"I was so afraid Sean had ruined your night, but you came back downstairs like the life of the party." giggled Manny, sitting next to Emma's on her apartments couch.

Manny lived with Jay now, I know, how horrible, they weren't even married yet! But Jay and Manny didn't care for those traditions, they weren't the ordinary couple. They were more.

Emma just groaned, putting her head into her hands. Maybe she partied too much last night.

After coming out from her 'secret session' in the bathroom, she went downstairs like Sean's words had never hurt her. She drank, and even drank more with Alex Nunez. You had to know something was up by then, but it seemed Manny didn't recognize a problem.

Not until she asked, "You hungry?" she got up, "We got bagels, cereal-"

"No thanks."

Manny turned from her fridge, her perfectly shaped eyebrows furrowed a little by confusion. "Emma I haven't seen you eat since you've got here."

Emma swallowed hard, and looked around the room for an excuse. With Peter, she never had to lie, he knew.. .and lying seemed so hard, especially with Manny.

"Don't tell me you're like one of those cliched models." Manny teased, coming back with two apples and making a joke out of it. She handed one out to Emma.

Emma took it, slowly. How could she say no to an apple? Manny would catch on. She took a bite and faked a small laugh. "No, of course not."

"Go get ready!" Manny insists, "Jay has his lunch around 2 so we can meet up at The Dot." she walked off herself, going to take a shower.

Emma sat there, a deep frown on her face. She looked at the apple, even glared a little at it but slowly brought it to her lips, chewing down on it.

She then gasped, feeling her butt viberate. Oh her phone! She must of dropped it in the couch when they got here last night. Actually, that reminded Emma that she should probably look for a place.

When Emma checked caller idea she yelped a bit, standing up and dropping the apple to answer it.

"Diane?!" she answered.

"Emma, hello, I've been trying to reach you for a few days."

"Yea," Emma paused, "I've been...through a lot the past few days."

"I've heard! Toronto. How...downsize of you."

Emma rolled her eyes to the remark. New Yorkers; so rude. She rounded the couch to go to the kitchen. "So?" she asked, "Did you get my message?"

"Emma. I loved working with you. You had great potential! You're beautiful, you're even very smart-"


"But. I don't have any connections in Toronto and from what I know here in New York, nobody wants to work with you. Peter has tarnished your career, blackmailed and even paid people off to promise not to do work with you."

Emma's blood boiled. "He was-" Emma stopped from shouting, hoping Manny didn't hear and lowered her voice, "He was the one who got me INTO the business."

"And apparently he wants you out, sweetie. You made him miserable, he'll make you miserable. Maybe moving to Toronto was a good idea. I'm sorry, Emma. Best of luck."

Emma angrily hung up with that and cursed out loud, throwing her phone at the ground.


"What a jerk!" exclaimed Manny madly, opening the Dot's door for Emma.

Emma wore her mini jean shorts and a white tank top. Her hair was still blown out like she was at the salon this morning, and she still wore her best 'fuck me' pumps. It was habit. Only the best for the best.

She looked miserable though, walking to a booth with Manny until someone from the counter turned around.

"Nelson, didn't know you had such a party girl in you." teased Alex. Spinner was across the counter and turned to laugh and nod.

Emma groaned and just picked up the menu to really just stick her face in it.


"I can fit a whole Spin-sandwich in my mouth right now after fixing up that mustang all morning." growled Jay, leading Sean just down the street to the Dot for lunch.

Sean snickered and nodded, wearing his jeans and work white wife beater with a few car stains on it with a red and white plaid unbottoned shirt over it. He had his blue bandana rag tucked into his back pocket and Jay just wore their garage dark grey bodysuit jumper and his backwards hat on.

They jogged into the Dot, for Sean to slow down when he grabbed the door from Jay and saw just who they were eating lunch with. Jay never warned him.

He exhaled, not knowing where his breath went and looked away as Emma looked up. He followed behind Jay, looking as if he didn't notice her either.

Why the hell could he not catch his breath!?

"Morning beautiful." Jay greeted, leaning down and kissed Manny before sitting across from them.

Emma was tucked in the corner beside Manny on the other side of the booth, so was thankful Jay took the spot across from her, even though he probably didn't even know it.

Sean took the other outter spot across from Manny as he pulled in.

"What can I get you guys?" Spinner asked, coming over as Alex turned her stool from the counter and came to sit on the end of the booth table between Sean and Manny.

"Pizza for me." Alex ordered.

Manny tapped her finger on the menu before passing it back over to Spinner, "Salad and orange juice."

"the usual." was all Jay had to grumble as he was trick to flick a hair off his pants.

Sean nodded, knowing he had his own 'regular' order too.

Emma, meanwhile, was panicking hard. They were all ordering food. Suddenly, eyes were all on her and she muttered to Manny. "I need to go to the bathroom."

Manny had moved for her, but noticed Emma looking upset or something. Manny too caught Sean's wondering eye, wondering what was wrong with her too.

So... it wasn't just Manny noticing something was up?

"Soooooo should I also get her the spinwhich?" Spinner slowly asked, since not getting the order.

Manny bit the end of her tongue, glancing back where Emma went. She'd been dodging food remarks and meals since she got here...she wasn't stupid. She knew what was going on.

"Yea." was all she said. She tried to avoid looking at Sean, who was eyeing her curiously now too.

How had it taken her two days to see but Sean just a moment to realise something was up with Emma? Manny felt like a terrible friend, and she got up to go to the bathroom.

Her and Emma needed to talk.


Emma had lifted her shirt just a little to look at her flat stomach, but to her, in the girls washroom mirror, she saw fat.

She whined silently before dropping her shirt and then taking a deep breath. She turned to the paper towels and grabbed one, whipping her mouth.

She had never done that in a while. She wasn't a fan of the bulimia way, but this called for desperate measures. They were probably going to make her eat.

"What is your problem?" Emma gasped and whipped around to the fired up Manuela Santos.

She couldn't believe Emma was doing this to herself!

"You're not eating?" Manny snapped, putting her hands on her hips and waited impatiently for an answer.

"Oh Manny, please." Emma said, rolling her eyes and going to the sink to wash her hands. "Ofcourse I eat. I gotta live, right?"

The brunette nodded, "Sure... like a few bites of an apple here and there?" Manny sarcastically asked and stepped behind her as Emma tried to ignore her. "That's not enough! You're going to make yourself sick. My god, you already sound a bit delusional! How long has this been happening?"

"It's not happening." Emma hissed, turning around to Manny with a fire in her eyes, "Okay? I don't know what you're getting at but-"

"Then why are you getting so mad?" Manny shot back, and Emma shut up.


Manny watched as the torment played in Emma's eyes, and she now noticed how different Emma seemed. She wasn't the Emma that Manny knew so well. Where was the girl who ate a full bag of chips with Manny during a soap opera show? Or the Emma who tried to shove her vegan food down everyones throat. Emma even use to love to cook with Snake all the time.

This wasn't Emma. But while Manny stared her down, she could notice the haunt in Emma's eyes who too knew what she was probably thinking.

"Peter really did a number on you." Manny whispered, trying to fight off tears now.

Emma looked back at her, her mouth dropping a bit and never felt so hurt in a matter of years like Manny's comment just hurt her.

Manny looked down and tried to change the subject, "Fine. If nothings wrong, I just ordered you the Dot's specail then. You should be hungry by now. We've been up since morning and it's now lunch. Plus, that hangover should be wanting a nice meal."

She walked off, leading Emma out who stood there like she was in quick sand.


Jay, Sean and Alex had already dug into their food by the time the girls came out. Dot's specail, burger with tons of cheese and lettuce with cripsy fries.

Emma sat down with disgust written across her face. SHe glanced at Manny who sat down next after her. Manny wouldn't even dig into her salad until Emma picked up a fry or something.

Sean felt the tension, looking up from gulping his water.

Alex had gotten up, everything but the last of fries eaten. "I got to run for my shift at work." she told them, laying down a 10 dollar bill. "Later guys."

The guys waved to her goodbye. The girls though, Manny wouldn't take her eyes off of Emma and Emma was having quite enough of it. She was even feeling a little dizzy.

"I don't eat meat." Emma declared, pushing the plate away.

Sean narrowed his eyes now, glancing down at the plate and then at Emma. You see, Emma could hide well what was going on, but it was Manny's hard gaze towards Emma that said it all. She wanted Emma to eat.


"Eat the fries." Manny declared, raising an eyebrow at Emma like it was that simple.

Jay was huffing down his meal, not noticing a thing at all. Sean though, was connecting the dots too quickly.

Sean eyed Emma down hard, and Emma found herself wanting to scream at Manny for doing this in front of everyone.

She grabbed a fry and ate it, giving Manny a tight, fake smile. "There." she said, "It's good." she turned back to her plate, picking up more fries.

Oh my god it tastes so good, she thought, So good that it'll probably leave stretch marks on your thighs.

Emma's face dropped miserably, looking around and took her water, gulping it down. She spoke again, as she felt Sean's eyes on her and tried to explain to the two, "I just don't like eating things that's been touched or placed by meat."

"Yea." was all Manny said, rather bitterly.

Sean now was confused.

"More water?" Came the other waitress, Holly J. She gasped, noticing what Emma was wearing. "Is that J lo's line? Those shoes?" she almost squeeled.

Emma looked up at the copper haired girl, and down at her Dot's uniform. How did she know that? Emma glanced down at her feet and nodded. "Yea."

"Aren't they worth a fortune?!" Holly J asked.

Manny and Jay shared a look of amusement. Usually Holly J wasn't so nice, but seeing someone who had money and good fashion also must of made her giddy. Holly J use to be rich, but her parents had lost that money in highschool, until Holly J met her boyfriend Declan and could buy the upper class clothes again. Still though, she kept her job at the Dot that she got when her parents were broke because it set her back to reality, and she learned a few things like money wasn't everything.

"They were a gift." Emma insisted, knowing her old friends were giving her a look now. Emma Nelson spending tons of money on over rated things?

"Didn't know you were all into that 'material' shit now." Sean muttered out loud, while taking another sip of water.

Jay even mouthed 'wow' and lowered his head, waiting for Emma to explode. But Emma sat there, kind of embarrassed. What was she now? Some new Paige Michealchuck?

"I'm going to go." she told Manny, waiting for the girl to squish out so she could leave.

Manny's mouth fell and she saddened, "Wait, no Em-" she was sorry she was acting this way, but she didn't want her best friend doing this to herself.

Manny had no other choice but to get up, seeing the look on Emma's face. It wasn't a happy one, but it wasn't an angry one either. She was just fed up, exhausted, torn down.

Sean too mentally kicked himself. Strike two. It was his fault again.

When the three now sat there without Emma, they glanced at another until Sean scoffed and got up.

He went after Emma.


"Can we talk?" Sean shouted over a honk from on coming traffic on the road. He was following Emma up main street on the sidewalk.

She knew his voice, and didn't need to turn, "What about?" she tried to end it with that, crossing the street with a famous j walk, just to get away from him.

Who did she think she was dealing with? Sean easily followed and crossed the busy road also, jogging past a car waiting impatiently for him and had even honked.

"I don't know, anything." he threw his arms out, now on the other side of the street with her and on the sidewalk again.

Sean's reply made her laugh a little from ahead. Why did he want to talk to her so bad?

She wasn't specail.

Emma scoffed when a family of 6 exited a bakery shop, causing her to stop and Sean had caught up to her.

She turned to him, sighing a little but didn't look at him until he spoke, and he gave her that look, the Sean Cameron is being serious right now look. And she fell into it in a trance.

"I just, want to explain..why I'm..such an asshole?" he was a loss of words, cause he didn't know why he was being one either frankly. "And I'm sorry." at least that sounded sincere.

Emma had to smile a bit, crossing her lovely beautiful arms across her chest. "You have been an asshole." she agreed, nodding.

He smirked a bit, happy that she was softening up a little. "Can this asshole show you something?" he glanced beside the bakery

Beside the bakery, was Camerons Garage. It was big, but not too large for a shop in mid town, and it looked like it was getting good business, with tons of other mechanics working on cars as Emma glanced inside the open shop

She put it together after a moment. "Yours?"

His smirk turned into a proud grin, nodding and looking at it with her until he tugged her hand to follow.

Goosebumps ran up her arm, but she let him lead her inside.

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