Emma was giggling with Manny and Darcy in the corner of the living room. God she missed home, but Manny mostly. The two had picked up always where they have left off as if they shared no time apart.

But..she wouldn't lie and say she wasn't stunned and a little thrilled to see Sean Cameron here still too. She thought he'd run out of this city as soon as he could. She's heard nothing about him except for when Manny visited her last time with Jay who had recently partnered with Sean in a car dealership...so predictable of Sean.

But Emma was happy for him. He always had a rough child hood and might of had a change to go down a bad path but the way he looked so good tonight? He seemed to of gone down the Really good path. Wow he looked good, she almost felt guilty for not being able to tear her eyes off him when she walked in and noticed him. She knew it was him, right away, she was just stunned with how cleaned up he looked. Ofcourse he'd always have the same bad boy vibe he'd always have but he had grown up, nicely, and his hair had grown a bit too (which looked amazing, especially without that old stupid tuke that use to always be on his head). And the button up shirt he wore? She could even see every muscle he's been building more under there.

"Em." smirked Manny, cornering her eyes sneakily and seeing just what Emma was looking at while Darcy was speaking and the blonde snapped her eyes off

Emma shrugged but blushed, she couldn't lie, "Just shocked is all." she insisted.

Darcy looked confused between them and glanced over to where the girls heads were turned. Sean only stood with Jane and Alex at this time, in the kitchen, so it had to be him.. she scowled a little, remembering Emma dated Sean back when the two were like...7th graders til what? 9th graders? Like who cares, lets move on. That was years ago !

"Emma, are you seeing anyone?" Darcy had to ask, and hoped she was and would forget about the last subject.

Emma shook her head no, sharing a knowing look with Manny. That last relationship she was in was a hell hole.

Manny leaned by Emma, whispering in her ear, "he's not really tied down or anything, Em." she shrugged, dimples slowly showing off as she grinned to Emma's smile that crept out.

The blonde rolled her eyes at Manny, "Not really tied down?" she mocked. What'd that even mean. She then insists, "I'm just glad he looks good and well, that's all. Nothing else."

Manny frowned, "Oh." she said. She had thought she may of felt the old Semma spark.

"he's still like.." Darcy drifted off, trying to find a way to make Sean look bad to Emma, "a player."

Manny gave a weird look, smiling awkwardly at Darcy. No he wasn't.. not really. But she let it slide knowing it was probably Darcy's crush on Sean and Emma seemed to move on as she noticed Marco and Jimmy

"that's really amazing.." she drifted off, and Manny noticed she seemed really distracted, "That he can walk again.."

Manny looked over and noticed Emma was talking about Jimmy, who laughed and stood with Marco and Spinner, popping chips into his mouth.

She nodded and smiled softly to Emma. She knew the blonde had gotten passed the shooting from long ago but it would always be something she'd remember.

"Look at that," teased Manny, "Emma Nelson left Degrassi and yet everything seemed to turn out okay." she hugged the blonde though, missing her like heck.

Darcy shifted a bit. She had always felt just like Emma's replacement because now Emma was back again, she felt second again.

"Gonna grab a drink." Darcy said and left.

The two girls talked some more and were giggling as Jay came over, "ladies." he greeted.

Emma raised her eyes to Jay and passed him a weak smile. I mean, everything was more than good between them now and he really was in love with Manny but there would always be that weird 'we hooked up before' vibe and secret that only Manny knew but totally forgot and forgave, I mean.. her and Jay weren't dating then and Emma was just in a rough place and had taken the right road and left just after they fooled around

nobody else knew though..

"how was the flight?" Jay asked Emma, passing Manny a beer.

Emma shrugged her shoulder, "I'm exhausted." she admitted.

"You can stay at my place tonight." Manny insisted and then wrinkled her nose, giving Jay back the beer, "Baby, please get me wine. You know I wanna stop drinking beer."

Jay sighed, "I knowww." he said sing song like but playfully and turned to go get that.

When he walked into the kitchen he saw Sean was alone now, leaning on the sinks counter and glancing at the living room and back down at his feet.

Jay gave him a weird look as he opened the fridge, "You alright Cammy?" he joked

Sean jumped a little and narrowed his eyes at Jay, "Fine." he shrugged and snapped, "Why?"

Jay then paused when he grabbed the wine bottle for Manny and he now knowingly tossed a look to the living room and back at Sean now

"Ohhhh." he said with a smirk growing upon his lips.

Sean wanted to snap at him, but knew it'd just be obvious, "What?" he played it off.

"She looks good, huh?" Jay asked and went to the cabinet for a glass.

Sean glared almost jealously at Jay's turned back and then scowled at himself. He tried to count to 10 and relax.

"She looks fine." he coughed slightly.

Jay was grinning when he turned, "So you know who I'm talking about?"


Sean rolled his eyes, "Well who else around here haven't we seen in a while?"

"Amy." pointed Jay, grinning like an idiot now and even laughed. Sean had to snicker as well and shook his head

He sighed, guess he was caught.

"she's looks really good."

"Go talk to her."

Sean eyes widened, "No.." he said it unsurely though, then repeated it more sternly, "No." he just couldn't.

"Why not?" Jay asked, filling up the glass with wine now

Sean snickered bitterly, "Well I have a girl friend for one."

He wanted to turn back into old Sean and punch Jays face when Jay smirked back up smugly at him

"Who said anything about hitting on the poor girl?" Jay laughed, looking back at Emma and back to Sean, "She has no idea what your sick mind is even fantasying about over here." he teased

"go to hell Jay, there's no fantasying. There's no nothing. It's just Emma." Sean growled and tried to focus on the beer in his hand as his body was hot and sweaty.

"Yea." repeated Jay, nodding now and serious, "Just Emma."

"Did you say my name?" came that soft girlish voice with such ease and gentleness in it.

Emma had come over and heard Jay say her name as Sean looked up and looked bewildered between her and Jay.

"Oh." Jay coughed awkwardly as she walked around him.

Sean and Emma shared a glance at she opened the fridge door and Jay went on, "Seanny here couldn't recognize you for a second so I just had to let him know it's just you."

"Only me." Emma said sarcastically and playfully rolled her eyes. She had grabbed a water bottle, so like her.

She was looking down and opening it as Sean watched Jay from behind her, wink at him and leave smirking.

Sean felt REALLY hot now, and hoped to god his forehead was dripping or anything. He rubbed his hands on his jeans as she looked up at him ,"You really didn't recognize me?"

Sean swallowed hard. Oh god, oh wow, they were face to face now.. he tried to be as natural as he could be, "No I.." he paused, trying not to look so obvious to the fact he did know exactly who she was.

Emma took his silence as him trying to find an excuse for 'not noticing her', "It's okay." she laughed softly and took a sip of her water bottle but felt her heart drop a little.

Sean finally restrained himself and leaned off the counter a bit to stand straight infront of her, "So..so how've you been?"

Emma smiled a little as she looked up and wondered about that. He smirked, knowing she'd been adventurous lately.

He was glad she hadn't really changed.

"Good." was all she answered though, but Sean heard the playfullness in her tone. They shared a knowing look and smile that they could of went into detail about how their lives have been but who cared, the fact was that they were here now...with another.. this was what really mattered.

This was .. amazing