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Master Shifu and Master Oogway treaded the thick rocky path which was covered in layers of ice and snow. The powdery snow covered Tai Lung's beautifully patterned fur, but the snow leopard remained unfazed by the biting cold as he remained unconscious and immobile. Master Oogway carried the massive leopard up to the tall, metallic gate.

Master Shifu asked, "Must we leave my son in this prison?"

Master Oogway looked sadly at his young friend and nodded his wrinkly head in response. The ancient tortoise said, "We must lock him here for his crimes. Tai Lung must stay at Chorh-Gom Prison until his rage ceases to control the boy. It's best for him to remain here."

Master Shifu's small black hand ran through his son's coarse grey furry cheek and said, "Yes, Master Oogway."

The saddened red panda concealed his broken heart and knocked on the massive, cold gate. When the gate opened, the creaking sound was loud as thunder and it echoed throughout the mountain. An intimidating rhinoceros stepped out of the mountain and bowed his head before the two kung fu masters in respect.

Master Oogway asked, "Is the cell ready for Tai Lung, Commander Vachir?"

Commander Vachir flashed his crooked, yellow teeth and said, "Of course, Master Oogway. Come on in and I'll show you what the Anvil of Heaven and I have created just for this criminal.

Master Shifu hesitantly walked into the dark mountain with Master Oogway while Commander Vachir laughed heartily. The commander asked, "It's rather impressive isn't it?"

Master Oogway said, "Indeed. It's very impressive."

Commander Vachir grunted and another rhinoceros prodded along. Vachir said, "Master Oogway, you may pass the prisoner to him while I show you two around."

Master Oogway passed the large, muscular snow leopard to the guard. The rhino let out a, hmph, as he heaved Tai Lung over his armored shoulder. Shifu bit his thin lips in order to hold back a protest as the guard dragged Tai Lung's two paws and tail down into the darkness.

Vachir bragged, "An escape from Chorh-Gom Prison is impossible: one way in, one way out, 1000 guards for a single prisoner. We've got various weapons too!"

Master Shifu snorted, "No weapons can stop my son."

Vachir snarled and said, "We've got crossbows, explosives, spears, swords, you can name it and we've got it. We can stop Tai Lung whenever we desire. He will be no match for us."

The three climbed down flights of stairs and descended into the depth of darkness with the aid of the elevator. They watched the rhinos clasp on thick chains around Tai Lung's wrists- "Wait!" shouted Shifu.

Vachir said, "What's wrong, Master Shifu?"

Shifu held the cold, heavy chains in his hands and noticed sharp needles lined along the shackles. "What are these?"

Vachir nonchalantly replied, "Those are needles. If Tai Lung attempts to move, these will dig deeply into his flesh. They will undoubtedly touch his nerve system and, " the cruel rhino chuckled, "it will be excruciating even for a warrior like Tai Lung."

Shifu exclaimed, "Isn't that too much?!"

Vachir glared at the red panda and accused, "It sounds as if you want your son to live in a five star hotel, but guess what Master Shifu, this is the Chorh-Gom Prison. Our prisoner will never be given the chance to escape."

Vachir tore the chains out of his grasp and forcibly tightened the shackles around the unconscious snow leopard. More rhinos circled around Tai Lung and adorned him with a tortoise shell.

He explained, "This tortoise shell is quite special. It contains various acupuncture needles and they shall be impaled in crucial places along the leopard's back, keeping his chi blocked and making him almost fully immobile."

Shifu crouched in front of his son and ruffled his fur just as he always did to Tai Lung before he left. Waves of sadness crashed his heart as he said, "Good bye, Tai Lung…."

Master Shifu and Master Oogway were guided back out into the blizzard and they descended down the treacherous mountain.

Tai Lung woke up hours later while roaring furiously due to the agonizing pain. Sweat drenched his fur as he found himself in a crouching position on the cold, jagged floor. His knees told him that he had been in the position for several hours with pain. He discovered that he was wearing a tortoise shell as he tried to stand up.

The clanking of the metal chains caused the rhinos to look down to find their prisoner rousing from his slumber.

Tai Lung's sensitive ears flickered in the darkness as he heard loud stompings coming closer. He breathed in the foul odour and growled, "I'm surrounded by filthy, sweating rhinos."

He heard an unfamiliar deep voice say, "That's right Tai Lung. You are quite the acute being. Your history is quite impressive too. You are the first and probably will be the youngest snow leopard who mastered the one thousand scrolls of kung fu, Leopard Style of kung fu, and the Five Animal Styles of Hung Ga kung fu. So tell me, how you, the prodigal kung fu master, crumbled into the lowest place on Earth, the Chorh-Gom Prison?"

A feral growl escaped from Tai Lung's black lips at the taunting voice.

A large rhinoceros walked out from the dark shadows and introduced to himself, "I am Commander Vachir and I am responsible for your imprisonment. We've got your lifetime so why don't you explain to me what happened?"

The dam in his head crashed open as flood of memories whirled around in Tai Lung's head. Without thinking the snow leopard whispered, "A promise."

Commander Vachir cocked his head quizzically and repeated, "A promise?"

Tai Lung snapped back into reality and kept his mouth sealed when Vachir asked, "What promise?"

The agitated snow leopard sneered at the guard and kept his golden eyes closed. Tai Lung inhaled and exhaled as he remembered the promise and the one whom he owed the promise to: Tigress. He faded into his memories of the past when he first met Tigress:

The bright, golden sun caused Tai Lung sweat profusely as he practiced punching the iron-wood trees. He smiled broadly when he heard the trees creak and snap and felt the iron-wood trees shudder beneath his fist. He wiped the beads of sweat off of his forehead with his forearm.

Then he saw his father step out of the Jade Palace with Master Oogway. Tai Lung lunged towards the kung fu masters and bowed his head in respect with a charming, boyish smile; sweet dimples formed on his cheeks. His left paw formed into a fist and it was pressed against his right flat palm.

He said, "Hey pops, where are you going?"

His father said, "I'm planning to head out to the Bao Gu Orphanage."

Tai Lung asked, "Can't I go with you?"

Master Shifu said, "You are destined for greatness, Tai Lung, but such destiny doesn't come easily. You must stay and train here at Jade Palace."

Master Oogway chuckled at his young friend's scowl and suggested, "Why don't you take your son with you?"

Master Shifu said, "Master, don't fill the boy with high hopes."

Tai Lung pouted at his father's rejection as his tail dragged on the dirt. Suddenly, a large pig ran up the stairs and cried, "Master Oogway, Master Shifu, bandits are plundering the Valley! Please come to our aid!"

Master Oogway's green eyes widened and entered his large shell. He carried the staff in one hand and pushed himself down the flight of stairs with the other. Oogway shouted, "Come, Shifu!"

Master Shifu said, "Yes, Master!"

The red panda was about to leap down to the village until Tai Lung shouted, "Pops! What about the orphanage?!"

Shifu turned his gaze to his son and thought for a few minutes. He asked, "Tai Lung, would you like to go on your first mission?"

Tai Lung jumped excitedly and asked, "You mean with you? To the village to fight off bandits?!"

Shifu chuckled and said, "No. That's too early for you...but you can go to the Bao Gu Orphanage as my representative. Go find a young girl named Tigress and play dominoes with her."

The snow leopard cub bowed his furry head once more and said, "Yes, Master!"

The red panda ruffled his head and said, "This will be your first mission. Don't fail me."

He grinned and said, "Of course not father!"

They parted ways and Tai Lung ran to the Bao Gu Orphanage. He politely knocked on the orphanage entrance door. A fully grown rabbit opened the door and asked, "Who are you?"

Tai Lung said, "My name is Tai Lung and I'm here instead of my father, Master Shifu."

The rabbit frowned and scratched her worriedly. Noticing her hesitation, Tai Lung asked, "What's wrong, ma'am?"

She whispered into his ears, "Well, your father meets a rather dangerous, violent child."

Tai Lung punched his white furry chest and said, "Trust me, I'll be fine with her. Her name's Tigress right?"

The lady let him through and he was lead to a thick, metal door. He remarked, "This isn't a suitable place to raise a young child. What's this place?"

She whimpered in fear, "It's a seclusion room to hold Tigress. She's a monster. Good luck."

Tai Lung slowly opened the door and in the darkness, bright, orange eyes glowed and looked into his golden eyes.

She growled, "Stay away! You're not Master Shifu!"

Tai Lung agreed, "Indeed. I'm not Master Shifu. I'm his son though. Would that suffice your agitation?"

Tigress roared, "No! Because I'm Tigress, the monster who everyone fears!"

He asked, "Why do you call yourself a monster, Tigress?"

She pounced on top of him and growled, "Because I've got fangs and claws."

A low growl vibrated from his chest as he pinned her down and said, "Yeah? So do I and I am not a monster." Tai Lung flashed his white, sharp teeth and claws to Tigress. He slowly got off of her and helped her stand.

He introduced himself, "I'm Tai Lung."

She did the same, "I'm Tigress."

He sat next to Tigress and said, "I heard you like dominoes."

She shrugged and said, "Well, Master Shifu suggests me to practice with dominoes. Practice to be gentle."

Tai Lung smiled and said, "I agree with him. As a kung fu master, you must be strong, but gentle at the same time."

He heard her giggle for the first time and she asked, "Do you like kung fu like Master Shifu too?"

The snow leopard smiled sheepishly, feeling timid, and said, "Yeah. I love kung fu. I aspire to be a successful kung fu master like my father so that I can make him proud. But enough about kung fu. I came to play with you so let's play with dominoes!"

At first, she broke the wooden piece and groaned with frustration. Tai Lung chuckled lightly and helped her set the dominoes.

Tai Lung blinked his goldens eyes in the darkness as he remembered the past. Yes, that was his first sweet memory with Tigress and many followed after that memory.

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