"Logan?" The deck was empty and Veronica glanced down at the baby. "Where did daddy go?" Wyatt stared at her with an intensity rivaled only by her daddy. Veronica couldn't get enough of looking at her. She was perfect. She could see both her and Logan in each tiny feature. "Logan?"

"I'm back here."

Veronica crossed the yard and found him lounging in the hammock. "I thought you were getting the grill ready."

"I did." She glanced back at the deck. His idea of ready was propping up the bag of charcoal next to it and setting a bottle of lighter fluid on top. "Let's be honest Veronica, if I tried to light that thing, I would set the house on fire."

She grinned, "probably."


"I'll give you three guesses on who doesn't want to take a nap."

"Well it's certainly not me. I was napping just fine until you started in with the nagging." He opened his eyes and put one foot on the ground to stabilize the hammock, "give her to me." Veronica passed him the baby. He cradled her against his chest, his large hand splayed across her tiny back. Wyatt issued a soft contented sigh and a slow smile spread across Logan's face. It was a mutual admiration society. "It's entirely your fault that she doesn't want to sleep."


"Mmm hmm, she gets her curiosity from her mommy." He gently rocked the hammock and with each swing Wyatt's eyes closed a little more. Veronica turned back toward the house and Logan grabbed her hand. "There's plenty of room for you to nap with us."

Veronica leaned down and kissed him. "I'll be right back." She disappeared into the house and returned with her camera. The two of them just looked so peaceful there together.

"Don't you already have like five hundred of the same photo?" She ignored him and took another one before going back inside to get ready. Today was a combined celebration.

Her dad and Dottie were the first to arrive, together. Veronica grinned. In the past few weeks she couldn't seem to see one without the other. "Where's my granddaughter?"

"Uh hello?" She pointed to herself, "beloved daughter, the apple of your eye."

"I hate to tell ya kid, but you've been replaced by somebody younger. Them's the breaks here in Hollywood, baby." Keith pulled her into a hug and gently squeezed.

"Go, go, I see how it is. She's outside napping with Logan." Keith made a beeline for the patio doors. "Oh and Logan left you in charge of the grill."

"It's good for a man to know his limitations." Veronica rolled her eyes. As Dottie predicted, the more time Dad and Logan spent together, the better they were getting along. It still wasn't perfect and there were more than a few tense moments, but it was better.

Dottie hugged her, "what do you need help with?"

"Um, everything."

Dottie laughed as she made her way into the kitchen. .

Wallace arrived next. "Where's Wyatt?"

"Seriously? Can I get no love here?" He hugged her. "A pity hug, I'll take it."

"You know we're always going to love…what's your name again?"

She pointed her finger at him, "you cannot hang out with Logan anymore." Wallace laughed at her. "I don't know why you're laughing buddy, I mean it." She made a slicing motion across her neck, "you two are done."

Dick and Mac arrived within seconds of each other. Veronica didn't know exactly who they were attempting to fool with their not-so-sly charade. Wyatt couldn't even focus properly and even she knew what was going on, but Veronica let them keep up the pretense. For now. "Ronnie, you're looking pretty good and can I say the boobs are fantastic. Any time you're ready to kick Logan to the curb, Dick is available."

"Dick. I'll forgive you because you brought food." She pointed him and his tray toward the kitchen.

Mac leaned in and gave her a hug. "Can you believe that Hallmark does not make a happy you're not going to jail, congratulations on passing the Bar, welcome home to the new baby, housewarming card?"

"Impossible. Hallmark has cards for every occasion. It says so right in the commercials. Obviously you just didn't care enough to send the very best."

"I brought me."

As she was closing the door, Weevil pulled up in the Impala with Jade and Valentina. "I was afraid to come up into this clean well-lit neighborhood all by myself."

"I could lend you my street cred for the ride home."

"I told you, never say that again."

When the doorbell rang, Veronica frowned. Everyone they knew was here already. She pulled it open, "Trina?"

Without any preamble, Trina said. "I'm in trouble and I need your help Veronica."

Author's Note: Hope you enjoyed reading my first piece of fan fiction! Thank you for your great comments and reviews, I truly loved reading them all. If you want to continue the journey with me, I have started the sequel to this story - A CLOSED SET. The prologue of which will be posted on Saturday. Take care and keep reading!