Summary: He was cursed to always succumb to his darker side. The only way to break it is to have a woman fall for him despite his faults. She always wanted something more than what life dealt her. When their paths cross will they be each other's salvation or each other's doom?

Author's Notes: Okay, so even though I just finished a dark themed story and still have Shadows of the Night: Darkness Remains to finish up too, I came up with this little crazy thing. I was trying to imagine a scenario for one of my rock out sessions, when I thought – hey, what would happen if Endymion was the Beast from Beauty & the Beast, but instead of being turned into a beast, he became dark instead? So, before anyone asks, yes, this is a sort of Beauty & the Beast retelling with a modern twist. And other than the first three chapters I really have no idea where this story is going. So bear with me. Anyway, before we go any further there are two things you need to know about this story. One – As already stated, this story is dark. Including Endymion's dark side, there's going to be wild monkey sex, violence, and well, some BDSM. You've been warned. Two – Usually when it comes to chapter titles, it's either a phrase from a song or it's the song title. With this story I'm doing a chapter title and the italic section after it is the song that was the inspiration for that chapter – a playlist if you would. All right. So, on with the prologue. I hope you guys like it!

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon. I don't own the song "House on a Hill" by The Pretty Reckless. And this story is rated M for the reason, mostly due to dark content for this chapter. Enjoy!

House on a Hill

By: afallenblackrose


It Started with a Curse

"There's a house on a hill
Living, living still
Their intention is to kill
And they will, they will"
~House on a Hill ~The Pretty Reckless

Once upon a time, just outside the metropolis of Tokyo there was a house on a hill. This house was like no other house, for even though it was the only one within miles; it couldn't really be considered a house. It was a sprawling mansion that covered several thousand square miles of land. This mansion for all its small charms, reflected the owner of the house. It was stoic and cold, though not always quiet. The owner of the house was a declared 'prince' at the young age of twenty-two, he was considered a prodigy, his business sense sharp and his bank accounts worth millions, very close to billions. In fact, people from the inner circle were expecting him to accomplish even bigger things by the time he reached twenty-five.

But as with most twenty-two year-olds, he liked to party because sometimes he just needed to relax. So every week, there would be a party at his sprawling mansion and all of high society was invited to attend. It was at one of these parties on a cold March night that our story begins…

A man with raven-black hair and eyes the color of the deepest part of the ocean observed the crowds in the expansive ballroom. Everyone who was anyone was at his party that night, and as he continued to watch from the landing above, he couldn't help but smile. It had taken a lot for him to get to this position, but he knew that it wouldn't have been possible if it hadn't been for his father, the one who had started Chiba Corporations almost thirty years ago. At age eighteen, Endymion Chiba had come into his father's company with a seat on the board of directors, and after graduation from the top college in the world, he had taken over as CEO. Within the first year of his taking over the helm, Chiba Corp. had the biggest gains of any company in Tokyo and he had plans to continue that growth.

The party continued on below him as he watched his fellow employees and his best friends flirt outrageously with some of the socialites in attendance tonight. He let out a chuckle as one of his friends was slapped in the face, obviously he had said something to offend her. A flash of red caught his eye and his eyes roamed to find the source. Standing in the middle of the room was the woman who he had seen for the last four weeks now at his parties. He couldn't remember her name, but there was something about her that was…intriguing. But as he was considering descending the stairs to flirt with her, she turned her gaze upon him, almost as if she had sensed him watching her. Their eyes met and something hazy was playing in his thoughts.

The woman beneath him was writhing, but not in ecstasy. She was writhing in pain. Her moans were soft cries. "No, no, no," she whispered her voice hoarse and cracking. After many hours of screaming, her voice was nearly gone. She couldn't move to get away. Her hands were bound to the bed, her ankles were spread eagled and bound too. The fight was almost out of her, but yet, the fun was only just beginning for him.

"Ssh," he whispered running a finger down her most sensitive of areas.

"No," she said again. "Stop." But her voice finally broke and he grinned wolfishly down at her.

He blinked away the images, feeling confusion swallow him. What the hell was that? He thought and looked back at the woman who's stare had brought about the images, but she had disappeared. He looked frantically throughout the room, but he didn't see the flash of red anywhere. Odd, he thought and swung back his drink, but as he swallowed the amber liquid he knew that he was just kidding himself. It wasn't odd to see those images, considering what he had been up to at these parties of late…

And yes, he knew that what he did was wrong, but he felt some sort of dark twisted pleasure in it. He was a ruthless businessman, not only in the office but in the bedroom too. It wasn't his fault that he had fantasies. It wasn't his fault that the women he took to bed, while completely up for it as they went up the stairs wanted to bolt the moment they realized how dark he really was. And he was dark, he had always known that because of his past. Most of the time he was able to keep his dark tendencies inside, and only allowed himself to indulge in the private sanctity of his own home, but it was getting harder and harder to keep it that way. In fact, it started to get harder the moment that the red head had shown up a few weeks ago…

But no. It was too much of a coincidence. He shook his head and went downstairs to grab himself another drink, his thoughts already starting to muddle over with the effects. If he had been in full capacity, he would have realized that it was more of a coincidence, but his eyes had already landed on his next conquest.

The red head from earlier watched from the shadows as he flirted with the unsuspecting woman, and knew that something had to be done.

A few hours later, the last of the party guests were already on their way out, when Endymion came back down the stairs to observe the clean up efforts. One of his friends, Kunzite, was walking back into the house a grim expression on his face.

"Kunz," he greeted as he poured himself a drink. "Where have you been?"

"Putting Alicia in a cab," his friend replied with a pointed look. He ignored the look, knowing that his friend was still judging him and his needs. It wasn't his fault, he needed things like any red-blooded human. Like his friends didn't have weird fetishes themselves.

"Did she make it home okay?" He asked.

"Yes," Kunzite sighed and made his way to the stairs. "I'm going to bed." He paused as if he wanted to say something, but decided against it. But their other friends came down the stairs, joyful smiles on their faces.

"I see the after party is going on," Jadeite smiled as he made his way over to the bar to help himself to a drink. Endymion smiled and slid a glass to him. They were talking and laughing like nothing had changed in the last four years. Except for Kunzite. He was still looking at him with those judging eyes. He was about to say something when they realized that they weren't alone.

Endymion looked up in surprise when he caught the same flash of red from earlier. His eyes met the piercing green ones of the red head, and he felt himself smirk.

"Sorry, ma'am," Zoicite said from beside him. "But the party is over, we can call you a cab if you need it."

"That's not why I'm here," she said.

"And why are you here?" Endymion asked but stopped smirking when he noticed the way her eyes flashed. She knew, he could tell. But how was it possible that she knew? No one knew except for Kunzite, the girls, and himself. Someone had to have told.

"You know why I'm here, Endymion Chiba," she said her voice a growl. "Your actions have caused this, and it needs to be mended before you hurt someone."

"What actions?"

"Lady, what are you talking about?" His friends asked at once, but he was watching the woman. Her eyes were on him and the same images from before were floating hazily in his mind.

"I curse you, Endymion Chiba and all in this house," she said her voice laced with something. "I curse you to always succumb to your darker side. The only way for you to break this curse is to find someone who loves you despite your flaw. You have until your twenty-sixth birthday, when the last petal on this rose falls. If you don't find someone who loves you by then, then you will die." With a burst of light that went throughout the house, the woman disappeared. As soon as she did, something happened that no one in the house could explain. Energy seemed to sweep through the house, a darkness that swallowed everything in its path. The roses in the garden turned black and grew sharp thorns.

The only remaining rose, was the one the red head had left behind.

During the first year after the woman had cursed him, he had tried to find the woman who would love him despite this dark side of his, but to no avail. Every time he thought he had someone, she would run screaming. After the third girl had checked herself into a mental health clinic, he had given up all hope. For who could ever love someone who was as dark and twisted as he was?

Author's Notes: I'll be honest this chapter went a whole lot differently in my head, and I know a lot of you are going to ask this question – if Endymion already has a dark side, why would Beryl curse him to always succumb to that dark side? – well, I wish I really knew. Remember when the Beast was cursed at the beginning of the movie, because he wouldn't let the old beggar woman into the house because she looked horrible? I think that was what I was going for… who knows? Anyway, what did you guys think? Please review and I'll update soon!