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One week later –

"Jemma...this is fantastic! You really didn't have to make me dinner though. I told you that I forgave you for turning me-"

"-into a baby. I know. But I still feel absolutely horrible."

"Hey, I'm fine. Nothing-"

"-bad happened, I know. But it could've gone dreadfully wrong! I just wanted to make you this dinner as an apology of sorts. And of course to say that I love you, darling." She said lovingly, as her arms wrapped around the normal, adult sized Skye.

"You're finishing my sentences again," Skye smirked as she placed her hands on her lover's hips. "But yea, love you too." She finished softly. Jemma grinned brightly as she leaned in and captured the skilled hacker's lips in a sweet kiss.

A few hours later –

"Hey guys! What's up?" Skye greeted Ward and Fitz as the two men walked into the lounge area.

"Not much, kid. Just grabbing a snack." Ward muttered while grabbing a bag of chips from the pantry. On his way out, he ruffled Skye's hair and seemed to look conflicted by his own actions.

"Um...why does he keep doing that?" The computer genius questioned with a confused expression. "For the past week he has been calling me kid and ruffling my hair-"

"I assume he's still kind of adjusting from when you turned into a toddler." Fitz shrugged. "He seemed to really like playing with you. When Agent Coulson first saw you guys together, he said you were playing 'horsey'".

"Oh really?" Skye smirked mischievously.

"Don't even try it, Skye. You were pretty much in love with him" May spoke as she walked into the lounge. "Don't give me that look. You wouldn't stop hugging him"

"Love at first sight?" Fitz teased.

"Shut up..." Skye pouted.

Jemma snorted as she pulled her girlfriend onto her lap. The two sat comfortably on the couch and Skye reflexively cuddled into her lover's neck. "You better not be leaving me for Ward now. I know I shot you with a ray gun...twice...but at least I fixed it" Jemma teased.

The half Asian woman looked up from her spot under her girlfriend's chin and placed a gentle hand on her face. Pulling the paler woman closer, she claimed her lips with her own. "Never. I'm never leaving you unless you honestly want me to. You're stuck with me babe." Skye whispered passionately. They were interrupted mid-kiss by the clearing of a throat. Both of their heads jerked up to see an annoyed May standing in front of them.

In her hands, she held a half eaten bowl of cheerios and mixed fruit. She raised an eyebrow at Skye and pointed at the bowl. "You're an adult and you still pick out the cheerios? Do you not like fruit of something?"

"What? No, I do...but I just had an urge to see how many cheerios I could fit in my that weird?"

"Yes sweetie, that is quite strange." Jemma stepped in with a quizzical look on her face.

"No. It's actually not that strange, Simmons." May sighed exasperatedly. "Just...please finish the fruit Skye. You really need to eat healthier." The woman placed the bowl in the younger girl's lap and started to walk away.

"May!" Skye shouted and got up from the couch before the trained agent could get too far. "Thanks. For the cheerios and the fruit. You didn't have to make a bowl for me. I mean the note in the fridge was really sweet but you didn't have to. I really appreciate it though. You're the best." She said honestly. Hesitantly, she pulled the older woman into a hug and instinctively tucked her head under the woman's chin.

"You're welcome Skye. I'm glad you got to it before one of the boys found it." May cleared her throat before pulling away from the embrace and leaving the lounge.

"What was that?" Jemma asked with a tender smile.

"I...uh I'm not sure. I kinda just felt like hugging her?"

"I didn't mean it to be a bad thing, Skye. It was actually really sweet. It's just that I don't think I've ever seen May hug anyone."

"Well I guess I'm just really special then!" the skilled hacker said proudly with a childish grin.

"You definitely are quite special, darling," Jemma said adoringly. The two lovers seated themselves back onto the couch. Unconsciously, Skye began to pick at the bowl of fruit and periodically fed the girl beside her. Their muffled voices and giggling could be heard throughout the halls and put a grin on the agents passing by.