Manny declared.

Sean stood in his garage, giving her an insane look as Jay laughed beside him, eyeing her car together. It had a huge dent in her rear end.

"Manny, you need a new bumper." Sean taunted.

Manny rolled her eyes annoyed, and crossed her arms, "Ok Mr. Know it all. Now where am I going to find the money for that?"

"Babe, you know you don't need to pay us." smirked Jay to his 5 years now girlfriend.

They got together her senior year, and no not even he could tell you why she would lay her eyes on him. It was literally an accident, a great one.

Her college year were rough, she had always wanted to be an actress and be loved by fans but once she got the taste of it..she realised she just wanted to be that, loved. And nobody loved her like Jay did, so she moved back home. They'd been together almost 5 years total now and Jay was getting the courage to finally ask her to move in. I mean.. she was practically always there anyways... for some reason though, even though he knew she loved him, he knew she was scared to take that step.

Jay was oldest at 25 now, Sean 24 and Manny at 23. It was crazy they all still spoke since Degrassi. Jay and Sean had done so well for somethings, Sean had always wanted his own shop and Jay hooked him up with a job here when it was still Tony's Garage, before it was changed to Camerons Garage.

"Thank god." Manny declared, sighing in relief and wrapped her arms around her boyfriend happily, smiling dimples at him. The way he liked it.

Sean was checking her car out as he glanced over then rolled his eyes. He stood up and grabbed a rag to wipe his hands but Jay caught his eye rolling.

"Seanny, you know you have your own girl friend."

Sean just answered with a sigh as Jay stayed holding Manny to him as she tilted her head at Sean, "What? No.."

Sean just shrugged, leaning against her car and she rolled her eyes this time, sharing a look with Jay.

"Ellie? Again?"

"Bummer times." teased Jay

Sean sneered at them and pushed his shoulder length hair back, in a wavy prince charming way. Sean was still the stud, actually to tell you the truth, he looked the same the day he did when he graduated, just slightly more lean but still ripped. Still a heart breaker.

Let him catch you up on his life..

After the shooting, times were rough for Sean. He was glad he got to go home and patch things up with his family, who he still talked to even today... but when they returned to Degrassi and Sean's life was finally looking up; I mean, he even got things cleared up with Emma. Emma Nelson. Which he never thought he'd ever or if she'd really forgive him. He fucked it up with her... but hey, that was such a long time ago and the fact is when they came back to Degrassi.. Emma decided without telling anyone but Manny that she was ready to leave Degrassi. It never felt the same. It kinda made Sean drown a bit more in depression. .the school made him feel horrible. Ellie still lived with him and always stressing him out to talk when he wasn't ready, so by the time of his junior year (and since he had failed a grade), he was old enough to apply to the army when he got all his shit straightened out

He had to dump Ellie. He just, had to focus on himself. He was living in a black hole and it seemed Degrassi was getting darker when he left because he got in touch with Jay and Spinner who had let him know J.T Yorke had passed away. The first thought in his head about that was how the world was so cruel to take a guy like that away...the second though, as odd as it was, was wondering if Emma had gotten the news wherever the hell she was and he hoped she was okay.

The Army was good for him... gave him advantages and money and benefits to fall back on when he was done in two years and when he went back, he focused mainly on opening his shop. Yeah he had a few girls here and there, and when he came back, Jay was dating Manny so Manny loved pairing Sean up with her girl friends... I mean it was fun when he decided he could use a night off, but nothing serious. Darcy was a wreck when Manny tried to push her onto him. Sean remembered that awkward day when Manny tried to explain Darcy to him that she was a 'good girl' and it must of been word vomit cause the next words were 'like Emma'. Darcy had ended up not being one fucking slightest like Emma.. Sean didn't even understand why the hell he even agreed to that.

Then Ellie walked back into his life two years ago when he opened the shop as his. She came to his open house and told him how proud she was and I guess Sean just liked to hear the words of somebody being proud of him. She was some big reporter now, and she was seeing some guy named Jesse when she had come back in Seans life and she played what Manny called 'little miss innocent full of shit'. Guess you could say she dicked Sean and Jesse around at the same time, but had ended picking Sean and begging for him to have her.

They dated a year, and when Sean had decided to make this shop even bigger and partnering up with Jay, Ellie begun to stress him out with marriage plans and he didn't necessarily say no, but he did tell her he wasn't ready for that kind of thing.. not now. She took it so badly and she had vanished for two or three months...then she started coming around again. Sean didn't make it easy for her, but she did try hard. Manny also liked to call her desperate, and Jay liked to make fun of her with her..they never were fans of Ellie, but now Sean was dating her again..and getting serious again.

Speaking of Manny and Jay... yeah, Sean was pretty shocked, but he always liked Manny. Manny was a good friend to everyone she was close to and a pretty girl, she was perfect for Jay and had straightened him and his life out.

The two needed to get married already..

"We're working on it." Sean finally told them, shrugging his shoulder, "She's not living with me, we're apart, and it's good that way..we are just.." he blinked, "Dating."

Jay raised an eyebrow at him and Manny just mouthed 'sure'.

Sean huffed, "Manny, you wanna say somethin? Say it."

She moved away from Jay, walking slowly over to Sean, "I just kinda think... you can do a lot better than Ellie."

Sean gave her a death look, "she's been my on and off girl friend for years."

Jay snorted, walking over to his girls car and began to work on it, "Just like Alex use to be my on and off.. look at her now."

Manny giggled and nodded back at Sean who got lost in thought and just clenched his jaw.

Manny gasped sharply, "Oh bananas!" she shouted, shutting her eyes like she had COMPLETELY forgotten about something.

Sean raised his eyebrow, amused with her choice of words and Jay nodded. She never changed.

"Emma's at the FRICKIN airport in less than an hour." Manny groaned and threw her head back.

Sean's body tensed, "Emma?"

Manny nodded, grabbing her purse in her damaged car and swung it over her shoulder.

"Emma Nelson." Sean had to make sure.

"One and only Sean, you should remember." taunted Manny with a slight wink but didn't mean much by it, "Babe." she turned to Jay.

Jay read her mind and tossed her his orange civic keys.

Sean tried to snap out of it. Wow. He never heard of her ever visiting home before. . he's heard some things but nothing lately in a year or so.. He knew when she left Degrassi, her mom and Simpson had shipped her to some far away girls private school. That must of been interesting. Then the last he heard of her was Jay and Manny at the Dot talking, and he may of over heard.. they talked about Emma graduating from some big University (ofcourse) she was always so smart and they said she had met a guy who she was traveling the world with. Ken or...Kelly, or something gay like that.

Ofcourse... probably found herself an activist type of guy, just like her. Guess she deserved it.. somebody who was actually like her, things in common instead of the exact oppisite.. someone who had the same beliefs, didn't annoy her with their meet addictions and Sean bet the guy was as smart and as witty as she could be.

"You gonna meet me at Jane and Spinner's tonight?" Jay asked Manny before she left the garage.

She stopped in her tracks and clapped her hands together, "Right, that. God! Why does so many things have to be happening today?"

Sean could agree with her, feeling rattled up himself right now.

"Yes, we'll meet you. Sean, you're going right?" she asked him.

"Sean." Jay repeated.

Sean snapped out of it and coughed, "What?" he asked, crossing his big arms across his chest.

Manny and Jay shared a look, smirking weirdly.

"Spinner and Jane's party tonight, their engagement party? You're going? You pitched money with us on their gift." she reminded him.

"Oh, right. Yea." he nodded, "I'll see you there.. .you and, Jay and.. Emma." he coughed slightly, kicking Manny's tire as he round the car with an unreadable expression upon his face.

Manny shook her head and got over him being so wierd, "See you guys later!" she raced out.

Sean just circled Manny's car slowly, but was in a trance. His eyes may of looked at it but they were really more focused on the thoughts of his mind. He stopped and took a deep breath, leaning on the passager side of the car and over the hood, he caught Jay's funny look at him.

Jay smirked, rolling his eyes and got to work

"What?" Snapped Sean.

"nothin." Jay grabbed his tool box .

Sean went to snap again, throwing his hands in the air til another voice cut him off, "Seaan." sang her voice.

Sean turned to Ellie. Her hair was a bob now, just above her shoulders. Same ol' redhead, petite body and wore short pencil black skirts and t-shirts or tanks tucked into it. Today it was a tank. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he put an arm around her and she kissed him hello.

"Must be National Girlfriend visits work day." taunted Jay sarcastically.

Ellie scowled at him, she hated him.. .and well, Manny too. When Sean dumped her in highschool, they had fought over Craig and Manny and Ellie never saw eye since and she knew Manny was telling Sean she was probably not good enough for him.

"You think you can take work off tonight?" Ellie purred to Sean, running her hands up his strong biceps. God.. .to believe she almost gave THIS up for Jesse Adams? She'd be crazy.

Sean was going to be gorgeous til the day he died and Ellie just wanted to be proposed to already so she could start making his very attractive little babies soon.

"Tons of work, actually." Sean insisted.

Jay gave a wierd look, cornering his eyes as he caught Sean's look to shut up. Wow... Sean wasn't going to tell or bring Ellie to one of his friends engagement parties?! Could it maybe do with a certain return of a blonde... they all knew Ellie would over react if she saw Emma there.. even after all these years, even if Emma was ugly now or gotten fat or something

God, Sean found himself dying to know what she was like now. It'd been what? 9 years? She'd be 23 now in, actually, if Sean remembered right..in two weeks. How did he still remember that? Sean was sure it was because she was just a big person in his history.. i mean, the whole shooting thing, she was right next to him, he right next to her . .well, infront of her actually. Wow, that's right.. he got shot in the arm because of Rick that day, who had meant for it to go to Emma, but Sean couldn't have that. He'd also known her since he was 13 years old. Yeah, that was it, it'd just be nice to see a good old friend.

He was excited to see her

Ellie had pouted at him, snapping him out of it and he passed her a small smile before leaning down and washing her thoughts away as he kissed her. she guessed she could let it slide this time.