disclaimer: i do not own knb warning: its sad, dont blame me like you did last time A/N: i'm so sorry - With a sigh, the green haired man looked into the mirror. As he started at his own face, he realized how pale he looked, and how tired his eyes were. It had been a while since he had a good night sleep, and actually, he didn't even remember when he last had some rest. His gaze was focused on his eyes, and he saw how empty they were, with nothing there, nothing but the green color it always had, just less bright. There weren't even any tears left, he had cried so much he couldn't anymore. Everything felt empty. He swallowed hard, turning his back to the mirror, walking towards the door. He passed the bed which was now too big for him alone. He used to sleep alone all the time, but now, it just felt so wrong. He tiredly looked back behind him one more time before he reached out for the doorknob. Then he stopped. Hesitantly, he turned around, then taking a few quick steps towards the mirror. His eyes searched the room, desperately trying to catch sight of the silhouette that had just seen. Or at least, thought he had seen. "T-takao?" he called out, his voice shaking. No answer. "Takao…I miss you." The room stayed empty, and so did the man's eyes.