"Let's do it tonight!" The final words sung bounces off the walls of the ICCA's auditorium. The Barden Bella's final set finished and the crowd roared in approval and praise. The girls cheered and shared hugs all around, satisfied and surprised the set went so well. Looking around all the girls filed down the stairs from the stage and approached their seats.

Beca looked around and saw Jesse staring over at her in awe. She smiled and walked over to him excitedly, she looked at him and pulled him into a soft passionate kiss. The Bellas and Trebles hollered in approval. All but one Bella out of them all didn't do much but have their heart sink into their stomach. That was Chloe Beale.


Chloe's P.O.V:

Watching Beca kiss Jesse sent my heart to my stomach, I watched them share the kiss so passionately and lovingly. I looked away and felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Aubrey with a soft smile mouthing 'are you okay?' I nod slowly and I turn to walk out of the stadium, walking out the doors from all the noise.

I walked out to the Barden Bella bus and I opened the door with a sigh. Getting on the bus I glance down at the floor shuffling my feet as I walk to my claimed seat. I sat down with no care in the world to be there at that moment. Grabbing my IPod from my purse I put my earbuds in my ears and I click play. Jesse's Girl played about three seconds in before I changed it automatically to hear the beginning cords of Titanium.

Closing my eyes I zone out and let myself go. The tears fell, the memories came into my mind, and my heart throbbed for the alt. girl who I had fallen for. I fell for Beca Mitchell and sadly she didn't even feel the same way.

"I love you Beca Mitchell." I muttered quietly in the empty bus


Beca's P.O.V:

After I kiss Jesse I realize what I had done, I step back and fall into my seat. He looks at me and gives me a cocky smile. I smile back nervously and I groan covering my face. A few minutes pass and everyone is seated. I look around me and I don't see a single fiery lock of hair. I look to see Aubrey faced forward along with all the other Bella's. I sigh in defeat and I look forward seeing the host announcing the winners. I look forward and I breathe slowly and nervously.

The host beams and announces third place, then announces the Treble Makers in second, "Finally I announce this year's ICCA's Capella competition winners. First place is the Barden Bellas!"

My breath caught in my lungs and the others shot up in their seats and roared in excitement. I sat in my seat and felt an absence without the red head there celebrating with them. Slowly I stood with Stacie grabbing me and pulling me to the stage along with the others. I looked at Aubrey and she had a huge grin on her face. Didn't she notice her best friend wasn't there with her? I looked forward into the crowd and sighed in disappointment.

"None of this wouldn't have been possible without my team, my friends, my sisters, and my family away from home." Aubrey looked over at all of us with tears in her eyes, "none of this would have happened without them and I am proud to call them all my Barden Bellas. I love you girls, thank you for this aca-awesome year!"

With that we all left the stage and headed out leaving everything else, the Trebles, and the crowd. We headed to the bus, Lily talking to Stacie and Cynthia Rose. Aubrey and Fat Amy carrying and admiring the trophy. Then there was Jessica, Denise, and Ashly laughed and cheered. I kept my head down not really thinking about winning. Just thinking of Chloe, only Chloe. I looked up as we approached the bus seeing Chloe sleeping against the window. I smiled shyly and wondered why she was on the bus all alone.

Stepping onto the bus I glanced over and saw Chloe curled up with tears coming down her face, I walked over automatically and I sat beside her and I placed my hand gently on hers. Causing her to jump slightly. I look at her and she quickly wipes her eyes.

"Chloe are you okay?" I muttered softly holding onto her hand

She looked down and took out her earbuds, "yeah I just felt a little sick?" She said uncertain and unsure

"You sure?" I lift her chin and looked into her crystal clue eyes

She nodded slowly and looked forward to Aubrey, "are we going to the hotel?"

Aubrey nodded and we got on our way, and I retreated to my own seat. I glanced over at Chloe a few times and every once and a while we would end up looking over at each other. I'd blush and look away, I fell for the musically talented ginger. I fell for Chloe Beale. Sadly I don't even think she would like an alt. girl like me.


Chloe's P.O.V:

Getting to the hotel we all assigned roommates, and lucky me I got paired with Beca and Aubrey. My best friend and my crush in one room. After an hour of putting our stuff into the rooms and getting cleaned, dressed, and relaxed a little we all hit the bar. The bar was unfortunately located directly next to the pool so we were going to end up getting drunk and swimming which screamed an aca-disaster.

I took the elevator down with Beca, Aubrey, and Stacie. After the twelve floors up we got to the enclosed roof which there was the pool and bar. Once we got there Stacie booked it over to the bar and ordered the group a round of shots. With a sigh I look over to see Beca pulling off her shirt to reveal a teal bikini top showing her breasts nicely. I bit my lip and walked over to a pool chair and sat down behind her and I watched Beca again strip her pants down revealing a matching teal bikini bottom. I coughed awkwardly and she looked over with her signature smile plastered on her face.

"Beale are you watching me strip down?" Beca asks looking at me

"I've already saw you naked so," I shrug and wink up at her

Then that was when the long night started. Ten girls, a round of shots, a pool, and girls in their bikinis. This was going to be aca-crazy.


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