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Disclaimer: Ranma and all associated characters are the property of Rumiko Takahashi, while the Wheel of Time characters and 'universe' are owned by Robert Jordan. Both are used without permission. This fan-fiction isn't intended for commercial use but is rather a tribute to both Ranma and WoT. There will also be miscellaneous cameos of other story lines; I leave their identification as an exercise for the reader.

Setting: This is set at the end of Ranma just before the failed wedding and in the middle of the book "The Shadow Rising" for WoT. I am going to assume that readers of this fanfic are familiar with both the Ranma and WoT story-lines as I do not intend to provide 'story history' here. If you are not familiar with either, please purchase the books, manga, video etc and become familiar, I believe it will be well worth both your money and time. This fanfic is going to be told mostly (but not exclusively) from Ranma's point of view, which means that the main elements of the WoT story line will largely not be re-told here as a result except as they affect Ranma.

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Far Dareis Mai Ranma By Cloud Dreamer

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Chapter Four Ranma's Treasure Chest

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The pair of teen Hobbit girls peered at the 'large' person slumped sideways against the tree trunk while sitting on a large root. One turned to the other and asked "What is she doing just sitting outside like that? Doesn't she realize it's going to rain again?" She peered closer, "She seems to be asleep!" she added in surprise.

The other snickered and said, "Well, her pants are down around her ankles and she has a roll of cleansing paper in her hand so I think it's pretty obvious what she was DOING." She laughed softly, "Come on let's leave her alone."

The first Halfling glanced one last time at the unconscious girl next to the immense backpack and then followed her friend across the fields to their home. They ran in an effort to beat both the storm and nightfall. Both girls would have been surprised if someone had told them the human girl was not sleeping but had merely fainted, repeatedly.

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Ranko looked at the racked equipment before him. He truly did not expect to ever see something like this here.

"What are those?" asked Enaila.

"Trucks, I think," responded Ranko. He considered again and then added, "Well, sort of anyway. I don't see no engines so I'm not really sure."

"Trucks, engines? What are those?" Enaila asked again as she jumped across space separating her from the top one.

"Humm, it's a kind of a wagon that doesn't need an animal to pull it. It can go really fast and doesn't need to eat or sleep. It just needs some type of fuel." Ranko paused and then added, "Well, the ones on my world were like that and these really do sort of look like them." He also jumped from the walkway onto the flat truck bed. He leaned over and gingerly touched the tire. He was pleased when the tire failed to dissolve into dust. As the vehicles were racked so that the tires were suspended, he was able to slowly spin the wheel. It started off with the sound of almost frozen bearings. But that sound had rapidly diminished into silence as the turning of the wheel re-spread the lubricant and restored the sealed bearings to almost normal use.

Enaila watched as Ranko seated himself in one of the seats behind a large window in one end of the 'truck'. She grinned as he experimentally turned the wheel and pushed buttons and pulled and opened and twisted everything movable. She wondered about what she'd seen as her lover moved to another one of these 'whatevers' with a sigh of audible disgust and disappointment on his part. She cocked her head in thought and then sat in the seat as she seen Ranko do.

She placed both hands on the wheel noticing the broad pads that marked where each hand was intended to be placed. A flash of intuitive understanding came to her and she slowly released a little of her fledging saidar abilities into the pads. She yelped as the 'truck' lurched under her, the wheels spinning rapidly in free space.

Ranko was at her side in moments a silly grin on his face. "You did it! You made it move, right?"

Enaila ginned broadly, "I think there might be a teaching on this. If so, then we can find out what it can do and how to make it do it right."

Ranko's grin was marred by the pair of tears that traced their way down his tense cheeks. "Finally, finally we might have a chance of perhaps making this actually work in time to make a difference."

Enaila sat back in stunned silence; actually a little shocked to realize that she had not perceived this part of her life mate. He was intent on his efforts to help and preserve his adopted family. So much so that the overwhelming problems he had been struggling against were something he was taking very personally.

The duo continued to explore the ship but found little else of value. While there was little evidence that the ship had been looted, most of what remained of the cargo had not survived the long cold millennia despite the cargo hold being sealed.

At best there were a few dozen more power wrought blades amid the dust of their crating as well as large piles of miscellaneous glassware that appeared to be vases, glasses, dishes and similar items. Perhaps more would be found when everything in the hull was finally cleared of debris, but there was little chance of anything of significance.

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Ranko met with those who had been sent out to explore the region behind the city. Enaila and Seana were part of the meeting since they were clan roof-mistress and desert-tower roof-mistress respectively.

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incomplete chapter

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Akane glared at Taro as the brief storm drenched the remaining members of the Nerima Wrecking Crew pretty much shutting down the present argument. Not that she cared whether or not any of the other fiancées believed her about where Ranma had gone.

"You pervert," Akane snarled at her damp look-alike body double as Taro's new cursed form was revealed.

Taro glared at her, wondering what her problem was. An evil thought occurred to Taro and after a moment of very deliberate consideration, she acted on it. Taro turned slightly away from Akane and slowly slid her hand over her own rear. "Wow, Akane, you sure have a nice ass," she purred.

The youngest Tendou daughter froze in disbelief while the others watched the happenings with some confusion.

Taro then pulled the top of her own now loose pants open and thrust her hand into them, "Oh, still a virgin too!" she cooed. "This will be so much fun to play with myself," she added.

Akane fainted while the others just face-faulted in unison. Taro grinned as she walked away. "Damn, that was fun. Maybe fem-boy was onto something after all."

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