Hey guys! So I'm rebooting this story a little. So it was Emma who left, not Sean, pretend that Spike sent her to a really good private school in New York, and that's where she met Peter (Not at Degrassi). Her and Sean did have their 'closure' talk though, just not in Wasaga, just outside Degrassi before she left. So does this mean Sean stayed with Ellie? If not for Emma, has Jay and Manny even met? Will Emma and Sean fall in love all over again? Read to find out!

"It's a scratch." Manny declared.

Sean stood in his garage, giving her an insane look as Jay laughed beside him, eying her car together with Sean. It had a huge dent at the rear end of her vehicle..

"Manny, you need a new bumper." Sean taunted.

Manny rolled her eyes annoyed, and crossed her arms, "Ok Mr. Know it all. Now where am I going to find the money for that?"

"Babe, you know you don't need to pay us." smirked Jay to his sexy, short tempered, petite fiance. God she was so hot when she got mad. How had he gotten the chance with her, Manny Santos, you ask? Well, why don't you shut the hell up and just take in the fact that he was a pretty damn good looking guy, for one, and it wasn't hard for him to get girls, you know?

But, Jay didn't run this story, so I'll tell you.

..They got together her senior year, and no not even he could tell you why she would lay her eyes on him. She was still a cheerleader then, one of Degrassi's hottest girls, and he was the slightly older, drop out, beyond sexy, mechanic. You get it. Manny basically went head over heels as soon as they officially met.

Anyways, it was literally an accident, a great one. She had got into a minor car incident, and the only mechanic Manny Santos knew of was Sean Cameron.

Manny and Sean had a bittersweet friendship. They had known another since they were little kids, and she had helped him many times to get the girl he use to long for, and he never looked at Manny the way other guys did like she was a piece of meat. She was just Manny, and he was just Sean, people who had been friends since 12 years old. They hadn't spoken for a long while, since, well you know, the break up between him and you know who. But when Manny came up to him that one day in need of help, it was good to see her. He wanted to help.

So he gave her a deal. Jay owed him a favor, and he was going to fix Manny's car for free. Cue in the fireworks when Manny and Jay meet. Jay would deny it, but he tried hard. Manny was older, wiser, and wasn't going to give in easy if it was just about sex with Jay Hogart, like it use to always be with him. Don't get me wrong, the sex now between them was good (fucking amazing), but it was his heart that he finally opened up to her that made them fall in love. For crying out loud, Jay actually cared about her feelings and my was he protective of her.

She was his dimples.

So! Manny and Jay got together, and Sean was actually happy for them, yet never really saw it coming. It made him wonder if he'd see her again? Sean never talked about her, not really. If Manny updated Jay on her life, and her visits to Emma in New York City, she wouldn't even say her name in front of Sean. Not that Emma and Sean left things badly, because they didn't, in fact, he found her outside of school in the middle of class one day waiting for her taxi to bring her away.

It had blown him away, finding out she was leaving without any warning. To be honest, he may of fell into some sort of shock (If the shooting wasn't enough).

What was a world without Emma Nelson in it? Degrassi wasn't the same. When she left, he apologized, for everything. They finally had their closure, and she left for New York, and he stayed back..with Ellie. So why was Sean plagued by memories of Emma everywhere he walked around Degrassi when she left? Even time to time Sean thought of the girl who was the only girl who ever knew him better than he knew himself. She was the only girl who would give him the amount of chances Emma did.

..he wished he wasn't such a moron back then. But they were young. Now, Sean was 24. It's been 7 years since Degrassi, and 9 years since he last saw her.

Life was good now. As good as it got at least for him, Sean felt. What use to be Tony's Garage that Jay and Sean use to work for, was now changed to Camerons Garage. Jay was manager, and Manny sometimes helped with reception but Sean mostly did everything. He had really grown up, got a loan for college, when into business, and opened up this dream shop of his. So, that was an accomplishment to him. A very big one. Nobody ever thought Sean Cameron, former bad boy, would go anywhere.

Two years after opening it up, Jay proposed to Manny. They were going to marry last year, but Manny's friends JT Yorke and Liberty had their own wedding planned for the summer week Manny wanted, so they held it off ONE more year. It was coming up, rather soon actually! A few more months and Manny would be permanently his, Mrs Jay Hogart.

"Thank god." Manny declared, sighing in relief and wrapped her arms around Jay happily, smiling dimples at him. The way he liked it.

Sean was checking her car out as he glanced over then rolled his eyes. He stood up and grabbed a rag to wipe his hands but Jay caught his look.

"Seanny, you know you have your own girl friend."

Sean just answered with a sigh as Jay still held Manny against him and she tilted her head at Sean, "What?" Manny eyed Sean almost deathly, "No! Are you serious?!"

Sean just shrugged, leaning against her car and she rolled her eyes this time, sharing a look with Jay.

"Ellie? Again?" Jay asked, also annoyed.

Sean sneered at them and pushed his shoulder length hair back, in a wavy prince charming way. Even as bad, and sexy as Sean could look, he could still be so dreamy and handsome too.

Let me get you caught up on him and Ellie.

After the shooting, Ellie still lived with him, but didn't know how to deal with his slight depression that seemed to just get worse for reasons unexplained. She felt selfish, since he had helped her so much, but she was use to being the victim. Sean wasn't. He wouldn't talk, express in anyway, or find help. So they broke up, and she moved back with her mom. She watched him, jealously, date other people..but it was never serious, and when he turned 18, he went to the army for a year to come up with the college money and be able to get a loan to open up his dream shop. It really worked out for him. When he came home, Manny and Jay got engaged, and he hooked up with some other girls, and was ready to open shop. Then, he bumped into Ellie again who came to his 'grand opening' when she read about it in the newspapers she worked for.

She was persistent in going out for drinks to 'catch up', and was showering him with compliments about how he turned his life around, and how good he looked, and was wearing a rather short dress that did her some favors too. She wasn't the Ellie from highschool, but now a classy writer who wore dresses a lot now and cut her hair into a smooth long bob. They slept together that night, which they never did in highschool, but she had lost it to her old boss Jesse and had apparently learned a few things. It was good, but Sean didn't think it was going to be more than a one time thing. He was actually pretty drunk actually when it happened and so was. But, in the end, she stayed the night, cooked breakfast, and kept visiting him at work until she declared one day that they were dating.

They dated for a year, and when Sean had decided to make this shop even bigger and partnering up with Jay, Ellie begun to stress him out with marriage plans because she felt they were ready and she would 'be damned if Manny Santos got married before her'.

He told her he wasn't ready for that kind of thing right now, and she took it so badly and she had vanished for two or three months...but now, sadly, she was back.

"We're.. working on things." Sean finally told them, cringing at his own choice of words. But honestly, if not Ellie, then who else? No other girls he had met in the last few years meant anything to him. At least him and Ellie had some history. It may of not been passionate or A LOT of history, but it was something.

Jay raised an eyebrow at him and Manny just mouthed 'sure'.

Sean huffed, "Manny, you wanna say something? Say it."

She moved away from Jay, putting her hands up innocently, "I didn't say anything." she then gasped sharply, "Oh bananas!" she shouted, shutting her eyes and leaned her head back as she groaned like she had COMPLETELY forgotten about something.

Manny always had stuff on her mind since her and Jay were planning their wedding soon, and since being his future-wife, she helped a lot with their garage by taking messages, and helping front desk. What happened to her dream of being an actress? Well, Manny had found out it actually wasn't something she really wanted. The fantasy of fans loving her, wasn't what she wanted; she just wanted someone to love her. Dream now reality. Now her plans were to be a house wife who pleased her very busy, very hot, mechanic husband whenever he needed.

Sean raised his eyebrow, amused with her choice of words and Jay nodded. She never changed.

"Emma's at the FRICKIN airport in less than an hour." Manny turned to Jay, begging for his keys. "I'll go run and pick her up now!"

Sean's body tensed, and he leaned off Manny's car.

Did she just say what he thought she did?

"Emma Nelson?" Sean had to make sure.

"That's the one!" taunted Manny like it shouldn't have even been asked, "Babe." she turned to Jay.

Jay read her mind and tossed her his orange civic keys. Yup, that's right, years later and he STILL had his baby.

Sean blinked, and got lost in thought. He never heard of her ever visiting home before. . not in years.

He's heard some things but nothing lately in a year or so.. He knew when she left Degrassi, she went to New York, to a really good private school. He always thought she'd make it big, but supposedly Manny had mentioned something about modeling. I mean, he didn't doubt it, she was a fox with those long legs of hers and he remembered that body that was just beginning to blossom to it's fullest. She was always naturally beautiful too. Agents probably loved that. He just hoped it was what she wanted. He could almost hear her former self claiming that it was a sexist job and it had made him chuckle.

He wondered what she looked like now, how she was. He was sure she'd meet some pansy mama's boy who was rich at her upper side private school; and she did. Rumor had it, she was engaged to him after she graduated and his family owned a few famous hotels in New york and the Peter guy, her fiance, was getting handed down the business, and he was also doing film directing on the side with his loads of money.

Now I guess she was visiting.

Manny had grabbed her purse but before she ran out, she turned and snapped, "oh!" she pointed at Jay warningly, "Don't bring up her break up with Peter either, Jay. She's been doing really good the past few months."

"Like I care." Jay said, rolling his eyes. Ofcourse Manny would forever be friends with Greenpeace, and he learned to respect that and him and Emma found 'civilization' the third time he visited her with Manny in New york, and Emma accepted the fact her friend had fallen for the devil himself too, sadly..

So Jay had met this Peter Stone, and even he thought he was a loser.

"Glad poindexter was dumped," he muttered to Sean who snickered at the nickname. He sorta even liked it. "You gonna meet me at Jane and Spinner's tonight?" Jay asked Manny before she left the garage.

She stopped in her tracks and slapped her hand over her forehead so hard both the guys even cringed. "Shit! I forgot! Why does so many things have to be happening today?"

Sean could agree with her, feeling rattled up himself right now. When did it get so hot in here? It was only April .

"Okay, I'll meet you guys there!" she insisted and finally ran out. Her best friend was coming home for Christ sakes! She needed to go to the airport STAT!

"Sean." Jay repeated.

Sean snapped out of it and coughed, "What?" he asked, glaring a bit.

"Can I catch a ride to Spinsters?" Jay said again, "Since Manny now has my car." he was speaking slowly, monotone, eying Sean with squinted judgmental eyes.

Sean looked funny, and out of it. Jay wanted to take a bet on why.

"Oh, right. Yea." he nodded, and he coughed slightly, kicking Manny's tire as he round the car with an unreadable expression upon his face.

Jay smirked, rolling his eyes and got to work with Sean, grabbing his tool box. The front door had opened again, but this time a red head walked in. "Seaan." sang her voice.

Sean turned to Ellie. Her hair was still a long bob, just above her shoulders. Same ol' redhead, petite body and wore a short pencil black skirt and a tank top tucked into it. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he put an arm around her waist and she kissed him hello.

"Must be National Girlfriend visits work day." taunted Jay sarcastically.

Ellie scowled at him, she hated him.. .and well, Manny too. When Sean and Ellie broke up the first time, she fought over Craig with Manny and Manny and Ellie never saw eye to eye since and she knew Manny was telling Sean she was probably not good enough for him. Ellie would give Craig up to Manny for Sean in an instant if that mattered at all? She wished Manny could see that she was what was best for Sean.

"You think you can take work off tonight?" Ellie purred to Sean, running her hands up his strong biceps. God.. .he was so damn fit. She wanted to run her hands down his wife beater, and then under to feel those abs of his.

The way Ellie looked at it, Sean was Prince Charming . No other guy did it for her like Sean did. He was going to be gorgeous til the day he died and Ellie just wanted to be proposed to already so she could start making his very attractive little babies soon.

"Tons of work, actually." Sean insisted.

Jay gave a wierd look, cornering his eyes as he caught Sean's look to shut up. Wow... Sean wasn't going to bring Ellie to Spinners house warming party with Jane?

Ellie had pouted, and he passed her a small apologetic smile before leaning down and washing her thoughts away as he kissed her swiftly on the lips. Before she knew it, she forgot what she was pouting about. She guessed she could let it slide this time.

"fine." she narrowed her eyes to see Jay working on Manny's car now so too busy to see what she did next. She ran her finger down Sean's chest and pushed her body against his. "Come by later though if you're feeling.. lonely."

Sean watched her peel herself off him and sneak a smirk over her shoulder as she walked away. She had went over a list of things she wanted to 'work on' if they were going to get back together, but Sean never said if they were. So since then, it's just been a lot of free sex, no strings. Hopefully she felt the same.