"It's in my Hair!" Apple ran from the Tea Shopped screaming as Maddie's pet mouse clung onto her head for dear life. Cerise melted into the shadows and Briar lay asleep on the table as a giant teapot doused her head in earl grey. Raven was trying to stop Maddie from throwing cake around the room like a mad woman. Duchess was sitting behind Tucker's drum set with Sparrow, trying to avoid getting hit with food projectiles.

"So, tell me why I agreed to this in the first place?"

"You promised to come support! Besides it isn't that bad." A teapot materialized in thin air and poured hot tea on top of Sparrow's hat. Duchess cocked an eyebrow.

"Fine, it's that bad." Kitty appeared in the air.

"Aw, poor little birdy. I could just eat you up!" She smiled maniacally and faded out of view again. Duchess popped her head around the side of the drum to see Lizzie running around the room swinging a flamingo. Daring was running out the door after Apple. Dexter was hiding under the table with Cedar.

"This is insane. Escape through the window?"

"Do you see a window in here? I say we make a dash for the door."

"Out there? With all those crazy people? I don't think so."

"Oh come on. Don't be such a wuss!" He grabbed her wrist and she relented. They made a run for it, straight through the line of fire. The door was so close Sparrow reached for the door handle just as Duchess slid on a puddle of chamomile tea and crashed into him. They tumbled out of the door and landed in a heap just outside of the Shoppe. Duchess sat up and rubbed her forhead. It had hit the ground pretty hard. Strangely enough nothing else hurt.

"Duchess. Crushing me. Off!" Duchess looked down and realised that she was sitting on top of Sparrow's chest. She squeaked and jumped up.

"Sorry. It wasn't my fault though. I wouldn't have slipped had Kitty not been running around with teapots and making mess."

"Still ended up nearly crushing my rib-cage." He pushed himself upright and pouted

"What now?"

"My guitar is still in there."

"Well it's too late for that now. It will just have to stay there. Besides, I thought you needed a new guitar in any case."

"Yeah, but I love that one. It's just as awesome as I am." He stood and brushed cake crumbs off.

"You and your music."

"It's my life. Do you think it'll survive?" Duchess peaked through the glass of the door and saw Maddie pick up Sparrow's guitar and start to calmly stuff it with apple pastries.

"Heh. Probably not." Sparrow sighed.

"Ah well. I'm gonna head over to the music store. Coming with?"

"Dressed like this?" Duchess pointed to her curly pigtails, "No, I need a shower." Sparrow grinned.

"Want help with that or-"

"In your dreams Hood." Duchess spun and walked away.

"I kind of hexpected that." Sparrow turned, defeated.

"School Legends? Seriously?" Blondie nodded eagerly.

After a long lecture from Headmaster Grimm (A speech given because of the 'Fire on the Grimm' episode following the massive food fight in the castleteria the week before) during which Duchess, Briar and half of the school had fallen asleep he had asked Blondie to try and quell the rebels by proving some of the school legends. After a near disaster with poor Cedar's hair she decided to go with some less dangerous legends, although most of the school myths were pretty dangerous. This one seemed safer than the others. How dangerous could a dancing giant be?

How mistaken she was.

"How much will I get payed?" Blondie was taken aback. She expected as much from Sparrow but not Duchess. Usually she took any opportunity to show off her dancing.

"Well I thought that the exposure on the mirror-net would be enough I didn't plan on-"

"Well I guess you thought wrong. That's it then. Goodbye Blondie!"

"Wait! Fine, how much do you want?" Duchess smiled wryly.

"Actually I'm looking for a book," Duchess turned ever so slightly. Blondie blanched.

"What do want a book for?"

"Just some reading I need to catch up on. I heard that your lackey recently got punished by the evil step-librarians and has to re-arrange the forbidden book section today. Tell him to get this book and we have a deal," Duchess handed Blondie a piece of paper. Blondie couldn't pronounce the book's title but shrugged.

"Fine, deal. But don't bale out if he can't find it," Blondie held her hand out and they shook on it. Duchess smirked. This had been a good morning so far.

"So I just stand here and dance right?" Blondie nodded as Tiny 'walked' onto the stage. Dexter held the camera up and Blondie cued him.

"Hello Ever After High! Now we're proving our second school legend! 'Giants can't dance'. Helping us today is Duchess Swan! She will demonstrate good dancing and we will compare with our school's resident giant, Tiny!" Blondie was enthusiastic as always. Duchess started dancing. Just then Tiny bounded onto the stage and she nearly fell over from the way the stage bounced under his weight. Then Tiny started to move and Duchess was surprised at how well he actually danced. Blondie looked worried and whispered something to a confused Dexter. Duchess twirled and just in time.

"My eyes! I can't see!" He tripped and fell to the ground, missing Duchess by mere inches. Blondie looked relieved.

"Well there you have it everyone! Another school myth PROVED!" Dexter laughed nervously. Duchess wasn't so sure. Tiny was fine before, so why did he suddenly fall over? Whatever after.

"Hey Blondie! May I have my payment now?" Blondie turned to Dexter who pulled a book out of his backpack.

"I still don't see why you'd want this book, it's just a boring old history tome." Blondie handed it to Duchess. The book was covered in dust just like she had hexpected.

"Hexcellent doing business with you Blondie!" Blondie was perturbed by the look in Duchess's eyes but had to go and prepare for her next mirror-cast so she just shook off the ominous feeling and called Dexter to follow her to their next location. Duchess went straight to her dressing room and layed the book down on her dressing table. The book detailed every part of the school, catacombs and all. Hopefully it would give her some idea of where to look for the book she really wanted. She made sure the door was closed. She was pretty sure no-one was going to go looking for her.

"Okay, here's a map of the catacombs, where would they be likely to hide a book? Somewhere down deep probably," She frowned when she realised that Evie's hideout wasn't on the map. Surely it should be here. Unless Evie was better at magic than she thought. She started poring over the map, looking down at some of the oldest rooms in the school. It had to be down there somewhere.

"Whatcha doing?" Duchess slammed the book closed and huffed.

"What is wrong with you? Are my screams enjoyable or something?"

"Not really, I just enjoy looking at your pouty face, it's very funny," Duchess tried not to pout.

"How did you even get in here?"

"Um, whose son am I? I can get in anywhere," He looked at her indignantly. Duchess scoffed.

"Brag much? Seriously, how did you get in here, I didn't here the door unlock. Even if you did pick it."

"I was technically here the whole time. Does that sound stalker-ish?"

"Extremely. When did you become Edward Cullen?"

A/N: Okay in my headcanon they use Twilight as a measure to teach the next generation of writers how not to write (apologies to Twilight fans).

"Wow, what a comparison. I am way hotter than that vampire," Duchess punched his arm, "So, what have you got there?"

"Nothing you'd be interested in, Hood," She backed herself towards the table as Sparrow tried to look over her shoulder - something not very hard considering their height comparison.

"Whoa," He grabbed the book from Duchess, "I never thought you'd be interested in school history. Who is?" He started to flip through the pages.

"Give me that back!"

"Never!" Sparrow grabbed the key to the door and unlocked it, running from the room. Duchess took a deep breath to steady herself.

"Why? Why does he hate me so much?" She ran after him as he purposely tried to trip her up by jumping over the chairs in the charmitorium.

"Sparrow Hood! If you you don't give me that book back right now I'm gonna-"

"What Duchess?" He reveled in teasing her. She nearly tripped over some of the chairs and was becoming more frustrated by the second.

"Skin you alive!" She nearly snarled and for a fleeting moment he almost believed her. Almost.

"Not if you don't get to me!" He jumped over the last row of chairs at the lower part of the charmitorium and ran straight through the open door. Duchess followed him after struggling over the chairs. She knew that he now had a head start and the likeliness of her catching him were dwindling. Duchess may have been fast but Sparrow was the one with stamina. Duchess tore into the corridor none the less and looked around for the thief. She spotted him turning a corner and ran after him as fast as she could go. Sparrow turned back to see Duchess turn the corner and smirked, running straight out of the school's front door he slid down the banister and winked at a passing girl. By now Duchess was really tired of Sparrow's antics and just wanted to sit down and drink a cup of water but she needed to make sure he didn't read that book first.

"Please Sparrow! Stop running!"


"You know what? I give up!" Duchess turned into a swan and flew to catch up with Sparrow.

Sparrow turned around completely only to get a face full of feathers as he tripped and fell into a bush. The book went flying and Sparrow grabbed the first thing he could find (He argued it was a reflex) which just happened to be Duchess's neck and she turned back to normal from the shock of the impromptu strangling.

"Ack! Stop!" She pried his fingers from her throat.

"Sorry!" Sparrow moaned as he got up.

"Where did it go?" Duchess got up. Her voice was hoarse but her main objective was to find that book.

"Why is that book so important anyway?" Duchess continues to scour the nearby area.

"Can't tell you."

"Why not?"

"'Cause I don't want to," Duchess spied the book underneath a mullberry bush and pulled it out.

"Duchess? You have leaves in your hair."

"Oh shut up. It's your fault for taking the book. You have your secrets, I have mine. Let them be."

"Aw come on. Don't be upset with me now," Sparrow starting whining.

"I have every right to be upset. You invaded my privacy."

"Yeah, but I had good reason!"

"And that reason was?"

"Um, huh" Sparrow mumbled something incoherently under his breath. Duchess raised an eyebrow.

"Excuse me? I don't think I caught that," Sparrow groaned.

"Fine, I missed you. Happy?" Duchess was taken aback. That was not at all what she was expecting.

"What? Why?"

"Well I've hardly seen you the past few days. All you do is sit in that dressing room of yours. Sometimes you just disappear completely. I'm just a concerned friend." Duchess snorted.

"You? Concerned about someone other than yourself? That's rich" Sparrow gave her a pointed look. She frowned.

"Okay fine. I'm sorry. I've just got a lot going on okay?"

"Tell me. I won't judge."

"It's not the kind of stuff I can tell you. But I promise that as soon as I can, I will. Pinkie swear." Sparrow looked at her oddly as she held out her pinkie. When was the last time he pinkie swore.

"Okay. But as soon as you can." He twined his pinkie with hers.

"I promise."