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Chapter 9

"I need…" She runs her fingers through his hair as she sits on his lap, straddling his hips. "I need to know something about you before you walk out of here."

His hands slide up and down her sides. "Are you kicking me out already?" He knows already is not really already. He's been here almost a month. Already should have been day three. He doesn't even know where he would go at this point. His brain is not thinking correctly anymore. Normally, he wouldn't have a plan, but he wouldn't hesitate, either. Here, he's hesitating.

"No," she whispers, leaning into kiss his mouth. She needs to tell their potential child something. She needs to know something about him. He can't just be the guy she picked up at a club and had a baby with. "Never," she whispers softly on his soft lips.

"I don't have a family."

Her thumb runs over his lower lip. "What happened to them?"

"Well," he sighs, his hands running up her back. "Can you be naked, too?" His nose rubs along her jaw.

"No," she smiles and rubs her hands down his bare chest. Her fingertips toy with his nipple rings for a moment before she pulls her eyes back to his face. "Tell me, Edward."

"My mother left me, I guess."

"You guess?" She unbuckles his jeans and smiles a tiny bit when he lifts his hips. She easily scoots back, pulling at them.

"From what I gather, she left me in an alley in New York." He grew up in homes there. It was hell.

She has no words, freezes. She craves a baby, craves taking care of a child, her child. She can't wrap her head around people ‒ women, men, anyone ‒ leaving one alone.

"I got through school."

She wrinkles her brow. "You went to college?"

"Yeah." He leans in and kisses her shoulder. His hand pushes against her back to press her closer. "Bella?"

"Hmm?" She feels proud of him. Crazy proud. She had her father, mother, Sue, and friends behind her while she went to school. He had no one, and he did it.

"What's going on here?"

"What do you mean?" Her attention is back to getting his jeans off. Success.

"You know what I mean," he whispers. This isn't him. He feels good, but he doesn't have a family. He doesn't count on anyone but himself, and now he's counting on her too much. He can feel it. He looks forward to her. Heartbroken is what you get when you think you can depend on people. He didn't know his mother ‒ he doesn't want to at this point ‒ but she left him when he depended on her as a baby. As a child, he figured out he couldn't depend on anyone. As an adult, he just doesn't.

Bella looks at him through sad eyes. "Edward…" She whispers his name.

"You don't have to say anything."

"Have you tried to find her?"

"Why? She left me when I was a baby." He doesn't understand how someone can leave their baby. "She's not a good person."

"Maybe… Maybe something happened, and she couldn't‒"

"She left a child, a tiny baby," Edward argues.

Bella nods. This is his story, and she can't try to control how he should feel about it. She sits on his lap and stares at him, her fingers tracing lightly over his skin.

"I grew up in horrible homes," he says, shaking his head, trying to forget the thoughts. "Never should a child have to endure that kind of life."

"No," Bella whispers. She leans in and kisses his bare skin.

"I ran away so many times from this one foster family…"

"Oh, Edward." She runs her fingers through his hair and pulls his head to her chest. She holds him tight. "You're so strong."

"They were awful people."

She presses a kiss to the top of his head, over his hair. "What did you study?"

"I have a degree in Education."

"What?" Bella pulls back and stares at him. "Are you a teacher?"

"I'm a drifter," Edward reminds her.

She runs her fingers into his hair. "You can be a teacher?"

"Hmm…" He toys with the strap of her tank, pulling it down. He kisses her naked shoulder.

"Edward, that's wonderful."

"I wanted to be there for kids that didn't have anybody, but riding my Harley makes me feel alive, makes me feel at home."

Bella's eyes dart all over his face as she tries to digest him. She didn't know. She was clueless about him, everything about him. "You don't have a home."

"My Harley."

"A permanent address," she clears up.

"No," he answers. She knows this, and he frowns. "Make love to me," he demands.

"Edward, you're such an enigma." Even though she thought she had him figured out, she doesn't. She doesn't even have a clue.

He pushes her top over her stomach. "Make love to me," he says again, pulling it over her head.

The shadows on her skin from the lights on in the kitchen shine through the room, kissing her skin. He traces the colours over her body. Light, dark, light dark.

Bella lies staring at him, her breath caught in her throat. She doesn't dare blink, because she doesn't want to miss anything right now. They have kissed and touched each other into exhaustion. She can barely move. Bella finds his eyes and smiles.

Edward moves slowly and settles comfortably on top of her. His hand run into her hair and push it back. His fingers sink into her scalp, and he cups her head, lifting it from the downy rug beneath them. His lips kiss hers ever so lightly. They are soft, loving pecks.

He can't stay.

Bella smiles from her bed and stretches. She remembers moving up the stairs after they made love on the floor of the living room. The both of them were tripping over their own feet and kissing. She laughs, covering her mouth at the memory.

"Edward?" She pushes out of her bed, grabbing a robe. Her arms slip easily through the holes, and she ties it around her slim waist. Padding on bare feet from her room, she skips down the stairs.

"Edward?" she calls lightly again. No coffee. No scones. She frowns before walking outside in her flip-flops and into the garage. Immediately, she doesn't see his bike. The Harley's gone.

Turning, she heads faster than normal to his room. Her heart is beating quickly, and she wills it to slow down, relax.

Opening the door, she finds the sheets from the bed in the laundry basket near the door. His room was never full, but now it's bare.

Bella's eyes scan the room for any sign of him. She blinks a few times, unsure if she's awake.

She sits at the breakfast table and holds her coffee cup between her palms. The dark liquid is cooling at a lightning speed. Maybe it's just cold, because it's suddenly 11am. Pushing her chair out, she stands, dumps her coffee down the drain, and heads up to the spare room.

She starts the washer. Lifting the sheets, she holds them to her face and inhales deeply before thrusting them into the waiting vacant space filling quickly with water. She slams the top down and goes to shower.

Alice knocks. "Bella?" she calls and pushes Henry's stroller up before lifting him out and leaving it on her front porch. "Bells?"

"In here," Bella calls from the kitchen.

"Hey." Alice smiles. It's been about a week since she saw or spoke to Bella. Life is getting too busy.

"Hi, you." Bella greets Henry, kissing his head. He squeals with delight. She smiles. "Give me a moment?"

"Sure, sure." Alice nods, taking her happy baby into the living room.

"Hey," she greets Bella, who's carrying two glasses of lemonade. "Who was that?"

"The contractor."

"Contractor?" Alice is confused. "Where have you been this past week anyway? You were MIA. Rose is busy, as well." As much as she loves being home with Henry, she wants to get back to work, into the swing of things.

"Working," Bella answers.

"Why a contractor? I thought Mr. Harley was doing the work in exchange for his baby-making cream."

Bella can't help but smile. "He's gone."

"Wait. Are you… Are you pregnant?" She widens her eyes with hope.

"No," Bella answers. "I don't know," she finally answers honestly. She hasn't processed what happened past week. She didn't want to. She didn't want to find out.

"You don't know? What the hell do you mean? All this crazy sex and having him with you was to have a baby, and you don't know?" Her voice turns into a high pitch shriek.

"Alice, it's just…" She hangs her head and then looks over at Henry as he coos against Alice. She wonders how someone could just leave their child, leave a part of them alone in this horribly scary world. She sighs. "He… It doesn't matter anymore." She feels different, like her whole plan was wrong. Checking to see if she was pregnant when he left was not the first thing she wanted to do. Cry. Crying was what she wanted to do, and she did.

"Bella, you could be pregnant."

"I know. I just don't feel pregnant," she mutters. "I feel empty." Bella lifts her eyes to Alice's. Alice has been against Edward and their situation from the start, so she doesn't expect much support right now.

"Oh, honey." Alice moves, hugging Bella with Henry squeezed between them. "Go take a test. I'll be here," Alice smiles. "You need to take care of yourself. You look really…"

She feels "really."

Alice watches her friend head upstairs. She feels heavy with sadness for her. Whether Bella and Edward were meant to be, she doesn't know. She knows Bella was doing something crazy, completely irrational, and totally out of character in order to have a baby. But the fact is that Bella was happy. She was light. She was shining. Right now, Alice can see that everything Rose said was right. They were good for each other ‒ no matter how crazy the situation.