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"Everything's all over now, Thomas. I can finally breathe easier." Serena took a sip of her tea and looked outside over her balcony. The wind rustled her hair a little. She sighed. "I know…it's going to take me more time to fully recover from everything that's happened. I probably won't ever be able to completely get over your passing." But she smiled softly. "But I also know that the time will come when I will be fine and can move on." She glanced down at the sympathy card which was signed by Phoenix, Iris, Athena, Apollo, and Trucy. In it was written, "We're very sorry for your loss, but please know that you've got friends who are here for you!" She reread it again. "And now I know that I have friends who I can count on to be there for me. What more could I possibly ask for?"

"Agent Lang. Long time, no see. What brings you here?"

"I'm here to visit my girlfriend."

"Girlfriend? Ah, I know who you mean. I'm afraid she's busy at the moment. She's in court right now, convicting the murderer of one Mr. Sharpe. However, I will let her know you came by."

"Still as serious as ever, huh?"


"You need to learn to loosen up, Mr. Prosecutor…oh, I'm sorry, I mean Mr. Chief Prosecutor."

"Loosening up isn't going to stop criminals from committing crimes, will it?"

Lang shrugged. "Just sayin', you know."

"Is that all, Agent Lang? I am quite busy."

"That's all. I'll see you around."

Edgeworth sighed. He stood up and made himself a cup of tea. It seems like everyone's telling me to 'loosen up.' Do I always seem so serious all the time? Hm…I guess loosening up isn't such a bad idea. Perhaps I should try it. He took a sip of tea and sighed.

Just then, his phone rang. "This is Edgeworth."

"Mr. Edgeworth! There's been another crime!"

"Alright Detective Gumshoe. Come over to my office and tell me about it, alright?" Edgeworth hung up and sighed again. "Oh well. I guess 'loosening up' is just going to have to wait, won't it?"

"Ah! This is the life!"

"Oh yeah!"

"You can say that again!"

Ema, Trucy, and Athena were sitting on beach chairs in the sunlight. It was a gorgeous day for a beach outing. The three of them had their eyes closed under their sunglasses, making them the perfect unsuspecting victims.

Trucy lowered her sunglasses and looked over to her left, where Phoenix and Iris were sitting on a beach blanket, talking to each other. "I am so glad Daddy and Iris got together! And I didn't even have to intervene too much!"

Athena nodded her head. "Yeah. Boss seems so much happier now that Iris is around."

The girls went silent, enjoying the nice weather and the shining sun.

"Alright Herr Forehead. Don't say a word, or you'll ruin it."

"Got it."

Apollo and Klavier quietly approached the girls. "Okay, on three. One, two…"

"THREE!" Apollo yelled.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The three girls found themselves getting attacked with water guns.

Apollo and Klavier laughed hard at the now soaking wet girls.

"Apollo!" Trucy yelled, hands on her hips.

"You glimmerous fop!" Ema looked around for something to throw at the prosecutor. She smiled when she spotted her snackoos.

"Uh oh."

"Uh oh is right, pretty boy. You better start running!"

Apollo, Athena and Trucy watched as Ema bolted towards Klavier, throwing snackoos at him. Unfortunately for Ema though, the seagulls began chasing her.

"What's the big idea, Apollo?!" Athena scolded, squeezing out the water from her hair.

"Hey! It was Prosecutor Gavin's idea, not mine!"

"Hmph. Of course it was his idea," another voice spoke.

"Simon." Athena turned to look at him.

"Who else would come up with something so childish?"

At least he doesn't approve. That's good.

"Although," he began, a smirk forming on his face. "It was quite amusing watching Miss Baby Chick get ambushed."

"You take that name back, you panda bear!" Athena yelled. She had chased him into the water, at which point they started splashing each other.

"You know," Apollo said to Trucy. "I kind of find it hard to believe that those two are actually dating."

"I think they're cute in their own way," Trucy added. "Speaking of cute, Apollo…" She turned his attention to Juniper, who was sitting under a blanket and umbrella next to Phoenix and Iris. "You should go sit with your girlfriend!"

Apollo turned a little red. "Yeah, you're right. I should."

Trucy watched him go over and sit down next to Juniper. She sighed happily. "It's so nice to see everyone here." She then pouted. "If only Mr. Edgeworth would've joined us. He really needs to get out and relax more."

Towards the evening when the sun was beginning to set, Apollo, Klavier and Simon were sitting near water silently while the others were more towards the land.

"You know, Herr Blackquill, you should've joined Herr Forehead and me in our attack."

"Hmph. I'm too old for such juvenile activities. But I must admit, it did seem like fun."

"Maybe next time," Apollo said.

The next thing Apollo knew, something round and squishy hit his head. It exploded and released water, soaking his once dry hair. "Ah!" He shrieked, jumping up on his feet.

The two prosecutors got up, and they formed a triangle, their backs facing each other. Looking around for where the projectile came from, they saw nothing.

"What was that?" Klavier asked.

"Don't know," Apollo added, looking down at the broken pieces of rubber on the sand.

Simon looked around, feeling slightly apprehensive. Something about the beach had been calm. Menacingly calm.

They didn't notice the next water balloon that came towards Klavier until it hit him in the face. "Achtung! Where did that come from?!" He yelled.

Soon, a whole bunch of water balloons came at them. While Klavier and Apollo dodged them, Simon tried to grab at them. He had caught two, but then the next one burst upon contact with his hands, provoking laughter from the other two guys. But he had the last laugh when when they both got hit with not one, but two water balloons each.

"Let's go find out who's doing this!" Apollo exclaimed. Although, I have a pretty good hunch as to who it might be. The three guys ran in to the direction from which the balloons were launched.

They finally saw four girls with a launcher and colorful round objects beside them.

"You?!" Simon roared at Athena. "It was you?!"

She, along with Trucy, Ema and Juniper, took one look at the boys and burst into laughter.

"No! You two have corrupted Juniper!" Apollo complained.

Juniper blushed. "I'm sorry, Apollo. Athena begged me to try it, and...he was actually pretty fun!"

Ema and Athena were laughing like crazy. "Ha ha ha! You should've seen your faces!" Ema said.

Athena agreed. "That was priceless!"

Trucy high-fived the other girls. "We've sought our revenge, ladies! Well done!"

Apollo looked over to the side and saw Phoenix and Iris, who were still talking to each other. "Mr. Wright!" He yelled, getting the defense attorney's attention. "Look what they did to us!"

Phoenix just shrugged. "Consider it payback!"

Klavier picked up one of the balloons. "Quite impressive ladies. Water balloons. Not a bad idea."

Apollo and Simon smiled evilly, knowing what Klavier had in mind. They each picked up a few water balloons.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" Athena asked.

"You're not going to attack for innocent girls, are you?" Trucy added.

Apollo smirked. "Innocent. You girls are all guilty!"

The four girls backed away from the approaching guys, when Athena spoke up. "Well girls. There's only one thing we can do...or rather, say, in this situation."

"What is...oh. Oh! Yeah! Let's do it! On three girls!" Trucy started counting. "One, two, three."

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