Elsa rouses to the sound of the anchor being lowered overboard; they must be at Kanoa. Sven is on her cot, taking up more of it than she is. She gives a slow stretch and deep sigh, trying not to disturb her companion.

She almost finds it pathetic how quickly her thoughts venture towards Anna. Hardly awake, still blinking the sleep out of her eyes, and she's already thinking about her.

Elsa groans and drapes an arm over her face. She's known the woman for less than a week. This kind of fixation is unbecoming for a naval captain of her repute. She's heard the kind of talk her crew thinks she's ignorant to—talk about how 'icy' and 'cold' she is in her interactions with other people. Where was that woman now?

She needs to rid herself of this petty crush (god, that word alone brings a bitter taste to her mouth) as soon as possible. The only thing those emotions would be good for—

Elsa's breath catches in her throat. That's it. These…feelings…of hers could go into her efforts of bringing the Summer Princess in. While she's never really been with a person in the most romantic of senses, she knows a few things about it from her sailors and their conversations regarding bar wenches and lonely wives. Of course, that kind of talk was usually a precursor to some sordid tales about said strumpets.

Her cheeks color at the thought. Seeing as they would probably be arriving at Swann Cove in, at most, another week, it would have to be a quick romance, possibly involving a kiss or two. Elsa finds that she's rather alright with that—seeing as it would lead to her freedom, obviously—and she also knows from her crew that the easiest way to wrap a person around your finger is to have them fall for you.

Her twin goals, freeing herself and bringing the Princess in, could be met easier if Anna was more than amenable to her presence. Elsa sees the formation of a plan unfolding in her head, one that starts with a suggestive touch on and ends with her receiving a promotion to commodore.

It was foolproof, really.

She's absentmindedly running her fingers through Sven's ragged fur when Kristoff shows up at her cell.

"You kidnapped my dog," he states plainly, eyes narrowing at the sight of said pooch cuddled against Elsa, cold nose burrowed into the crook of her neck. Any adorableness Anna apparently saw between Elsa and Sven is lost on Kristoff. Instead, he almost looks…jealous?

"I assure you, it wasn't intentional." Elsa responds dryly.

She removes her hand from Sven and Kristoff seems to relax slightly. "Good," he says. "Anna wanted me to tell you that we've reached Kanoa. She said that you could come ashore if you promise you won't kill anyone."

Elsa looks at him skeptically. "Anna said that?" It certainly didn't sound like her. Elsa finds the implied suspicion displeasing (the irony is lost on her); she most assuredly doesn't have any malevolent designs on the crew and for Anna to even think that—

"Well," he amends, interrupting her thoughts, "I added the last part but I figured it was important. Not all of us have the fighting prowess of the captain."

Elsa smirks. "Yes, I do recall."

Kristoff's face heats up at the reminder of his own short fight with Elsa. Opening her cell, he snaps his fingers and Sven gives an aggrieved whine but slowly stretches and slinks towards Kristoff. "So, promise not to do anything funny?" he asks as he kneels down to pet his dog.

"I'll be a perfect prisoner," she promises solemnly. After all, none of the other pirates were in danger—her orders were just to bring in the Princess. She had no interest in anyone else.

She gets up from the cot and checks her reflection in the mirror. In it, she sees a slightly dirty face and wild platinum hair attempting to come free from its tight bun. Sighing, she pokes the loose strands back into place and turns to find Kristoff tapping his foot impatiently.

He escorts her out of the brig and into the blinding early morning sunlight. Elsa winces slightly but her vision adjusts and she sees what must be Kanoa off the aft of the ship. It was a small island; Elsa estimates it would only take her a few hour to complete a circuit around its outer edge. The interior looks to be full of greenery and Elsa can hear the squawks of birds hidden amongst the trees.

The crewmembers who are still on the ship barely glance at her, and the few who do don't give her anything more than a perfunctory grunt. Besides the whole 'being in a cell' thing, she hardly feels like a prisoner. If anything, she feels more like a vaguely disliked guest. She knows this treatment isn't the norm on ships—pirate and naval alike—and she finds it interesting how this particular crew operates.

Kristoff presses an apple and a flask of water into her hands before steering her towards one of the small boats they would be taking to the island. A few other pirates lower themselves into the boat and soon they are off, Sven paddling alongside them in the clear water.

It's always a strange sensation for Elsa, having solid ground under her feet. She spends so long at sea that she hardly remembers what life on land is like. Kanoa is a beautiful little island and Elsa is relieved that Anna makes a habit of stopping here—between her hunt for Anna and her own subsequent capture, she's been at sea for a little more than a month.

Anna's pirates also seem to be enjoying the short break from their duties. Many are stretched out on the white sands and others are swimming or fishing in the waves. Kristoff walks past the main group until he and Elsa are relatively alone under the shade of a palm tree. His boots quickly come off and he rolls his pants up to the knees before sitting down. Elsa stays standing until he gives an impatient huff.

"Feel free to do whatever you want. Just don't leave my sight," he tells her, sounding slightly grouchy.

Elsa weighs her options. The only two pirates she's familiar with are Kristoff and Anna, and the latter is nowhere to be seen. Since Elsa isn't too eager to be around the others, she sits down as well. "Are you acting as my guard?"

Kristoff leans back on his hands. "I guess so, in a self-appointed kind of way. Anna gets careless sometimes about the little things. I'm here to see they get taken care of."

Elsa refrains from commenting on how she's apparently considered a 'little thing'. Instead, she sees an opening and casually says, "Why are we here in the first place? Anna told me she comes here whenever she's on her way to Swann Cove—" Kristoff shoots her a withering look and Elsa clears her throat, "Or wherever it is we're going. Which is not Swann Cove."

Satisfied with her response, he indulges her with an answer. "It's actually quite the story." He can't seem to stop the anticipatory smile from coming across his face.

"Oh?" Elsa inquires, surprised. She wasn't expecting him to actually tell her much of anything, but Kristoff has turned towards her a bit more and looks ready to tell this story.

He nods. "A little over a year ago…" he intones dramatically, "there was a violent storm that made the seas rage. One ship unlucky enough to be sailing on those seas eventually succumbed to the waves, leaving nothing behind but a few planks of wood and a girl named Anna."

Elsa's eyes widen at that. Anna was…shipwrecked?

Kristoff continues, "This island, previously unnamed, was where she found herself the next morning. The island was kind and she found it wasn't difficult to survive in such a place. But eventually boredom set in. So she began doing what any bored person stranded island would do—hunt for buried treasure." A broad grin lights up his handsome face. "And oh, did she find some. Jewelry, trinkets, clothing…things that could make her an incredibly rich woman. It was about this time that a down-on-his-luck ice merchant came across her smoke signals and investigated the source. He found Anna and eventually the two of them loaded all the treasure they could into his skiff before setting off."

He rubs at his chin in thought. "It was strange though. When the man asked where she wanted to go, she didn't name a place. She said she had no interest in returning home. She wanted to begin a new life, one where she didn't have to take orders from anyone, where she could go anywhere or do anything she pleased. The man wanted this as well since he had grown weary of his job. Armed with her new wealth, Anna eventually bought a ship and gathered a crew and, well," he smirked slightly. "Here you are."

"That's…quite the story." Elsa manages after a moment. She could hardly believe the tale—it seemed like something a pirate would say to garner a crew, not something that happened to real people. "But do you actually believe it? Shipwrecks, buried treasure, convenient rescues…it all seems a little too fantastical, doesn't it?" She could imagine Anna, in her excitable manner, telling her story in a dark bar, surrounded on all sides by avid listeners.

Elsa's sure the real story is much less exciting—perhaps Anna simply became bored of her life in the castle, stole a few valuable items, and ran off.

Kristoff cuts into her thoughts. "It's true!" He exclaims, looking highly affronted. He calms himself by clenching some sand in his palms before speaking again. "I know it's true," he says in a lower tone, "because I'm the one who found her."

"You're the ice merchant?" Elsa says in astonishment. Before she can think better of it, she adds, "That must have been a tough business to be in."

Kristoff gives a snort. "Yeah, tell me about it." A slightly more serious demeanor appears after he catches Elsa's gaze. "I really did find her and she really was shipwrecked with treasure. I know how it sounds—I hardly believed it and I was there! But we combined my knowledge of sailing with her wealth and leadership abilities and here we are. We're not ordinary pirates, not in the strictest sense—"

Now it's Elsa's turn to snort.

"I mean it!" Kristoff says earnestly. "We don't pillage or burn or kill. We steal, sure. But only from those who can afford it. Anna's picked a good crew and she's a good captain. Navies have tried to bring us in but they never will," the confidence is clear in his voice by now, "because we're better than them. That's all there is to it." He gives her another smirk and leans against the palm tree with his hands resting on his stomach.

Elsa can't help but grit her teeth at the last part but she has to admit that Kristoff's story was all kinds of interesting. She already knew it was true that Anna is unlike other pirates—Elsa being here on the island instead of in the brig is proof enough—but the way Kristoff told it, she and the rest of them were no better or worse than anyone else who sailed on the open water. And for Anna to go from surviving on a deserted island to become such a famous pirate…it was almost admirable.

A gust of hot air blows over her and slips sand into her every fold of clothing. Narrowing her eyes, she tugs her boots off, making sure to empty the sand out. Her feet touch the ground and she feels herself relax. This is the first time she's ever been in contact with sand before. She finds the soft, warm texture to be delightful and she burrows her feet into it. From his spot, Kristoff watches her with a raised eyebrow but doesn't say anything.

The mood soon turns tranquil as Elsa watches the pirates playing on the beach. Esmeralda, the woman who doesn't seem to like Elsa too much, is even laughing and splashing water at a handsome, golden haired man. Kristoff soon dozes off to sleep right before an extremely wet Sven trots up to him and shakes his fur, spraying Kristoff with water.

The plan, Elsa thinks determinedly when she catches herself about to smile at the spectacle around her, I have to think of the plan. She quickly wracks her brain for ideas on getting Anna to trust her, to agree to let her off at Swann Cove, to—

"Anna!" Kristoff's voice interrupts her thoughts, and he waves to someone behind her. Elsa turns and her heart seems to beat a bit faster.

The plan—which was already on shaky ground after the story Kristoff just told her—nearly crumbles completely when she sees Anna. She's wearing a pale green camisole that blows against the wind, outlining her lithe form. Wrapped around her waist is a white and gold sarong that stops right above her knees. Her hair is still loose and her bare feet tread lightly across the sand.

But it's not even her body that's distracting Elsa. It's the way she wipes at the corner of her eyes before smiling and waving back to Kristoff. Was she crying? Elsa wonders, but the thought is soon cast aside when Anna plops down between her and Kristoff.

"How are you doing?" Anna asks, no trace of wetness on her face.

Elsa tenses and looks at the ground. "When are we leaving?" she asks to evade answering Anna's question. Because the honest answer would have been 'conflicted'. By all rights, Elsa should hate Anna, wants to hate her. But she just can't, which makes her so-called plan all the more difficult to pull off.

Not sensing Elsa's inner turmoil, Anna replies, "Probably in another few hours. We'll be gone before the sun sets." Elsa looks up just in time to see Anna's bright eyes light up with an idea. "Say, do you wanna build a sandcastle?"

Stop being so adorable, Elsa thinks miserably. Stop it at once.

Anna waits in silence for a few more seconds before adding, "It doesn't have to be a sandcastle. We can bury Kristoff instead!" That idea appeals a little more to Elsa but she remains quiet. Anna deflates slightly and her shoulders seem to droop. "Alright," she says in a smaller voice. "I'm just going to go swimming then. Kristoff, would you like to join me?"

Kristoff grunts. "I'm watching the prisoner. If she comes, I'll come."

Elsa wrinkles her nose at that—since Kristoff is sitting upwind from her, she can smell the wet-dog odor on him. She heaves a heavy sigh and nods. "Fine. But not for too long."

Anna gives her another one of those blinding smiles and runs towards the surf. Kristoff and Elsa trail behind her, Kristoff shedding his shirt along the way. He wades into the water and lets out an annoyed groan when Anna splashes water at him. Elsa watches them before realizing that she should shed her clothing as well. They're the only clothes she has and she'll be damned if they end up ruined by the saltwater.

She slowly unbuttons her shirt and carefully folds it before laying it next to Kristoff's. Her pants are next and soon she's in nothing but a camisole and a pair of dark drawers. Unconsciously, her hand reaches for the tight bun at the back of her head and she pulls the pins out. Her platinum hair tumbles past her shoulders, and out of habit she sweeps it back and over her left shoulder before joining her companions in the water.

The water is the perfect temperature and she wades in until it's up to her chest. She glances at the other two and, in complete surprise, sees four eyes staring back at her in absolute astonishment. Kristoff's eyes are as wide as they can get and his face seems to be slightly flushed.

And Anna…with her hair soaked to a dark auburn and water droplets gleaming on her skin, her mouth is agape. "Wow," Anna says, breaking the silence. "You're…kind of beautiful. Really beautiful, actually. Not that you weren't before, but now…Kristoff!" she calls out suddenly, her eyes not moving away from Elsa in the slightest, "Is it inappropriate for me to call the prisoner 'beautiful'? I think it probably is." Elsa finds herself growing hot under her scrutiny, though somehow she's also immensely pleased that Anna finds her beautiful.

"Terribly inappropriate." Kristoff confirms sarcastically from his spot, though his eyes haven't left Elsa either.

Still, his tone is enough to shake Anna's gaze away from Elsa. She stares at him for a hard moment before shaking her head, unable to think of a retort. Instead, she splashes him again. He sputters and splashes back. Elsa finds herself drawn into the fight when one of Anna's strikes goes a bit off target and soaks Elsa's face.

She sputters at the sensation of the saltwater in her eyes and mouth, much to the amusement of the pirates. Her lips form something between a smile and a snarl, and she leaps into the fray with much enthusiasm. It's the first time she's ever been in something so juvenile as a water fight and she finds herself to be enjoying it immensely.

The three battle it out for what seems like hours, until Elsa is completely exhausted and her fingers begin to prune. Her opponents have also depleted their stores of energy and Kristoff eventually drifts off back to shore in order to round up the other pirates.

Anna lingers with her when Elsa heads back to the beach and gathers her clothes. She tries not to notice the way the wet camisole clings to the Anna's figure but it's rather difficult to ignore. She glances at Anna's face and notes with interest that her eyes quickly dart away towards the sky, as if she didn't want to be caught staring at Elsa.

The thought warms Elsa's face and she once again reminds herself of her plan. If Anna really was looking at her, perhaps this romance thing would work after all. She decides to test the waters. "I had a lot of fun today," she mumbles. Well, it wasn't exactly a flirtatious line but she found it to be truthful.

Anna gives her an odd look and leans in closer to her. "Hmm?" she asks, face far closer to Elsa's than it needs to be. "What did you say?"

Elsa swallows hard. "IsaidIhadfuntoday," she lets out in a rush before turning away and stomping towards one of the skiffs that would take them back to the ship.

Anna catches up with her and tries to catch her eyes. "Yeah," she says happily. "Me too."

The simple, honest reply makes Elsa's heart twinge and she forces herself not to acknowledge the feeling. "You looked nice today, too," she adds, only slightly louder than her previous comment. She grimaces at her amateur line—her crew would be laughing at her if they could see this sad display (of course, they'd do it where she couldn't see or hear them, for fear they would be thrown overboard).

But Anna doesn't seem to mind. "Thanks, you did too," she replies easily, "You should really think about wearing your hair down more, it looks lovely like that."

The rest of the journey back to the ship is in silence, as Elsa can't think of anything else to say in the light of that comment and Anna is content to just look up at the clouds in the dimming sky.

Once they reach the ship, the two part ways as Anna heads to her cabin and Elsa to her cell. To her relief, she finds that Sven is not laying across her pillow. Instead, he's stretched out along the foot of her cot and he wags his tail at her return.

Soon, the ship sets sail into deeper waters and Elsa is almost lulled off to sleep by the motion and the coming darkness of night. The only thing that keeps her clinging to consciousness is the thought of Anna. It seems like she can do no wrong, even though she's the one who took Elsa off her ship and put her in a cell. The strangeness of her situation doesn't escape her and her mind keeps going back to earlier, when Anna was rendered speechless before calling her beautiful. A smile almost escapes Elsa's tight control and she has to remind herself that this is a pirate, not just some innocent girl. Elsa finds that that reminder is harder to summon each time she thinks about the Summer Princess.

As if summoned by these thoughts, a lantern swings in front of her cell and Anna looks through the bars. "Hi," she whispers. "Are you awake?"

Elsa almost jumps off the cot in surprise but quickly regains her composure. "Yes," she answers back, ignoring the thudding of her heart at this late night visit. "What is it?"

Anna bites her lip and casts her gaze downwards for a moment before looking back at Elsa. "I wanted to talk details about your ransom. I need to know who to contact once we get to Swann Cove and how much you think you're…worth," she says the final word quietly and shifts as though uncomfortable. She takes a deep breath and goes on, "I'd rather do this in my cabin. It's dark down here and I have nowhere to write. Is that alright?"

Of course. It was stupid of her to think Anna came down here for any other reason besides her ransom. Pretend fights with swords and playing together in the water didn't mean she wasn't still a prisoner. "That's fine." Elsa replies somewhat stiffly.

Anna nods, looking relieved, and quickly opens the cell. Elsa gives Sven a pat before following the pirate above the brig and across the main deck until they are in front of her cabin. Anna pushes the door open and gestures for Elsa to pass her.

The space is similar to Elsa's in size but that's where the similarities end. Where Ela's cabin had only the most basic of amenities and not a thing was out of place, Anna's is wild and colorful. Bright sheets of blues and yellows and greens are draped across her bed. On the wall behind her vanity, flags hang proudly. From a quick glance Elsa recognizes Corona, Arendelle, DunBroch and Summerland. The vanity itself is surprisingly bare of the jewelry Elsa expected to see. All that's on it is an ebony hairbrush and a bottle of sun balm. A small collection of swords are mounted at the foot of the bed.

Elsa stands awkwardly as Anna takes a seat at the vanity and gets out a quill and a piece of parchment. Anna readies her quill and turns slightly. "So what were you carrying on your ship?"

"Lutefisk, rum, some jewelry." Elsa lists off. She perches on the edge of the bed and has to resist the urge to lay down in it—it's certainly much more comfortable than her own cot.

Anna sighs wistfully. "Lutefisk and rum…what a splendid combination." Her quill scratches against the paper. "And who was your employer?"

Elsa tenses at that. She never intended to be captured and so the backstory for her 'merchant' ship was questionable at best. "Hawkins Trading," she blurts out before her silence can become suspicious.

From her spot at the vanity, Anna pauses a moment before giving a shrug. "Who was your direct superior? And how long have you been working for Hawkins?"

The questions were becoming too difficult for Elsa to lie about. Instead, she attempts to distract Anna. "Kristoff told me what happened to you on the island," she says, hoping it will make Anna forget about what she's writing.

To her surprise, Anna merely rolls her eyes. "Yes, he likes his own part in that story. I do as well," she adds quickly. "If it weren't for him I might still be there." She gives another sigh before going back to her paper. "So what were your answers? Also, I should probably know where you were sailing out of as well as your destination. I can send a copy of this letter to your crew and one to Hawkins' office in Freeport."

"I…" Elsa feels trapped and tries again to shift Anna's attention. "What were you doing on the other side of the island? It looked like you might have been crying."

This time the words have more of an effect. The smile seems to freeze on Anna's face and she drops the quill. "You saw me?" she asks, voice quiet.

The silence thickens as the two lock eyes and Elsa's heart speeds up again. Maybe that was the wrong question to ask, maybe Anna would be angry at her and forget this ransom just keep her in the brig for as long as she wants, maybe—

Anna stands up suddenly and Elsa tries not to flinch at the movement, but Anna doesn't seem to notice. She sits next to Elsa on the bed, her presence making the mattress dip slightly and causing the two women to bump shoulders. "You said Kristoff told you?" Anna repeats in the same soft voice, her gaze resting on the clenched hands in her lap. "I wasn't the only one on that ship. A lot of people I knew died that night. Including…" she shudders beside Elsa and Elsa has to resist the urge to wrap an arm around her, "Including my father."

A pang goes through Elsa at that and now she can't stop herself from lightly holding Anna's far shoulder. Her father…Elsa felt like a terrible person for bringing up this memory, even if it was for her own safety.

Anna leans into her touch until her head is resting against Elsa's shoulder. "And now every time I pass the island, I stop to pay my respects. The crew looks forward to it as a day off and I can be alone for a few hours." Elsa feels the other woman shrug. "So yes, I might have been crying. But the crew isn't supposed to see that. Neither are you."

"I didn't tell anyone," Elsa murmurs against Anna's hair. "And I'm sorry I brought this up. It was rude of me."

Anna sighs before sitting back up. "It's fine, but I should get back to this letter. I don't want to keep you up all night."

The words clearly weren't meant to be suggestive but Elsa still heats up at the notion of being 'up all night' with Anna. An irritating part of her forces her to remember the plan she has. Only the two of them in Anna's cabin, late at night, might work well in her favor.

Elsa takes a steadying breath before tugging on Anna's shirt. "I don't want to do much talking," she says quietly, fixing a stare on Anna.

The other woman's eyes widen in surprise. "Then…then what do you want to do?" she asks looking between Elsa's hand and eyes with uncertainty.

Elsa stays silent—she knows she has no skills when it came to using words to flirt—and instead leans towards Anna until the pirate is almost laying down completely. "What are you doing?" Anna whispers when Elsa's hand pushes her down until she's completely under Elsa. One of Elsa's legs settles between Anna's and she moves until Anna's face is only a breath away.

Elsa has never done this before, has never seduced a single person. She doesn't know where this sudden surge of confidence was coming from but the movements feel as natural as breathing. And seeing Anna beneath her, her hair a reddish-gold in the light of the lantern, her eyes staring up at her in anticipation…it makes this whole seduction thing that much more satisfying to pull off.

She closes the distance between them and captures Anna's lips with her own, earning a surprised squeak from Anna. The pirate's lips are soft and full, and Elsa finds them intoxicating. One of her hands comes to rest against Anna's shirt, fingers skimming across the fabric covering her ribs. Before she can deepen the kiss, Elsa moves her attention to Anna's jaw, planting a trail of butterfly kisses along the freckled skin before moving downwards.

Elsa's other hand finds itself buried in Anna's hair and she can feel the gritty texture of sea salt beneath her fingertips, can taste it when her tongue touches the pulse jumping at Anna's throat. Anna moans at the contact and Elsa thinks it's the sweetest sound she's ever heard. "I-I don't even know your name," Anna says breathlessly, and the skin beneath Elsa's mouth turns a lovely shade of pink. "I know nothing about you."

Elsa plants a kiss at the base of Anna's throat before coming back up to her face. "My name is Elsa," she answers, surprised at how sultry her voice has become. "There's nothing more to know in this moment."

Elsa quickly regains Anna's lips before she can think to ask any more questions. The kiss is longer and more thorough than the first one. Elsa feels Anna's lips move against her own and almost jumps when one of Anna's hands grasps at her waist. Elsa's tongue traces Anna's bottom lip, asking for entrance. Anna complies and her mouth opens in a gasp as Elsa deepens the kiss.

All rational thought leaves Elsa's brain, until the word 'plan' is nothing but a faint but persistent word in the back of her mind. She loses all sense of time as they continue to kiss. This is amazing. This is intoxicating. The sounds and movements of the woman beneath her make Elsa never want to stop this. Elsa finds that this kind of seduction comes easier than words ever could, that she is enjoying kissing this pirate more than anything she has ever done.


The word drags her back to reality and she reluctantly opens her eyes. Anna is still beneath her, flushed and with a dazed expression on her face. Elsa doesn't stop her ministrations but she slows down considerably. It's now or never, she decides grimly. Elsa's hand slips under Anna's shirt and she revels at the sensation of the warm, smooth skin again her fingers. Anna arches up slightly at the contact, another moan escaping her lips.

"When we reach Swann Cove," Elsa says against Anna's shoulder, her fingers exploring the woman's stomach. "May I come ashore with you?" she punctuates her request with her teeth, gently capturing Anna's sensitive skin and running her tongue over the area until it's reddened.

"I…I don't see why not," Anna gasps out, arching up again, her form pressing against Elsa's. "Kristoff will probably kill me though."

"Forget about him." Elsa urges, her hand coming dangerously close to Anna's chest. "I just want to be with you. I won't wander off." At least, she won't wander too far—just enough to alert someone that the Summer Princess is there and ready to be captured.

Captured…the word is strange to think about. Imagining Anna in a cell kills her mood and she softens the kisses slowly before coming to a complete stop. Anna opens her eyes at the loss of contact but doesn't do anything but look at Elsa with her tantalizingly swollen lips.

"We should probably stop tonight," Elsa manages, fighting against a second wave of arousal at the sight. "I'm sure you want to get some sleep before your day starts tomorrow."

Anna slides out from underneath her and nods, still looking slightly stunned by this turn of events. Her hair is mussed her fine clothing is wrinkled. "You're right," she agrees after attempting to tame her hair. She gives Elsa a sideways glance. "You can stay here tonight, if you'd like." Elsa's eyes widen, and upon seeing her expression Anna rushes, "You don't have to! I didn't mean that in a suggestive way or anything. Just…I know my bed is more comfortable than yours and after what we did…it doesn't seem nice to send you back to your cell." Anna stops talking and blushes, not looking at Elsa.

Elsa nods slowly. "That would be fine," she says after a slight hesitation. She had no plans to spend the night with the Summer Princess but she felt safe with the other woman, as strange as that seems.

Anna gives her a relieved smile and motions for Elsa to get under the covers. Once Elsa takes off her boots, she complies. The bed is just as comfortable as she thought it would be and she finds herself already half-asleep by the time Anna has taken off her boots and extinguished the lantern.

But she still feels the other woman next to her, feels the heat emanating from her body.

"Goodnight," Elsa murmurs before closing her eyes and fighting against the urge to curl her body up next to Anna's.

It's quiet for such a long time that Elsa believes the other woman is already asleep. She's about to drift off herself when she hears, "Goodnight…Elsa." Anna's voice is soft and almost timid. The tone is enough to bring a smile to Elsa's face and a painful sensation to her heart.

This plan of hers…it might have worked too well.