The Adventures of Super Jock and Awkward Girl

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After his graduation, Jaime Lannister had the summer of his life.

Tywin found out about his little stunt at prom. Of course he did. How could he not? He was furious. Let down the family's name… Destroyed his reputation… Could have left on a high note… Jaime had several thousand valid protests for each point his father made, but Tywin didn't want to know. Jaime didn't care about the family's name. He had his own. He didn't destroy his reputation. Cersei did that for him – he'd be getting out of this town and building a new reputation soon anyway. And in his opinion, he left on the highest note he possibly could. He was grounded. He thought for life. And he wasn't allowed to spend any more than a quarter of his graduation money yet. But the good news was, Cersei was given half his punishment too, for not telling him.

Even so, soon he was on probation. Which meant he could leave the house, but he had to be in before nine, and strictly nowhere far off or fun, gods forbid. So he ended up spending most of the summer with Brienne. She only lived a few streets away, and the first few weeks, when he was still under strict house arrest, playing Call of Duty with Rhaegar and Lyanna on headset day in, day out, she was spending time with her brother anyway. They kept in text. But then Galladon went back to New Zealand, and Jaime was allowed out, so somehow he just ended up at her house a lot. She made him go through her Heroes box sets with her. They were actually really good.

She spent a lot of time in his bedroom too, gradually becoming actual friends rather than just hiding-attraction-under-a-really-weird-friendshipoid-thing, playing a lot of Black Ops and stuff. He'd never admit that Brienne was better than him, which she so definitely was, but he never had to, because while he completed the level or whatever, she always took the longer way to save the civilians or whatever, which usually meant her character died, but she always saved the pixel people, so she was happy. Oh, and making out. There was a lot of making out involved too.

By some strange and euphoric turn of events, Cersei got her law scholarship into Kings Landing College despite the lack of a certain notebook, which the two of them (and Tyrion, though Jaime wasn't really sure why he was there) had formed a temporary truce to burn one night. At first he reacted like he knew he would, the jealous twin, the one who didn't get in on talent but money. Then he felt a twinge of pride. And then he was just relieved. Because although Tywin Lannister had enough money to send the whole town to Kings Landing, he only had to buy one child's way in. When the time came, they all knew Tyrion was smart enough to get ten scholarships.

When induction day at KLC came, Chataya drove he, Cersei and Brienne the two-hour journey to the college, and Jaime couldn't quite believe it. The architecture was amazing, the grounds sprawling. The main building was a huge redbrick-and-glass thing, the Red Keep, and they were shown around dormitories, and the lake and the theatre and the lecture halls, and the sports facilities, which very nearly gave Jaime an orgasm. The future looked promising. Later on in the summer, when the weather was getting really good, they started hanging out with Rhaegar, Lyanna, Cat and Ned and Oberyn and Ellaria again. They had a picnics and friendly games of various sports, which he always insisted he won, no matter how badly he lost. Some things never changed.

And then all at once, the summer was drawing to a close, and it was late August. And Jaime hadn't even finished packing yet. So he did what, loath to admit, was his first thoughtless instinct these days; he called Brienne, and she came round and helped him sort the rest of his stuff into boxes, which took a while because damn it, he never knew he had so much stuff. Clothes he'd never worn, electrical and consoles he'd forgotten he ever played, and a bunch of really random shit. Football trophies, basketball trophies, soccer trophies. But Brienne had those last few too. And amongst the shit, Jaime found a crumpled Polaroid of the Dragons guys, from the start of the year. He was smiling in the picture but he wasn't really there, not paying attention.

If you'd told that Jaime, then, right before they took that picture, that in less than a year he'd be packing for college with Brienne Tarth (after a long, arduous year of very little science, underage drinking, football, libraries, dinners, tents, Robbie Williams and making out), he'd have laughed out loud. Then possibly made an offensive comment and mimed being violently sick. Which, true, Jaime would still do once in a while, but it was different when it was tastefully done, and everyone knew you were quite possibly being sarcastic.

Instead of throwing it at Brienne, which they'd been doing back and forth all this eleventh-hour packing session, he crumpled that Polaroid in his palm. He had hundreds of photos like that. And after all, he didn't really look his best.

It had been the worst and the best year of his life.

Jaime grinned at Brienne, and looked foreward to the next one. The best and the worst. He hoped it'd be similar, because frankly, no matter how much he'd protest otherwise, Jaime wouldn't have changed a thing. (Except maybe the hand.) Not a thing.

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