She tried to grab his hand before he fell down. But it was too late.

One floor...two floors...then his body hit the street. His head hit the concrete with a loud bang.

She wanted to jumped after him, stopped by Antonio. She wanted to save him...she didn't want to lose him

She closed her eyes and suddenly she was in a hospital room, looking at Jay in the bed. His body was covered in wires and tubes...but it was not Jay anymore. He was not there anymore. His brain was dead.

''Do you think it's better to pull the plug...I think it's what Jay would have wanted.''

''No, he is alive! He is going to be okay!'' Erin cried when a hand suddenly grabbed her arm and woke her up.

''Shhh, it's just a nightmare.'' She opened her eyes and looked in Jay's eyes, who looked at her, worried as she had been screaming and sweating. He kissed her on her forehead. She was glad she woke up next to him and felt relieved that he was fine - sure he was fine! It had just been dream, she told herself again.

Sometimes she realized it was easier when they had been partners on the job, instead of partners in life. SHe wouldn't have all the worries.

''Yeah, it was just a nightmare.'' She sighed and she looked up at him with a small smile. He kissed her again and caressed through her hair.

''What was the nightmare about?'' He asked then, softly as he pulled her closer to him and she laid down with her head on his chest, her fingers playing through his hair as she looked at him.

''Losing you on the job.'' She said then, softly.

''You ain't gonna lose me, a bad penny always turns up.'' He said with a smirk as he stepped out of bed. It was time to get ready for work, but he didn't want to get out of the bed. He didn't want to pretend again that there was nothing going on between them, while there was. There had been things going on between them for weeks. They had spend almost all their time together and they loved each other but they didn't dare to tell it in in the office, afraid one of the would lose their jobs. Well, Jay would lose their job because he would never fire Erin.

''It was scary...you fell and you were brain dead...and I had to choose if they would keep you in a coma for much longer or they let you die...and I couldn't make the decision.'' She whispered as she shook her head. ''It was just a nightmare.'' She said then.

He laid back and bed and looked worried at her as she seemed to be really upset by the dream.

''It was just a dream.'' He said as he kissed her again and she smiled.

''I know...it's just...it seemed so real and so much can happen on this job. We lost a good woman this year.''

Jay nodded understanding. ''But you are not going to lose me.'' He promised then as he kissed her again and she suddenly stopped kissing him.

''If I had to make the decision for real...what should I say.''

Jay sighed and gave her a smile. ''It was just a dream and you never have to make that decision. But I'd say...would it make a difference? There is not much going on up there anyway.'' He brushed it off with a joke and she laughed.

He rolled over and kissed her again, pulled her towards her, caressing her back and she started to remove his underpants.

''We don't have to get to work yet...we can breakfast in the car.'' He said as he removed her underwear as well and she kissed him in his neck.

''Luckily...it doesn't take so long with you.'' She moaned with a smile.

Right in time they went to the car if they wanted to pick up breakfast and just in time they arrived at the parking spot.

''We have been carpooling for weeks now, don't you think it's starting to get obvious?'' Lindsay smirked and he shrugged.

''Well...Voight hasn't noticed yet.'' He smirked back and he pinched her in her ass, right before they entered the building and she laughed at him.

When they entered the unit the others were already waiting and they nodded.

''Still carpooling?'' Antonio asked and Jay started to blush.


''Take Ruzek next time so I don't have to take him.'' Antonio said and Ruzek sighed. ''I told you my car broke down close to your house. I am sorry.''

''No worries man, I will pick you up again tomorrow.'' Antonio laughed then and Voight pointed at the board.

''Know that company down 87th street that produces chemicals?'' He started off and the unit nodded. The smell coming from that factory was awful. Jay nodded the fastest as he lived close to it. Ugh, that factory.

''Chemicals have been stolen there again recently. They use it to make Crystal Meth.''

''And we are going to protect that factory?'' Ruzek asked and Voight sighed. Ruzek always interrupted him when he was explaining. It was so standard it wasn't even

''No we know where the meth lab is because we could follow the vehicle through the camera's. We are going to stop the meth operation.''

''Isn't that the job of the DEA?'' Antonio frowned and Voight nodded.

''Usually it is, but this is involved with the case of last week. Remember the guy with the nickname we couldn't trace down? He runs this meth lab. That's why we have this case instead of the DEA.'' Voight explained and the unit nodded.

''Get ready, we are leaving thirty minutes.'' Voight announced then.

They nodded and they knew what to do. Antonio, Ruzek and Olinsky walked downstairs to get the weapons. For a second he doubted if he had to text Laura, as he always did before they went on a raid, just so she knew. In the beginning he hadn't done it because he was afraid she would get even more worried, but now he did, because it was better if she knew what he was doing. before, he never did it...he wondered if Ruzek did so...but the young man just walked down the stairs like they were going to have a picknick in the park.

Sometimes he really doubted if the young cop knew he was going on a dangerous mission...but it didn't seem to matter to him. Antonio shook his head and walked after him.

Upstairs Jay leaned against Erin in the kitchen. Before he had actually liked this moments full of tension and action but now he was scared. Not for his own life...but Erin's.

He looked around, made sure Voight was not around and he hugged and kissed Lindsay.

''Be careful, 'll have your back.'' He promised and she nodded.

''You have to be careful too.''

''Nothing is going to happen to me.'' He assured her and he took her hands, bit his lip and gave her a big smile.

''I don't want us to hide anymore.''

''We should tell Voight when we get back. I don't want us to hide anymore either.'' Lindsay said and Jay nodded, lifted her up, kissed her again and smiled as his hand caressed the side of her face.

''You are my girl...and I want the whole universe to know you are my pretty girl.''

''Do your parents know I am your pretty girl...I would love to meet them one day.''

''They live in

As they heard the other approaching he let go of her and he sat down at the table, while she was acting like she preparing coffee.

For a second Jay wanted to tell them right now...but he wanted to talk to Voight first. The others passed the kitchen door and Erin turned around.

''But...you still haven't answered my question from this morning.'' She said then and he sighed.

''I honestly never thought about it...but I would always fight to stay with you. I hope you never give up on me.'' He said and the door opened, Antonio and Ruzek taking a mug of coffee.

''It's gonna be all breaking bad, I swear!'' Ruzek yelled and Antonio shook his head.

''If they are preparing the drugs...it's gonna suck. It's gonna smell and we have to do a drug test.'' Antonio helped the young policeman out of his dreams.

They got ready to go and at their car Jay sat down in the passenger seat.

''You still won't let me drive?''

''No, there is not much happening up there, remember?'' She chuckled as they drove after Voight and Olinsky. Behind them were Antonio and Ruzek and in the rear view mirror Jay could see Ruzek was talking excited to Antonio - Antonio didn't seem as excited - and Jay chuckled.

''I remember I was like that three years ago, a young dog...just joined the cops.''

''You still are a young dog.'' Erin teased him.

''I've been a cop longer than you.'' He teased back.

''Yeah. But I have longer in intelligence.''

''Yeah but that's because you are so smart.'' He laughed as he kissed her in her neck.

''Don't, Voight can see us.''

''I thought we were going to tell him.'' Jay said as he backed off.

''Yeah...when we are back. We should tell him instead of him seeing us kissing.''

They got out of the car, not looking at each other anymore and they got ready to go inside. Right before they ran inside this gave each other one final nod.

Quick they ran inside and got ready...but the lab seemed to be empty and Antonio almost sighed from relief when he saw nothing was boiling. The things that could ruin a day of work the most was a drug test and not being allowed to do much until the test results.

''CPD! Drop you weapons!'' Jay yelled as he went around the corner, into the next room of the warehouse, but it was empty as well...untill he heard a footsteps and somebody ran away.

With his gun ready he looked up as the guy ran away and quick Halstead jumped up, ran after him. Their footsteps sounded louder through the inch of water that was on the floor.

''CPD! Stop running, drop your weapons!''

Lindsay ran after them as well and suddenly a man jumped out of another corner, running after Jay.

Instead of stopping the guy kept running and Jay sped up his pace. He had to catch up, he had to catch the guy! He ran even faster and he had his gun ready to shoot if he needed to. Then a loud shot rang out through the warehouse. Falling to the ground he felt a sharp pain in his head and his head hit the floor.

There was another shot behind him and Lindsay yelled his name. Had there been somebody running behind him?

He heard the footsteps approaching him.

Confused he tried to move, but he couldn't. His head...was he shot in his head? Confused he closed his mouth as the water from the floor almost streamed into his mouth.

His head...it hurt so bad.

He could barely keep his conciousness.


He looked up to Erin one last time before his eyes fell shut.

''Stay with me!''

But Jay was already gone.

Lindsay kneeled down calling and ambulance when she saw where the blood was coming from.

''No...no! You can't die, Jay!'' She cried as she looked at the wound on the back of his head where the small bullet had entered his head.

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