Duchess was probably the least excited person in the entire school. Her black and white hair swished in it's new hair do and her flouncy skirt that had seemed like such a good idea mere hours before was now itching in the heat. So what if it was the year of legacy day? Why should she care? It's not like she had a very happy ending in any case. Apple was nearly bursting from excitement and as a good mortal enemy (it's a very one-sided affair - Apple barely knows she exists) shouldn't she be the opposite?

That was the way she saw it as she ascended the staircase in front of Ever After High. Apple and Briar were just in front of her, talking animatedly about some irrelevant topic. As soon as Apple walked through the door and flashed that oh so sweet and innocent smile (innocent my ass) people swooned and offered to carry her trunk and all sorts of other lovely little things. Duchess followed and breezed into the entry hall with the grace of the swan she was and not a soul even gave her a second look. She huffed at a piece of hair that had conveniently decided to fall across her face. Was she not pretty enough? Of course not, Apple is supposed to be the 'fairest if them all'. Nothing could compete with that little blonde idiot. But still, shouldn't she get some recognition? She was Odette's daughter for heaven's sake. Even Raven was noticed, and she was supposed to be an evil witch for crying out loud!

Surely Duchess wasn't that bad. She had gotten a few compliments over the years but the moment Apple came onto the scene her life of care and simple happiness turned into one of revenge and jealousy. Jealousy that spread and made her despise all princesses, with their 'happily ever after's. So some of them started with a bad beginning, at least by the end they would be happy with their lives, all living in castles with their true loves and long lives ahead of them. Her tale was much more twisted, she would have euphoria for a few short, sweet moments before her life would come crashing down around her. It wasn't fair that now she wouldn't be noticed, she had a lifetime of loneliness ahead of her, could she not have a good life now? She had a sudden unhappy thought, what if I'm never noticed, by anyone? No, she would not allow it, Duchess Swan would not take her fate lying down. If she wanted a happily ever after she would have to take one for herself. She wouldn't care who she had to step on and whose lives she had to ruin, she would have her happily ever after. And all she needed was a plan and a prince charming.

She looked over to Blondie, Apple and Daring. How happy and straightforward their lives seemed to be. Apple had her prince, she had her friends, she had her absolute popularity and the promise of a beautiful life. Duchess could have that too. And revenge is always sweeter when the prince is the other girl's man. Step no. 1 towards my happily ever after – find someone to listen to me. All the best planners have lackeys, she just needed to find one, and fast. If only she had a fairy godmother like little miss shoe shine. Then all her problems would be solved with a wave of a wand. But no, if you want things done right it's better to do them yourself.

That was what Duchess was thinking on that oh so sad first day of school. Little did she know that her prayers for someone to listen would be answered, and in a most unusual manner…