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The Takeover
An Elsanna fanfiction

Chapter 1

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" The sound of my heels resounded through the entirety of the hallway as I was trying to keep the binders and loose papers in my arms from falling down to the floor. I was very aware of the eyes following me, the way they seemed to judge me in just that single fleeting moment. I had grown used to it however, law school isn't something you get through without getting used to people throwing you weird looks once in a while.

I skidded to a halt in front of a set of heavy oaken doors and took a moment to regain my breath. I checked my hair in the oily sheen of the wood and was almost repulsed by the perfectness of the door - not a single dent or scratch distorted my reflection. Most of my white hair was still caught in the bun at the back of my neck, but a few loose strands hung down the sides of my face. I had my arms full however, so they'd just have to stay there. No biggie, right?

A crease in my skirt caught my attention but again, I had my arms full. I contemplated putting down the stack of files to tidy myself up, but just as I bent over the door swung open and I stared at the knees of a very well-tailored navy blue suit. I shot up and immediately felt a blush creeping up my neck. "Mister Holter, what a surprise."

"Hello miss Shields. I'm glad you could join us." He didn't offer to take anything off my hands, but I didn't mind. I preferred it that way.

"Please mister Holter, call me Elsa. I've told you many times." I attempted a smile as I walked past him into the large, square office. The heavy, hardwood table (just as oiled up as the door, I noticed) seemed way too small for the room and the small amount of people sitting at it looked like they were drowning. The walls were empty and would have been boring if it hadn't been for the wood embellishments all along the hip-high ridge that spanned the entirety of the wall.

"Quite." Mister Holter didn't seem impressed. I bit my lip softly as I put my things down on the table and tried to re-organise them after my little sprint through the hallways. My attempt at kindness hadn't quite turned out as I hoped. Well then, the ball was in his court.

"Miss Shields, you know why you're here?" Yes, to make you bunch of weasels even more amounts of money over the backs of people who you don't care about. I sighed.

"To legalise the takeover, mister Holter." I forced another smile as I sat down in a chair. This was going to be a long day.