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Chapter 1

She's pretty sure the babies of the world are out to get her. They make her heart melt into a huge messy puddle. Every time she sees a baby or child, her uterus clenches with want. She did everything right. She went to school, studied hard, busted her ass, and got a great job in Seattle. Now, she owns a car. Yes, she owns a car. She just bought a house. Yes, a house. It's a huge fixer-upper, but that's really all she can afford in the area. Once it's fixed, it will be beautiful. It has such a classic look to it.

Bella walks through the park on her lunch hour and watches the mothers, fathers, and nannies play and entertain the children in their care.

"Hello?" Bella answers her cell.

"Hey, where are you?"

"Park. What's up?" Bella asks. She smiles upon hearing Henry crying in the background. Alice had Henry two months ago. Bella's in love with the baby. Just in love.

"Did you want to have dinner tonight? Just us?"

"Sure. Are you sure you're ready to leave my handsome boy?"

Alice laughs. "Yes. I've been holed up for two months straight. Jasper says I needed to leave the house, like, two weeks ago."

Bella smiles, agreeing in her head but not daring to say anything to Mama Whitlock.

"So you wanna go out? I'm not drinking," she informs her friend.

"No drinking. Got it. I can't drink, either." Henry's on the breast.

"But we can go to a classy bar. I don't know. You pick. It's gonna take me forever to get ready and say bye to Henry."

Bella smiles. "Okay. I'll swing by at eight?"

"Sounds good. He'll have had my boob and a bath by then."

"Okay. See you, sweetie."

"Bye," Alice chirps.

Bella hangs up her phone and slips it into her bag. She turns just in time to see a little kid racing down the path on his three-wheeler. He looks like a tiny member of Hell's Angels. She laughs, jumping out of the way.

"Sorry!" The father runs past moments later, trying to catch up.

Bella laughs and shouts ‟No problem!" in the direction he ran.

Edward licks his lips as he stands at a bar in the middle of buttfuck nowhere. He eyes the blonde that's eyeing him. His lips are moist from the beer he's drinking, and the music is low. He smirks at her. She smiles, completely interested. Pushing off the bar, he walks toward her. "I couldn't help noticing you noticing me."

The blonde giggles.

"Let's stop wasting time and just find a bed."

Her eyes are full of lust. "Okay," she whispers. Her throat is tight, and her breath is short, as the liquor's gone to her head. He's stunning. His hair's messy and kind of long. His arms are covered in tattoo sleeves. His muscles probably have muscles. [I1] She's dying to see under his worn, white shirt.

"That was amazing," she pants, rolling off of him. She sighs as he lights a cigarette next to her in bed. "How long are you in town for, stranger?"

"Just tonight." He blows a puff out.

The blonde laughs and runs her fingers into her short, cropped hair. "When will you be back?" She smiles turning to look at him. He puffs smoke into the air, offering no more than a shrug.

Turning, he puts the cigarette out onto the cheap motel's nightstand. "Let's make the most of it now, shall we?"

The blonde nods and smiles as he grabs a condom and rolls on top of her.

Edward fires up his Harley, his pride and joy. It's what matters most to him in this world. His foot stomps the gear, and he rides down the road toward his next stop on the roadtrip of his life.

"I'm sorry, Bella. It didn't take." Dr. Meadow pulls off her gloves and pats Bella's knee.

Bella shuts her eyes and holds a deep breath for a moment before releasing it. "Maybe next time."

"Maybe," Dr. Meadow assures her. "Are you going to use a different donor or get the same one?"

Bella smiles and shrugs. Pushing from the hard surface of the examination table, she turns, dropping her legs over the side. "Um, I don't know."

"I recommend taking your vitamins still. They're great for your body and also for preparing it for a baby. Go slow, Bella. Just relax."

"But I'm healthy, right?"


She wants to whine about why she doesn't have a baby after three attempts of artificial insemination, but she bites her tongue. "Okay."

"It usually happens when you least expect it." Dr. Meadow smiles and shakes her head a bit at Bella. "But you're itching, expecting it." She winks. "Come back and see me in three months, okay? We'll try again."

"Thanks," Bella replies.

"I'm sorry, Bella." Alice sighs. She watches Bella rock Henry and tap his tiny bum.

"It'll happen, or I'm stealing him."

Alice laughs. "Take him. At night only, though."

Bella grins at the tiny boy in her arms. "You're a good boy for mommy at night. I know it."

"So untrue. He's such a naughty monkey," Alice confirms.

"I don't believe something so perfect could be naughty."

"Believe it," Alice says without a hint of humor in her voice.

Bella just smiles at Henry.

"Bells, the house looks great!" Charlie says as he stands out front of her tiny two bedroom, two bathroom home. He drove up the three hours with his new wife, Sue Clearwater-Swan.

"Thanks, dad, but you're lying," Bella laughs. "Let's go in." She greets them with a warm hug. "I made tea and some scones."

"My recipe?" Sue walks next to Bella and questions.

"Yup," Bella smiles. She gets a shoulder hug from her as they walk.

"I don't know why, but I bet if I had a one-night stand, I'd get pregnant."

"You probably would." Sue hands the wet dish to Bella, who dries it slowly, looking out her kitchen window. "You're stressed."

"Am not."

"Your mind is, Bella. Even I can see it," Sue argues. "You want a baby so much it's making you stressed, and it's not happening for that very reason," she explains. She's no expert, but it is what she believes.

"Maybe," Bella sighs. "I'm 35. I have a house, car, and am financially, mentally, and emotionally ready. I'm ready."

"I've known you for a long time, Bella," Sue says with a smile. "And you've never had a lover."

Bella looks away. "I'm not a virgin, you know, Sue."

"That's my cue," Charlie says, backing out of the kitchen with a beer in his hand.

Sue laughs and throws a dishtowel at him. "She's 35, Charlie!"

He grunts.

Bella blushes and hangs her head. "Oh, my God."

"He's such a stick in the mud." Sue smiles, shaking her head. "I know you're not a virgin. I just mean that you've always had a plan. You've never had someone to share your plans with, to just enjoy the life you've created for yourself."

"Plans are good. A partner just never made it into the plan."

"They are, but you don't know how to handle it when they don't work out. It's not working out how you planned now, is it?"

"No," Bella answers. She planned to have a baby by 35, but she doesn't have one yet. Everything else is in place, though. "I didn't think it would be the hardest thing in my life so far."

"Chin up. It'll happen," Sue says with a smile.