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2: I will not be detailing all of the other made up gyms in this story. I will summarize them and that's it. As in: What towns/cities they were in, the gym leaders and what they looked like, the look of their gym, the type their gym specialized in, what Pokemon they and Ash used, who won the battles and what the gym badges look like. (Every gym badge I describe is being modeled after actual un-named badges in the show. You can see the images of them if you go to Bulbapedia and search 'Badges'. Then go to where it tells you about all of the un-named badges. I will tell you with every badge I describe where to look for it on Bulbapedia).

It would take way too long to detail every gym that Ash is going to face and it would end up getting kind of boring. That's why I'm doing this. I want to detail things in this story but not make it drag on forever with something like tons of gym battles. I may detail one of the made up gyms battles again later but I'm not sure. I did the first one in the last chapter just to give you all an idea of what was going on in the whole, 'made up gyms' thing. As readers you sometimes only care about the summary of what happened at a certain point in the story. I feel that unimportant gym battles are one of the things you summarize. The canon gym battles I will detail however, just with my own twist;)

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For instance: Many of Ash's Pokemon will be totally content and happy with just living at the Oak Ranch where they can train to be as strong as they can possibly be, live in a safe and peaceful place with all of the other Pokemon that Ash has captured, be fed and well taken care of by Professor Oak, and just live a life of comfort without worry. Sure, when Ash needs them they help any time! But when he doesn't need them, they are totally fine with living at the Lab.

Ash will obtain a group of Pokemon that are pretty much his constant battlers and traveling Pokemon. Mostly Pokemon we've seen from canon and then a few others that are unique to my story;)

Doing things this way allows Ash to catch as many Pokemon as I want him to without concerns that all of them are not getting a chance to travel with him. The Oak Ranch is a great place so many of them are totally ok with staying there while Ash travels the world with his chief Pokemon.

They stay behind at the Lab and train hard with the programs that Ash creates for them, all while living the lives that they want to at the Lab. Adhering to their Trainer's call whenever he needs them. Besides, the Oak Ranch will be getting some... 'improvements' as the story goes on that Ash's Pokemon will really enjoy!

This answers everyone's concerns on 'neglected Pokemon'.

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Just be warned: When Ash's Pokemon are knocked out in battle and he just shrugs it off like nothing he's not being heartless. The guy LOVES his Pokemon. He's just very calm and collected and understands that losing a Pokemon in battle is a natural occurrence when your a Trainer. When he goes a whole battle without losing a single Pokemon he wasn't banking on it. It just happened that way. However, he also knows that getting upset about losing a Pokemon in a battle will do nothing to help him win. So he remains calm. Just remember that!

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I capped everything so you could see how serious I was about this issue. I'm not being an ass, just truthful and up front. This is one of two subjects I will not be swayed on.

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He is how he is because Ash trains FUCKING hard! He learns, he researches, he trains and he is ALWAYS looking for ways to improve himself and his Pokemon. CONSTANTLY! They train like monsters and I have stated this time and time again in the previous chapters. I don't go in detail because it would be boring as shit to hear me rattle on and on about their training. There is a storyline to follow! Besides, I've already explained in great detail about how he trains his Pokemon and with what methods he uses and believes in. When the occasion calls for it, I'll explain a certain Pokemon's training in greater detail.

And here's another thing for you 'rational thinkers' to mull over: If you have a fighter who trains harder than the person they are fighting... Their skills are way better, their strength, their abilities, everything about them is superior to their opponent because they TRAIN HARDER and WANT IT MORE... when they go up against that other fighter in the ring who has not trained nearly as hard as they have and doesn't 'want it' as much as they do, guess who's losing?!

Tell me something rational thinkers. Does it make sense to make Ash lose to an opponent who is much less skilled then him and his Pokemon? When they don't train nearly as hard and are levels below them? Just to have Ash lose for the sake of 'just because'? Hell no! The one who wants it more will ALWAYS win!

So here's the thing: My story is going to be very weird and very different. My Ash is going to be out of this world because he 'WANTS IT'! He AND his Pokemon 'WANTS IT'! They ARE going to have many tough battles eventually and Ash IS going to catch MANY, MANY Pokemon! In fact, you can refer to my earlier statement in this A/N about how him having tons of Pokemon is going to work out. I'm writing this story for me and all of the fans who have been wanting to read a Pokemon story that is no holds bar and DOES NOT conform to the standard! I refuse to let this story fall into the category of all the other stories people have started that had great aspirations of being different and standing out, only to let a bunch of miserable ingrates come along and ruin their inspiration and drive! I will not change this story and it WILL stand above all the others! I want this story to stand as a beacon to all of the writers out there who just want to let their imaginations go wild and write a story about whatever in the hell they want! No matter how strange others may think it is! I tell all of you people who are reading this to hear my words! Trust and believe in yourself! The only thing that matters in the end is what YOU think of the work your doing! Nobody else! Do it and feel proud!

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'The Greatest There Was or Ever Will Be: Chapter Seven...'

'Shockin' The Surge, Rockin' The Anne!'


Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon... but you all knew that;)

Ash Ketchum stood on a hill overlooking the port town of Vermillion City, his partner and first Pokemon Pikachu was sitting on his shoulder comfortably but also with an air of constant alertness about himself and a hidden sense of power also radiating from the small Pokemon. Something his Trainer also exuded.

Behind Ash were his friends, Brock, Misty and Giselle, who had just now joined him atop the hill and were now looking over the city with him.

"It's a nice looking city." Giselle commented idly.

Ash nodded his head. "Yes it is. I'm more concerned with the Pokemon Center that they have down there though. My Pokemon deserve a really nice rest." The boy said looking at Pikachu.

It had been two weeks since they had left Bill's lighthouse and in that time he and his Pokemon had trained like monsters, preparing themselves for anything that they would face when they challenged the Vermillion Pokemon Gym.

Ash had been training so hard that he actually FELT his muscles repairing the damage he had done to them over the past two weeks.

All of the Pokemon Ash had with him had grown by leaps and bounds over the past half a month. Especially Pikachu. He had hit another 'power growth spurt' as Ash liked to call his starter Pokemon's insane gains in power he would go through randomly. The little Pokemon just kept getting stronger with seemingly no limits to his gains in strength.

The second Pokemon he had with him was Charmander. The little Fire-Type had also made huge gains in power over the past two weeks. He had learned the new moves Flame Burst and Slash. He now knew the moves: Ember, Smokescreen, Fire Fang, Slash, Dragon Rage and Flame Burst.

Charmander had been growing so fast and so strong with Ash's training program that he wondered what Damian would say if he saw Charmander now.

The third Pokemon Ash had on him was Bulbasaur. The Grass-Type had learned new moves as well but his real accomplishment was on the gains in power he had been making. The Pokemon had been growing stronger very fast and Ash was very happy for him.

He had learned the new moves: Double Edge and Synthesis.

He now knew the moves: "Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, Sweet Scent, Poisonpowder, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, Double Edge, Growth and Synthesis.

Squirtle was the fourth Pokemon he had with him and the little Water Pokemon had also grown very much in the last two weeks. He had learned the new moves: Protect and Water Pulse.

He now knew the moves: Tackle, Bite, Water Pulse, Protect, Bubble and Rapid Spin.

Pidgeotto was the fifth member of his team and had grown not only stronger but also even faster in speed over the two weeks they been traveling.

She learned two new moves, one which surprised him. She had learned Roost and shockingly enough, Wing Attack. It was surprising because usually Pidgeotto didn't learn that move until they evolved into their final evolutionary stage, Pidgeot.

The final member of Ash's team was his newest and arguably most special Pokemon... The giant Dragonite that decided to go with Ash and become his Pokemon back at Bill's lighthouse.

It was extremely hard for Ash to design an effective and intense training program for Dragonite. Both because the Pokemon was so large and also because she had such power in her attacks they had to be very careful not to destroy anything important, or injure any stray people or Pokemon. It was also difficult because they had to be careful not to let any anyone or at least as few people as possible see her. Not easy since she was over one hundred feet tall.

In the end Ash decided on two methods for approaching her training: For her physical training Ash had decided to use objects in the environment for her body weights. She would use such things as large trees she would pull out of the ground and large boulders she would pick up and lift for strength training. For her move and power training Ash would have her work on each of her moves for a certain amount of time, having her focus on building the power of her moves and also the number of times she could use them without getting tired. As well as many other methods for working her moves.

To avoid being seen, Ash would always wait to train Dragonite until late at night. He would make up for her missing the training that all of his other Pokemon did during the day by drilling her extremely hard at night.

Many of the physical training exercises Ash would have her do covered everything his other Pokemon worked on. He would have her work her cardio and stamina by taking to the darkened skies at night with large boulders in her arms and then she would fly until exhaustion. Ash would have her go as high in the sky as possible to work on flying in very high elevations. This would make up for the lack of resistance training tools she had available to her because of her size. The sky and gravity was not limited to size which meant that she had a constant form of resistance merely a few wingbeats away. This was especially true if it was raining. Her wings would get weighed down with the water and make it tougher on her to fly. Likewise, if they were lucky enough to get a thunderstorm Dragonite would be able to work on dodging bolts of lightning as projectiles that she needed to avoid for her speed and agility training.

For strength training he would make her fly high into the sky, large trees or boulders in hand and then perform several different aerial exercises that would would fatigue her muscles to exhaustion.

He also had her work all of her moves high in the sky. In fact, if someone were to look up in the sky late at night where Dragonite was training, they would think that fireworks were being set off. Massive fireworks!

In truth, there wasn't any kind of training that Dragonite could actually do on the ground since any time she would move or Arceus forbid jump, it would feel like an earthquake was taking place. Scaring any Pokemon nearby and/or people in towns and cities miles away.

This was okay with Ash and Dragonite since she got a much better workout doing her training in the skies anyway.

If there was thing that training Dragonite confirmed was that he would not be able to use her in ordinary Trainer or gym battles. She was just way to strong for that and ran a serious risk of hurting other Pokemon with her attacks.

Another method of training that Ash actually engaged in with Dragonite was a bonding and trust building exercise. Dragonite would lift Ash up in the palm of her hand and place him on her neck. She would then take off into the air and fly with Ash on her back. He would command her to use several different attacks while they were flying with him on top of her the whole time. This would work her control to extreme levels. If she wasn't careful with how she executed her attacks and with how much power she used then Ash would fall off.

Just the same, Dragonite would perform several different aerial acrobatics while in the air that required Ash to trust that Dragonite knew what she was doing and wouldn't let him fall.

The first time he did this Ash was nervous, but after he flew on Dragonite for the first time he was instantly addicted. It became a perfect bonding experience for Ash and Dragonite to do together and built their relationship beautifully.

What was funny was that from the ground you couldn't even tell Ash was riding Dragonite! He would appear as just a black spot on her back. A tiny spot!

When he was flying with her he would many times look back and try to see where Dragonite's body would end, where her tail was, and he never could. It was like standing directly under a skyscraper and trying to see the top of it with the sun in your eyes. Dragonite was simply to massive to even hope to to find the end of her body when Ash was riding on her.

Pikachu had even taken to flying with them after watching Ash do it a few times. He was just like his Trainer, after Pikachu rode with Ash and Dragonite one time he was hooked! He would always ride in the same spot. Tucked safely back into Ash's lap. Not a single night went by that Pikachu didn't ride with them. Needless to say, it bonded the three of them together even closer and it was safe to say that Pikachu and Dragonite had become good friends.

Ash had tried to get Brock, Misty and Giselle to ride with him and Pikachu but Brock and Misty vehemently denied, saying they were perfectly happy with sleeping safely on the ground while they had their late night flying sessions. They 'appreciated the offer' they had said, which made Ash laugh at them.

Funny enough and on a side note: That was exactly the same thing that Brock and Misty always said when he asked them to train with him. They 'appreciated the offer' but would rather do their own training. And they did train their Pokemon pretty regularly it was just... No where even close to how Ash and his Pokemon trained. Then again, he was shooting for something much bigger than them so he understood.

Thinking of that reminded Ash of the first night that Dragonite took to the skies. When she opened her wings and prepared to take off, the force of her wings flying open caused a large gust of wind to tear through their campsite, scattering everything everywhere and even uprooting a few smaller sized trees in the clearing they were in. They learned quickly to never let Dragonite take off flying anywhere near them if they didn't want to be bowled over by the fierce currents of air that came from her massive wings.

Giselle was actually the only one who went flying with Ash and Pikachu on Dragonite. Just like Ash and Pikachu she was scared her first time but after that she was hooked to it as well. While Brock and Misty slept every night... Ash, Giselle and Pikachu were flying on Dragonite, having the time of their lives.

The funny thing was, Giselle had become Dragonite's favorite person next to Ash. This happened after she started trusting Dragonite enough to actually ride on her. This strengthened Ash's theory that in order to really gain the favor and respect of Dragon-Types you had to show them the same kindness and emotions you wanted them to show you. The same was true for all Pokemon, but Ash felt it even more so for Dragon Types. This was also something that Ash was quick to write down in his Pokemon Researcher In-Training journal. He kept marveling over just how complex Dragon Pokemon were the more time he spent training and bonding with Dragonite. They were extremely hard to figure out, but once you did began to understand them and gain their trust and respect they were amazing Pokemon. Ash could say that Dragon-Types were quickly becoming one of his favorite types of Pokemon.

It went without saying that Ash and Dragonite had a perfect training schedule set up finally. And because of their bonding exercises they did and all of the time they spent together, they were in complete harmony with each other when it came to their relationship. Ash showed Dragonite the utmost respect and took her needs and desires into consideration all the time. He was kind and caring to her but also firm and showed a grit when working with her that was far beyond his years.

He had learned exactly how to train Dragonite to exhaustion and help her perform the training that was most beneficial to her. This had earned Dragonite's respect for Ash. When she looked at her Trainer she didn't see an unworthy greenhorn newbie that was struggling along trying to find his way. No... When she looked at Ash she saw the future of a truly great and amazing Pokemon Trainer that would do astounding things. She was proud to call him her Trainer.

In fact, in just the two weeks that he had trained with Dragonite, she mastered the moves she had known for so long. Her strength, stamina, speed, power and even agility had increased exponentially. She even had managed to learn new moves. She now knew: Twister, Fire Punch, Thunderpunch, Roost, Thunder Wave, Dragon Rage, Agility, Dragon Tail and Hurricane.

In short, Ash had managed the impossible. Or what so many people would think was impossible. He had earned the complete trust, respect and loyalty of a Pseudo-Legendary. And not just any Pseudo-Legendary either, but a colossal over one hundred foot tall Dragonite! He had created the perfect training program for her with nothing more than his own intelligence and skills, and he did it all as a rookie Trainer.

His friends were very impressed with him. His other Pokemon were also just as proud of Ash and viewed their Trainer with even more respect and reverence then they did before Dragonite came along.

Something else Ash was very glad for was the fact that Dragonite had become totally accustomed to her Pokeball and actually enjoyed resting inside of it. Something he was afraid she would not come to accept since she had never even seen a Pokeball before, save the one that ended up becoming her own.

Another great thing was that she fit into Ash's team of Pokemon perfectly. They had accepted her with no problems whatsoever which made Ash very happy. He had actually swapped some of the Pokemon he had with him around with Pokemon from the Lab during the last two weeks so they could get some bonding and one on one training time in with Ash as well.

They had all grown amazingly well at the Lab, doing their own training programs and had grown much stronger. The former village Pokemon that was cared for by Melanie had also grown much stronger. Especially Magikarp. Ash was convinced that he was close to evolving, which excited him greatly. He had already decided that after he challenged the Vermillion City gym and they left to go to their next destination he was going to swap Pidgeotto out for Magikarp so that when he did evolve Ash could be there for it and then get to work on developing his Pokemon's new training program as a Gyarados.

Ash had actually asked Professor Oak if he could call him when his Pokemon looked close to evolving so he could get them sent over to him, that way he could be there for their evolutions. Of course the Professor immediately agreed.

The greatest thing about getting all of his Pokemon together with him over the last two weeks was that they all got a chance to meet Dragonite. They were only intimidated by her size for the first few moments after they first met the colossal Pokemon and then quickly warmed up to her after that. This made Dragonite extremely happy and made her feel like she finally belonged somewhere and was cared for.

Ash had even managed to finally creat his first perfect batch of Pokemon Food meant for Dragon-Types and was specifically made for Dragonite, including her immense size and training needs. She loved the taste of the food, it filled her large stomach up fast and the best part was... She only needed to eat regular sized portions of food. It just took Ash finding the perfect mixture of Pokemon Food mix, (it had a lot of ingredients from the sea. Not surprising since she she did live in the ocean for Arceus knows how long. One of the ingredients was actually Wailord blubber, leading Ash to believe that Dragonite probably ate Wailord a lot.) The rest of the food was mixed with the best berry combinations that Ash could create.

The ingredient that gave the food it's special property of filling up his massive Dragonite was actually a berry his mother had given him as a present after perfecting his cooking skills before he left home. It was called an Enigma berry (He had no idea where she got it from) and rumors abounded around the region this particular berry came from, (which was Hoenn), that it served the needs of whatever the individual using it needed the berry to offer at the time of use.

Ash guessed the rumors were true. It gave Dragonite's food the special kick it needed to fill her up without using tons of food. Luckily, the rumors about Enigma berries growing fast if you actually got a hold of one and planted it's seeds, were also true. Otherwise Ash would fear losing his 'secret weapon' against Dragonite's hunger. They actually grew almost overnight, shockingly enough, which meant that Ash only needed to plant one in the soil before bed and then we he got up the next day he had freshly grown Enigma berries, usually two or three. One Enigma berry would usually last him days since he only needed to chop off small parts of it to put into Dragonite's food. They were also very hardy growers and could grow in literally almost ANY type of soil. The Poke'Food mix that he mixed the berries with was very popular so he didn't have to worry about running out there either.

On a completely unrelated note, he also found that Dragon-Types apparently liked bitter Poke'Food that had just a hint of sweetness to it. That was exactly how Dragonite's food came out when he was done with it. Or maybe it was just something that she liked personally? He didn't know since he had no other Dragon Pokemon to compare it to.

Either way, Dragonite loved the food, it filled her up and it gave her all the nutrients she needed. Brock pouted and moped around that Ash was able to create the perfect recipe of Dragon-Type Pokemon food, which was very hard to make according to recipe books, when he as a Pokemon Breeder In-Training could not.

Eventually he stopped moping around when Misty clobbered him over the head and yelled at him, saying that Dragonite was hungry and that he either needed to get over himself and feed the Pokemon or get clobbered again so hard he wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a Muk and an Officer Jenny. Needless to say, Brock's pouting quickly ended after that and he was all smiles again. Well... He was all 'Brock' again. Which included the pervyness unfortunately...

Thinking about Poke'Food made Ash realize just how unique all of his Pokemon really were. Their food all tasted completely different and had it's own special flavoring. Charmander's for instance was made to help him grow stronger and build his firepower to much higher levels. The food smelled almost spicy Ash thought.

On the completely opposite hand, Squirtle's food was made to help him grow stronger and faster on both land and water. It was also really benficial for helping him with building up the power of his water pressure. His food tasted sweet and yet had a slight hint of lemony zest to it that Squirtle absolutely loved!

Yes it definitely amazed Ash with just how different and unique his Pokemon were when it came to something as simple as the food they ate.

One thing that Ash was anxious for was how Professor Oak would take the news of Ash obtaining a Dragonite at such an early stage on his journey. He chuckled to himself. He would know soon enough. Ash planned to tell him when they reached Vermillion City and he called home again.

The last and probably most constant subject on his mind, was Giselle. That girl was constantly shocking Ash with just how... Like him she was becoming over time. Only a day after they had left the lighthouse Ash had been training as usual with his Pokemon during a break for lunch they had decided to take while the others did their usual thing. Brock and his cooking, and Misty reading one of her books on training Water Pokemon. All of their Pokemon were out as usual.

It was a hot day since they were still so near the coast, so Ash decided to workout without his shirt, as usual, and converted his track pants to shorts. He was just getting ready to start his workout when Giselle suddenly came up to him wearing matching teal workout shorts and shirt with her hair pulled back. When he looked at her with confusion she asked Ash if she could begin training with him as well as her Pokemon.

Ash was shocked senseless at her request. Not one of his friends had asked to train with him, purely because what he did was crazy. However, here Giselle was, nervously asking to train with him. He eagerly complied, which brought a huge smile to her face and then she and her Graveler and Cubone trained with Ash and his Pokemon.

By the end of it, Giselle and her Pokemon were utterly exhausted and laid on the ground, unable to stand. For Ash, the sight of Giselle exhausted, sweating, breathing hard and pretty much glowing with the after effect of the workout, did things to him that should not happen to a boy his age.

After she and her Pokemon had recovered from the intense workout she begged Ash to please allow them to start training with him everyday. This shocked him as well, thinking them to be done with his training after just one time, however she surprised him yet again. He eagerly complied, to which she smothered him with a hug, both were soaked in sweat but they didn't care.

After that, and then everyday for the past two weeks, she and her Pokemon trained with Ash and his Pokemon. He taught Giselle how to create good nutrition plans for her Pokemon, with which she did amazing, and taught her how to eat the right way like he did. All in all, he was ecstatic that he had a training partner and even more so considering that it was Giselle. She utterly mystified him at every turn. Not too mention, the strange feelings that he felt growing for her just kept getting stronger and for the life of him, he couldn't figure out exactly what those feelings were. He was suddenly broken from his musings by Brock speaking up.

"Well Ash you only need one more badge after this one to qualify for the Pokemon League." Brock told him as he came up to stand beside Ash.

The boy took a deep breath. "Yeah your right. And I'll still be about eight months ahead of schedule as well. That's why I'm going to challenge all of the other gyms and collect all of the Kanto gym badges before the next conference. It'll really give me and my Pokemon a lot more battle experience and make us even stronger. Not to mention traveling through the entire region will give me a chance to meet unique Pokemon." He explained.

Misty just rolled her eyes. "What Ash, seeing and then CATCHING a GIANT DRAGONITE not good enough for you?" She said in a joking manner.

Ash smiled at Misty and replied back. "It's never good enough Mist, you should know that about me!"

They all laughed at this and then Ash said seriously. "The truth is... A good Trainer never let's anything become good enough for them. They respect and treasure what they have but they always push for more. Dragonite is an amazing Pokemon yes, but I want to find even more fascinating Pokemon that can help teach me more about them and help me become a better Trainer and eventually, Pokemon Researcher."

Misty just shrugged. "If you say so. I just think your catch crazy!"

Ash simply chuckled and shook his head. He took the time to think about the previous three gym battles that he and his Pokemon had battled in since they left Bill's lighthouse.


The first place they went to was a small forest town called Andon Town. It wasn't really big and was only a days detour from the main road. They had room for an urban area and a small shopping area and that was it. The gym itself was in a warehouse and was situated further back in the forest, away from the town. In fact, if you didn't know what to look for then the gym would have been very easy to miss.

The inside of the warehouse looked exactly the same as the outside in the forest. There were trees bushes and shrubs everywhere. As well as several webs that were strung up all over the place. The battlefield was about medium sized and was surrounded by crates covered in webs on all sides.

The gym leader was a boy around Brock's age. He had short silver hair that stood up on the end and had green eyes. He wore green pants with lime green shoes on his feet, a long sleeved green shirt and a light green undershirt that was underneath the. long sleeved shirt. He what looked liked spider webs draped over his shoulders and had the designs of black spider webs all over his clothes. He also wore glasses with lenses that were shaped to look like Venonat eyes.

The boys name was Iggy and he specialized in Bug-Type Pokemon. He was a nice boy, if not a little strange the way he talked about Bug-Types like they were all that mattered in his strange little world. He had a high pitched voice and was constantly spouting off different facts about Bug Pokemon.

Ash did his research before he came to this gym and prepared his own team of bugs to take Iggy down with. He wanted to show that his bugs were superior. He didn't disappoint either. The battle started with Iggy choosing a Beedrill as his first Pokemon. Ash used his own Beedrill and the battle commenced. Iggy had trained his Beedrill well and it knew some strong attacks, however Ash's Beedrill was not only stronger and faster from the training that he went through with Butterfree and Metapod, he also knew strong moves that he had perfected.

He knew the moves: Fury Attack, Twineedle, Focus Energy, Rage, Pursuit, Toxic Spikes, Pin Missile, Agility and his strongest move so far... Poison Jab.

After trading a few blows back and forth with things like Fury Attack, Twineedle and Pursuit, Iggy's Beedrill was looking bad. He commanded it to attack Ash's Beedrill with Pin Missile and that's where he messed up. Ash ordered his Pokemon to use Agility and then get in close and hit Iggy's Beedrill with Poison Jab. The attack hit dead center and Iggy's Beedrill was out.

The next match was between Iggy's Pinsir and Ash's Butterfree. Butterfree had learned quite a few moves since Ash last had the Pokemon with him. He had also gotten much stronger. Even more so than Beedrill.

He now knew the moves: Confusion, Sleep Powder, Poisonpowder, Stun Spore, Gust, Supersonic, Whirlwind, Psybeam, Silver Wind and Tailwind.

The battle was very intense. Pinsir was strong and knew powerful moves. It would keep trying to get a hold of Butterfree but the fast Pokemon would just keep avoiding it. Ash would have Butterfree use moves like Gust and Sliver Wind to knock Pinsir off balance and then hit it with moves like Psybeam and Confusion. The battle ended when Pinsir trapped Butterfree in it's large Pincirs and began squeezing him hard. Ash commanded Butterfree to use Sleep Powder while it still could and as soon as the attack hit Pinsir, since Butterfree was raised over it's head, it fell straight to sleep. Ash then commanded his bruised up Butterfree to use a Psybeam enhanced Sliver Wind that struck Pinsir hard and caused a small explosion. After the dust had settled Pinsir was shown unconscious.

The last match was between Iggy's Venonat and Ash's Metapod.

The battle seemed one sided for a long time with Venonat just continuously hitting the Cocoon Pokemon with attacks like Headbutt, Confusion and Leech Life. Ash had commanded Metapod to use Harden to the max and then had him let Venonat hit him all around the field. Every time Metapod would land in a new spot, Ash would have him use String Shot at different places all over the gym. Eventually the whole battlefield was covered in the sticky webbing. It got to the point where Venonat began having trouble getting through the maze of sticky, stringy webbing and not to mention, it had grown tired after attacking Metapod so many times.

When that started happening, Ash commanded Metapod to start springing off of his own webbing towards Venonat and hit it as hard as he could with Tackle. Metapod began hitting Venonat from all over the web infested battlefield with speed enhanced Tackles from launching himself off of the webs. It started looking like a game of pinball and Iggy could only watch it happen. Ash commanded Metapod to launch himself at Venonat one last time and use a Bug Bite/Tackle combination. Metapod executed his move perfectly and when it was over Venonat was done.

With such a big win Metapod had gained all of the experience he needed and evolved into Butterfree. It was a touching moment for Ash when just weeks prior the very Butterfree that floated before him proudly now was just a small and untrained Caterpie when Ash first met him at Melanie's cottage. Butterfree and Beedrill did an amazing job overseeing the new Butterfree's training and Ash made sure to let them know how much he appreciated them by holding a small celebration for them later that night with Pikachu, Brock, Misty, Giselle and their Pokemon. When his three Bug-Types all took off flying together for the first time that night it actually brought tears to Ash's eyes. He was very proud of them and couldn't wait to see how much stronger they would keep getting the next time he got them back from the Lab. Ash was also never more glad that he had gotten the idea to put scarves on both of his Butterfree. It really helped him tell them apart even though his first Butterfree was bigger than his second. His first Butterfree wore a yellow scarf and his second one wore a green scarf.

After Ash defeated Iggy and was praised by the boy for his strategic abilities in battle and the amazing way he raised Bug Pokemon, he awarded Ash with the Cunning Badge. The badge was green and shaped like a big bump. It had four smaller bumps on the bottoms of it with a large orange bump on the top. (A/N: On Bubapedia, go to the unnamed badges section and check the 'unnamed Trainer's badges' out. Their the badges that the boy is holding in the red case. The badge I'm describing is on the top row. If you read my description of the badge then you can't miss spotting it in the boy's case. Just use my description and compare the badges. To make it easier it's the third one to the left on the inside. Or the first badge to the right on the inside if that's how your looking at it. Remember: Top row!)

After that was over and Ash and his friends said good-bye to Iggy they left Andon Town and headed for the next detour on their way to Vermillion.


Their next stop had been at Ceras City. It was a bit of a detour from Vermillion but worth it. Ceras was one of the many coastal populaces that you would find in that part of Kanto and was a fairly large city. It had many large buildings, an urban area and a market district. It was surrounded by the mountains near the coast and gave the city a beautiful view from both the front, where the ocean was, and the back, where the mountains were.

The gym was actually located right in the heart of the city and was located in a large, square building that was made almost entirely out of glass. The inside of the building looked like an office lobby and the battlefield was in a big room that had a large field in which to battle on. The walls and ceiling were all made of glass and the room itself was at a higher floor and overlooked the ocean.

The gym leader was a properly dressed man who looked to be in his thirties and wore a pin striped business suit. He had dirty blond hair slicked down with some kind of gel, had a rather thin looking face and wore sophisticated looking glasses that covered his blue eyes.

The man's name was Ethan and he spoke with a very uppity sounding voice. He specialized in multiple types of Pokemon. Ash kept his normal team with him after finding out that he didn't specialize in anything particular.

The first battle was between Ethan's Machoke and Ash's Charmander.

Machoke was very fast and brutal with it's attacks. Hardly ever stopping it's attacks and showing it's endurance. Luckily, Charmander had the same kind of endurance and was able to keep up with all of the Fighting-Type's attacks as they came at him. Using his agility, Charmander had managed to jump over and avoid the attacks and then sneak in and hit the larger Pokemon with attacks like Slash and Fire Fang.

However, Machoke had managed to hit Charmander with a Low Kick and then barraged him with a strong Revenge attack, before punching Charmander hard with a Mega Punch and sending the small Pokemon plowing into the ground.

Charmander had managed to stand up and his eyes began glowing red as he started building up Rage. Ash told Charmander to use Smokescreen to blind Machoke. When the field hazed over Ash commanded Charmander to charge into the smoke and hit Machoke with Flame Burst and then barrage his foe with Rage enhanced Slash and Fire Fang attacks.

Charmander charged into the smoke and began his barrage on Machoke. Blinded by the smoke, Ethan and Machoke could do nothing but let the attack commence.

Charmander jumped back out of the smoke and then Ash told him to use his remaining power from Rage and combine it with Dragon Rage. Charmander charged up a massive and fury filled Dragon Rage attack and then launched into the smoke, causing a big explosion that made them all worry the glass windows and ceilings would break.

When the haze cleared it showed Machoke completely unconscious on the ground.

The next battle was between Ethan's Rhyhorn and Ash's Squirtle.

Rhyhorn was a pure powerhouse Pokemon and relied heavily on his mass and heavy hitting attacks to try and take Squirtle out. Luckily, Squirtle was very fast and light on his feet from all of the training he did on the land and in the water while they had been traveling on the coast and was able to keep up with Rhyhorn easily and dodge all of his attacks.

It's like Ash always said. Speed was a Pokemon's best friend in any battle.

Ash had Squirtle do a lot of jumping and sliding on his shell to avoid his opponent. To attack, Ash would command Squirtle to weave his way inside of Rhyhorns defense by firing either Bubble or Water Pulse at the Pokemon to distract it. He would then come up on either Rhyhorn's sides, or under his stomach and then use Water Pulse to hit the larger Pokemon with a powerful blast of water that would send Squirtle skidding safely away from Rhyhorn.

However, at one point when Squirtle performed this strategy Ethan had Rhyhorn lay on top of Squirtle with Body Slam when he was passing under him. Ethan was going to have his Pokemon lay on Squirtle until it passed out but Ash formed a quick strategy.

He ordered Squirtle to use Water Pulse and Bubble while under Rhyhorn with as much pressure as he could force into it. The Bubble attacks would hit Rhyhorn under the stomach and cause it stinging pain, while the Water Pulse kept trying to lift Rhyhorn into the air. Eventually the Pokemon couldn't take it anymore and rose up slowly, much to Ethan's protest.

At that moment Ash told Squirtle to use Water Pulse as hard as he could at the Pokemon's underside since he had some room to move now. Squirtle did and when the Water Pulse hit the underside of the Pokemon it lifted it off of the ground and up into the air.

Before it could hit the ground Ash commanded Squirtle to use a Rapid Water Spin. Which was a combination of Water Pulse and Rapid Spin.

He began spinning all around the room like a spinning water wheel and started smacking Rhyhorn every which way. The Pokemon never managed to hit the ground because Squirtle's attacks were keeping it levitated into the air.

Ash commanded Squirtle to end it by getting above Rhyhorn while it was still in the air helpless and come down on top of it with as hard of a Pulse Tackle as possible. Which was a combination of Tackle and Water Pulse.

As Squirtle made his way down towards Rhyhorn he began launching strong pulses of water from his back end, which gave him speed, and also directly into Rhyhorn's head. Which kept weakening it. When Squirtle finally made contact with Rhyhorn with a Water Pulse enhanced Tackle, he sent the larger Pokemon soaring into the ground below where it crashed landed and went still. Unconscious.

The last battle was between Ethan's Pontya and Ash's Bulbasaur.

Ash played this battle very much on the safe side because of the huge type disadvantage. He had Bulbasaur stay extremely light on his feet the entire time and never had had him stay in one place to long because of the multitude of Fire-Type attacks that Ethan kept having Ponyta attack Bulbasaur with. Also, being that Ponyta was a fast Pokemon it made dodging it's attacks very difficult for Bulbasaur.

Eventually, It hit Bulbasaur with a Stomp attack that knocked him into the ground. Right as Ponyta got ready to release a Fire Spin attack on the downed Grass-Type, Ash commanded Bulbasaur to use his vines and attach them to the upper rafters.

Bulbasaur used this method to swing himself out if the way just as the attack hit where he had been. Ash had an idea and commanded Bulbasaur to start launching Leech Seeds in the middle of the battlefield while he swung away from Ponyta.

Once he had completed his task and was back on the ground, Ash commanded Bulbasaur to lead Ponyta towards the seeds while dodging the attacks that Ethan kept commanding his Pokemon to use in hopes of catching Bulbasaur.

Right as Bulbasaur made it to the implanted Leech Seeds and Ponyta was charging in to hit him with a Flame Charge attack, Ash told Bulbasaur to use his vines to jump back into the air and leave a wall of Poisonpowder in his wake.

Ethan saw the danger and commanded his Pokemon to stop it's charge. Ponyta did and ended up right over top of the Leech Seeds. Ash then commanded Bulbasaur to activate the seeds and wrap his vines around Ponyta's legs and pull her on top of them.

Ethan wasn't fast enough to command his Pokemon to dodge and Ponyta was to tired from it's constant attacks to avoid Bulbasaur's vines that wrapped themselves around her back legs and pulled her down onto the energy sucking seeds.

Ethan had watched in despair as his Pokemon's energy was stolen from it mercilessly. In the end, Ponyta fell to the ground unconscious from energy drain.

After Ethan congratulated Ash on his victory, battle prowess and his Pokemon's amazingly quick reflexis in battle, he awarded him with the Reflex Badge.

It was a yellow/golden color and was shaped like something between a crescent moon and claw of sorts. (A/N: On Bulbapedia, look up Gary's badges. It's the one on the top row, in the far right hand corner. It's the very last badge on that side).

After thanking Ethan and accepting his badge they left the gym and headed out of Ceras City for their next destination: Kaston Village.


Kaston Village was actually a small community that was situated deep within the forests just outside of the coastal towns and cities.

The whole town/village was made to look very wild and untamed. The houses were simple log homes and the shops were just a few small mom and pop groceries. There was a small Pokemon Center and also Poke'Mart located in the community just like was required for for any place that housed a Pokemon Gym. The trees seemed to tower over everything and if one described the small community in one word it would be... Natural.

The Pokemon Gym was actually located in a massive log structure that lead deeper into the forest and had a very wild look to it. The Pokemon Leage emblem above the door actually had vines growing around it.

Once inside the gym they had to follow a few twisting turns until they finally made it out into a wide open clearing that was surronded on all sides by the forest. Boxed in. The battlefield was on a very large and elevated platform that was suspended off the ground by large logs. The entire arena had a huge net draped across it and a wooden bridge led out onto the battlefield.

The gym leader was a young woman who appeared to be in her twenties and had long green hair that was tied back into a ponytail. She wore a brown V-neck shirt sleeve short and grey cargo shorts with a brown leather belt across the waist. She also wore brown hiking boots on her feet. Her face looked excited, wild and looked like she had a hard time standing still.

Her name was Liza and she spoke with a girlish excitement in her voice. She specialized in 'any Pokemon she thought went well with nature' and that was all she said about it when Ash tried to press the issue.

The battle started with Ash facing off against Liza's Parasect with his own Paras.

Ash had actually decided to use the Pokemon he had captured at Melanie's cottage for this gym battle. It was his first time battling with Paras and he wanted to see how strong he was. Professor Oak told Ash that Paras trained extremely hard just like all of his other Pokemon and Ash was excited to see his progress. He knew the moves: Stun Spore, Poisonpowder, Slash, Growth, Leech Life, Fury Attack and Spore.

The battle was constant the entire time. Neither opponent giving an each. Parasect didn't want to lose against it's pre-evolved form and Paras didn't want to lose period.

Parasect kept attacking Paras relentlessly with every move it knew. From Spore, Slash, Fury Futter and even Giga Drain. Paras was fast and managed to dodge the bulk of the attacks but he still got hit with attacks like Fury Cutter and occasionally he would even get caught temporarily in the tendrils of Giga Drain.

Ash would always manage to command Paras to cut itself free from the tendrils using it's Slash attack or Fury Cutter but he knew that he couldn't keep up the game of run away for long. Paras would eventually get tired.

Parasect had already landed a few hits on Paras and he had only grazed Parasect a few times with either Fury Futter or Slash.

That's when an idea hit Ash. Paras didn't need to outmuscle Parasect... Just outsmart it! He had Paras use his speed to get close to Parasect. Liza had her Pokemon use Slash, trying to stop Paras but he just jumped out of the way. Ash then ordered him to get under Parasect's legs and use Slash and Fury Cutter to take the Pokemon's legs out from under it.

It worked beautifully and after Paras had cleared itself from under it's legs, Parasect fell to the ground. Liza tried to get Parasect to use Giga Drain from where it was but Ash was quicker and had Paras get in close enough to launch a Spore attack at the downed Pokemon.

It fell asleep in a matter of seconds and then Paras began glowing with a bluish aura around it. A few seconds later long tendrils were coming out of the energy surrounding Paras and Ash knew that he had just learned Giga Drain.

He ordered Paras to use his new move and so he did. The tendrils wrapped around the sleeping Pokemon and sapped it's energy completely. By the time it was over and it fell back to the ground, Parasect was unconscious.

The final match was actually a double battle. Ash wanted to see how well both of his Rattata battled together since they supposedly were very good at it if what Professor Oak said was true.

Liza was more than happy to oblige and took on his Rattata with her Exeggcute and Tangela.

The entire battle Ash would have his Rattata rely on speed, evasion and tactics to avoid the many attacks thrown their way and also deliver their own. Exeggute and Tangela were both Grass-Types and they knew a lot of energy draining and status effecting moves that Ash was very wary for.

He would keep both of his Rattata running, dodging and attacking away from each other and separate instead of as a unit, so they wouldn't be such easy targets. Since his Rattata both knew the same moves: Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Pursuit, Hyper Fang and Crunch, he would have them attack with separate moves.

When they would get in close after dodging either Tangela's Vine Whips or Exeggute's attacks like Confusion and Seed Bomb, they would both use Quick Attack to get in fast and hit their opponents quickly before one would use either Hyper Fang or Crunch and the other would use the opposite move.

During one of their Quick Attack induced run-ins, Liza commanded her Tangela to use a Razor Leaf and throw them off track. She then ordered it to use Vine Whip on their feet and trip up the Rattata. The attacks worked and while the Rattata were laying on their stomachs she had Tangela trap them in it's vines. She then had Exeggute use Seed Bomb on the trapped Pokemon and pelte them harshly. She commanded both of her Pokemon to use a double Stun Spore and put them down afterwards for her finishing move.

Ash saw the trouble and commanded both if his Pokemon to use their Hyper Fang attacks on the vines holding them. Liza wasn't expecting this and neither was Tangela. Both Rattata chomped down on the vines that held them and instantly, Tangela let them go.

Ash had them use Quick Attack and Focus Energy to escape the Stun Spores heading for them by running down the middle of the field where the attack wasn't coming from, in perfectly combined formation. One in perfect step behind the other.

When they were clear of the attacks Ash ordered them to break off in separate directions. He had one Rattata get close to Tangela and hit it with Pursuit followed by Hyper Fang.

He had the other Rattata hit Exeggute with Quick Attack.

The best thing about fighting Exeggute was that they had one big weakness: There was a single egg that didn't move or do anything and was just a big target. He ordered his Rattata to use Crunch on the defenseless egg, but when Rattata jumped in the air to attack it, the other eggs used Confusion to hold the Rattata in place.

Ash knew she was in trouble and looked over at how is other Rattata was doing. She was still gnawing away at Tangela's vines while the Pokemon tried desperately to shake her off.

He then saw it: There was a small hole in Tangela's vines that Rattata had opened with her teeth. Ash ordered his Pokemon to get INSIDE of Tangela. Rattata did and jumped in the hole provided. Liza stared in shock as Rattata began wreaking havoc on the poor Pokemon from the inside. Ash kept thanking Arceus that he had developed this strategy before when he used it on Brock's Onix with his first Rattata.

He then saw something strange. When Rattata attacked a certain part of Tangela's inner anatomy, he saw it's vines that it used for Vine Whip start swinging around wildly. Ash had a crazy idea and ordered Rattata to take control of those vines again from inside and use them to attack Exeggute.

It took a little bit, but since Tangela was powerless to get Rattata out of it, it could do nothing to stop what was happening. Rattata found a way to control the vines with it's teeth and used them to swing the vines towards Exeggute and wrap the Pokemon up. Exeggute wasn't expecting it's own partner to attack it and just as it was about to toss the Rattata it was holding in the air by Confusion, the vines wrapped the cluster of eggs.

The attack instantly stopped and Rattata was dropped. Not wasting a moment, Rattata lunged at the helpless egg and clamped down on it with Crunch.

Ash then saw why the other eggs that made up Exeggute guarded that one defenseless egg. It was the source of their Psychic power. When Rattata clamped down on it the Exeggute began using Confusion uncontrollably. Ash didn't waste a beat and ordered Rattata to direct that Confusion towards Tangela.

Right as the attack hit, Ash ordered his other Rattata to exit Tangela and then run for Exeggute. The attack hit Tangela and then everyone watched as it was picked up and then slammed repeatedly into the ground, courtesy of the way Rattata would crunch down into the egg it was biting. Biting downward would make the Confusion be directed down, up would make it go up, and the sides would make the attack go in either direction.

After slamming Tangela around Ash then commanded Rattata to use the attack and throw Tangela right at Exeggute.

As Tangela soared in the air towards Exeggute Ash ordered both of his Rattata to get away to safety. Tangela hit Exeggute and caused a small crater in the ground that entangled the both of them together.

Ash then ordered the finishing move by having his Rattata use a combined Quick Attack on the downed Pokemon. They charged at the Pokemon and hit them hard, launching the Pokemon back into the battlefields net and then crashing to the ground.

After the small dust cloud disappeared it showed both Grass-Types unconscious.

Ash was extremely proud of his Pokemon. They had come a long way from being the weak and abandoned Pokemon he had met at Melanie's cottage.

Liza didn't let her loss dampen her invigorated spirits and congratulated Ash on his and his Pokemon's perfect harmony together and battle spirit and said they were like nature: Unpredictable.

She then awarded him with the Nature Badge.

It looked like an upside down triangle that was fitted onto another triangle that was right side up. The whole badge was green. (A/N: Go to Bulbapedia, look up Otoshi's badges. It's on the bottom row and is the badge all the way to the right. The furthest one to the right. Can't miss it. Just refer to my description).

After they had said good-bye to Liza they hit the Pokemon Center in the village, swapped Ash's Pokemon back around and then headed for Vermillion City.


Ash was broken from his reminiscing by Misty, who was shouting at him. "Ash?! Ash did you hear me?!"

He looked up at her. "What? Sorry Misty I zoned out." He said casually.

She sighed. "I said, can we head into the city now?"

Ash nodded his head. "Yeah let's go!"

And so, they headed down into Vermillion City.


Somewhere in Vermillion City, waiting for the St. Anne to begin taking passengers, was none other than Gary Oak with his entire posse of clamoring fangirls, roaming the streets and chewing time away until they could enter the ship.

"Hey girls I have to go to the Pokemon Center real quick and get gramps to send me a Pokemon. Don't wait up!" He said pompously.

"Okay Gary!" They said in mindless admiration for the Trainer.

He walked down the street with his arrogant smirk still in place. He hadn't challenged the gym in this city yet and he wasn't planning on it. He had already won a badge from another nearby town and wasn't worried about challenging the Vermillion Gym. He figured he would 'spare' the gym leader here a little embarrassment by not challenging his gym. Besides, Gary heard that the leader was a real obnoxious prick. (Look who's talking).

He made it to the Center and walked up to the phones they had set up inside. He sat down and dialed in the Oak Laboratory's number. A few seconds later the Professor and also Gary's own grandfather, Samuel Oak appeared on the screen.

"Ah Gary! Good to hear from my own Grandson again! It's been awhile, how are things?" The elderly Professor asked his grandson.

Gary just shrugged his shoulders and smirked. "Eh, you know gramps! Catching Pokemon, beating worthless Trainers and humiliating every gym I face. What else?" He said arrogantly.

Professor Oak frowned. "Gary... You need to learn to have some humility about yourself and not be so overconfident. You are a good Trainer, in fact, you and Ash are the most successful Pokemon Trainers out of the four of you that left Pallet. But still, you need to learn to respect all of your opponents and never underestimate them. Your Pokemon are also the reason why you are doing so well on your journey Gary, it's not just you alone. You may be training them well but they are giving their all for you because they want to make you proud. Every great Trainer should remember that it's the bond between them and their Pokemon and the humility they have as a Trainer, no matter how successful they may be, that makes them truly shine."

Gary just waved his hand in the air. "Yeah yeah yeah Gramps humility, be nice and love your Pokemon and all that good stuff, got it. Without me being so amazing as a Trainer my Pokemon wouldn't be half as strong as they are! Anyway, I'm calling because I want you to send over that Krabby I captured a while back. Make it fast to because I'm going to have to be on the St. Anne soon."

Professor Oak just sighed and shook his head. "Give me a minute Gary." He said as he got up from his chair and disappeared out the door of his office.

While he was gone Gary happened to look to the left through of the screen and saw a GIANT of a Krabby in a large glass container filled with water on one of the Professor's tables. He looked shock. "That Krabby is huge!" He said aloud.

Professor Oak had just come back with Gary's Krabby in it's Pokeball and put it on the teleporter. He initiated the send-off and then looked back at the screen. "There you go Gary, your Krabby is on it's way."

Gary seemed like he didn't even hear his grandfather and said demandingly, "Who's that Krabby belong to gramps?!" He said pointing at the large Krabby in the water filled container.

Oak looked at where his grandson was pointing and smiled excitedly. "That's actually a Krabby that Ash captured. He's a true unique specimen among his species! And not just in size. I think that his enhanced body size also makes him grow much stronger and have much more powerful attacks than normal Krabby. I won't know about the growing stronger part until Ash sends to get him and starts training him."

Gary looked dumbfounded. "Ashy boy caught that Pokemon?!"

Professor Oak just nodded his head and smiled. "Yes he did. He even went out of his way to call me and make sure that his Krabby made it to me safely. That boy loves his Pokemon fiercely." Professor Oak added as an afterthought.

Gary just shrugged his shoulders. "Ohh well, I guess even losers have to have some luck every now and again!" He said arrogantly.

The Professor frowned again. "I wouldn't be so quick to put Ash down Gary, he's doing quite well for himself."

Gary shrugged again. "Yeah well like I said, even losers get a lucky break sometimes."

He grabbed his Pokeball and waved a hand quickly to his grandfather. "I gotta go gramps, my girls are waiting for me and so is the Anne. Don't wanna keep em' waiting!"

Professor Oak just sighed sadly and said farewell to his grandson before Gary ended the communication. He walked out of the Pokemon Center and headed back towards his cheerleaders. Hopefully his driver would be waiting for them at Porta Vista by the time the St. Anne made port there so he and the girls wouldn't have to wait around on him.

He had heard that they did Pokemon comparison on the ship and Gary hoped they did. He knew that his Pokemon would win every time. He smirked to himself and kept walking down the street with that same arrogant strut in his stride.


Ash and his friends finally arrived in the city and were heading to the Pokemon Center before Ash headed off to challenge the gym.

"Man this city is busy!" Misty said as she had to get out of the way of someone who was running down the road and nearly bowled her over.

"No kidding!" Giselle said as she wrapped her arm around Ash's and drew closer to him.

"Wonder what's going on?" Brock said curiously.

"I just hope the Pokemon Center isn't too crowded..." Ash said worriedly.

They reached the Center and saw it wasn't crowded at all. "I wonder what's going on if it's not some kind of Pokemon tournament?" Brock said as they walked in.

"I don't know, maybe something else is going on in the city." Ash said as he walked up to the nurse and gave her his Pokeballs. Misty had to restrain Brock as usual when he caught sight of the pretty nurse and went to lunge for her.

Ash decided to ask the nurse. "Excuse me Nurse Joy, I was wondering if you could tell us what is going on today that has the city so busy?"

Nurse Joy smiled and answered him. "The St. Anne is shipping out today."

"The St. Anne?" The kids asked together.

She nodded her head. "Yes, it's a large luxury cruise liner that is setting sail today."

Giselle saw stars in her eyes when she heard this. "A cruise liner?! Ohh that sounds so luxurious and romantic! It would be so wonderful to go on a ship like that!"

"Where does it make port?" Ash asked the nurse.

"It goes all the way through the Gyarados Straight and makes birth at Porte Vista. It's a huge tourist city and is home to one of the best resorts in the entire Kanto region." Nurse Joy answered him.

Ash took a look at Giselle again and after seeing the way her eyes shone when nurse Joy was describing the St. Anne, Ash was suddenly hit with a strong desire to do something. He looked back at Nurse Joy again. "Can you still get on this ship nurse?" Ash asked.

She paused for a few seconds and then answered him. "You can't buy them anymore but they are holding a Pokemon battle contest. The winner receives two tickets to board the Anne and the choice to bring one guest each."

Ash smirked. That was all? To get on board a luxury liner you just had to win a tournament? "Where do you sign up at nurse?" Ash asked.

She smiled again. "Right here actually! Would you like to sign up?"

Ash nodded his head. "Yes please ma'am." He said politely.

Brock, Misty and especially Giselle looked at him in surprise. "Your going to try and win the tournament Ash?" Giselle asked as she tried to hide her excitement.

Ash smiled at her. "I'm going to try." He said charmingly.

She looked at Ash for a few seconds and then looked away with a soft smile on her face. Nurse Joy saw this and smiled knowingly. She personally thought that what he was doing was very sweet and romantic. "Okay then, the tournament starts this afternoon near the harbor. Just let me get your information young man and you'll be good to go!" She said nicely.

Ash gave her his information and by that time his Pokemon were ready. He took them and before they left to head to the gym Nurse Joy stopped them. "You wouldn't by any chance be heading off to challenge the Pokemon Gym would you?" She asked.

Ash turned around and answered her. "Yeah actually, we are why?"

Nurse Joy seemed concerned. "That's what I was afraid of..." She said worriedly.

Ash looked confused. "Why is there something wrong with the gym?"

She sighed. "No it's just that the gym leader, Lt. Surge, has a Raichu that doesn't know how to control it's electrical attacks. I have received several injured Pokemon in just this month alone after they and their Trainers challenged the gym. Please be careful young man, I wouldn't want to see your Pokemon be injured as well."

Ash just have her a thumbs up. "Don't worry Nurse Joy we'll be fine!" He said with a smile.

The kind nurse returned the smile with one of her own. "I wish you luck then."

Ash and his friends then waved to the nurse before setting out for the gym.


They arrived at the Vermillion City Pokemon Gym and noticed just how large and flashy it was. The building had lightning bolt patterns all over it. Ash looked at Pikachu. "What do you think buddy? Pretty flashy huh?"

Pikachu just huffed. "Pika! Pikachu Pi."

Ash laughed. "Yeah buddy I agree. A little to flashy in my opinion as well."

They walked inside of the gym and into a large hangar looking area. A couple of guys dressed up in flashy looking punk clothes came walking up to them. "What are you kiddies doing here eh? Looking for the nursery?" A guy with glasses and red hair said rudely.

Ash just raised an eyebrow. "No. Actually I'm here to challenge the gym leader." He said firmly.

The guy looked like he might start laughing at any moment. He looked behind himself and shouted. "Hey boss you've got some... Little baby here wanting to challenge you with his baby Pokemon!"

Out from the back of the gym came a very large man with spiky blond hair and tan skin. He was wearing a punk version of a soldiers outfit and when he saw Ash standing there he smirked widely.

Brock, Misty and Giselle were intimidated by the large and scary looking man, with Giselle getting behind Ash and grabbing onto his shoulder tightly.

The man just laughed. "My names Lt. Surge and I'm the gym leader here. You sure you want to battle me little boy? I don't want to hurt your baby Pokemon."

Ash narrowed his eyes at the gym leader. "How about you worry about your Pokemon and I'll worry about mine Surge." He said in a calm but dead serious tone as he looked Surge straight in the eyes.

The man looked taken aback by Ash's confidence and the fact that he wasn't intimidated by him one bit and just laughed. "Fine kid, it's your funeral!"


Ash and Surge stood across from each other. They had decided on the usual three on three battle and after the ref made his announcement they began.

"Voltorb come out and play!" Surge yelled as he released his first Pokemon.

Ash brought out a Pokeball. "Bulbasaur I need your power!"

The Grass Type took to the field and called out, "Bulbasaur!"

Surge smirked. "Little baby Bulbasaur wanna play? Fine, Voltorb use Rollout!" He shouted.

"Bulbasaur dodge to the side!" Ash called out.

Voltorb passed by Bulbasaur just as the Pokemon jumped out of the way and then Surge yelled for Voltorb to attack again but add Thundershock to it's roll. Ash watched as an electrified Pokemon came hurdling at his own and yelled, "Bulbasaur use your vines to hit the ground and launch yourself into the air. Then use Razor Leaf on Voltorb!"

Bulbasaur executed his move and fired Razor Leaves at Voltorb while he was on the ground. Surge ordered Voltorb to use another Thundershock on the leaves and knock them away. Ash used that moment and commanded Bulbasaur to charge in during the confusion and hit Voltorb with Take Down.

The attack hit and Voltorb flew back and rolled around on the ground. Surge quickly commanded Voltorb to use Flash and blind Bulbasaur. The attack was succesful and the whole battlefield was bathed in a bright light. Ash heard Surge yell out, "Voltorb Rollout!"

He couldn't do anything to command Bulbasaur to dodge the attack and a few seconds later Voltorb came barreling through the bright light and rolled into Bulbasaur, knocking him far into the air. Bulbasaur came back down and Surge commanded Voltorb to keep rolling into Bulbasaur and with every hit that came Ash kept trying to formulate a plan. Finally it hit him. "Bulbasaur wait for Voltorb to get close to you again!" He shouted.

Bulbasaur nodded and stood there, wincing slightly in pain from the attacks he took. When Voltorb came around to hit him again, Ash commanded Bulbasaur to jump on top of the Pokemon. This confused Surge and left him to ponder what Ash was planning. When Voltorb almost hit him, Bulbasaur jumped up and on top of the ball shaped Pokemon. He then began rolling on it with perfect balance. "Perfect Bulbasaur! Now, jump up and use Vine Whip to grab a hold of Voltorb, then throw it into the wall!" Ash yelled.

Bulbasaur jumped in the air and wrapped his vines around Volotorb, making the Pokemon stop spinning. He then chucked it hard into a nearby wall. Ash followed up by having Bulbasaur launch Razor Leaf at where Voltorb was.

The attack hit and caused a large cloud of dust to go in the air. When it settled, it showed Voltorb unconscious.

The ref called out. "Voltorb is unable to battle! Will the gym leader please choose his next Pokemon."

Surge looked surprised that his Voltorb had lost but just grumbled about it being, 'Baby's beginner's luck' and returned his Pokemon. "Magnemite go!" Surge yelled as he released his next Pokemon.

Ash thanked and congratulated Bulbasaur before returning him and throwing out his next Pokeball. "Magikarp show your strength!" He yelled.

The Pokemon appeared on the field, but instead of it flopping around helplessly like most other Magikarp would do, he just stayed there on the ground in one spot and stared at Surge's Pokemon intently. You could tell he was very disciplined from Ash's training.

"Magikarp?!" His friends called out simultaneously.

"Why would he choose Magikarp? Against an Electric-Type no less?!" Misty said in disbelief.

Brock just crossed his arms. "Ash has something in mind I'm sure."

"Yeah Misty just watch." Giselle said with complete faith in Ash.

Surge and all of his friends laughed. "What's the matter kid?" Surge taunted. "Your Bulbasaur too tired to battle so you have to send out some weak little fish? Embarrassing!"

Ash stayed silent and didn't say a word. He just narrowed his eyes again at the gym leader. Surge wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes and said, "You know I'm right so your just not going to say anything right? Smart move." He raised his arm. "Magnemite use Sonic Boom!" He commanded.

Ash crossed his arms. "Magikarp... you know what to do."

His Pokemon nodded his head and looked back at his opponent. Just as Sonic Boom was about to hit, Magikarp used his tail and launched himself into the air with a powerful smack on the ground. Surge and everyone else, even Ash's friends, stared in shock at the airborne Magikarp.

Surge shook his head. "Magnemite use Thundershock and turn that fish into fried Magikarp!" He commanded.

As the Thundershock was about to hit Ash called out, "Magirkarp Flail!"

His Pokemon used the thrashing moves of flail to get himself out of the way of Thundershock. While he came down towards the ground Ash called again. "Tackle!"

Magikarp slammed into Magnemite and knocked the Pokemon back. Surge was surprised again and started to get frustrated. "Magnemite use Supersonic followed by Magnemite!" He looked over at Ash. "Your jumping fish will never dodge this kid!"

Ash stayed calm. "We'll see." He looked at Magikarp. "Magikarp use Flail to smack yourself off the ground a little and then use Splash to send yourself towards Supersonic!"

Too everyone's surprise Magikarp did just that and sent himself towards the two attacks. Ash then yelled out just before he hit the Supersonic, "Magikarp use your tail to flip yourself in midair over the Supersonic!"

Magikarp listened perfectly and flipped over the first attack with a strong thrust of his tail while airborne, missing it completely. Surge called out. "Nice try kid but Magnet Bomb never misses!"

The attack hit Magikarp and instantly Ash gave his next command. "Magikarp use Flail and shake the attack off before it attaches to you!"

Magikarp performed the attack instantly and knocked the Magnet Bomb pieces off of it. "What?!" Surge yelled out in shock.

Ash smirked. "Magnet Bomb is unavoidable yes... but it can still be shaken off with the right move!" With no break he said next. "Magikarp use Flail again to send yourself towards Magnemite and hit it with Tackle then flip forward and smash it down with your tail!"

Surge was too shocked from what he seen to issue a command before Magikarp had already smashed into Magnemite with Tackle and then used his tail to smash into down into the ground. Ash then yelled out, "Magikarp land on Magnemite and then use Flail combined with Splash to knock you high into the air. Then come back down and hit Magnemite as hard as you can with a full speed and full power Tackle!"

Magikarp knocked itself into the air and then came back down towards Magikarp at high speeds. Surge yelled out, "Magnemite get out of the way!"

But Magnemite was stuck in the ground and couldn't levitate back up into the air before Magikarp came down and smashed the metal Pokemon even deeper into the ground. Magikarp used it's tail to propel itself back towards Ash and then turned around and stared at the crater it had made with a serious and determined look on his face.

The smoke cleared and showed Magnemite unconscious.

The ref called out. "Magnemite is unable to battle! Will the gym leader please choose his next Pokemon."

Surge stared at his Magnemite in shock for a moment before returning it and pulling out his last Pokeball. "Alright kid, play time is over!" He threw the ball. "Raichu come out and win this!"

His Pokemon appeared with a loud cry of, "Raiiichuu!" It stood ready for battle with a cocky smirk on it's face.

One of Surge's friends spoke up. The one with red hair. "Surge is using Raichu!"

A guy with spiky blue hair piped up. "Yeah that kid don't stand a chance!"

"Yeah he only defeated the first two with luck. He don't stand a chance now!" A guy with long orange hair said.

Before Ash could say anything to congratulate his Magikarp the Pokemon began glowing a bright white color.

"Uh oh..." Brock said worriedly. He had been afraid of this since Ash had gotten Magikarp.

"It's going to evolve into..." Giselle started.

"Gyarados." Misty finished. She remembered the time that Ash had saved her from an angry Gyarados back when they first met. She wasn't excited to see another, even if she did love Water Pokemon. Gyarados wasn't just a Water-Type... it could learn almost all of the moves of a Dragon-Type, which was one of the hardest types of Pokemon to raise, and it also had the temper and personality traits of a Dragon Pokemon. Often times she wondered why they didn't reclassify Gyarados as part Dragon-Type. Either way, she just hoped that Ash could handle what was coming in a matter of seconds. He may have been able to train Dragonite and develop a strong bond with it, but she was a sweet and caring Pokemon. Gyarados were mean and headstrong.

Like Ash could sense her worry and read her thoughts he said, "Don't worry Misty... everything will be alright. I've been waiting for this for a while now and I'm totally prepared for it."

He turned around gave his friends a thumbs up and a reassuring smile which they all returned uneasily. "I hope your right Ash..." Misty said softly.

As the evolution continued, everyone watched as Magikarp grew bigger and bigger and began changing form. He started stretching up higher and higher until he was almost up at the ceiling. Through the white glow of evolution everyone could see the nearly complete form of Gyarados. Finally, in a burst of light, the evolution was over. Where Magikarp once was now stood in it's place a very large and powerful looking Gyarados. The Pokemon raised his head to the ceiling and called out loudly. "GYAROOOO!"

Everyone, even Surge, looked nervous in the presence of such a Pokemon. All except Ash. He stood there calmly with Pikachu mirroring his Trainer from his shoulder. Gyarados began looking around everywhere and when his eyes landed on Ash he stopped and just stared at him. Ash slowly, but confidently, walked up to his newly evolved Pokemon. He said loudly and firmly, with authority in his voice. "Gyarados! How do you feel?"

The Pokemon continued to eye his Trainer and called out loudly, "Gyarooos!"

Ash merely nodded his head and looked his Pokemon directly in the eyes. "Good. Now let me explain something to you that you WILL listen to. You have evolved into a powerful Pokemon that can become extremely strong in time. Even more so than a Champion's Pokemon. However, you are NOT invincible! So don't think you are just because you evolved, because you are not! You still have much to learn and much more growing to do. With me as your Trainer you will accomplish all of that and more in due time and with extreme Training. I intend to make your Training absolutely cruel from here on out!" He made sure Gyarados was listening to him before continuing. Once he saw that he had his Pokemon's attention he went on. "I know all about Gyarados's hot temper and 'listen to no one attitude'. I've heard of Trainers that once their Magikarp evolved into Gyarados they no longer listened to them and became unruly... well let me tell you something right here and now!" His voice tone picked up to one of even more authority and power. "You are still MY Pokemon and I am still YOUR Trainer. So as long as that remains the case you WILL continue to obey me and YOU WILL NOT! Under any circumstances! Ever dare disobey me or just, 'do as you please' and/or go on a rage! If you do then I promise you right now Gyarados! I will not hold Pikachu back from releasing as many currents of electricity through you as he wants to until you see sparks in your eyes! Things will continue running smoothly as they always have as long as you don't go 'rocking the boat' just because you may feel like having a little attitude problem. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!"

Gyarados looked taken aback at his Trainer's harsh words and just stared at Ash for a few moments. Neither wavered in their gazes. Ash all but stared Gyarados down, daring the Pokemon to defy him. Finally, after what seemed like forever and with everyone holding their breath, Gyarados nodded his head and bowed in respect to Ash.

He smiled and walked up to his Pokemon. He began softly stroking his Pokemon's scales as he talked to him. "Look Gyarados, you and I are equals okay? Your my friend and I hope you view me as your friend as well and not just your Trainer. I just wanted you to know that I won't tolerate insubordination. If your going to be my Pokemon then I just want the same respect that I show you. Simple as that. I want to help make you as strong as you possibly can be but in order for that to happen you and I have to be totally in sync. Not just when battling either but all the time. I care about you because you are my Pokemon and I always will. You are a great Pokemon and I know you will become even greater!"

Gyarados looked down at his Trainer who was smiling brightly up at him. Gyarados just nodded his head again in reply and shared a look with his Trainer that Ash could tell by the look in his eyes meant he understood everything that Ash had said and still accepted him as his Trainer. Ash smiled even wider. Everything was good between he and Gyarados. He pulled of his Poke'Dex and then scanned his Pokemon.

Poke'Dex Entry No.130

"Gyarados: The Atrocious Pokemon"

"Rarely seen in the wild. Huge and vicious, they can destroy entire cities in a rage."

"This Pokemon now has the ability Moxie"

"This Gyarados knows the moves: Thrash, Bite, Dragon Rage and Twister"

He pocketed his Poke'Dex before looking back at his friends while still stroking Gyarados's scales. "Everything's okay guys. Gyarados won't give anybody any problems. I trust him."

His friends looked shock. Brock shook his head. "Only Ash..." He said in disbelief.

Misty just looked surprised above anything else. "He actually tamed Gyarados... in only a few minutes... wow." She said in an almost daze.

Giselle just looked at Ash fondly. "I knew he would do it." She said softly with a small smile on her face.

Ash turned back to Surge, who was gaping like a fish along with the other guys. Surge shook his hand. "It don't matter that your little fish evolved! We'll still beat it!" Surge said confidently.

Ash looked up at Gyarados. "Hey pal would I'm going to return you and use Pikachu for this one okay? I want to teach Surge a little something..." He said with a glint in his eyes.

Gyarados just nodded his head and then Ash smiled at him. "Thanks Gyarados. We'll start your new training really soon okay?" He returned his Pokemon and then smiled at the Pokeball in his hand. He was really glad he decided to get Gyarados sent over to him before he challenged the gym today instead of after he left the gym like he had originally planned. It ended up working perfectly and now that he knew he and Gyarados were still on good terms and he wouldn't have any problems out of the Pokemon, he could start making Gyarados one of the most powerful Pokemon he would ever train.

It sucked that he had to send Pidgeotto away but he would get her back as soon as he showed Gyarados his new training program. After that he would send him back to the Lab so he could continue his training there and then get Pidgeotto back. Ash chuckled at how Staryu and Gyarados would train together now. It would be interesting that was for sure. Those two were really good friends so Ash knew they would work something out.

He looked up to his shoulder. "Alright Pi... let's teach these guys a few lessons and show them just how 'babyish' really are."

Pikachu nodded and then jumped off of Ash's shoulder. He went to stand in the middle of the battlefield and looked at Raichu with an unreadable expression on his face. He cracked his neck and looked Raichu dead in the eyes. "Pikachu..." He said in a low voice.

Raichu just looked at Pikachu like he was nothing. Surge laughed. "You think that little runt of a Pikachu can take down MY Raichu?! Your in for a world of pain kid!"

Ash crossed his arms. "Come on then." He said calmly.

Surge growled out loud. "Raichu use Agility followed by Mega Punch!" He shouted.

Raichu rushed in fast with Agility and appeared in front of Pikachu with his fist glowing white. Ash said one word. "Agility."

Pikachu disappeared instantly, right before the punch impacted the ground, cracking it. Raichu began looking around. "Rai?" It said confused.

It felt a tap on it's back and turned around to see Pikachu standing behind him. Surge shouted again. "Raichu use Iron Tail!"

Raichu swung it's tail around at Pikachu quickly but he just back flipped over the attack. Surge commanded Raichu to barrage Pikachu with Mega Punch, Focus Punch and Iron Tail.

The fully evolved Pokemon started attacking Pikachu with impressive speed. It kept throwing multiple Mega Punches, Focus Punches and Iron Tails madly in an attempt to hit Pikachu. The Pokemon just kept jumping, sliding, feinting, side stepping and swerving around every attack that Raichu threw at him. The Pokemon started to get more frustrated and start attacking faster while Pikachu just started dodging even faster.

Ash watched it all with his arms still crossed. Pikachu trained harder than any of his Pokemon and that was saying something since all of his Pokemon were EXTREME training freaks. Pikachu would dodge attacks excecuted by Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Pidgeotto all at once, while they were wearing body weights, him included. Dodging Raichu's attacks was childs play after he went one on four every day.

Raichu stopped his rampage with an Iron Tail that missed Pikachu again and impacted the ground. Pikachu ran to the middle of the field and called over to Raichu. "Pika! Pika Pikachu?!"

Everyone could tell that Pikachu must have taunted Raichu because the Pokemon got extremely mad. Surge was also getting mad. "Raichu use Double Team and Body Slam!" He yelled out furiously.

Raichu made several copies of itself that all surrounded Pikachu and then rushed in to Body Slam him. Ash called out. "Pikachu use Agility followed by Iron Dash!" A combination of Quick Attack and Iron Tail.

Right as the Raichu copies and real one prepared to slam into Pikachu he hit the ground on his back and then began glowing a dull white, signaling Quick Attack, while his tail turned silver, showing he was using Iron Tail.

He then used a combination of Agility and Quick Attack and spun himself around on the ground like a tornado, while his steel hard tail pointed straight up into the air. The copies of Raichu hit the vortex of spinning metal and disappeared while the real Raichu landed on the hard tail and got bounced off, up into the air and then back down onto the ground hard.

Raichu got back to it's feet, sparking angrily from it's cheeks. Ash called over to Surge. "Show us some of Raichu's famous electric attacks why don't you?"

Surge growled again. "You wanna see thunder?! Wel'll show you thunder and you'll regret it! PRaichu use Thunderbolt on that runt!" He called out.

Raichu began sparking all over it's body. "Rai... CHU!" He yelled out as he unleashed a powerful bolt of electricity at Pikachu.

"Pikachu use Agility but faster this time." He said, still as calm as ever.

Right as the huge bolt prepared to strike Pikachu he disappeared again in a blur of speed again. The bolt struck the ground harmlessly.

Surge growled loudly. "Raichu keep up those Thunderbolts until you hit that runt!" He shouted.

Raichu started launching bolt after bolt at Pikachu that he just kept fluidly dodging with ease and grace. Not even breathing hard.

Brock furrowed his eyebrows. "Ash and Pikachu are toying with them." He said matter of factly.

Misty and Giselle looked confused. "What do you mean Brock?" Giselle asked confused.

"Yeah Brock what do you mean Ash and Pikachu are 'toying' with them?" Misty asked equally as confused.

Brock crossed his arms before explaining. "Just look at them: Ash is as calm as can be, well at least... even more calm than he usually is, and Pikachu looks like he's just playing around."

The girls looked at Ash and Pikachu and saw that Brock was right, Ash and Pikachu were just playing around.

He spoke again. "Trust me, things are going to get really ugly soon."

Raichu was sweating and beginning to lose energy fast as it stopped launching Thunderbolts at Pikachu.

Pikachu stopped running and just stood there in the middle of the gym floor, not even looking a little winded.

Surge called out to his exhausted Pokemon. "Raichu use Thunder!"

Raichu gathered up the last of it's energy and lunched a massive Thunder attack at Pikachu with a loud cry of, "RAICHUUUU!"

Ash called out to Pikachu. "Don't move Pikachu... Take it."

"What?!" Ash's friends called out at the same time.

"That guys nuts!" One of Surge's friends said.

"Yeah no Pokemon can take one of Raichu's Thunder attacks head on!" Another one said.

Surge smirked. "It's over runts!"

Pikachu stood in place and watched as the attack came for him. A look of complete calm and concentration on his face.

The bolt struck Pikachu and lit up the entire gym. A large explosion suddenly rocked the whole battlefield and a large cloud of dust was kicked up.

Everyone watched with baited breath. All except for Surge who felt sure it was over. However, when the dust cloud went away everyone was shocked to see Pikachu standing there in a crouched position with electricity arcing all over it's body. He looked up at the exhausted Raichu and gave it a terrifying grin. "Pika..." He said darkly and with a dangerous glint that started taking light in his eyes.

Surge looked dumbfounded. " H-how... it's not possible! No one has ever taken one of Raichu's Thunder attacks before!"

Ash just uncrossed his arms and cracked his neck. He looked straight at Surge with the same dangerous glint in his eyes that Pikachu had. "Yeah they haven't... not until now."

He shrugged his shoulders. "You like to have fun with your opponents Surge? Then let's have some fun." He said in dark humor.

He looked at Pikachu who was now limbering himself up and staring at Raichu with a predatory gaze. "Pikachu... Now."

Like a rocket Pikachu took off towards Raichu in a blur of speed. The poor Pokemon was to tired to move and at that moment Pikachu appeared in front of Raichu and slammed a powerful Mega Punch into Raichu's gut, making the Pokemon double over in pain.

Pikachu then came over the top of Raichu and slammed a powerful Iron Tail onto the Pokemon's back, sending it into the ground.

"Raichu get up!" Surge yelled out.

Raichu stood back up slowly and then Pikachu disappeared in another flash of speed. Raichu looked around wildly for his opponent. Suddenly, Raichu was slammed forward by a hard hit to his back and went skidding down the gym floor.

Pikachu stood where Raichu just had, still glowing a faint white from the Quick Attack that he had just used. He ran forward again and jumped in the air with his tail glowing silver as it turned to iron.

He brought the tail down on top of Raichu, making the Pokemon cry out in pain and the ground to crater. Pikachu began hitting Raichu savagely with his tail still hardened in iron. With every hit Raichu would cry out. Surge watched helplessly as his Pokemon took the brutal beating.

Ash yelled out to Surge. "How does it feel Surge? Watching the same thing happen to your own Pokemon you care so much for when you did the same thing to so many other Trainer's Pokemon?! How does it feel?!"

Surge just looked at Ash and then back at his Pokemon over and over again. Not knowing what to do.

"Surge's Raichu can't take much more of this!" One of the guys dressed in punk rock clothes said.

"Yeah man I've never seen Raichu take such a beating before!" One of the other guys said in shock.

On the other side of the gym Ash's friend's were watching the brutal battle continue. "What's Pikachu doing?! Why doesn't it just finish Raichu off? It's clearly won the battle!" Misty said.

Brock answered her. "Ash is teaching Surge a lesson for all of the Pokemon he let his Raichu get out of hand with. Nurse Joy was wrong when she said that Raichu just couldn't control itself and that's why it hurt all of those Pokemon. As a former gym leader I know that you have to make sure all of your Pokemon are in control of themselves. Surge knows that as well. His Raichu has always been able to control itself. He LET his Pokemon hurt all of those others."

Giselle gasped. "That's horrible!"

Brock nodded. "Yes it is and that's what Ash is letting Pikachu do right now. Not because they are enjoying it but because they are teaching Surge and Raichu a lesson. Ash is trying to get Surge to see the error of his ways. It's obvious that Pikachu far outclasses Surge's Raichu and is just toying with it. Remember what Ash told us some time back? Pikachu has the rare ability Lighting Rod, which makes it too where any electric Pokemon that has this ability will not be effected by any kind of electric attack unless their opponent is stronger than them. Even if Pikachu were too be hit with one of Raichu's electric attacks it wouldn't matter since Pikachu is obviously stronger than Raichu. That's why Pikachu didn't take any damage from Raichu's seemingly very powerful Thunder attack. On any other Pokemon it would have did serious damage but since Pikachu is stronger and has that ability, the attack was void and instead just sucked away the last of Raichu's energy. I think Pikachu was just dodging all of Raichu's earlier Thunderbolts too show just how far outclassed Raichu really was, especially in terms of speed.

Misty and Giselle were dumbstruck at Brock's explanation and purely amazed at the level of strength and confidence Pikachu possessed. Especially being such a young and inexperienced Pokemon.

They all looked back towards the battle and saw that Pikachu had backed away from Raichu and was now crouching in place on all fours as he began sparking with golden electricity. Raichu stood up from the crater it was in and wobbled on it's feet as it stumbled forward.

Pikachu looked sympathetically at Raichu for a second but then masked his face again with a look of indifference.

Ash looked over at Surge. "Surge you can end this now!" He yelled out.

The man just looked at his Pokemon with worry and indecision written all over his face. He didn't say anything and Ash just shook his head. "Fine." He raised his hand and pointed it towards Raichu. "Pikachu... Thunderblast!" This attack was a combination of Thunder and Thunderbolt with twice the power of both.

The glow surrounding Pikachu's body overtook him and blinded all who looked at him. "Pika..." The electricity began dancing around the Pokemon in large and sweeping arcs. "PiKA..." Raichu looked terrified at was about to happen. He had been beaten long ago and he knew it.

"Here it comes..." Brock said, knowing the end was near.

"Pikachu looks terrifying..." Giselle said with a look of fear on her face.

"He's literally GLOWING!" Misty said in disbelief.

On the other side of the gym, Surge's friends were gaping. "Look at that power!" One guy said in awe.

"Raichu's got nothing compared to that!" Another said.

"This is really bad..." The last guy said in worry.

Pikachu was now totally lost in the glow of power that had overtaken his body. The gym windows began to rattle and the wind picked up, blowing everyone's clothes around. Ash kept his arms crossed and his eyes closed. A look of serenity on his face.

Surge looked like he was being torn in two with the situation presented to him and right then... Pikachu let go. "PikaCHUUU!" He shouted as he released a bolt as bright as the sun towards Raichu.

The bolt struck Raichu and the entire gym lit up. The Pokemon cried out in horrible pain as it was electrocuted. Surge watched the spectacle with wide eyes and started shaking. As his Pokemon continued to cry in pain Surge could take no more and took off running onto the field. "Enough! I give up! No more please..."

"Pikachu enough!" Ash called to his Pokemon.

Pikachu ended the attack instantly and Surge ran over to his Pokemon. Before Raichu could fall to the ground Surge caught his Pokemon and knelt down with it, cradling his Pokemon closely to him. "Raichu I'm so sorry... We've been such... I've been such a fool. We shouldn't have taken our battles so far just like I shouldn't have let this battle go so far... Can you forgive me Raichu?!" He asked his Pokemon as he held him.

Raichu smiled weakly at it's Trainer. "Rai...Chu..."

Surge smiled at his Pokemon and hugged it before returning it to it's Pokeball. He turned around and looked at Ash who had been watching the scene with a smile on his face. Surge walked up to him and put a hand on the boy's shoulder. He looked at him and smiled. "Ki- Ash... I'm sorry for insulting you and your Pokemon. I had no right to do that. I know now exactly what I made all of those Trainers who challenged me feel and I was wrong to let my battles get so far. You showed me how wrong I was today Ash and for that I thank you."

Ash just smiled back at Surge and shook his head. "Don't thank me Surge. Just remember to treat others and their Pokemon with more kindness from now on and that will make you a better gym leader, a better Trainer and a better person."

The big man just laughed and clapped Ash on the back. "Your pretty wise for a kid!" He turned more somber. "But you can bet that I won't forget the lesson you taught me today Ash."

He turned and looked at the referee. "Hey ref! I think you have an announcement to make! I did surrender the match."

The referee snapped to attention. "R-right!" He coughed. "Ahem! Since the gym leader has surrendered I hereby declare the winner of this gym battle to be Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town and his Pikachu!"

Ash's friends cheered for him and came up to congratulate him, followed by Surge's own posse of rock punk friends. The one that had made fun of Ash when he first arrived came up to him and extended his hand. "Hey man I just wanted to say sorry for insulting you earlier. I was being a real jerk. Any Trainer that can beat Surge like that is an OK person in my books."

Ash shook the man's hand. "Apology excepted. All's forgotten."

The man smiled and stepped back as Lt. Surge stepped up to Ash. "Well kid, you definitely won this battle hands down. And my respect as well. You taught me a lesson I won't forget anytime soon that's for sure."

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a badge. "Ash, you've earned this... The Thunderbadge."

He placed the badge in Ash's hands and then stepped back so he could observe his new badge. Ash happily looked at his new badge for a few moments before looking back up at Surge. "Thanks a lot Surge, I had a great battle."

The man shook Ash's hand again. "So did I Ash and thank you for helping me become a better gym leader. Take care of yourself kid!"

Ash nodded his head and then he and his friends said their good-byes before leaving the gym and heading back for the Pokemon Center so Ash could prepare for the tournament. He was anxious to win those tickets for the Anne and now that the gym for this city was out of the way he could focus on nothing but winning the competition.


Ash was never one to take opponents lightly or underestimate anyone. However he had to admit, the tournament to win the tickets for the Anne was much easier than he thought. He had battled four times and each one was against ordinary Trainers that really didn't know how to raise their Pokemon.

He ended up using Charmander against a boy's Machop, Bulbasaur against a girl's Poliwag, Squirtle against an elderly man's Growlithe and then Pikachu against a man's Scyther in the last match of the tournament.

Ash had to say that the last match against Scyther was the most interesting and only because the man he battled actually knew how to battle pretty well. It was a battle of speed for much of the match but in the end, Pikachu ended it it with a Quick Attack/Iron Tail combo on an unaware and tired Scyther.

Ash was awarded the tickets by a representative from a company called Silph Co who was actually involved in sponsoring the takeoff of the St. Anne and had organized the tournament for the tickets.

After Ash had received the tickets he walked over to Giselle. "Hey Giselle I Uhhh... It seemed like you really wanted to go on this cruise so I thought I would, you know..." He sighed and held a ticket out to her. "Would you like to go?"

Giselle didn't say anything for a little bit, she just looked at Ash with an unreadable expression on her face. Eventually she smiled softly and warmly at him as she reached out and took the extended ticket from him. She then stepped up to him and gave him a very warm hug. "I would love to go Ash and thank you..." She pulled away and looked at him again. "I know why you entered to win these and that was the sweetest thing that anyone has ever done for me. Thank you Ash." She leaned in and kissed his cheek, lingering a little longer than was considered completely 'platonic' for two friends and then pulled away.

Ash was a little red in the face but smiled brightly just the same. "Your welcome Giselle and it was no big deal really!" He turned to look at Misty. "Would you please be my special guest Misty?" He asked her kindly.

Misty was surprised. She thought he would ask Brock but he asked her instead. She smiled. "Thanks Ash that would be great!" She said happily. She was a little jealous that he entered the tournament and won the tickets for Giselle but the fact that he wanted her to be his special guest over Brock meant a lot to her and showed that he really valued her as his friend.

"Awesome!" He said excitedly.

Giselle looked at Brock. "Would you be my special guest Brock?" She asked him nicely.

Brock raised an eyebrow and then a goofy smile spread across his face. "Ah Giselle I knew that you wouldn't be able to resist my charms!" He said as he wiggled his eyebrows at her and winked.

The next thing anyone knew Brock was laying flat on the ground with a large lump coming out of his head. Giselle stood over him, huffing in anger and looking like an angry Tauros. "Brock! Stop being a pervert! I asked if you wanted to come and be my plus one on the Anne, as my FRIEND, so you wouldn't have to WALK all the way to Porte Vista! But if you keep acting like some creepo then just forget it!" She yelled down at him.

Brock twitched a few times and then wheezed out while gasping for air. "So sorry... Please forgive me... Won't happen again..."

Giselle just nodded her head. "Good." She walked over to stand beside Ash. "It better not!"

Ash and Misty just shared a look and then started laughing. Giselle looked at them weirdly and once she realized what they were laughing about she began laughing as well. Poor Brock just continued to lay on the ground crying rivers of tears.

After the laughing fit was over they all took off and headed back to the Pokemon Center to wait until it was time to board the Anne.


In an abandoned looking warehouse near the wharf a couple of black vehicles, some large trucks, were parked in the back of the building. Out of sight of any prying eyes. Inside of the warehouse one could see that, at the moment, it was anything but abandoned.

The entire warehouse was absolutely CRAWLING with members of Team Rocket. The Grunts were all moving around doing different things at a hurried pace for some reason. Moving crates around and unloading their contents to reveal strange looking machines that almost looked like backpacks.

In a corner of the warehouse, standing in front of a crate that held a large computer on it's surface, were three Rocket's that were dressed slightly different from the Grunts that were busily working around the building.

One of the Rockets was none other than the same man Ash had defeated in Mt. Moon when they were trying to steal the Moon Stone, Commander Zetson. He looked the exact same and still had that same board expression on his face as he did while at the mountain.

The second person was a woman that was about the same height as Zetson and looked to be in her very early twenties. Whatever her age, she was definitely the youngest out of the three of them. She had long blond hair, straight as a pen, that fell down to about her upper back. She had blue eyes that glowed with mischief and flirtatiousness. Her face was long and perfectly detailed, not to mention flawless and smooth looking.

She wore a VERY tight black top that had the red 'R' for Team Rocket stamped across the chest. The shirt was completely cut away from around her entire mid-section and only stopped right where the very bottoms of her breasts started, showing her toned and taught stomach. The top was also sleeveless all the way up to her shoulders, where only two flimsy pieces of cloth on either shoulder held up the top. It was also split down the middle of her chest ever so slightly, showing her impressive cleavage. She did not have extremely large breasts but one could still tell how perfectly well shaped and full they were from the way they strained the top. One could almost wonder how such a flimsy piece of clothing had kept itself up for so long.

She also wore the usual elbow length black gloves that all Rockets wore, a tight black short skirt that hugged her perfectly shaped rear assets perfectly and black heeled boots that stopped just below her knee so everyone could still see her long, voluptuous legs that seemed to go forever.

All in all, the best words to describe the curvaceous blond beauty was 'beautiful dangerous'. She just carried the aura of a woman who was beautiful, knew it and would use it in an instant. Although, one could definitely tell that from the way she was holding herself she was very proud and any man or woman who were to label her a slut would undoubtedly feel her wrath.

The last Rocket was a very large and burly man, around 6' 4", who looked to be in his mid thirties to early forties. He had long, shaggy blond hair that came down around his shoulders and also had a bushy beard the same color as his hair. His face looked weathered and worn, a complete contrast to Zetson's smooth and calm pretty boy face. He also had intense looking hazel eyes that told the story of a man who had lived a tough life.

He wore a faded black shirt that had an equally as faded 'R' on the chest that really showed his hulking frame, he wore gloves that were of the same type of material as the other Rockets only short and only came up to his wrists. He also had on long black cargo pants that he had his shirt tucked into with a black belt across his waist and worn looking, (just like everything else he wore), black combat boots that came up to his knees and had his pants tucked into them. Yet again, this mans outfit was a complete contrast to the much smaller man Zetson's almost dress looking outfit. In fact, if not for the fact that Zetson wore pants then you probably could say he was wearing a dress.

Zetson was standing there with his arms behind his head, looking bored. The gruff looking man stood ram straight with his arms crossed across his chest, while the woman stood with her hips thrown to one side and her hands placed upon them. Somehow she was able make such a simple placement of her body look like one of the most sensual and teasing positions you would ever see.

Gazing upon the way this blond bombshell held herself when she wasn't even trying to be sexually appealing could only make one believe with everything in them that should any mortal man gaze upon this beauty when she was purposefully trying to be seductive, they would instantly be put to a blissful death and sent to Arceus's Afterworld in complete peace. (A/N: Okay I'm in love with my own character what can I say!;p)

The screen of the computer monitor was currently showing the images of two different individuals, each one on different cameras and in what looked like different locations. The first was none other than Dr. Zager himself. He was sitting behind a desk that was cluttered with papers and had several computers set up on it. Behind him were several pieces of what looked like lab machinery, spread out everywhere and in many different sizes. The old man had his seemingly permanent scowl on his face and looked impatient.

The second image showed a man who was mostly shrouded in shadows. Only part of his body could be seen and what you could see of him showed that he was wearing an all black business suit that had the emblem of Team Rocket over his suits left chest pocket. It looked like he had short brown hair that was cut close and slicked back all over. His face seemed to be somewhat angular and sharp looking. His eyes were invisible in the shadow of the dark office he was in. He was sitting behind his desk, reclined back with one hand on his arm rest while the other hand was stroking a Persian that was sitting beside his chair. The Pokemon was also partly covered in shadow, only the outline of it's features and it's glowing red eyes gave away it's species.

The three Rockets snapped to attention when the man shrouded in shadow spoke to them. His voice was firm, demanding and held an air of superiority to it. "Zetson, Rykon, Alania! Report the status of the mission so far?" He demanded.

The woman, Alania, answered in a somewhat sultry but also strong and firm voice. "Sir! The troops are finishing up preparations for the operation and are fueling up the helicopters in the trucks as we speak. We will be ready to begin the mission when the time comes!"

The man nodded his head. "Good, I'm counting on you so don't let this mission fail!"

"Yes sir!" All three Rockets answered together.

The man then looked towards where he knew Dr. Zager's image was. "Status report Zager! How is the... Project coming along." He said mysteriously.

Dr. Zager huffed. "It's going as well as can be expected Giovanni. We have been having difficulties finding a sample of the specimen we have been looking for."

The man who was now identified as Giovanni crossed his fingers and leaned forward in his desk, still obscured by the shadows. "I see... And do you have the equipment ready for when you DO find a specimen?"

Dr. Zager leaned back in his chair. " We have the biological and scientific means to do it Giovanni, that's not going to be a problem. However, finding the sample we need will be challenging." He paused for a second and then continued. "We have found a clue though as to where we may find the sample we have been looking for. However, I will need one of the commanders here to accompany me and the rest of the team I'm taking on this expedition. We will need someone to oversee the Grunts and I will be busy enough without needing to keep my eyes on them and supervise. Besides, I'm a scientist not a babysitter!"

Alania and Zetson went to shoot back a retort but were stopped by a fierce glare from Rykon. Giovanni leaned back in his chair again and then issued his commands. "Very well then. Rykon!"

The large man snapped to attention. "You will accompany Zager on his expedition after this mission aboard the St. Anne is over with. Understand?!"

The man nodded his head and spoke in a gruff voice. "Yes sir!"

Zager then addressed them. "Come straight back to the hideout here in Celadon after your job is over Rykon. We'll leave immediately after!"

The large man nodded his head. "Yes Dr. Zager!"

The old man nodded. "Good. Now I have to go. I have some calculations I need to go over before we leave. See you all soon." The screen then went black on Zager's side and Giovanni's image then took up the whole screen.

Alania seemed nervous but she asked anyway. "Excuse me sir but... What is this 'project' that Dr. Zager deems so important?" She asked curiously.

Giovanni merely looked at her for a moment and then responded. "Something that will eventually take Team Rocket one step closer to world domination Alania. That's all you need to know."

The female Rocket just raised a questioning eyebrow but didn't say anything else. Very little was kept from them, the Team Rocket Commanders, but she knew that if it was something that was making both Giovanni and Dr. Zager excited as well as this secretive, it had to be very big.

"Yes sir." She said after a few moments.

Giovanni nodded and then dismissed them before hanging up. Zetson turned to Alania. "When can we move out and get this done already?!" He whined.

She sighed and then smacked him upside the head. "Hey my hair! Watch it!" He yelled as he righted himself and began fixing his mussed up hair.

"Focus on the mission at hand!" Alania scolded. "We'll get to it when the time is right! And you had better not screw things up like you did in Mt. Moon or Giovanni will have your head!"

He cringed a little as he remembered how that Trainer had obliterated him in battle. "Fine..." He sighed. "I just hope it's soon!"

Alania turned to Rykon. "Where are those three Grunts that we ordered to give out free tickets to Trainers in the city to board the St. Anne?" she asked him.

He pointed past her toward some crates that were lying on the ground. She looked in the direction he was pointing and saw the three Rockets she was looking for fighting over who got the most tickets. She grew a tick mark on her forehead and shouted out to them. "You three! Get over here!"

The scared faces of Jessie, James and Meowth turned to look at her and then rushed forward to stand in front of her. "Yes Commander Alania?!" They said respectfully.

She pointed at the tickets in their hands. "Get out there right now and start handing out those tickets to any Trainers you see before it's time for the St. Anne to leave port: Now!"

They immediately bowed their heads to her. "Yes ma'am!" They said in unison as they grabbed a large roll of tickets and then sped out of the warehouse, knocking into other Grunts as they went.

She sighed and grabbed the bridge of her nose. "Incompetent fools is all I'm working with..." She turned back to her fellow commanders. "Come on you two, let's finish preparations."

They nodded and then went to work on completing the preparations for whatever it was they had planned.


Ash and his friends were at the Pokemon Center with Ash sitting at one of the video phones talking to Professor Oak.

"So you have defeated four gyms in the last two weeks, including the Vermillion gym, your Magikarp evolved into Gyarados and you managed to tame him after he evolved, you only need one more badge now to qualify for the Pokemon League and are getting ready to board the St. Anne for a cruise to Porte Vista? I must say Ash you are doing amazingly well for yourself!" Professor Oak praised his young apprentice.

Ash just smiled and rubbed the back of his neck. "Thanks Professor but it's not all me. If it wasn't for my Pokemon and the great friends I have with me I wouldn't be even halfway to where I am now. They support me and give me strength in everything I do. Without them I wouldn't be near as 'successful' as I am right now." He said 'successful' with air quotations.

Professor Oak just smiled fondly at the boy. "And that's a wonderful attitude to have Ash. I'm proud of you for realizing that no great Trainer is what they are without the support, love, loyalty and strength of their Pokemon." He looked over Ash's shoulder at his friends who were still smiling at the kind words Ash spoke of them. "And having great friends like you have here really helps as well Ash."

Ash nodded and smiled while scratching Pikachu behind the ears, making the Pokemon lay his head lazily against Ash's. He smiled at Brock and Misty, who returned it and then grabbed Giselle's hand unconsciously and gave it a light squeeze. She blushed at the contact between them in front of everyone but squeezed his hand in return.

Professor Oak wasn't one of the worlds leading experts on Pokemon for being an unobservant idiot, he noticed things, small details. He had to since his field was in studying the relationship between people and Pokemon. He also noticed these things between people. He saw it at first glance with Ash's parents and not to mention, he had a family of his own. Needless to say, what he was seeing between the two kids on the other side of the video phone right now made him smile with mischief.

"Of course Ash m'boy, having a 'special friend' namely of the lady variety, is not a bad thing to have either you know." He said with grin on his face.

Ash and Giselle looked confused for a second before looking down at their joined hands. They instantly realized what Professor Oak was talking about and turned beat red before separating from each other quickly.

Pikachu, Brock and the Professor laughed out loud while Misty just looked mad. After their laughter died down Professor Oak wiped the tears of mirth from his eyes and addressed Ash again. "Ahhh my boy I'm sorry for my jest! There is nothing wrong at all with young love! In fact, it's healthy!"

Ash just sputtered and Giselle tried to sink down into her jacket like Squirtle withdrawing into his shell. Professor Oak decided to give them a break. "Well... Now that we have had our round of comedy, tell me the reason for your call Ash! As much as I enjoy our conversations I know how busy you are so please do tell!"

Ash looked confused for the change of subject. The situation with Giselle was confusing enough without Professor Oak adding in his scientific explanation of how young love was, 'healthy for you' and how he apparently encouraged it.

Ash cleared his throat before speaking. "Actually Professor, I would like to send my Gyarados back to you and receive Pidgeotto until I find out if the St. Anne has any kind of pool for Pokemon on board the ship that's big enough for Gyarados to train in. Otherwise I'm just going to have to wait until we get to Porte Vista and then send away for Gyarados again so I can get him started on his new training regimen."

Professor Oak nodded his head. "Sure thing Ash. Just place the Pokeball on the teleporter and I'll send Pidgeotto over."

Ash did as told and then waited patiently for his Pokemon to arrive. Professor Oak came back onto the screen a few moments later with a Pokeball in hand and placed it on the teleporter. After he sent Pidgeotto back to Ash the Professor turned back to Ash. "There we are Ash! Pidgeotto is on her way. I already put her under the recovery machine sometime before you called. She and Fearow got into another intense training session. She's all healed up and ready to go as soon as she gets there to you."

Ash smiled. "Thanks Professor." He paused for a second and then asked hesitantly. "Uhh... Professor, you didn't happen to get a capture alert under my Trainer profile about two weeks ago on Tuesday morning did you?" He was referring to the day he captured Dragonite. He wanted to know what the Professor was aware of before he decided to tell him about Dragonite or not right now.

The Professor looked confused. "Well let's see here... If it was in the morning then I was probably out in the corral taking care of the Pokemon. If I did get an alert and missed it then I wouldn't know what Pokemon you captured unless you sent it to me since I only get one alert. Why do you ask Ash?"

Before Ash could answer the Professor, Brock suddenly called out to him. "Ash we have to get moving, the St. Anne will be leaving in about half an hour and if we want to make it there with time to spare and before the ship starts crowding then we need to go now."

Ash nodded. "Gotcha Brock be right there! I'll meet you guys outside okay?"

His friends nodded before saying good-bye to the Professor and then leaving the Center. Ash turned back to the monitor. "Well Professor I gotta go, I'll tell you about what I was going to say earlier. Tell mom I love her please and that I'll call her either on the ship or when we get to Porte Vista."

The Professor nodded his head. "Will do Ash and don't worry, I'll tell your mother. Now go on and stay safe!"

Ash smiled. "Alright Professor bye!"

The old man waved cheerily and then Ash ended the call before heading out of the Center to find his friends.


Professor Oak got up from his desk chair after he got off the phone with Ash and then walked over to the teleporter and picked up the Pokeball Ash sent over. "It's a beautiful day out, I think I'll take Ash's Gyarados down to the area where his Pokemon all congregate and train at and release him back into the large pond they have all pretty much claimed as their own. I'm sure Staryu will be glad to have it's training partner back again!" Professor said to himself as he left the Lab and walked out into the fields of the Poke'Corral.

He made his down into the field where all of Ash's Pokemon were always at and saw them all doing the same thing they always did. Training from the time they got up to the time they went to bed. Only relaxing after they had trained themselves into the ground.

The Professor just shook his head. Those Pokemon were just like Ash. They had a one track mind for training and getting stronger. The more time that went on, the more militant they got in personality and the harder they would train. He had to admit, Ash knew how to train his Pokemon and instill values into them. He had also never seen any Pokemon so devoted to their Trainer before. Not even Ash's father Richard's Pokemon were so obsessed with pleasing him. Ash's Pokemon definitely idolized and adored him, that much was for certain.

He made it down toward the pond, passing Nidorina and Nidorino as they sparred. He passed both of Ash's Butterfree and also his Beedrill as they engaged in full on one on two rotation battles. He passed Primeape who was lifting a large boulder for upper body strength training. Clefairy was working on her Metronome attack. Raticate and both Rattata were doing speed and agility drills. Paras, Roselia, Weepinbell and Oddish were all working on their Grass-Type attacks. Fearow was working on flying through the air and performing several aerial acrobatics while wearing body weights, working his speed, strength, stamina, agility and power. Oak suspected that Fearow was still sore from losing his earlier battle with Pidgeotto and was training hard, trying to make up for it.

Professor Oak made it down to the pond and saw Staryu training with Ash's giant Krabby. During the last two weeks that had Ash had worked with all of his Pokemon in rotation he had also worked with Krabby and set him up on his own training program and nutrition strategy. Ash had a similar training program for every type Pokemon that he had currently but it deviated slightly for every Pokemon's unique needs and areas of improvement.

Ash explained to Professor Oak that Krabby's training was meant to make it much faster on his feet, since Krabby and their evolved form Kingler were not known for their speed in battle. Also, it was meant to work his power and strength as well as toughen up his shell so it would be even more resilient to attacks.

Professor Oak was right when he said that Krabby's size would make his attacks stronger. From what Oak had observed, Krabby's attacks were about five times more powerful than a standard sized Krabby. He knew this because he used Gary's Krabby for comparison.

Professor Oak believed that he and Ash had accidentally stumbled onto a whole new field of Pokemon Research. Very little was known about abnormally large Pokemon and the general census was that they were just bigger than normal and that was it. However, after studying Ash's Krabby, which was the first time any of Oak's sponsored Trainers ever actually captured a larger than normal Pokemon, the Professor was now certain that there was much more to, what he and Ash called 'Giant Pokemon', than they had ever thought.

The Professor was very happy that Ash had discovered this interesting field of research so soon into his journey. It was really going to help propel him far in his training to become a Pokemon Researcher. Since he had more time to just study this subject than Ash did being on the road, the Professor would share notes with Ash and go over things concerning his theories on Giant Pokemon whenever Ash made his regular calls to the Professor and Delia.

It really did the kind old Professor's heart good when he saw such an enthusiastic young person taking interest in something that was, as most people would say, as boring as Pokemon Research. Oak knew that Ash would make a fine Researcher some day.

After observing Staryu and Krabby train for awhile the Professor decided that it was time to release Gyarados into the pond. He hoped that Ash really had tamed his Pokemon because otherwise... Things were going to get dangerous.

He threw the Pokeball up into the air and waited for it to open and release the Pokemon inside. However, when the device opened up and began releasing the Pokemon inside of it Oak's face went from calm and stoic, to confused as he saw the energy begin to take form of a Pokemon that most certainly was NOT a Gyarados.

His curious expression quickly turned to that of absolute horror and fear as the shape of the Pokemon began growing, and growing, and growing until it was so tall that it blotted out the sun with it's size and cast a large shadow over the Professor and all of Ash's training Pokemon.

The absolutely gargantuan Pokemon finally stopped growing once it came to full form and threw it's arms out to the sides as the light from the Pokeball burst away from the Pokemon and showed what it really was. Professor Oak fell to the ground on his backside and took in the Pokemon's appearance with his eyes as wide as saucers. When he saw the golden colored body and white, scaly stomach. The large two antenna that poked out from the top of it's head, the dragon like face, clawed hands and feet, long tail and gigantic wings, he instantly knew what the Pokemon was in his mind but the Professor couldn't organize his thoughts into anything that actually made sense.

He felt as though his eyes were betraying him and that it was just a trick of the light or a dream even. He even thought that maybe his age was starting to effect him even though he was still very spry and well of mind... At least he thought he was well of mind until now. His mind had shut down and his eyes just stared up at the face of the massive Pokemon. So large that it put many tall buildings to shame! He couldn't really see the Pokemon's face very well because it's face was so high up in the air but he didn't need to. He slowly mumbled one word. Almost not believing the words as they left his mouth. "D-D-Dragon-n-night..." He sputtered out.

The Giant Pokemon stared down at the small Professor, at least small in her eyes, and then let out a loud bellow that shook the Ranch. "Dragooo!"

Professor Oak stood up and continued to gape at the Pokemon in shock and disbelief. "How?!" He asked aloud.

Ash's Pokemon all seemed to know Dragonite well, he observed, as they rushed up to greet her. Professor Oak continued to stare in shock at what was going on and then had one thought pass through his mind as he said aloud. "That boy has some serious explaining to do..."


As Ash and his friends finally arrived at the harbor they stopped and took in the spectacle that was the St. Anne, before them. "Wow... That's one big ship!" Ash said in amazement.

"Yeah no kidding..." Brock said in awe.

"I built a model of the St. Anne once when I was a little girl." Misty told them. "Wait until you guys see the inside."

"This is going to be sooo much fun!" Giselle squealed as she latched onto Ash and began hugging him fiercely. "Thanks again so much for doing this Ash!"

He smiled and returned the hug. "No problem Giselle, it was my pleasure. Besides, this is going to be an experience none of us will ever forget!"

She released him and then then walked up closer to the ship to get a better view. Ash looked to his right where he was hearing some voices and saw three people dressed up in seamen's suits, giving away tickets to passing people. Ash guessed by their appearance that they worked for the St. Anne but something didn't feel right to him. Who would give tickets to a luxury cruise liner away to people for free?

Ash instantly summarized that the people were probably just a bunch of jerks disguising themselves as workers from the St. Anne, getting people's hopes up by giving them 'free' tickets and then when the people went to hand the tickets in they would be told they were fake and denied access onto the ship. It was just a way to be mean. If they dared tried to come Ash's way he already made his mind up that they would receive a VERY...unkind response.

Still, Ash couldn't shake the feeling that the three looked familiar... They were covered up really well so he had a hard time telling for sure but they seemed very similar to someone Ash had seen before. They were all wearing hats and glasses that completely covered up their eyes and hair. The shortest of them, VERY short, was wearing the same but had a very bushy beard on his face. Ash just couldn't shake the feeling...

He was shaken from his thoughts by his Xtransceiver suddenly going off. He looked at it and saw it was Professor Oak calling him. This confused Ash since he had just spoken to the Professor a little while ago. He answered the device. "Hey Professor is something wrong?" He asked concerned.

The Professor had a very serious look on his face. "Actually Ash... I was thinking that maybe you could explain something to me."

Ash looked confused. "Sure Professor what is it?"

Oak leaned forward in his chair. "I was hoping that maybe you could explain... THAT IMMENSE DRAGONITE OF YOURS!" He said loudly.

Ash's eyes grew wide. "How do you know about Dragonite Professor?" He asked shocked.

The Professor explained what happened to Ash and then the boy understood what happened. "I'm so sorry Professor! I must have accidentally sent over Dragonite instead of Gyarados!"

Oak just waved his hand dismissively. "I don't care about that Ash! Just tell me... How did you capture such a Pokemon?!"

Ash took a deep breath and then explained everything that happened involving Dragonite. When he was done the Professor looked shock beyond belief. "My my my... Ash my boy that is purely fascinating! You have without a doubt captured the most amazing Pokemon I have ever seen in all my years! This takes the theory of Giant Pokemon to a whole new level!" He paused from his excitement for a minute and then got serious. "Now Ash you must realize something... Dragonite are Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon as you well know. She is not going to be easy to train at all, especially for a rookie Trainer such as yourself. Even elite level Trainers can have serious troubles when it comes to raising Pokemon like this and your Dragonite is not just a normal Pseudo Pokemon. I would wager that she is the only one of her kind being this size, which will make training and feeding her very difficult. Your father had a Dragonite himself that he raised from a Dratini and when she evolved into Dragonite she no longer listened to him. He WAS an elite level Trainer and she still wouldn't obey him..."

Ash stopped Professor Oak with a raised hand. "Professor, I think you need to hear this..." He then went on to explain how he had already created the perfect training program for Dragonite. How she had already bonded with him through the flying sessions they had every night. How his other Pokemon had already accepted her and even how he had created the perfect nutrition strategy for her.

When he was done explaining the Professor was wide eyed. He didn't speak for a few moments and when he finally did he just chuckled and shook his head. "Ash m'boy you never cease to amaze me. Be it any other person, let alone a greenhorn Trainer, I would have never believed a word of it. However, after seeing how Pokemon act around you and the certain... 'way' you have with him, I believe you completely and I'm very proud of you Ash. Not to mention happy for the accomplishment you've made only just starting out on your journey when your father couldn't even do what you have done in all his years as a Trainer!"

Ash just scratched the back of his head and smiled sheepishly. "Thanks Professor I really appreciate it."

The old man smiled and then grew a funny looking smile on his face. "Now Ash, I know you only sent Dragonite to me on accident but I was wondering if... Maybe you didn't need her for the time... If I could perhaps keep her here at the Lab for awhile and study her. There is so much I could learn about Giant Pokemon from her and very possibly her origins as well!"

Ash laughed. He knew that the Professor would get like this when he found out about Dragonite. Ohh well, Ash couldn't blame him. He would be the same way right now if he was in Professor Oak's shoes. "Sure Professor to ahead. I'll keep Gyarados here with me. Maybe the Anne will have a pool for Pokemon that I can train her in after all."

The old man grew an extremely giddy look on his face and smiled widely. "Thank you Ash my boy and don't worry! Dragonite will be in good hands!"

Ash nodded his head and smiled. "I know she will Professor! Hey I gotta go now, the guards are getting ready to start letting people on the St. Anne now."

Professor Oak nodded his head. "Take care Ash, have a good trip!"

Ash acknowledged the Professor's words and then ended the call and walked back over to his friends so they could wait in the fast growing line to get on the ship. They seemed curious as to what Professor Oak had wanted so Ash set to work explaining to them what happened.


Jessie, James and Meowth had just finished giving out the last of the tickets when James suddenly got the other two's attention. "Hey guys isn't that the twirps?" He said as he pointed at where the group of friends were waiting in line to get on the Anne.

Jessie looked at where James was pointing. "Your right James it is!" She said excitedly.

"That means we may have another chance to steal Pikachu!" James exclaimed.

Meowth suddenly stepped in between them. "Not right now you guys! We gotta get back to the rest of da team now dat we're done handing out dem tickets. Oderwise Alania's gonna be really mad again!"

The three Rockets shivered in fear at the thought of their commander when she was angry before Jessie spoke. "Your right Meowth! We won't make a grab for Pikachu yet, we'll wait until we start the invasion of the Anne and then we'll steal Pikachu!"

Right!" James and Meowth said together. They then headed back to the warehouse to join the rest of the Rockets for the execution of the mission.


Ash and his friends finally made it past the checkpoint to enter onto the Anne and made it onboard with the many other passengers. They were greeted by a friendly young woman dressed in a dark blue blouse, skirt and heels. She had green eyes and short, curly brown hair. "Hello everyone and welcome aboard the St. Anne! My names Katie and I will be one of the many attendants you can all go to should you need anything during your stay with us! If you will please follow me I will show you all to your cabins!" She said cheerfully.

They followed the young women as she led them up onto the deck and as they made their way up onto it they were stunned by the sight before them. The deck was huge! There was an observation area near the end of the deck where large telescopes were set up that people could use to gaze out over the ocean and into the far horizon. There was also a large pool in the middle of the deck, complete with a large water slide and hot tub. There was also a sunning/lounging area near the pool that people could just relax at and soak up some sun. There was also a mini bar set up in one corner of the deck where drinks and food could be ordered.

They drank in the amazing sight of everything before them until Katie led them back down off of the deck and in through a door that lead them into a large and very sea themed hallway with doors that lead to the many cabins throughout the ship. She lead everyone to their rooms, Ash and Brock shared a room and the other one was shared by Misty and Giselle.

The rooms themselves were very elegant and were also sea themed. The walls and ceilings were painted blue and had designs of Water Pokemon carved into the walls. There were two king sized beds near the front of the room and a bathroom to the right of the room. The girls cabin was designed the same way as the boys was.

They settled into their rooms and got dressed in swimwear, Ash and Brock put on their trunks and left their shirts on for the time being while the girls put on their bikinis and wore shorts and T-shirts over them. After they were done they exited their cabins and were informed by Katie that take off would be happening any moment and the get together for all of the guests and their Pokemon would be at 8:00 that evening.

Before the woman left to oversee preparations for the evening festivities Ash stopped her. "Excuse me ma'am, does the ship have another pool anywhere just for Pokemon?Specifically for training purposes?" He asked politely.

She smiled again and answered him. "Why yes in fact we do! The Pokemon training facility is set up on the lowest level of the ship just for dedicated Pokemon Trainers such as yourself! If you follow the deck around to the other side of the ship you will find a door that leads down to it."

Ash nodded his head. "Thank you ma'am."

"Your very welcome!" She said as she walked away.

Ash and his friends made it out onto the deck just as the ship began pulling out from the port. They watched from the deck as the ship began getting further out to sea and Vermillion City eventually began getting smaller and smaller in the distance. The friends just stayed where they were for a time and watched ocean as the ship continued to sail. They saw several Pokemon swimming in the ocean. Some Goldeen, Seaking, Magikarp and Tentacool.

As more time passed, Giselle asked aloud. "I wonder if we'll be able to see any Gyarados when the ship starts heading through the Gyarados straight?"

"Most likely not." Brock answered. "Gyarados are very elusive Pokemon and don't like dealing with humans or even other Pokemon. When they sense the ship coming they'll probably just head into deeper water."

Giselle nodded and then spun around. "Come on guys let's go hit the pool!" She said excitedly.

"Yeah let's go!" Misty agreed, just as enthusiasticly.

Ash and Brock followed the girls as they headed back to the pool. Once they reached the deck they picked out a spot in the lounging area to lay out their stuff and then proceeded to take off their outer clothes so they could go swimming. Once Ash was done he let Pikachu get back up on his shoulder and then turned back to his friends.

Brock was also ready to go and now they were just waiting on the girls. Misty took off her red shirt and blue shorts and revealed the same red bikini that she wore when they had their day at the beach. Giselle took off her tight white shorts and black top and revealed a black bikini underneath that hugged her very well developing assets perfectly.

Yet again, Ash found himself staring at Giselle's body in awe. The way her silky brown hair fell down around her shoulders, her well developing chest, flat and smooth stomach, her hips that were beginning to curve nicely and her long legs... Everytime he saw her like this he would find himself staring at her with this weird feeling that he couldn't describe.

Brock saw Ash staring at Giselle and smirked. "Why don't you take a picture Ash? It'll last longer."

Ash blushed red and began trying to stutter out a reply. Giselle came up to him, oblivious to his embarrassment and grabbed him by the arm. "Come on Ash let's go!" She said happily as she pulled him towards the pool.

Brock and Misty followed them and then they all got in the pool. For the next two hours they all swam and had fun in the water while Pikachu floated around the pool on a red innertube, happily drinking on a smoothie that Ash had ordered for him from the bar.

After they were all done swimming they returned back to their spots at the lounging area and laid out on the sunning chairs. Pikachu laid by Ash's side and quickly fell asleep in the warm sun. Brock and Misty went to get something to eat at the bar, leaving Ash and Giselle by themselves.

Giselle looked across at Ash, who was sitting right across from her. "Ash..."

"Umm?" He said drowsily from the suns warm rays.

"Thank you so much for making it possible for us to do this. I really, really appreciate it. You were so sweet for doing this for me..." Giselle said as she smiled at him.

Ash opened his eyes and looked at her. "How did you-"

She cut him off by laying her hand on his cheek. "It was only after you saw how I reacted to Nurse Joy telling us about the St. Anne that you signed up in the competition Ash. I know why you did all of this and I'm... I'm really grateful for it. No one has ever done something so sweet for me before. I know I've already said that but it's true."

He smiled at her. "No problem Giselle. I'm glad this made you happy, I really am."

She reached down and grabbed his hand, intertwining their fingers together across the short distance that separated them. "I'm glad I'm with you Ash."

He didn't miss how she said that she was glad she was with HIM and didn't refer to the others as well. He raised her hand to his lips and kissed it gently. She blushed bright red, considering he had never did such a thing before, and he then smiled softly at her before speaking. "So am I Giselle... So am I."

They looked into each others eyes for a short time before they were suddenly interrupted by someone calling out to Ash. "Well if it's not Ashy boy!"

They turned their heads to see who had just called to Ash. Though Ash already knew. Standing there in front of them, wearing a purple beach shirt, tan shorts and brown sandals on his feet, was Gary Oak.

"Well look who it is? Little Ashy boy and who's this, some girl you payed to pretend to be your girlfriend? I'm surprised your on this ship Ash, I would have thought that the only thing you could afford to be on was a little dingy!" Gary said snidely as he walked up to them.

Ash kept his hand intertwined with Giselle's as he replied back to Gary, completely ignoring everything that the other Pallet native had said previously. "Hey Gary how's it going?" Ash asked his rival politely.

Gary seemed surprised that his harsh words didn't so much as faze Ash, but he quickly covered his confusion with a smirk. "Eh, you know... Winning battles, catching Pokemon, dealing with the stress of being such a great Trainer!"

Ash raised his eyebrows. "That MUST be hard Gary, I'm sorry for the burden you have to carry. Life is so cruel ain't it?" He said this with his voice dripping in sarcasm and Gary could tell. "Ohh yeah Ashy boy?! Well why don't you tell me all about what you've accomplished!" He demanded.

Giselle didn't like that this guy was trying to put Ash down and instantly got a bad taste in her mouth for him. She went to tell him off and tell him everything that Ash HAD accomplished but he stopped her with a light squeeze of his hand. She looked into his eyes and saw what he was trying to tell her. 'I've got this.'

She nodded her head and let Ash handle the situation. He looked at Gary and said nonchalantly. "Ehh... You know Gary, not a lot. Just a few badges and Pokemon really. Can't really say much more."

Gary just smirked. "Yeah well... Not everyone can be as great of a Trainer as I am Ashy boy! Keep trying and maybe just maybe you'll make it into the prelims of the Indigo League when it comes around, though no promises!" He laughed onbnoxiously as he walked away from Ash and Giselle.

She looked at Ash. "Why did you tell him that Ash? You made it sound like you haven't accomplished anything yet and that's far from the truth!"

Ash sat up and swung his legs over the side of the chair. He looked at Giselle as she sat up as well. He smiled at her and grabbed her hand gently again. He softly stroked her hand with his other and placed a soft kiss on her knuckles. "Giselle my dear, sometimes the less of your own accomplishments you talk about can actually take you further ahead than bragging about them idly. I don't know when I will face Gary in battle, but when I do I want him to underestimate me as much as possible so when I beat him it will be as humbling and as much of a learning experience for him as it can be. He needs a serious attitude adjustment and I will be the one to give it to him. However, the right time has to come first. He needs to be at a spot in life where he is ready to learn the lessons I'll teach him in our battle. Anything before then will just be wasted. That... Is why I downplayed myself dear." He finished his explanation with warm smile directed towards her.

Giselle blushed and then asked. "How did you get so wise Ash? You sound like an old Professor!" She teased him gently.

Ash just laughed and scratched the back of his head with his free hand. "When you spend every day with Professor Oak for five years you kind of pick up a few things and grow up quick." He said with mirth and a smile at the thought of his wise mentor.

Giselle smiled as well. "Well I like what he did to you Ash."

Before he could say anything else Brock and Misty came back to them. "Hey guys we just found out that they have a large area here in the ship where vendors sell all kind of cool stuff!" Misty said excitedly.

"Really?!" Giselle said with wide eyes.

"Yeah really!" Misty said, equally as excited.

"Then what are we waiting for?! Let's go change and then get down there!" Giselle said as she and Misty were already half way off the deck.

Ash and Brock just looked at each other and sighed, shaking their heads. Ash looked to Pikachu on the chair. "Come on buddy, let's go."

Pikachu bounded up on Ash's shoulder and then the boy turned to Brock. "Let's get this over with Brock."

Brock followed Ash after they gathered their stuff and started heading off the deck with him. "We're going shopping with two girls Ash... We probably won't come back!" He said half jokingly and half seriously.

Ash laughed while a large sweat drop ran down his back. "Thanks a lot Brock..."


Down in the large shopping area of the ship where all of the vendors were set up, three very familiar Rockets dressed up in disguises that made them look like average vacationers were milling around amongst the small shops.

"I can't believe Commander 'thinks she's better than everyone else just because she's beautiful' Alania put us here on the ship instead of with the rest of the team!" Jessie ranted silently to her two teammates.

"She probably just wanted to make sure that they had eyes on the inside in case something went wrong before they began the raid." James tried to placate her.

Jessie just huffed. "No, she just likes to flaunt her superiority all over the place!"

"But isn't that what you do with us Jessie?" James said without thinking.

The next thing he knew, the poor man was on the ground with a large lump growing out of his head. Jesse stood over him with her fist still raised and a tick mark on the side of her head. "No one asked YOUR opinion James!" She said hotly.

Meowth spoke up. "Yous both needs to be quite! Do you want de whole ship knowing about da mission?!"

Jessie turned her head to the side. "It's not my fault James was being stupid! Now come on, I want to start scoping out Trainers with the best Pokemon possible that we should steal first thing."

"Right, let's split up den!" Meowth said.

He and Jessie began walking in opposite directions while Jame's slowly peeled himself up off the ground. He started walking around the amongst the many vendors set up, trying to find Trainers with worthwhile Pokemon to steal. Suddenly, he heard someone frantically out to him. "Hey you! Hey you sir! Come over here!"

He turned around and saw a short looking man with a big nose, black hair and wearing black pants, white shirt and wooden sandals. He walked over to the man calling to him. "Were you talking to me mister?" He asked confused.

The short man looked excited and slapped a rolled up piece of paper he had down on the counter of his booth. "You bet I am!" He said is fast talking and very sells like voice. "You know, you seem like a very smart man who knows all about the finer things in life! Someone who see's things differently and isn't afraid to take chances! Am I right?!"

James looked even more confused. "I guess so. What's the point of this?"

The man grew a wild grin on his face and slapped the paper back down again. "I knew it! Then I have a deal for you guy! Look here in this tank and tell me what you see!"

He lifted a sheet that was over a large, water filled container and showed a Magikarp just floating there in the water. James looked utterly lost. "It's just a Magikarp."

The man hit James over the head with his paper. "Hey what was that for?!" James asked angrily.

The continued to wave his paper around in the air frantically. "You don't understand! This may seem like an ordinary Magikarp but it's not! This Magikarp is very special I tell you... It's a very rare Red Scaled Magikarp! The most valuable of their species! People would pay hundreds just to see this Pokemon, let alone it!"

James, being the idiot he was, looked interested. "Really?! Say, that IS a special Pokemon!" He said excitedly as he eyes the fish.

The man's eyes gleamed. "That's right but met me tell you something even better! This Magikarp reproduce by the hundred every year! If you sell them every year for just two years you could make millions, billions even!"

Jame's was starry eyes now. "That it is amazing!" He looked confused again. "Then why aren't you keeping this Magikarp?"

The shook his head vigorously. "Because I lIke you guy! I could see something special in you! I want you to succeed and because of that, I'll discount this Magikarp! You can have it right now for the discounted price of only 1000 Poke'Credits!"

James looked unsure when he heard the price. "But that would be all my friends and I had!" He complained.

The man raised his paper. "But just think! In a few months time this Magikarp will pay for itself! Come on guy, this is a one time offer!"

James was to tempted and blinded by stupidity. "You have yourself a deal hombre!" He handed the man a card that he, Jessie and Meowth kept all their credits on.

The man grabbed it so fast that after image of the card was left behind. He quickly scanned it and drained the card of it's money. He threw the card back to James and then spoke again. "I like your guts guy and I'll you what! I'll even throw in this..." He grabbed an object from under the counter that was round and covered in a piece of cloth. He unveiled the object and showed a 'golden' Pokeball. "I will throw in this genuine golden Pokeball for free!"

James's eyes went to the size of saucers. "Thanks hombre!"

He took the ball in his hand then threw it into the tank. The device captured the Magikarp in no time at all and then he held the ball in his hands and looked at it greedily. He laughed crazily. "I'm going to be rich!" He said excitedly.

'Hombre' had a small smirk on his face. "Yes guy you said it! Your going to be very surprised with what you are going to receive out of this purchase..."

James didn't even hear him. "I have to go show Jessie and Meowth this Magikarp! We're going to be rich!" He said excitedly as he ran away.

The man watched Jame's disappear and then aloud. "Sucker!" He laughed aloud and then packed up his vendor at the speed a Pidgeot flies before disappearing into the crowd.


The day had passed by quickly for Ash and his friends in a blur of fun and excitement. Well at least... The first part of the day past quickly for the two shopping maniac girls, while Ash and Brock were pretty much holding each other up out of exhaustion. After the girls had finished their VERY long and exhausting shopping trip, from which they bought NOTHING, they all decided to to spend the rest of the day exploring the ship and seeing what all else it had to offer. There was an arcade which had all of the best games. 'Whack-A-Diglett', 'Angry Pidgey's', 'Pack-Gulpin', 'Plusle and Minun Bro's', 'Big Game Trainer: Stantler Season' and the most popular by far 'Temple of Arceus Run'.

They also had a huge rec room where you could play several different games. Table tennis, wall tennis, basketball, air hockey. They also had a small theater where movies were being shown. Favorites like, 'Finding Goldeen', 'Granbull & Me, 'I Was A Teenage Ninetails' and one of the most successful movies: 'Swoobatman Begins'

There was even a small museum in another part of the Anne that was an exact replica of the 'Museum of Kanto History' that was located in Celadon City. This look-a-like museum told all about the rich history of Kanto and also the history of every known Pokemon in Kanto. Of course, Ash already knew all about the histories of Kanto Pokemon from his years of studying, but he didn't know all about the history of Kanto itself. Something he was eager to learn.

Basically, Kanto's history in a nutshell was how settlers from far away regions came over seas, led by a man named Christian Ketsum and made their home in what was now the Kanto region. They sat up towns, government, laws, agriculture, everything. However, a civil war broke out amongst the people. The region was divided into two parts: West Kanto and East Kanto. West Kanto believed that Pokemon should be treated as equals and not forced to do hard labor as slaves like East Kanto believed they should be.

The fighting was endless and bloody until two leaders from both sides of the war came up with a great compromise that would put the war to a stop. They suggested East Kanto cross the great mountain that separated the Kanto region from another unknown land just on the other side of the mountain. It was unexplored and undiscovered. West Kanto was selected since they lived much closer to the mountain than East Kanto did. In fact, if East Kanto would have been selected to make the travel they would have had to pass through West Kanto territory, which would have been a very bad idea considering tensions were so high.

In the end, West Kanto agreed and crossed the mountain that they later named 'Mt. Silver' in honor of a great silver flying Pokemon who was native to the newly discovered region and helped guide them over the mountain and into the new land they made their home. The new region was named 'Johto' which translated into 'region of rainbows' in honor of another great flying Pokemon native to Johto that helped guide them through the new land and provided hope in the form of glorious rainbows when rain came pouring down upon the traveling people, seeking to dampen their spirits.

After this region was established, the people of Johto realized the error of their ways and made peace with the new species of Pokemon in the Johto region. The guidance and kindness of the 'Great Duo of the Johto Region' when they first came to their new home, showed them that Pokemon were their equals and needed to be treated as such.

They even constructed two large towers in the heart of the Johto regions very first settlement, later named Ecruteak City. The towers were named the Tin Tower and the Brass Tower and were constructed in honor of the Legendary Duo that helped lead the once was lost and struggling people to form their new home and establish the Johto region.

Over the next many years the people of the newly created Johto region and newly re-formed Kanto region made amends amongst themselves, established peace and became close friends. They shared in trade with each other as well the newly discovered native island people of a nearby chain of islands that they called the 'Orange Archipelago'. Strong relationships were formed between the three nations and their respective Pokemon, allowing all to prosper and grow. Many people and families also migrated between Kanto, Johto and the nicknamed 'Orange Islands', creating a permanent link between all three nations and sharing, as well as mixing, in each other's rich culture.

The two leaders who were responsible for ending the 'Great Kanto Civil War' and inadvertently bringing about the formation of todays modern Kanto and the entire Johto region were actually brothers. Xanlon and Kyson Ketsum. Descendants of the discoverer of the Kanto region Christian Ketsum.

Throughout the formation and history of the Kanto and Johto regions, the descendants and families of Xanlon and Kyson had played instrumental roles in the politics, creation of new laws and regulations, deals with other regions and the growth and expansion of both regions. In fact, history books placed the Ketsum family as one of the most prominent and oldest families of the Kanto and Johto regions. Sadly though, their line was said to have died out about two hundred years prior. The last surviving Ketsum, Armanus Ketsum, died with no children left behind that were known of.

By the end of the day and when evening time rolled around, all of the friends and even Pikachu were tired. In a good way, but still tired. They had all dressed back into their normal clothes and Brock and Misty had went to the on-board Pokemon Center so they could get their Pokemon healed up. Giselle and Ash's Pokemon were completely healthy and didn't need need any tending to by Nurse Joy, so they just ended up wondering around the ship together.

"Let's to up onto the deck and stare out at the ocean now that it's evening time Ash." Giselle said as she turned to face him. "I'm sure the sea is beautiful at this time."

He smile at her softly. "Yeah Giselle let's go." He said as he grabbed her hand and lead her to the deck.

They eventually reached the top of the deck and went over to the railings. The sight before them truly was mesmerizing. The waves were calm and gently rolled on top of one another in a look of black silk being stretched out and then rolled back in. The moonlight was shining brightly down on the water, casting a beautiful glow on the ocean.

Suddenly, they saw several lights began begin shining in the water. Dull, pulsing lights, like mini stars twinkling in the water. A few moments later the two of them saw several Staryu and Starmie begin surfacing to crest the top of the water. They began circling around one another in an enchanting dance of glowing lights, making the sea before them look like the sky had dropped into the ocean and was now staring up at them.

Giselle's eyes sparkled at the sight as she leaned slightly over the railing and stared at the sight with undisguised awe. "It's beautiful Ash..." She said quietly and with her voice full of wonder.

Ash however had only stared at the spectacle long enough to have it memorized so he could jot it down in his Researcher's journal. He was now staring straight at the girl before before him, mesmerized by the way the moonlight made her eyes shine like diamonds. Her whole form seemed to glow like she was celestial and in that moment who was thanking Arceus that she had brought Giselle into his life.

Yes Brock and Misty were amazing and great friends, and his Pokemon were beyond special to his heart as well but with Giselle... It was something different that he couldn't describe.

He answered her softly. "It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen..."

Giselle turned to face him and saw that instead of him looking at the Pokemon in the water when he said what he did, he was staring at her. She blushed a deep red that was noticeable even at night once she realized he was talking about her. Ash didn't care, he found her blushing to be the cutest thing in the world.

She said shyly. "Thank you Ash..."

He just stepped closer to her. "I'm being honest Giselle. I thank Arceus all the time that we stumbled across Joe that day in the woods and how that lead us to meeting you."

She huffed. "Yeah and I was a real bitch when you first met me." She looked down.

Ash took her chin with his finger and raised her eyes back up to meet his. "That doesn't matter to me Giselle. You have become a completely different person than who you were when we first met and I am so happy that you went with us. Your a treasure Giselle, you really are."

She looked him in the eyes and said, "How did you become such a romantic at such a young age Ash?" She asked teasingly, but sweetly.

He smiled softly at her. "Well, when your raised by your mother your entire growing up you learn a few things. Like how to be polite and kind to a lady." He grabbed her hand. "And how to make them feel special about themselves." He paused for a second. "My dad was never around so it was just mom and I. She has taught me so many things that I can't even begin to thank her for. If helped me grow up a lot quicker I guess."

Giselle placed her hand on his cheek. "I think she has done a fine job with you so far Ash Ketchum. And that..." She poked his chest. "Is coming from a lady."

He smiled at her again and then wrapped his arms around her, hesitantly at first, until he felt her get over her surprise and relax in his arms. "Thank you my lady, your complements are very well received." He said jokingly.

She lightly slapped his shoulder playfully. "I was being serious you clown!"

He smiled wider and held her tighter. "So was I." He said simply.

They both just stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like forever. Eventually, and without either of them noticing what was happening, they began slowly leaning into each other. His eyes were locked firmly onto her's in a glazed over trance and she was mimicking him.

Ever so slowly they inched towards one another. It seemed as though an eternity passed before they finally came within inches of each other's faces. He was staring directly into her eyes as she stared into his. Their noses were centimeters apart when slowly, Ash began closing the little distance remaining between them. He felt as though his mind had shut down and his body was on auto-pilot. He closed his eyes as she did the same. He could smell her sweet scent as he inched closer to her luscious and full lips...

Right as their lips made contact and had begun to interlock they suddenly heard Brock calling out to them. "Ash! Giselle! Where are you guys?!"

They instantly flew apart and turned back towards the sea, praying that Brock and Misty hadn't seen what nearly happened between them. The two aforementioned friends suddenly appeared on the deck with Pikachu in tow.

"There you two are!" Misty said exasperatedly. "We've been looking everywhere! The main hall doors are about to open and start letting people into the room so they can start releasing their Pokemon and enjoying the celebration."

Ash just scratched the back of his nervously. "Yeah uh...sorry guys. Giselle and I got sidetracked and lost track of time."

"That's alright Ash, we just wanted to remind you about the party so you didn't forget it." Brock said. He had a sneaking suspicion of what was going on between them prior to his and Misty's calling for them, but he decided to keep silent.

"Yeah guys sorry! I'm coming down right now." Giselle said as she stopped leaning on the railing and waited for them to lead the way.

"Actually guys, you go ahead and I'll be down in about two hours. I want to take my Pokemon down to the sorely underused training area on the ship and get our workout in before heading to the party. It'll probably last forever so I'll be up with time to spare."

His friends nodded their heads. "Okay Ash. We'll talk to you later!"'Brock said as he began walking off the deck.

"Yeah Ash see you down there." Misty said to him with a smile as she followed Brock.

Giselle came up to him and touched his shoulder gently, running her fingers down his strong arm softly. She looked into his eyes. "We'll talk later ok?" She said softly and with a warm look in her eyes.

Ash just nodded his head, entranced by her. "Yeah definitely..." He said thickly.

She smiled and then placed a burning hot kiss on his cheek before following after Brock and Misty. Ash stood there stock still, rubbing the cheek she just kissed like it was a priceless treasure. He couldn't believe it! He had almost KISSED Giselle! Their lips actually made feather soft contact before they were interrupted. One crazy and dangerous thought went through his mind like a speeding Dragonite: He desperately wanted to kiss her for real! That sealed it... He definitely liked her as more than just a friend.

He looked at Pikachu, who was staring up at Ash in confusion at his Trainers bewildered look. He sighed and shook his head. "I'm too young for this Pi..." He said exasperatedly. Sometimes he hated how fast he grew and matured.

Pikachu just continued to stare at his Trainer with his head tilted to the side in confusion. "Pika?"

Ash sighed again. He forgot that Pikachu was young just like he himself was, he didn't understand. "Trust me Pikachu, you'll understand one of these days..."

Pikachu just shrugged and climbed up onto his Trainers shoulder. Ash then turned around and headed for the training area.


(One Mile Due East)

"Commander we see the St. Anne in the distance! Are we ready to begin the operation?!" A Grunt who was flying one of the Team Rocket helicopters asked Alania, who was in the helicopter with the two other commanders and a handful of Grunts.

She nodded her head as she, the other commanders and the Grunts all stood up and began attaching harnesses to themselves. The Grunts put on some strange looking backpacks and then stood at attention. She walked over to the driver of the helicopter and activated the radio linking the choppers together for communication. She spoke loudly and firmly. "Attention all Rockets! Full speed ahead to the St. Anne! I want all of you prepared and ready for the drop ASAP! As soon as we touch down on that ship our mission begins!"

She received a loud reply of, "YES COMMANDER!" Coming back over the radio from all of the other Rockets.

She turned back to her fellow commanders. "Well boys, here we go." She looked at Zetson. "Do not screw this up!"

The fancied haired Rocket just huffed. "I won't! Lay off already bossy!"

Before Alania could reply, Rykon growled out. "You've already screwed up once Zetson. We can't trust you to not mess up again and this operation can't fail."

The pretty boy Rocket flipped his hair. "I got it already! Sheesh!"

"Get ready! We're almost there!" Alania shouted to them as the ship got closer.

It was time for the mission to begin...


"Gyarados use Dragon Rage!" Ash commanded.

The huge Water Pokemon began building up a large amount of energy in his mouth before firing it into the pool. The attack hit the water and made it part where the cannon of powerful energy hit.

Ash whistled when he saw how damaging the attack was. It had actually cracked the bottom of the pool somewhat. He looked up at Gyarados and saw that his Pokemon was breathing heavily and looked exhausted. He wasn't surprised, they had all been training for right at two hours, just like he told Brock they would be. He was also exhausted.

Gyarados was a strong powerhouse and Ash could definitely tell that he would he only end up becoming stronger and stronger as time passed. Ash could see Gyarados becoming one of his strongest Pokemon with enough training and experience. That much he was certain of.

Before Ash could do anything else he suddenly got a very bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. Like something was going to happen. Something bad. His suspicions were confirmed when he noticed his Pokemon all to start to tense up. After training them constantly on vigilance and always staying alert he wasn't shocked to see them reacting the way they were.

He hopped out of the pool and and went over to his track suit. He put it back on, not bothering to dry himself if there was trouble, and turned back to his Pokemon. "Okay everybody, until I find out if something is going on or not I need you back in your Pokeballs. Return!"

His Pokemon disappeared back into their balls and then he looked at Pikachu. "Come on buddy, let's go!"

"Pikachu! His Pokemon answered as he hopped up on Ash's shoulder.

The boy then ran out of the training room, hoping against all hope that his gut was wrong. However, something was telling him in his mind that he was not going to be granted with such luck.


As the celebration went on at full swing up in the main gathering hall Brock, Misty and Giselle were all wondering where Ash was. "Do you think something happened to him?" Giselle fretted to her friends.

Brock shook his head. "He probably just got caught up training with his Pokemon. You know how Ash gets when training."

"Yeah let's not worry too fast..." Misty said, not as certain as Brock was.

They suddenly heard the captain addressing them all and then everyone in the hall, Brock, Misty and Giselle included, all looked up at him. He was standing up on the balcony with a microphone in his hand and had some of the crew behind him. He was a slightly pudgy old man and had short white hair and a mustache. He was wearing a white captains suit that had gold looking trimming around the edges of it. He was wearing his captains hat on his head to complete the look.

"Attention dear guests of the St. Anne! My name is Augustine Gotterwaldt, the captain of this fine vessel. I would like to thank each and every one of you for choosing to sail with us on this fantastic voyage! I hope you and your Pokemon have a wonderful night and enjoy the festivities! Thank you again for choosing the St. Anne for your cruising experience, everyone have fun!" The captain finished his speech and a loud applause broke out.

At that very moment a loud 'CRASH!' Suddenly sounded in the hall and everyone looked up to see falling glass coming from the roof. Out of the many skylights above came several people dressed in black, all propelling themselves down ropes. The many doors to the halls also burst open and in came pouring even more people dressed in black.

The intruders surrounded the guests on all sides as the people began screaming in fear and started trying to get away. Brock, Misty and Giselle all drew close to together and stared in disdain at the people they recognized in front of them. "Team Rocket." Misty said angrily.

"I hate these guys!" Giselle said hotly.

"Yeah but these guys aren't the three we're use to dealing with..." Brock said looking at all of the Rockets. "This are Team Rocket's actual forces. These guys aren't bumbling idiots like those three are, their cold and ruthless." Brock explained.

"Yeah these guys are real trouble..." Misty said as she eyed them.

"Why are they here?" Giselle said asked.

Before anyone could answer a bunch of Rocket Grunts suddenly surrounded the captain and his crew and forced them to their knees. "What are you villains doing here on my ship!" The captain demanded angrily. "I command you to leave this instant!"

Suddenly, the largest door to the hall was blown off of it's hinges and in walked three Rockets who looked different than the rest of the Grunts. They were tailed by their own squad of Grunts and when the lead person, a woman, came up to the nearest Grunt she asked loudly and with her voice filled with authority. "Status report!"

The Grunt in front of her shot to attention and then answered her. "Commander, we have successfully invaded the ship and taken complete control! Everyone who was on this ship is now here in the hall and we have them surrounded as you can see. They tried to escape at first but we quickly subdued them! We have sent out more of the team to go and raid the cabins and anyplace else that looks like it may hold valuables. They have orders to steal anything that looks of interest!"

He finished his report and the woman smiled. "Very good! Now, I think it's time we introduce ourselves!" She walked up to the podium the captain was knelt on, followed by her fellow commanders and the Grunts who followed them in. When she came to stand in front of the captain he looked up at her and began saying angrily, "I demand that you criminals leave this ship at once! Otherwise I'll-"

He was stopped when the woman slapped him across the face hard. "Or what? What will you do old man? We have your entire crew incapacitated and every single guest in this entire hall here in one room. We also outnumber you by the dozens. You have absolutely NO RIGHT to be commanding us!"

She reached down and plucked the microphone from the captains hand before giving the large man beside her a signal of some kind. The very large man picked the much older one up by his shirt collar with one hand and then dangled him over the balcony. Without a seconds hesitation he dropped the old man and he went plummeting down towards the floor below at fast speeds. He crashed onto the snack table, making it break and collapse under the combined force of both the captains rather large amount of weight, and the height in which he fell from. The old captain just lay there covered in food and wrapped up in the table cloth, groaning in pain.

"Well the fall didn't kill him... Such a shame." The smaller and very bored looking man standing beside the large man and the voluptuous woman, said disappointed.

The woman stepped out to the edge of the balcony and addressed the crowd, who was still staring in shock at the brutality they just witnessed. "Attention dear guests of this glorious ship! My name is Alania and these are my fellow commanders, Zetson and Rykon. And we... are Team Rocket! Now don't fear for your lives... yet. Just do as we say and everything will be just fine. For the most part." She laughed cruelly, making all of the guests cringe in fear and the other Rocket's to laugh as well.

"W-what do you want!" A young boy asked from the corner he was in.

Alania looked down at at him and smirked. "Why... We're for your Pokemon of course!"

All of the Trainers shouted out their protests and Alania gave the microphone to Rykon. He growled into the device loudly. "Everyone shut up!" They all stopped and looked up at the large man on the balcony in fear. Alania got the microphone back from him and spoke again. "Now, here's what is going to happen: You are all going to place your Pokeballs on the ground and then step back. The rest of our team will... relieve them of you afterwards."

Suddenly, Gary Oak stepped up. "And why should we give our Pokemon to a bunch of crooks like you huh?! I think we can take you! I know I could!"

The woman merely raised an eyebrow and then jumped over the balcony. She landed as nimbly as a Persian and then sauntered her way over to Gary. "Is that so little boy? Well let's just see then!"

She stepped back away from him and then walked over to the other side of the room. " We'll have a quick little battle to see if you can really match those tough words. Do you accept?" She asked as she stared him in the eyes like a predator getting ready to kill her prey.

Gary strode up confidently. "Of course I accept your challenge! Get ready to lose, your battling Gary Oak now!"

She just smirked and flipped her hair. "Well... Let's see what you've got then."

Gary smirked as well, feeling sure that this would be easy, and then drew a Pokeball from his side. "Nidorino go!" His Pokemon appeared with a loud cry of, "Nido!"

Alania just pulled out a Pokeball and then threw it into the air. "Vaporeon come out and play!" She said calmly. The Water Pokemon appeared from it's ball in a flash of light. "Vaporrr!"

Gary raised his hand. "Nidorino use Headbutt!"

Alania lazily said. "Vaporeon, dodge it please."

As Nidorino closed in, Vaporeon just jumped out of the way, almost casually. Gary seemed surprised for a second but then recovered himself. "Nidorino use Focus Energy and then Double Team!"

His Pokemon raised his energy and strength levels as it made several copies of itself that surrounded Vaporeon. "Now, use Poison Sting!" Gary yelled.

His Pokemon fired off multiple Poison Stings at Vaporeon, who just stood there. Alania flipped her hair and ordered her Pokemon. "Vaporeon use Aqua Tail."

The Pokemon spun in a circle and then, in a swirling wall of water, the poison barbs hit the water and disappeared. She commanded again. "Now expand it outward and take out all of those clones!"

The Aqua Tail came around in a powerful sweeping motion and hit all of the Nidorino copies. Gary yelled out. "Nidorino jump over the water!"

As his Pokemon made to leap in the air and dodge the attack Alania commanded again. "Take Down Vaporeon!"

Her Pokemon came running though the water wall it had created and jumped into Nidorino, hitting the Pokemon hard and sending it flying into the floor. Vaporeon landed gracefully and watched as Nidorino struggled to get up after one hit. Gary called out to his Pokemon. "Come on Nidorino stand up!"

His Pokemon did as told and slowly stood on on it's feet. "Use Double Team again and take off running at Vaporeon!" He shouted.

Alania just laughed again. "Really? Vaporeon use Aqua Tail again!"

Gary smirked. "Not this time! Nidorino have your copies charge in towards Vaporeon while you jump that Aqua Tail!"

The move was executed as the Nidorino copies rushed towards Vaporeon while the real Nidorino jumped the Aqua Tail. Alania commanded her Vaporeon to use it's own Double Team, followed by Bubblebeam. The Vaporeon clones were instantly formed and used Bubblebeam on the Nidorino clones.

Gary ordered his Nidorino to use Poison Sting on the copies of Vaporeon and the incoming Bubblebeams. The attacks met in midair and clashed together, canceling each other out. However, some of the bubbles and poison barbs made it to the clones of both Vaporeon and Nidorino and hit them. Making them vanish instantly.

By this point, the real Nidorino had snuck up on Vaporeon and when Gary yelled out, "Nidorino use Poison Fang!" The Pokemon instantly leaped at Vaporeon and clamped down on it with it's teeth. Vaporeon cried out and then used Aqua Tail to try and shake it off. Gary didn't want his Pokemon being hit with that attack and ordered Nidorino to release the Pokemon.

When Nidorino had returned to Gary he expected to see Vaporeon poisoned and weakened from the previous attack, but was stunned to see that the Pokemon was fine. "How?!" He said shocked.

Alania just smiled. "Before your Pokemon used it's attack, Vaporeon cloaked itself in a barely noticeable Water Veil and protected itself from the attack. So sorry..."

Gary grit his teeth. "Okay then Nidorino use-"

"Vaporeon use Agility into Quick Attack and make it full power!" Alania said quickly, interrupting Gary's command.

Vaporeon disappeared and then reappeared in front of Nidorino, hitting it hard with Quick Attack sending the Pokemon sliding back on the floor and to Gary's feet. When Nidorino reached him, it was unconscious.

Gary just stared at his Pokemon stunned. He kept wondering how Vaporeon had moved so fast when it hadn't been the entire battle. He then thought that maybe she was toying with him but he quickly shook that thought out of his head. No one played with Gary Oak.

He returned his Nidorino and Alania called out to him. "Ready to give up yet boy?" She said tauntingly.

Gary shouted out. "No way!" He drew another Pokeball. "Growlithe go!" He yelled.

His Pokemon appeared and then he shouted, "Agility into Quick Attack and combine it with Flame Charge!"

As his Pokemon charged Alania's she merely called out. "Water Sport and then rush in to meet that mutt with a Water Veil cloaked Quick Attack. Turn up the power!"

Both Pokemon ran at each other while Growlithe became cloaked in a cloak of fire and Vaporeon was cloaked in water. As it ran, Vaporeon used Water Sport and let it rain down on Growlithe, instantly cooling down the Pokemon and ending it's cloak of flame as it ran. Vaporeon met Growlithe head on, but since Growlithe was now just charging in with no extra power, it was no match for Vaporeon's fast and powerful Quick Attack, cloaked in water.

The Puppy Pokemon was hit hard and sent flying back and landed near Gary's feet, also unconscious.

Gary was getting extremely frustrated as he returned Growlithe and chose his next Pokemon. "Go Squirtle!" He said as his starter Pokemon took to the field.


Up in the stands, Zetson was watching the fight with amusement. "Alania's just toying with the whelp! This is rich!"

Rykon just remained quite, as usual.


Down in their corner Brock said aloud so Misty and Giselle could hear him. "She's just messing with Gary. He doesn't stand a chance against her."

Misty and Giselle nodded their heads in agreement.

"Yeah, she's taken out two of his Pokemon with only one so far..." Giselle said amazed.

"That Vaporeon is really strong." Misty mused aloud.


Back at the ongoing battle, Gary commanded his Squirtle to use Rapid Spin.

Alania turned her head to the side. "Vaporeon, root yourself and wait for it." She said coolly.

As Squirtle neared the other Water Pokemon and was prepared to hit it she called out. "Now use your tail and bat it away. Add some Quick Attack speed to it while your at it."

As the turtle came close to hitting Vaporeon, it spun around in a blur and used it's tail to smack the Pokemon back in reverse and sent it hurdling away. Alania quickly issued the next command. "Now go meet Squirtle before it reaches it's Trainer by using Quick Attack combined with Agility, then use Double Team to encircle it!"

Vaporeon ran towards the spinning Pokemon in a blur and appeared in front of it. Vaporeon made several copies of itself and then smacked the Pokemon again with it's tail. Squirtle flew back into another Vaporeon who used it's tail and smacked Squirtle again. This started a twisted game of 'Squirtle Ball' as the Pokemon was smacked between Vaporeon and it's copies like a beach ball.

Alania watched in amusement, while Gary watched in disbelief. Finally she called out. "Vaporeon, hit it with a Water Gun and knock it up into the air! Then jump up and smash it back into ground with your tail!"

Vaporeon hit Squirtle with a Water Gun as it came back and knocked it up into the air. Vaporeon's copies then vanished as it jumped into the air and swung it's tail around, hitting Squirtle on the back of the shell and sending it crashing into the ground. The graceful Water Pokemon landed near Alania and sat down.

When the smoke cleared it showed Gary's Squirtle out cold and finally out of it's shell.

The boy merely raised his Pokeball and returned his defeated Pokemon with an angry look on his face. Alania called out to him. "Yoohoo! I know that Trainers are allowed to carry up to six Pokemon you know. That means you still have three Pokemon to battle with. Are you going to continue or not?" She said as she taunted him with a smirk on her face. "Stupid little boy, you could never defeat me! Why not just give up now?"

Gary continued to glare at her without saying anything, clearly not knowing rather to continue or not in this one sided battle. If he continued then he could lose. If he didn't continue then he would instantly lose. Alania got fed up with waiting and said, "Fine then. You obviously aren't going to battle me so..." She snapped her fingers. Suddenly, a Grunt came up behind Gary. He hit the boy in the back and sent him sprawling onto his back.

She spoke again. "I'll take your silence as a forfeit. That means we can continue with stealing everyone's Pokemon, starting with you!"

The Grunt reached down and grabbed ahold of Gary's Pokeballs. The boy tried to get up but the Grunt kept his foot pressed into his back. After the Grunt took Gary's Pokeballs he looked over at Alania while holding the Pokeballs in his hand.

She turned to address the crowd of frightened Trainers. "All of you will place your Pokeballs on the ground and step back from them. Anyone who tries to be a hero will receive the same treatment as this boy." She pointed to Gary, who was laying on the ground with the Grunts foot on his back. He was trying desperately to scramble free and get his Pokeballs back but the Grunt just twisted his foot further into the boys back, making him go still.

None of the other Trainers wanted to feel the same kind of treatment that Gary had received, so they all started pulling their Pokeballs out and began placing them on the ground. Alania smiled. "Lovely!" She waited until the last Trainer had placed their Pokeballs on the ground, overlooking Brock, Misty and Giselle since they were in a far off corner pretending they weren't Trainers, and then ordered all the Grunts in the room. "Alright boys! Suck em' up!"

The Rocket's all activated the strange packs that were on their backs and then two large tubes came out from the sides of the machines and came around in front to be held by each Grunt. They all grabbed ahold of the tubes in front of them and then pushed down on two red buttons that were on the tops of both tubes.

Instantly, a powerful vacuum like suction began coming from the tubes and started sucking up all of the Trainers Pokeballs that were on the ground. Gary's Pokeballs were sucked away right in front of his eyes and the Pokeball he was still holding was trying to be sucked into the tube. He was holding onto it for all he was worth while the Grunt that had his foot on Gary's back pressed down harder, trying to get him to release the Pokeball.

"No way are you getting away with my Pokemon!" He yelled out.

Alania shook her head. "Such foolishness... Ah well, it's a good show at least!" She laughed and it sounded like bells being rung, yet also cruel and terrible at the same time. "Come now little boy, just give up!"

Gary continued to hold onto his Pokeball. "Get lost!" He yelled again.


Ash was cautiously making his way through the St. Anne as he was looking for the source of the loud commotion he heard just moments before. He looked at Pikachu. "I have a really bad feeling Pikachu..." He said to him.

"Pika, Pikachu Pi." The yellow mouse replied, nodding his head.

Ash heard someone coming from further down the hall and he automatically ducked behind a corner. He then saw three Team Rocket Grunts come running by. They stopped in the middle of the hallway and Ash noticed that they all had sacks slung over their shoulders. One of the Grunts spoke. "Man look at the haul we got guys! Those rooms were full of loot! Who thought Trainers could have so many valuable possessions!" He said excitedly.

"Yeah I know! All those badges we stole should sale for some massive cash! The organization is going to turn over a huge profit for this mission!" The second one said.

The third Rocket spoke last. "Lets get back to the main hall and show the Commanders what we got!" He said eagerly.

Ash saw red enter his vision when he saw that it was Team Rocket and felt that familiar feeling of rage and hatred start to boil inside of him. When he started to feel that strange power start to rise to the surface he knew he had to get control. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself. The last thing he needed was to lose control now when he didn't even know what was going on, besides the fact that Team Rocket were behind it.

One of the Grunts spoke again. "Maybe we'll even get promoted for everything we got! I hate being stationed at that damn Pokemon Land!"

Another Grunt looked excited at that prospect. "Hey maybe we'll even get stationed at HQ!"

The last Grunt just shook his head. "I doubt that even if we get promoted for gathering these valuables, no matter how much they be worth, we'll get stationed in Celadon. The city already has enough of us stationed everywhere and I don't think the Commanders or the Boss wants to draw too much attention to our presence there by scattering more of us around the whole place."

One of the Grunts just sighed. "Man you sure are a buzzkill!"

"Yeah dude not cool!" The second Rocket said. "I HATE Pokemon Land! I'de give anything to be put anywhere else but that boring shit hole! Even Saffron City! And those guys are just sitting around over there scoping out the area for when we pull that really big job at-"

He was suddenly elbowed in the ribs hard by one of his teammates. "Shut up idiot! You know talking about that operation anywhere in public is completely forbidden! It's going to be Team Rocket's biggest job ever and if we screw things up by blabbing about it and someone hears then we are going to be in MAJOR trouble!"

"Probably with the Boss himself..." One of them said.

The Grunt who almost slipped up, shuddered in fear. "Yeah right... I don't want to get on the Boss's bad side."

Ash was wide eyed at everything he had heard so far. Pokemon Land? Celadon City? Huge operation? He didn't know what any of that meant but he was going to find out.

He took three Pokeballs from his belt and quietly released the Pokemon inside them. Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander appeared in front of him. He instantly put his finger to his lips to make sure they didn't make any loud noises. "I need your help guys." He said quietly. "Team Rocket has invaded the ship and we need to find out what's going on. There are three Grunts just on the other side of this hallway. So here's what I need..."

His four Pokemon nodded their heads in unison after he finished explaining to them what he needed. "Okay good guys, now let's go!" He whispered to them.

"Alright you three let's get out of here!" One of the Grunts said.

"Right!" The other to said.

Just as they prepared to take off down the hall, a bolt of lightning suddenly shot past the Grunts, nearly hitting them. They all stopped. "What the-" one of the Grunts said as he turned around. At that moment a foot connected to his jaw and lifted him off of his feet. He was sent soaring back into a nearby wall and hit it hard. The Grunt groaned loudly as he slid to the floor and grabbed his head in pain from where it hit the wall.

Ash landed on his feet gracefully from the jump kick he just executed and crouched down low. The other two Grunts looked at who was responsible for attacking their teammate and right as their eyes landed on Ash, several fast leaves suddenly flew up to the ceiling and hit the lights above, knocking them out and consuming the hallway in darkness.

"What's going on?!" One of the Grunts said.

"I can't see anything!" Another said.

They suddenly saw a light that looked like a flame coming from down the hall in front of them. "There they are!" A Grunt yelled.

"Let's get em'!"

Two of the three Grunts took off running for the light they saw when one of them were suddenly tripped up and fell to the ground. The standing Grunt stopped and started looking around. Suddenly he felt someone reach behind both of his knees and apply firm pressure on the pressure points behind his knees. He cried out in pain and then fell to his knees. He then saw a fast moving foot come swinging around at his face but he was too slow to react. The foot connected on the left side of the Grunts face, instantly breaking his nose and sending him skidding into the nearby wall on his side.

The Grunt who was tripped up earlier stood back on his feet and looked in the direction of his attacker. Before he could move forward he was blast from behind by a powerful torrent of water and was sent flying forward. His travel was stopped after he had been airborne for about ten yards by strong vines wrapping around his neck, stopping him in midair with a loud 'THWACK!' and making him fall to the ground, gasping for air.

The shadow of a figure standing over him was suddenly seen, but before he could do anything a fist came down like lightning and hit him in the face, driving his head into the ground hard and making him fall unconscious.

The figure stood up and then heard someone running up behind him. The Grunt who had been kicked earlier reached the person and went to kick them in the back. He smirked triumphantly as his foot prepared to make contact. Just as it nearly did however, the figure twisted to the side like lightning and grabbed the Grunts foot in a tight hold just as it missed it's target.

The figure stepped inside of the Grunt's guard in the blink of an eye and placed both of his hands on the Grunt's leg. With one downward, twisting thrust over the figures thigh, the Grunts leg was broken leg a twig and he fell to the ground on one knee like a stone as he cried out in pain. "AHHHH!"

The figure sidestepped around to the Grunts other side and kicked the back of the knee that the man was resting on. Just as his good leg gave out and he began to fall he felt arms wrap around his neck. The figure stepped behind the Grunt and then twisted him around in full circle. The Grunt struggled in the hold while his good leg kicked out in front of him. One well placed chop to the back of the man's neck instantly stopped his fighting and made him go unconscious.

The shadowed figure stood up and released his hold on the Grunt's neck, letting him fall to the ground like a stone. He slowly turned around and looked at where the one Grunt that was still conscious was struggling to stand up, while leaning against the wall. His nose was still gushing blood from where it had been broken and as he stared down the hallway at the shadowed figure through blurry eyes, the dim flame that was keeping the hallway illuminated somewhat, went out.

The Grunt just leaned heavily against the wall and tried desperately to see through the darkness. The dim light suddenly flashed back on and the Grunt saw the figure standing there looking at him. He went to gasp in fear until the figure suddenly brought their leg straight up in the air in a crescent circle and brought it down on the Grunt's collar bone, instantly crushing it and making the Grunt fall back down to the ground with a scream of pain.

As the Grunt laid there on the ground he felt strong hands grab ahold of his shirt and hoist him up to a sitting position and slamming him against the wall. The Grunt just stared in terror at the person in front of him... If it was even a person at all. The figure was being slightly illuminated in the faint red glow of light that was coming from the flame that was now right beside of them. The portion of hallway they were in looked incredibly ominous and spooky the way that it was only being illuminated by a small flame of light.

The figure just stared at the Grunt with shadowed eyes. He snapped his fingers and the dim light suddenly got bigger and brighter, brightening up more of the hallway and showing the Grunt exactly who was hovering in front of him. The Grunt saw Ash kneeling in front of him, staring at him with hatred in his eyes with Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle standing near him with equally distasteful looks on their faces. Charmander had his tail flame burning brightly as it gave off the light that the Grunt had seen.

His eyes widened when he saw Ash. "Y-your the kid from Mt. Moon! You messed up our plans for the Moon Stone!" He said as he pointed a finger at Ash. "I remember you!"

Ash just brushed the finger out if his face roughly and stared at the Grunt with an unwavering glare. "Yeah, that's me. Now there are things I want to know and you are going to tell me. Understand?" He said calmly. Too calmly.

The Grunt laughed. "Yeah like what?!" He said snidely.

Ash answered him, ignoring the Grunt's tone. He said simply. "Pokemon Land. Celadon City. Operation in Saffron. Talk. Now."

The Grunt's eyes grew wide in fear. "How do you know about those things?!" He asked loudly.

Ash smirked. "You've got a loud mouth. Might wanna be more quite next time."

The Grunt's eyes narrowed. "You aren't getting a damn thing out of me runt!" He said with venom in his voice as he pointed his finger in Ash's face again. The boy got tired of having a finger shoved in his face and then, as fast as a Seviper, reached up and grabbed ahold of the Grunt's finger and knuckles. He used his thumb to curl itself around the finger and then, using the leverage of the Grunt's own knuckles against him, snapped his finger back, breaking it at the base.

The man went to scream in pain but had his mouth covered over by Ash's hand. He let go of the man's hand, leaving the finger where it was, flopped back on the Grunt's knuckles at a disgusting looking angle.

Ash took his hand off of the Grunt's mouth and spoke in a voice as cold as ice. "Now then... Why don't you start talking. Starting with Pokemon Land please."

The Grunt spat in Ash's face. "Never!"

Ash wiped the spit off of his face calmly and then grabbed the Grunt's right hand again. Seeing the scared look on the man's face he said in a falsely kind voice. "Don't worry, I'm not going to break another one of your fingers."

The man looked at him wearily as Ash looked at Charmander. "Increase the flame on your tail Charmander, bigger and hotter if you please!" He said cheerfully to his Pokemon.

The Grunt grew wide eyed when Ash forcefully ripped his glove off and went to hold his hand over the now white hot flame that Charmander had burning at the end of his tail. "No no wait please! I'll tell you just please... Please don't do that!" He pleaded with Ash.

The boy smiled and smacked the man on the cheek. "Atta boy!" His eyes narrowed and then he growled out. "Now talk!"

The man nodded his head vigorously. "Pokemon Island! You wanted to know about it right?!" He asked desperately.

Ash just nodded.

The Grunt took a deep breath before continuing. "Pokemon Island is an actual island about twelve miles from out current position. It's owned by us, Team Rocket or more specifically, our Boss. It fronts as an amusement park, a hot spot for families to go to. There are all kinds of attractions set up there and the park has been nicknamed the 'Island of Giant Pokemon' because of the giant robotic Pokemon that we built to roam the amusement park and attract more visitors. They look very realistic and that's the point of it, the realer it looks, the more people want to come and the more money we make."

He paused for a second, nervous to go on. Ash glared murder at the man and he instantly continued. "But like I said, it's just a front! We actually use the island to smuggle Pokemon we steal to buyers who come aboard ships or planes. We do it in broad daylight so people don't get suspicious. The people who come to the amusement park never think anything of all the ships and planes because they most likely think it's just business executives coming to visit the park. Between the amusement park and the smuggling operation we run out of the island, Pokemon Land is one of Team Rocket's biggest sources of income."

Ash's eyes glowed a faint blue color when the Grunt finished explaining how they smuggled Pokemon, terrifying the Grunt, who remembered how Ash got in Mt. Moon when he got mad. "I don't smuggle them though! I'm just a guard for the main control center on the island where everything takes place! I swear!"

Ash calmed down and his eyes returned to normal. He said coldly. "Keep going. Celadon City, what's going on there?"

The Grunt knew better than to deny the boys demand and told him what he wanted to know. "Celadon City is where our hideout is located. It's directly underneath of the Celadon Game Corner. We have agents posted all over the city in disguise just in case any law enforcement becomes suspicious. They throw them off the trail and keep our headquarters safe. The Game Corner is also a front just like Pokemon Land. Besides the profit that we turn over from the slots we also use the Game Corner as a way to move stolen Pokemon all over the region and even overseas..."

The Grunt stopped talking and was reluctant to go on. Ash knew why. The Grunt was about to give away some very important information when it came to the Game Corner and he intended to find out what. "Keep going." He demanded calmly.

The Grunt just shook his head. "I can't... I've said too much already!"

Without a moments notice Ash snapped his fingers and then Charmander brought his tail flame back to full power. Ash instantly grabbed the man's hand and shoved it into the flame. The Grunt went to give off a blood-curdling scream but Bulbasaur slapped his vines over the man's mouth, silencing his wails of pain.

When his hand began to really burn Ash withdrew it from the fire before any permanent damage could be done. He threw the man back against the wall and looked into his glazed over eyes. "Talk. Right. Now." He said with anger pouring from his words.

The man nodded and Bulbasaur released his mouth. He took a couple deep breaths and held his burning hand. "The... Game... Corner... Is..." He stuttered out through deep breaths. Ash let him regain his breath before the Grunt continued. "It's... Probably our organizations biggest source of cash flow. Our Boss depends on the Game Corner and that's why we set up our HQ there. To keep it safe..."

Ash processed the information and then spoke again. "What this 'big operation' in Saffron City?"

The Grunts eyes grew wide and he shook his head. "The only I know is that we have several agents posted in the city scoping it out for something. I don't know what it is honestly! I'm just a Grunt, I don't know anything of great importance that goes on inside of the organization. That information is only known and shared by our Boss, Dr. Zager and the Commanders: Zetson, Alania and Rykon. I've told you all I know I swear!"

Ash was silent for a few minutes. Finally he spoke again. "What's going on up there?"

The Grunt looked exhausted but he replied. "We ambushed the St. Anne by helicopters. Their parked on top of the ship. We planned on stealing every Trainers Pokemon on this ship and any valuables we came across. We're using a new kind of back-pack suck cannon to suck up all of the Pokeballs that the Trainers hand over. Our Commanders are here to..."

He began fading out but Ash slapped him back awake. "Almost done. Last thing I need to know. How big is your hideout in Celadon and how do you get in?"

The Grunt started to go unconscious but Ash shook him. Groggily the Grunt responded. "Big enough... Need... Floor plan... Back room... Poster... Persian..."

He then sunk to the ground, unconscious. Ash released him and stood up. He then turned to his Pokemon after a few moments of silent contemplation. "Alright guys here's what's happening! We need to free the Anne from Team Rocket, rescue any Pokemon they may have stolen so far and get back any valuables. Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, you'll come with me. I'll need your help to beat these guys."

His Pokemon their heads and then he turned to Pikachu. "Alright buddy, here's what I need you to do. Go up and climb up onto the top of the St. Anne, then sneak inside of the helicopters. If there any Grunts either sneak around them or put them down with one of your electric attacks. Once your done, get inside of the helicopters using Iron Tail if you need to bust in and then use your electric attacks to fry the choppers wiring system and Iron Tail to destroy the controls if you need to. Once your done just meet me up on the deck ok?"

Pikachu nodded his head firmly. "Pika Pikachu!" He said confidently.

Ash hugged his Pokemon and then put him down. "Good luck Pi!"

His Pokemon nodded and then took off. Ash looked back at his other Pokemon. "Come on guys, let's get up to that hall!"

They called their agreement and then followed Ash as he ran to help his friends and the rest of the passengers on board the ship.


Gary was still struggling violently against the strong force of the vacuum like machine as it tried to suck up his last remaining Pokeball. He finally lost his grip and the Pokeball left his hands. It began heading straight for the machine. "No!" Gary yelled out in despair.

Right as the Pokeball went to disappear into the machine a long vine suddenly came out of nowhere and grabbed ahold of the Pokeball tightly, keeping it from entering the tube.

A flurry of Razor Leaves suddenly came out of nowhere as well and cut off the tubes that were trying to suck up the Pokeball. A few more sharp leaves sliced into the base of the machine on the Grunt's back and spilled all of the Pokeballs it was holding.

A strong blast of water suddenly shot forward and nailed the Grunt in the chest lifting him off of his feet and launching him backwards several feet before he hit the ground and rolled before coming to a stop, groaning in pain.

Everyone in the entire room turned to look at the source of the interference and saw a smokescreen filling the doorway. Out of the smoke walked Ash, tailed by his three Pokemon, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander.

Brock, Misty and Giselle grew wide eyed. "It's Ash!" Giselle said happily.

"It's about time! I thought something happened to him!" Misty said angrily, but also relieved. Very relieved.

"I just hope he has something up his sleeve..." Brock said worriedly as he looked at how every Rocket in the room was no staring at him. "Otherwise he's in trouble."

Gary looked shocked. "What are you doing here Ash?!" He said as he temporarily had forsaken his nickname. Now was not the time for jokes.

Ash looked at Gary, who was now standing up since the Grunt that had been keeping him on the floor backed away when Ash and his Pokemon entered the room. "Hey there Gary. Hope I'm not too late and missed out on the fun!" He said jokingky. Well maybe there was room for jokes after all.

Gary just seemed startled before he said, "Get out of here Ash! These guys are tough, especially her!" He said as he pointed towards Alania.

Ash looked at the person Gary was pointing to and saw for the first time the attractive woman standing there near the middle of the room. At least, he may have found her attractive if it wasn't for the fact that she had a big red 'R' on her chest.

His eyes narrowed as he stared at her. The woman finally broke the silence. "So who are you cutie? Your obviously a Trainer because of those three adorable little Pokemon standing behind you. Did you come here to hand them over to me in person dear?" She said in a clearly fake sweet voice.

Ash just glared at her and spoke in an icy tone. "I'm here to stop you and the rest of your team. Either give back the Pokemon you've stolen or else I swear... You'll regret it." He said the last part in a very calm, yet serious and authoritative voice that made him seem much older than he was.

Alania just laughed. "Ohh really?! You make me laugh sweetie! Do you really think that you can stop all of us?" She said with a tone of superiority in her voice.

Ash looked confident and strong as he met her gaze. "I know I will."

She laughed again, harder this time. "Well then little man... Show me what you got." She said tauntingly.

Ash raised his hand and pointed at her. "Three on three."

She looked at him in surprise for a moment before smirking. "Fine by me." She drew two new Pokeballs out and threw them into the air. "Ninetails, Vileplume, show this kiddie why you shouldn't mess with a beautiful, deadly flower!" She yelled as her Pokemon appeared in bursts of light.

They stood beside Vaporeon, ready for battle. Ash looked at his Pokemon. "Let's go guys! I know you can beat her, believe in yourselves and trust each other, understand?!" He encouraged them loudly.

Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur called their names out loudly as they readied themselves for battle.

Alania just laughed again. "Do you really think those runts stand a chance against me and my gorgeous Pokemon?! Your sadly mistaken!"

Zetson suddenly called down to her from the balcony. "Alania! Don't underestimate this kid! He beat me remember!"

She just waved her hand dismissively at him. "Yeah yeah yeah, I remember all about how you whined and moped that some kid had wiped the floor with you. However, I'm not you. My skills are far superior and this... Child, stands no chance in beating me!" She said overconfidently.

She looked back at Ash. "Let's begin!" She pointed to her Pokemon. "Ninetails Flamethrower! Vileplume Petal Dance! Vaporeon Water Pulse!"

Ash quickly commanded his Pokemon. "Squirtle use Water Pulse to fight back that Flamethrower! Charmander use Flame Burst to evade that Water Pulse and stop Petal Dance! Bulbasaur use Razor Leaf on Vaporeon!"

Charmander jumped in front of Squirtle, out of the way of Water Pulse, and charged towards the incoming Petal Dance attack. He cloaked himself in flame and stood against the leaves, burning them before they ever reached Squirtle.

Squirtle fired off his own Water Pulse attack that clashed with Ninetail's Flamethrower, making an explosion kick up and cancel both attacks.

Bulbasaur fired Razor Leaves at Vaporeon. Alania commanded her Pokemon to use Aqua Tail and knock the leaves away, which it did.

Alania then commanded her Pokemon. "Ninetails use Take Down! Vileplume Sweet Scent! Vaporeon Ice Beam!"

"Squirtle use Rapid Spin combined with Water Pulse to stop Ninetails from charging Bulbasaur!" Ash yelled. "Bulbasaur get behind Charmander!" He looked at Charmander. "I need you to use your strongest Ember attack and fight back both, Ice Beam and Sweet Scent Charmander!" He knew that if Sweet Scent hit his Pokemon it would majorly effect their senses. Which would be very bad.

Squirtle spun his way in front of Ninetails, spouting water all the while, making the Fire Pokemon stop it's charge and begin bouncing away from the blasts of water heading towards it.

Bulbasaur jumped behind Charmander and then the small Fire-Type opened his mouth and fired a strong Ember attack at the two incoming attacks. The flames began burning through Sweet Scent and was managing to hold it's own against Ice Beam, slowly pushing it back.

Suddenly, Alania commanded her Ninetails. "Stop running from that annoying little turtle and meet it head on with a swing of your tails!"

Ninetails stopped running and turned around to face the spinning Water Pokemon that was coming for it. It met Squirtle's spin head on with it's tails and launched the smaller Pokemon backward and into the ground. Alania then yelled to her Pokemon. "Ninetails use Flamethrower against that little fire snake's puny Ember!"

The fox opened it's maw and fired a large stream of flames from it's mouth that contacted with Charmander's much smaller and weaker Ember and began pushing it back. Charmander continued to fight back valiantly against the powerful Flamethrower but it just continued to push him back.

Just as the attack was about to connect with Charmander, he suddenly opened his eyes wide and called out loudly, "CHARRR!" As the flame coming from his mouth became bigger, hotter and much more powerful.

Ash looked shocked for a moment but then smiled. Charmander had finally learned Flamethrower!

Alania looked shocked as she saw her Ninetail's Flamethrower start getting overpowered. She quickly commanded her Pokemon to disengage and jump away from the powerful flames.

Ninetails hopped out of the way, just as Charmander's flame had completely overpowered and consumed it's own.

Vileplume was not so lucky however and was caught in the flames of the intense fire. She became burned and started rolling around on the ground in a mad frenzy, trying to extinguish the flames on it's body. Alania ordered her Vaporeon to put Vileplume out with Water Gun while Ash kept the momentum going. "Bulbasaur use Vine Whip and hold Ninetails in place!" He looked at Squirtle who was now standing back up after being thrust into the ground by Ninetails earlier. "Squirtle use Water Pulse on Ninetails!"

Bulbasaur wasted no time and shot out his vines at Ninetails. Alania wasn't about to let that happen. "Vaporeon use Ice Beam on those vines and stop them!" She shouted.

Ash called out. "Charmander use Flamethrower on that Ice Beam!"

Charmander used his new and powerful attack on the beam of freezing ice, burning straight through it and making Alania curse. "Damn! Ninetails use Agility to keep away from those vines!"

As Ninetails continued to hop away from Bulbasaur's vines with Agility, she unknowingly placed herself in Squirtle's range. Ash smirked. "Squirtle use Water Pulse now!" He shouted.

Neither Alania, or Ninetails were prepared for the surprise attack and because of that, it hit Ninetails directly and sent it falling back to the floor. "Nine!" The Pokemon called out in pain.

Ash called his next attack. "Charmander use Flamethrower towards Vaporeon! Squirtle use Water Pulse!"

Alania laughed. "That will never work! Vaporeon use Aqua Tail to create a swirling water shield around yourself!"

Both attacks came speeding towards Vaporeon and hit the wall of water, knocking themselves out. The water wall was taken down though by the force of the attacks and Ash saw this moment as an opportunity. "Bulbasaur use Vine Whip to hold Vaporeon in place and then run in with Take Down while hitting it with Razor Leaf!"

Bulbasaur shot his vines out again lightning quick and caught the unaware Pokemon by surprise. The vines wrapped tightly around it's prey and then Bulbasaur came charging in while firing multiple Razor Leaves at the Water Pokemon. Each one hit, causing the Pokemon to cry out in pain. Bulbasaur finally made it Vaporeon and slammed into it hard with Take Down. He released it from his vines and the Pokemon went hurdling back into it's comrades where it crashed into them.

Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander all regrouped near Ash and watched as Alania's Pokemon stood back up. All three of them looked hurt and angry. Vileplume was burned up from the Flamethrower she took earlier, Ninetails was soaking wet from the Water Pulse she took and Vaporeon was beat up from the onslaught she took from Bulbasaur.

Alania growled out at Ash. "Your gonna pay for that you brat! No one hurts my Pokemon and gets away with it!"

She looked at her Vaporeon. "Use Mist Vaporeon!" She called to her Pokemon.

"Darn it." Ash said, knowing this was trouble.

A thick mist suddenly shrouded the whole room, making everyone in it completely blind to what was going on around them. The last thing seen was Vaporeon's glowing blue eyes as it finished the move, causing her and her comrades to vanish.

Now blind to everything, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander were now looking around everywhere for their opponents. Suddenly they heard, "Water Pulse now!"

A strong jet of water came rushing through the mist and blasted into Charmander's chest. The Pokemon cried out in pain and was sent hurdling back into the mist somewhere.

Another shout of, "Petal Dance!" And Squirtle was struck in the back with the powerful leaves and sent hurdling into another part of the mist.

The last thing that Bulbasaur saw was a large shape come barreling at him through the mist and smash into him, lifting him off of his feet and then threw the air before he came crashing back down on the ground. Hard.

Ash couldn't see his Pokemon anywhere but he could hear Alania's voice as she called out attacks and then his Pokemon's cries of pain as they were struck blind by the attacks. This went on for a few minutes and Ash knew that something needed to be done or else his Pokemon wouldn't last.

He suddenly had an idea. It was crazy but he had to try it. He called out into the mist, "Charmander! Can you hear me?!"

Somewhere in the thick mist Charmander heard his Trainer's call just as he was smacked into by another Aqua Tail from Vaporeon. The Pokemon hit the ground and skidded away. He struggled back to his feet breathing hard and called out. "Char! Charmander Char!"

Ash smiled. Charmander was still fighting. He called out loudly, "Charmander listen to me closely alright?! I need you to ignite the flame on your tail as hot as you can! Then I need you to fire Flamethrower up towards the ceiling! Make the fire as hot as you can and spread it around the entire room! We're going to dry up all the moisture in the air!"

Charmander nodded his head and began burning the flame on his tail as large and hot as he could. He looked towards the ceiling and opened his mouth wide. With a loud cry of, "CHARRR!" He unleashed a massive fire stream that launched itself up towards the ceiling and then Charmander began turning his head in different directions so the whole room was covered in the hot fire.

Eventually, the whole room and even the most itself started to turn red and began getting very hot. It became hard to breath and no one was able to sweat from the intense heat. Slowly, the mist began fading away as the fire in the room grew hotter.

When the mist was all gone everyone was able to see again and looked towards where they had been hearing the battle wage. Ninetails was getting ready to charge into Bulbasaur again, but since he could see again he jumped out of the way and used his vines to trip up the Pokemon and send it sprawling into the ground.

Vileplume was about to use Mega Drain again on a very exhausted Squirtle but he saw her getting ready to do it now that visibility had been restored. He became very angry and in that moment his tail began swirling and talking the form of a vortex of water. He swung around his tail and hit the surprised Grass-Type with the newly learned Aqua Tail.

Charmander was standing there exhausted and had finally stopped Flamethrower. He wobbled on his feet a little but stood strong.

Alania looked dumbfounded that Ash had found a way to beat back Mist but didn't let that stop her from commanding her Pokemon. "I've had enough of you brat! Ninetails use Fire Blast on that little Grass runt! Vileplume use Solarbeam on that midget turtle! Vaporeon use Blizzard on that annoying Charmander!"

Ash called out to his three battle worn Pokemon, who were standing side by side again. "Are you guys ready to win this and send Team Rocket packing?!"

His Pokemon looked back back at him and nodded their heads determinedly. They called their names loudly and turned back towards their opponents, ready to end this battle.

Ash smiled proudly at his Pokemon. They may have been tired and worn down but they weren't going to give up. They were going to win no matter what it took. He called out loudly, "Then let's do this! All three of you huddle together!"

They huddled together as close as they could and waited as the powerful attacks drew closer towards them. Right as they were about to hit Ash called out, "Use Combined Defense!"

Charmander opened his mouth and released an inky black smoke from it. The smoke came over the three Pokemon and completely concealed them from view just as the three mega attacks hit the smoke cloud a few seconds later. A loud explosion sounded as the attacks hit and a large cloud of smoke rose into the air.

Everyone in the hall waited with baited breath for the smoke to clear. When it finally started to clear everyone looked to where the attacks had hit and expected to see a giant crater with unconscious starter Pokemon in them. Especially Alania who said aloud and with a flip of her hair. "I told you that you and your weakling Pokemon stood no chance against me little boy!" She said smugly. "Ohh well... I guess you just had to learn the hard way."

Ash's friends were gaping in horror at what they just saw. "Ash...no..." Giselle said sadly while looking at Ash.

"There's no way those three could have taken those attacks. What was Ash thinking?! Smokescreen?! That's not even a defensive move!" Misty said, trying to vent her frustrations at Ash's apparent loss.

Brock didn't say anything and just looked at Ash. "I'm not so sure guys... Look at Ash." He said pointing at the boy standing opposite Alania.

Misty and Giselle both looked at Ash and were surprised to see no emotions on his face whatsoever. He was just staring intently at the center of the room where the smoke was still clearing. "He doesn't look worried or upset at all..." Giselle said, confusion evident in her voice.

"Yeah what's the deal?" Misty said, just as confused.

Brock shook his head. "I don't know... Let's just see what happens."

Up above on the balcony Zetson was looking smug and leaning his head back in his hands. "I knew that kid stood no chance against Alania! Heck, the only reason he beat me was because I was worried about my hair getting messed up in that damp cave, I was distracted is all! Some rookie kid actually beating a Team Rocket Commander fair and square? Yeah right!" Zetson laughed loudly. "It's too rich!"

Rykon just said in his low and gravely voice. "Of course he could never beat Alania. He's nothing more than a child who's pretending to be Champion. This was a waste of time, we should be back at base right now, reporting the success of the mission to Giovanni. Not wasting our time battling snot nosed brats who don't know their place."

Zetson just gave Rykon a funny look. "You really need to get like... A day off or something man. You take life wayyy to seriously! Learn to live a little!" He said nonchalantly.

Rykon merely glared at Zetson in reply. The smaller man just shrugged. "Suit yourself Mr. Serious."

Back down in the middle of the room Gary just shook his head. "I knew he couldn't beat her. If I couldn't defeat her then there's no way someone like Ash could." He said as he looked over at Ash.

Alania looked at Ash's stoic face, just staring at the crater where his Pokemon would soon be revealed and she taunted him further. "What's the matter little man? Upset that your- what the?!" She said in shock as the smoke finally cleared away completely and showed the sight of something that baffled everyone in the entire hall. Even the usually emotionless Rykon went wide eyed.

"What is that?!" Giselle asked in complete bewilderment.

"I've never seen anything like that before..." Misty said, wide eyed in amazement.

"Neither have I..." Brock muttered.

"Is that some kind of attack?!" Gary said in disbelief.

"What the fuck?!" Zetson exclaimed loudly.

In the center of the room was a small dome of swirling fire. It was wildly and furiously spinning around in different directions but somehow it was also perfectly controlled and stable, instead of spreading out and burning everything it touched.

The fire slowly began to fade away and when it did another amazing spectacle beheld everyone's sight. A dome of water, spinning around furiously and yet somehow... calmly at the same time, was churning underneath of where the dome of fire previously burned.

Slowly, the water began to calm down and then stopped spinning before splashing to the ground. Underneath of the water dome was an even more amazing sight: All three starter Pokemon were huddled against one another with a mass of vines suspended over their heads. Bulbasaur had one vine holding up the smaller vines and he had his other one draped over Squirtle and Charmander.

The small vines above their heads slowly crumpled and fell to the ground at their feet. Upon closer inspection you could see the pod of a Leech Seed under Bulbasaur that all of the tiny vines were connected to.

All three Pokemon had their eyes closed but opened them as soon as the strange looking... Shell that was around them, fell away.

Alania was standing there with her mouth agape. "H-how?!"

Ash didn't answer and took advantage of the situation. "Bulbasaur Razor Leaf on Vaporeon! Charmander Flamethrower on Vileplume! Squirtle Water Pulse on Ninetails!"

His Pokemon instantly shot into action and bolted at their opponents, firing their attacks at them quickly. Alania was still responsive enough that she commanded her Pokemon to counter attack. "Ninetails use your own Flamethrower to counter the other one!" Vileplume use Growth and then Giga Drain on that Squirtle! Vaporeon use Agility to dodge Razor Leaf and then Ice Beam!"

Ash wouldn't have it though. No sooner than the attacks collided in midair he commanded. "Squirtle use Rapid Spin to avoid Giga Drain and then smash into Vileplume and hit it with Aqua Tail!" Charmander use Flame Burst to get close to Ninetails, then use Smokescreen in it's face followed by Slash! Bulbasaur use Growth to gain power and speed, then dodge that Ice Beam and use Vine Whip to grab ahold of the upper railings of the balcony and swing yourself towards Vaporeon. While your in the air hit it with Razor Leaf and then smash into it with Take Down!"

His Pokemon obeyed and carried out their attacks perfectly. Squirtle dodged Giga Drain by using Rapid Spin to jump and spin in the air, over top of the tendrils. He then spun directly towards the Grass-Type and smashed into it hard, still spinning. He then brought his tail around in a swirling vortex of water and smashed into Vileplume even harder, making the Pokemon fly back into the ground and cry out in pain.

Charmander charged in towards Ninetails, cloaked in flames and right as he was on top of the Pokemon Alania commanded her Pokemon to use Confuse Ray. Before the attack could take effect, Charmander opened his mouth and spewed black smoke into the other Fire-Type's face. Ninetails tried to see through the smoke but couldn't. Charmander elongated his claws and jumped forward at the fox. He slashed his claws down across the Pokemon's face, gaining a shrill cry from Ninetails. He then brought his tail around while in midair and smacked the Pokemon across the face. It hit the ground and skidded back several feet.

Bulbasaur used Growth and raised his power and speed. Quick as could be he threw vines up to the top of the balcony and wrapped them around the ballast's. He swung out of the way of Ice Beam and let go of the railings when he was over top of the startled Vaporeon. He came hurdling down towards the Pokemon firing off a salvo of Razor Leaves that struck Vaporeon over it's entire body. "Vaaa!" The Pokemon cried in pain.

Bulbasaur then came crashing down on top of Vaporeon's head with Take Down and cratered the Pokemon into the ground.

Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur were standing right over their downed opponents, giving Ash the perfect opportunity for his next commands. "Guys! Switch opponents now! Type formation! Bulbasaur, three Leech Seeds! Tie them down!"

Like a well oiled machine, all three Pokemon instantly switched opponents in the blink of an eye. While Bulbasaur was in the middle of his transition he shot three fast Leech Seeds, one after the other in quick succession, at the three downed Pokemon. The seeds opened up as soon as they made contact and wrapped themselves around the Pokemon before Alania could even think of commanding her Pokemon to use a move so they could escape.

The Pokemon began moving around frantically, looking for an escape and at that moment, the vines began sucking their energy out in large amounts. They cried out in unison as their energy was sapped. Bulbasaur had been working on increasing the power of Leech Seed and the intense, repetitive training was paying off now.

While the Pokemon were trapped in their energy stealing 'nets', Ash's Pokemon positioned themselves over their opponents. Charmander was now standing over Vileplume, Squirtle was over top of Ninetails and Bulbasaur was standing over top of Vaporeon.

Alania knew her Pokemon were in serious trouble and could do nothing but watch as Ash slowly raised his hand and prepared to give his next commands. The entire room was silent and staring in anticipation at what would happen next.

"Shit this is bad!" Zetson shouted as he gripped the railing tightly.

Rykon looked calm but if someone were to look closely at him they could tell that he was flexing every muscle in his body in anxiousness for what was about to happen.

"This is it..." Brock said ominously.

Ash yelled out. "Bulbasaur Giga Drain! Squirtle Water Pulse at full power! Charmander use Flamethrower!"

His Pokemon called their names loudly as they charged their attacks.




They unleashed their attacks on the defenseless Pokemon furiously. As Flamethrower, Water Pulse and Giga Drain hit their targets the Pokemon trapped in the vines of Leech Seed cried out loudly in pain.

Ash's Pokemon jumped back away, knowing what was going to happen when they stopped their attacks. They jumped in perfect unison and landed back near Ash just as they ended the onslaught, causing the attacks to explode.

When the dust cloud passed after the explosion, Alania's Pokemon looked to be on their last legs. Ash looked at Charmander and his Pokemon looked back at his Trainer. They shared a silent conversation with their eyes and then Ash nodded. "Do it Charmander. Just be careful and don't hurt them too badly." He told his Pokemon.

The Fire-Type nodded his head and then looked at his two teammates, motioning to them. They understood and moved away from him.

He looked back at his downed opponents and stepped his legs apart. He began growling loudly and started channeling energy. His stomach began to glow blue, as well as his eyes, as a swirling mass of energy began to grow in the Pokemon's now open mouth. His whole body began to glow blue and the energy started to make a loud whistling sound, so loud it made everyone in the large room cover their ears.

He reared back and then flung his head forward, releasing the pent up energy with a loud cry of his name. "CHARMANDER!"

The blue energy flew forward at impossible speeds and started to take the form of an ethereal dragon. Alania and her Pokemon stared in undisguised horror at the powerful Dragon Rage attack heading for them.

The attack struck the three Pokemon and upon impact a loud 'BOOM!' Was heard as the ship rocked back and forth from the power of the attack and everyone in the room struggled to stand on their feet.

Charmander's eyes returned back to normal and he collapsed onto his back end, exhausted. "Charmander..." He said tiredly.

Squirtle and Bulbasaur walked over to their friend and helped him up by supporting him on either side. Charmander looked at his friends and smiled weakly at them. " Char, Charmander Char..." He said gratefully.

"Bulba." Bulbasaur said with a smile.

"Squirt, Squirtle!" Squirtle said smiling as he patted Charmander on the back.

Ash walked up to his Pokemon and knelt before them. He wrapped the three of them up in his arms and hugged them tightly. "You guys are the best... I'm so honored to be your Trainer." Ash said as he fought back tears. The strength, determination and willpower the three small Pokemon fought with to not just please Ash, but save him and everyone else on the ship from Team Rocket was, for Ash, touching beyond belief. "I will ALWAYS be proud to be your Trainer." Ash said as the three Pokemon in his arms looked up at him.

Tears formed in their eyes as they hugged their Trainer tightly. After the moment was over and he placed them back on the ground his face went back to one of seriousness and cold indifference as he looked back towards where Alania's Pokemon were. The large smoke cloud from the powerful attack Charmander unleashed finally dissipated and showed the condition of the three Rocket Pokemon.

Ninetails, Vileplume and Vaporeon were all seen tangled up together on the ground, completely unconscious.

Alania stood there in complete shock at what she had just witnessed happen before her very eyes. "I-I lost... I lost..." She repeated to herself disbelievingly. "How could I lose to a kid? A child beat me... It's just not possible..."

She absently returned her badly beaten Pokemon and slunk to her knees as she stared off blankly into space. From where he was watching everything happen on top of the balcony, Zetson looked like he had seen a ghost and was trembling. "It's exactly like what happened to me..." He mumbled to himself as he zoned out.

All of the Grunts in the entire room looked absolutely stunned that one of their Commanders had been defeated in battle. They looked unsure and nervous, which only intensified when Ash stepped further into the middle of the room. He looked at all of the Rockets and spoke in a cold, dark tone. "I told you all to get out of here earlier and give back all of the Pokemon and valuables you stole. You didn't listen but now you will. Give back everything you took and then get off if this ship!" He said loudly.

The Grunts were afraid now and looked like they had lost their nerve. Rykon saw how fast they were beginning to lose control of the situation and since Zetson and Alania were wallowing in their own despair and self pity, he knew he had to swing things back in their favor or risk busting the entire operation. Something that would not go over well at all with Giovanni. He spoke loudly in his gruff voice. "Get ahold of yourselves you pathetic swine! He's one child with three Pokemon! Your grown men and have dozens of Pokemon between you all! Use them to beat down that little bastard or else! Because if we fail it's on each and every one of you and then you can explain to the Boss why we failed!"

Hearing what Rykon told them, none of the Grunts wanted to face their Boss's wrath. The memories of what he did to the squad that failed at Mt. Moon was still fresh in their minds.

"Yeah he is just a kid!" One Grunt said.

"And we have all of our Pokemon to best him with!" Another said.

"Let's show him!"

They all drew Pokeballs out and threw them. Several different Pokemon like Rattata, Raticate, Zubat, Koffing, Ekans and even Grimer came out of the balls.

Ash stared down the small army of Pokemon before him and just looked down at his three Pokemon. "You guys ready?" He asked.

They nodded their heads firmly at their Trainer and stared down their opponents with no fear in their eyes. He quickly commanded them. "Alright good! Squirtle use Rapid Spin! Charmander use Flame Charge and Slash! Bulbasaur use Razor Leaf!" Instead of pointing at the Grunts Pokemon he pointed directly at the Grunts themselves. "Aim your attacks for those packs they have on their backs and free all of the Pokeballs they stole!" He said loudly.

His Pokemon took off in bursts of speed, weaving and ducking around all of the Rocket's Pokemon that were trying to stop them on command from the Grunts. None of them were fast enough though as Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur began using their attacks on the packs that the Grunts were wearing.

Squirtle was using Rapid Spin to come up behind the Grunts and slice the back of the packs open, making the Pokeballs it was holding all come pouring out. Charmander would get behind them and use Slash to slice the packs open and Bulbasur would use Razor Leaf.

No matter how hard they tried, the Grunts and their Pokemon couldn't stop Ash's from freeing all of the Pokeballs from the containers they carried on their backs. The Pokeballs had all been freed and now lay scattered on the floor everywhere in piles. With no way for the Grunts to steal them again since their packs had been spilt open, Ash turned to look at every Pokemon Trainer in the whole room. He spoke loudly, firmly and with a voice full of authority.

"Trainers! Your Pokemon are free now! I ask you to pick them up and call out your Pokemon! Help me fight off Team Rocket! I know you may be scared at seeing so many of them and I know that you may think that you can't defeat them, but I'm telling you now that you can! Let the bonds you have forged with your Pokemon take hold and use it to fight off of these criminals! Let's show Team Rocket that they can't just try and steal what's precious to us and get away with it! Fight with me!"

All of the Pokemon Trainers in the room became roused by Ash's uplifting speech and called out loudly:

"He's right!"

"Yeah let's show Team Rocket!"

"No one tries to steal my Pokemon and gets away with it!"

"Let's kick these guys off the ship!"

Even Gary, who was still shocked that Ash had managed to beat Alania, agreed and decided to help fight off Team Rocket.

All of the Trainers ran towards their Pokeballs and found which ones belonged to them. They then released all of their Pokemon at once with loud shouts of encouragement to them. The entire room was filled with bursts of light from multiple Pokeballs and a loud chorus of calls from the many Pokemon that had been released.

The Pokemon ranged from common Rattata and Pidgey to more rare and powerful looking Pokemon like Machoke, Magnemite, Sandslash and even several Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander.

The Trainers and their Pokemon fell in behind Ash and then Brock, Misty and Giselle came to stand beside of Ash as well, releasing their own Pokemon. The Grunts all took nervous steps back and their Pokemon looked scared at all of the angry Trainer Pokemon who wanted revenge for getting captured by Team Rocket.

With loud shouts of multiple different moves of several types, strengths and abilities, the battle began and the Grunts and their Pokemon were viciously assaulted by the powerful and merciless attacks.

Ash called out loud. "All Charmanders together! Same for Bulabsaurs and Squirtles!"

The Trainers listened to the savior of their Pokemon and ordered their Pokemon to come together. The Charmanders, Squirtles and Bulbasaurs all formed a pyramid like shape, with Ash's own three starters at the very top of the assembled Pokemon.

Ash and the other Trainers called out their attacks loudly. "Charmander Flamethrower and Ember!"

The Charmanders all expelled hot blasts of either Ember or Flamethrower at the Grunts and their Pokemon. The villains all cried out in pain as they were struck by the combined attacks.

The onslaught continued with Ash and the Trainers of the Squirtles and Bulbasaurs calling out the next barrage of attacks:

"Squirtle Water Pulse/Water Gun!"

"Bulbasaur Razor Leaf/Leech Seed!"

Attack after combined attack hit the Grunts and their Pokemon, giving them no time to counter or protect themselves.

After the brutal beat down was finished, all of the Grunts were either on the floor or barely standing up. Burned, cut and soaked to the bone. All of their Pokemon were unconscious and laying around them in heaps.

Rykon cursed under his breath. They had completely lost all control and since the brat had rallied all of the Trainers together, the Grunts and all of their Pokemon had been beaten. He wasn't foolish, they had been defeated. Badly. Making a bitter decision he called out loudly to all of the Grunts and also brought his radio up to his mouth so any other Rockets that were anywhere else on the ship would hear as well.

"This mission is a failure! Everyone retreat back to the helicopters!"

The Grunts didn't need to be told twice and instantly returned their Pokemon before running up the stairs to the balcony, heading for the large double doors that would lead them outside and up onto the deck of ship, where the helicopters were parked on top of the Anne.

Rykon received several 'affirmatives' in response over his radio from the other Rockets scattered throughout the ship. He looked down at Zetson, who was still in his own little world of shock and desapir, and picked him up by his shirt collar. "Get ahold of yourself you damn fool!" Rykon growled at him. "We're leaving. Now!"

Zetson shook his head and then nodded in understanding. "Right... Got ya." He said absently.

Rykon grunted in disgust and threw the other Commander towards the doors that the other Rockets were filing out of as fast as they could. He shouted down to the still kneeling Alania. "Get on your feet Alania! This operation is a bust, we're getting out of here now! Get to the choppers!"

She registered the words slowly and then nodded her head before standing up in a daze and taking off up the stairs. She stopped for a minute and looked back at Ash, who was watching the Rockets flee with a stoic expression on his face. She gave him an unreadable look for a few moments and then shook her head before running the rest of the way up the stairs and following her fellow Commanders out the doors that lead out onto the deck.

The other Trainers in the room began cheering loudly and started hugging their Pokemon, relieved beyond all words that they were safe. Ash quickly turned to his friends. "I'm following Team Rocket. Their going to attempt to escape but they won't be able to. I'm going to make sure they stay put until Officer Jenny and the rest of the coast guard can get here to arrest them. I don't want these guys getting away, they need to be in prison after everything the've done."

Without waiting for a reply he ran over to the captain of the ship, who was just now struggling to get back on his feet with the help of some of the crew. When the old man saw Ash approaching he instantly began thanking him profusely. "My boy I can't thank you enough for what you did here today! I thought for sure that-"

Ash stopped him with a raised hand. "I appreciate the gratitude sir but you have to listen to me! Team Rocket is attempting to escape they way they got here, by helicopter. Their going to find out that they're not going to be able to however. I had one of my Pokemon go up to where the choppers were resting on the roof and disable the electrical system. Those helicopters are completely useless right now. I need you to call Officer Jenny and the coast guard and get them down here right now!"

The captain nodded his head in understanding. "I can do that young man. I'll go to the control room and make the call!" He turned to his crew. "All of you follow me, quickly!" He yelled.

He then took off out of one of the doors of the room, with his crew following close behind him. Ash looked down at his three Pokemon, who looked utterly exhausted. He smiled at them. "You guys did an amazing job and I am very proud of you. You deserve a nice rest."

Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur smiled up at their Trainer before he returned them to their Pokeballs. He then looked back at his friends. "I'll be back soon guys!" He said as he started to run after Team Rocket.

Giselle stopped him. "We're coming with you Ash!"

"Yeah your not chasing after them alone!" Misty agreed.

"We're your friends Ash and that means we're in this together." Brock added with a smile.

Ash smiled at his friends and nodded his head. "Thanks guys. Let's go!"

He took off after Team Rocket, followed closely by his friends.


Down in one of the ships many cabins Jessie, James and Meowth were currently raiding the room, trying to find any kind of valuable item that they thought would catch the eye of their Commanders.

They suddenly heard Rykon's voice coming over their Team Rocket radios. "This mission is a failure! Everyone retreat back to the helicopters!"

They all stopped what they were doing. "What does he mean the mission has failed?!" Jessie said shocked.

"Maybe the coast guard showed up and stopped the team?" James suggested.

"No way!" Meowth intervened. "We planned dis operation for weeks! De Commanders knew all about where da coast guard would be when we invaded da Anne. They weren't supposed to be anywhere near here."

"Still, if the Commander said to retreat then we better listen!" Jessie nervously. "We don't want to get on their bad sides again."

James merely laughed. "It wouldn't matter if we did Jessie! In fact, it wouldn't matter if they fired us!" He said as he continued to laugh.

Jessie and Meowth looked at James like he was crazy. "What are ya talking about James?!" Meowth said in disbelief. "Without dis job we got nuttin!"

"Yes James, care to explain your sudden disinterest on rather or not we get fired from the team?!" Jessie demanded.

James just chuckled. "Because... I bought something here on the ship that will make us billionaires!"

His teammates looked stunned. "What did you buy?!" Jessie asked, extremely interested in what James claimed to have purchased. Especially if it could make them so rich.

"Yeah James spill da beans!" Meowth urged impatiently.

The blue haired man continued to chuckle as he pulled out a 'solid gold' Pokeball and shows it to them. Jessie and Meowth shot forwards and eyed the ball. "Is that solid gold James?!" Jessie said excitedly.

He nodded his head. "Hmm. But that's not the best part! You haven't seen what's in here yet!" He said pointing to the Pokeball.

"Is it an extremely rare and powerful Pokemon?!" Jessie asked anxiously.

"Or a sweet Pokemon that da Boss we'll promote us for?!" Meowth asked, just as anxiously.

James shook his head. "Even better guys!" He then opened the Pokeball and released the Pokemon inside of it. Out came Magikarp, flopping around helplessly. A complete stark contrast to how strong and well trained Ash's Magikarp was before he evolved.

Jessie and Meowth stared in disbelief at the Pokemon before them while James looked smug as can be. "James..." Jessie said, desperately trying to make sense of the situation. "Why in the world did you buy a useless Magikarp?!"

"Yeah what's da deal?!" Meowth demanded.

James just waved his hands in front of himself, placating his teammates. "Just wait until you hear how special this Magikarp is you guys!"

He then went on to explain everything about how he came to buy Magikarp from the pushy salesman. Jessie and Meowth listened to James in undisguised shock at his stupidity. When he was finally done he said happily. "Isn't it great you guys! We will be filthy rich in just one to two years! We can quit Team Rocket!"

Meowth jumped up and latched onto Jame's shirt. "You big idiot! There's no such thing as a 'Red Scaled Magikarp'! Their all red scaled!"

James just shook his head. "Ombré said that it was special and since it could breed so fast we could sell the babies and make hundreds in Poke'Credits off of them!" He tried to convince them.

Jessie shouted at James. "You were swindled James! It's just an ordinary Magikarp that wouldn't sell for a rotten berry! There are millions of Magikarp all over the world just like the one flopping on the floor uselessly here in this very cabin!"

Magikarp didn't care for being called useless and began slapping it's tail angrily on the ground at Jessie while calling out, "Karp Karp! Magikarp!"

Meowth translated for them. "He says dat he's not worthless and your just a nasty old..." He trailed off, not wanting to have Jessie's anger directed towards him.

Jessie grew a tick mark on the side of her head. "So the slimy little fish wants to insult me huh?!" She said, raising her foot over the Pokemon. "Well let's see how it likes being a smushed fishcake!"

Magikarp just stared at her bravely and without fear. The Pokemon definitely guts, that much was for certain. James just stuttered out. "B-but what about the Pokeball it's solid gold!" As he said this the ball slipped from his hand and hit the ground. Upon impact the 'gold' suddenly chipped and began to fall away from the Pokeball, showing a normal white and red ball.

James looked utterly mortified as he stared down at the Pokeball and then dropped to his knees. He picked the ball up and just stammered. "It was supposed to be gold! Magikarp was supposed to make us rich!"

Jessie stepped away from Magikarp and pulled James up by his shirt. "How did you pay for this James?" She demanded.

He looked nervous and began fidgeting around. "I dipped into our... Team Rocket savings fund..." He mumbled out, terrified of what was to come.

Jessie looked like she might evolve into a Salamence at any second and blast James away with Dragon Rage. "How much of our money James?" She asked as she threw him to the floor and then cornered him along with Meowth.

He backed further into the corner. "Maybe... Half." He muttered meekly.

"Half?!" Jessie screeched loudly. "You spent half of our savings on a pathetic Pokemon that won't be able to anything more than flop around helplessly?!"

"What were ya's thinking James?!" Meowth said furiously.

James just held his hands above his head. "Maybe ombré will give me a refund!" He said as he stared up at the angry eyes of his teammates.

Jessie picked James back up and put him in a choke hold. "He had better James! Or else I'm going to beat every last cent out of you!"

"And I'll shred ya's so bad you'll like a Grimer when I'm through wit ya!" Meowth piped in.

James stood up. "But how can we find Ombré? We're supposed to meet up with the rest of the team before they leave without us!" He fretted.

Jessie clobbered James over the head. "We're not leaving until you get our money back! The rest of the team won't miss us, now get moving! We'll help you search!"

James got up quickly and nodded his head before returning Magikarp to it's Pokeball and then running out of the room with Jessie and Meowth following close behind.


Ash ran out onto the deck only to find that it had started raining. And it was coming down, hard. He ran up to the top of the deck, followed closely by his friends and then looked up towards the top of the ship where the helicopters that Team Rocket came in were supposed to be parked.

He saw all of the fleeing Rockets climbing up to the choppers and then begin filing into them one after the other. Ash stopped running and just looked up at them, his friends caught up with him. "Why are you stopping Ash?" Misty asked as she came to a stop beside him.

He just smirked. "You'll see guys."

At that very moment Ash heard, "Pika Pi!"

He turned around and saw his very first Pokemon bounding down from the roof, out of sight of the Rockets, and running towards Ash. Pikachu jumped into his outstretched arms. "Pika! Pika Pika, Pikachu Pi!" His Pokemon said as he nuzzled Ash.

Ash laughed and hugged his Pokemon tightly. "It's great to see you to Pi! Did you do it?" He asked Pikachu.

His Pokemon nodded and called out in affirmative. Ash smiled and scratched his Pokemon behind the ears. "Great job buddy! I'm proud of you."

"Where was Pikachu at Ash?" Giselle asked curiously.

He looked at her after Pikachu had taken his place back on Ash's shoulder. "I sent him to disable the electrical system in Team Rocket's choppers before I came up to the main hall. He told me that he succeeded so we'll see what happens now." Ash answered her.

Brock raised his eyebrows. "Are you sure it was such a good idea to strand Team Rocket here Ash? Their dangerous even in a defeat."

Ash shook his head. "I don't care Brock. Justice needs to be served to Team Rocket and whatever I can do to make that happen I'll do it. Besides, almost all of their Pokemon are beaten and exhausted and I still have Pikachu and Gyarados in case I need them. I'm not worried."

Brock nodded his head in understanding and then they all turned their heads back to the retreating Rockets. Ash watched with a strange sort of amusement as the Rockets tried to turn on the helicopters only for them to not turn over.

"What's going on?!" Zetson said in shock as he tried to start the chopper he was in. He used the radio in his helicopter and called over to the other two choppers right beside his. "Guys something's wrong! The chopper won't turn over, it's totally dead!" He said as he started to panic.

"Mine won't either!" Alania answered back, also on the verge of panicking.

"Something has also prevented my own helicopter from activating. I am stuck." Rykon answered back in his usual gruff and stoic voice.

Ash called up to them. "Having problems up there?"

Rykon and the other Commanders, followed by the Grunts, stepped out of the choppers and looked down at Ash and his friends. "You are the one responsible for this?!" Rykon snarled down at the boy.

Zetson and Alania just looked scared to see the Trainer that had beaten them only moments after they thought they were going to be able to get away.

Ash just grinned. "Maybe I was mountain man! I'm sorry, did it make you upset? I do apologize, that wasn't my attention!" Ash gave a mock bow to the quickly enraging Commander.

"You insolent little... Do you really think that you can keep us here?!" He shouted.

Ash shook his head. "Only until the coast guard gets here. Which should be any minute since I had the captain call them a little while ago."

All of the Grunts look terrified at the mention of the coast guard while Zetson and Alania's eyes went wide. Rykon looked both worried and furious now. He quickly pulled something out of his pocket that Ash barely saw him grab and then yelled out. "Do you think that you capture Team Rocket so easily boy?! No pathetic coast guard is going to capture us!"

Ash shrugged his shoulders. "I guess we'll see. For now you and the rest of your team are stranded here so I suggest you get comfortable."

Rykon sneered. "I don't think so brat!"

The next thing anyone knew they all heard a loud sound coming from in the ocean. A few moments Ash saw bright lights begin to flood the deck of the Anne. Out of nowhere it seemed, a giant flying machine came rising up out of the water. It was all black and had the Team Rocket emblem on it's sides. It had four giant turbines that kept it hovering in the air and had a scoop like nose. The best way to describe the machine however was MASSIVE. It was dripping wet which led Ash to believe that it must have just came from the ocean.

It slowly descended down towards the top of the Anne where all of the Rockets were at and then hovered in the air not twenty feet above their heads. A giant ladder came down from the belly of the machine and with a 'Get moving!' By Rykon, the Grunts began climbing the ladder and disappearing into the flying machine.

Soon all that was left on the roof was Rykon as Zetson and Alnania had already climbed up the ladder. The large man smirked widely and held up the device he had in his hand. It was a beacon of some sorts and was flashing red. The man laughed loudly and then shouted down to Ash over the roar of the machine. "What do you think of our Team Rocket sea to air hovercraft?! It's pretty useful in a pinch like this don't you think? It seems as though we won't be sticking around for the coast guard after all boy!"

Ash grit his teeth and clinched his fist as he glared up at the man. Rykon began climbing the ladder and just before he disappeared into the machine he called back down to Ash. "I would like to say that we will have our revenge for what you've done to us brat, but after tonight neither you or anyone else on this ship will ever breath a word of has what happened here on this ship!" He laughed maniacally and then vanished inside of the machine, the entrance closing up behind him.

"What did he mean by that?" Giselle asked worriedly as she grabbed onto Ash's arm. The boy just stared up at the machine as it began flying off, angry that Team Rocket had gotten away but also concerned as to what Rykon had meant by his last statement.

"I don't know but I don't think it was anything good..." Ash said wearily as he subconsciously pulled Giselle closer to his body and continued to stare at the flying machine.

Right when the Rocket aircraft had gotten a few dozens yards away from the ship it turned around suddenly, faster than any air vehicle should have been able to. The front end of the craft began shifting and then two panels moved away, exposing two large cannons. The weapons were pointed right at the ship and in that moment Ash knew what was about to happen.

Brock knew as well because his eyes suddenly grew wide and he stepped back a little. "Ahh... Guys, this is bad!" He said fearfully.

Misty just stared in wide eyed horror. "Ohh no..." She muttered.

The cannons suddenly lit up and then, without any warning, began launching a salvo of missiles at the ship. Several of them hit the front and sides of the St. Anne, rocking the ship violently and throwing Ash and his friends off balance. Pikachu had to dig his claws into Ash's shoulder just to stay hanging on.

They fell to the ground and rolled around around the deck as missile after missile hit the large ship, making it swerve and rock around violently in the water. They managed to stand up and at that moment Ash saw a few missiles heading for the top of the Anne, where the abandoned Team Rocket helicopters were.

Ash grew wide eyed and knew that when those missiles hit the whole entire top half of the ship was going to topple onto the deck below it, helicopters and all. He shouted to his friends. "Get as far to the front of the deck as you can guys! Hurry!"

They didn't need to be told twice and they all began running for the front of the ship. Just as they finally made it the missiles struck the top part of the ship and instantly it began to topple. "Everyone get down!" Ash yelled.

They all hit the ground and then, out of pure instinct, Ash grabbed Giselle and pulled her tightly to his chest. He rolled on top of her and shielded her body with his own as he stuffed Pikachu in between their bodies, keeping the small Pokemon safe.

The top of the Anne fell down to the deck below and they just listened as large pieces of the structure crashed onto the deck, smashing everything into pieces that it hit. The helicopters hit the deck with a loud sound of metal being crunched and one of them even fell into the pool, splashing a large wave of water everywhere.

The choppers eventually exploded and caused a deafening 'BOOM!' As they did. When everything was over, Ash stood up, helping Giselle to her feet and letting Pikachu hop back onto his shoulder. Brock and Misty also stood up and they just gaped at the utterly destroyed and wrecked scene before them. The entire deck was destroyed and their were small fires burning here and there from where the choppers exploded. The entire top half of the Anne was now missing.

Ash felt the ship begin to shift and he knew that water must have been pouring into the haul from the massive holes that the missiles had undoubtedly left. The Team Rocket aircraft was also long gone, having left them to their fate.

Ash looked back at his friends. "Come on guys, let's make our way back to the main hall. I'm sure the captain is going to want to know what happened and we need to tell him to start evacuating people into the lifeboats now!" He said to them hurriedly.

"Right!" They agreed.

The group of friends then took off and headed back into the ship, praying to Arceus that everyone would be able to get out of the ship before it undoubtedly sunk.


They reached the man hall again and saw everyone looking around in fear, probably from the sound of the missiles hitting the ship. Ash ran up to the captain. The old man turned around and addressed Ash. "There you are young man! I called Officer Jenny and she and the coast guard are on their way! What was that Arceus awful racket we were all feeling earlier? The ship was tilting like I've never felt!"

Ash quickly explained to the captain everything that happened. The captains eyes grew wider and wider as Ash told him the story of what Team Rocket did. "You have to get everyone off of the boat before it sinks sir! I know those missiles had to have broke through the ships haul!" Ash finished.

The captain nodded his head. "Yes young man your right! We'll begin evacuating the ship immediately!"

He went and stood atop the stairs and then called down to everyone in the room. He also used a radio that had a direct link to the ships intercom system so the whole ship could hear his announcement. "Attention passengers of the St. Anne! First let me tell you all not to panic, calm and orderly is going to be key in this situation!" He paused and let his words sink in before continuing. "It appears as though those villains from Team Rocket have attacked this ship with missiles and have breached the haul. This vessel is going to go down unfortunately and there is nothing we can do to stop it." The captain looked around sadly at his beloved ship before going on. "We have several lifeboats prepared for just a situation like this. I am going to ask all of you to accompany me and the rest of the crew to the lifeboats in a calm and orderly fashion. If everyone can stay calm and collected then EVERYONE will get out of this alive! Do you all understand?"

He looked out over the sea of faces and even though everyone was scared, they nodded their heads in understanding. The captain smiled and continued. "Very good! Now, we will be taking the hallway past the cabins to get to the lifeboats. Everyone will have no more than five minutes to retrieve their belongings. We have already done the math for such a situation and this ship has approximately twenty minutes before it becomes mostly submerged. We will be long in the lifeboats and well away from the ship by the time this happens if everyone follows mine and the crews directions! Now let's go!"

The crew marsheled everyone together after they had all returned their Pokemon and then began ushering them out of the hall and towards the cabins and lifeboats. The captain came back down the stairs and as he passed Ash and his friends he stopped and turned back to them. "Come on youngsters we need to get off of this ship!" He said hurriedly.

Ash just shook his head. "I'm leaving off of this ship a different way captain. I need to do something envolving Team Rocket and to do that I need to go on my own way."

The captain looked stunned. "Young man I can't let you go off on your own! Everyone on this ship is my responsibility and as such, I need to make sure everyone gets off of this ship safely!"

Ash sighed frustratingly. "No offense captain but I wasn't asking your permission. I'm going off on my own either way, I just wanted to let you know so you didn't have any unaccounted bodies to deal with. I and my Pokemon were the ones that ran Team Rocket off of this ship and saved you, your crew, all the passengers and their Pokemon. You said that anything I needed all I had to do was ask. Well, I'm asking. Don't make any mention, or your crew, that I was ever on this ship. I don't want my mom and the people that care about me back home to worry. I need you to do this captain. You wanted to do something for me in return? Here it is. Besides, I have two Pokemon with me right now that are more certain to keep me safe out at sea in this storm than your lifeboats are. Will you do this?"

Ash stared the captain dead in the eye and after a few moments the old man sighed and nodded his head. "Alright young man, I'll do you this favor. Just please be careful!" He urged.

Ash smiled and nodded to the old man. "Thank you sir."

Giselle suddenly latched onto Ash's arm. "I'm going with Ash. Where he goes, I go!"

Brock stepped up beside Ash and clapped him on the shoulder. "I'm going to. We're a team and we're friends."

Misty took Ash's other side. "Your definitely counting me in to Ash! Your not going off on your own."

"Pikachu Pika Chu!" Pikachu said resolutetly from his perch on Ash's shoulder.

Ash looked at his friends and shook his head. "It's too dangerous guys, where I'm going and what I'm going to do is going to make me huge enemies with Team Rocket when they find out that I'm alive and didn't go down with this ship. I don't want you guys getting involved and putting yourselves in danger."

Giselle put her hand on Ash's cheek and turned him towards her. "Ash you big dummy! We're already in this with you! Team Rocket knows we are your friends and knows that we support how you are fighting against them. Besides, if your so insistent on starting a war with Team Rocket and bringing them down, your going to need your friends." She looked down and whispered so quietly that Ash barely heard her and he was the only one who did. "Maybe even... More than a friend."

Ash blushed slightly and gave her a soft smile as Brock spoke up. "Yeah Ash, we're your friends and you need us just as much as we need you. I'll follow you wherever man. Even if it is into some war with Team Rocket."

Misty smiled at him. "You were my first friend Ash. I'm not letting Team Rocket take that away from me!"

Pikachu patted his Trainer on the head. "Pika! Pikachu Pi!"

Ash smiled at his friends and felt slightly teary eyed. "Thanks a lot guys... I don't know what else to say." He looked up at the captain again, who was gaping in shock. "Looks like you got three more to add to that favor cap!" He said smiling.

The captain recomposed himself and just stayed silent for a while. Finally, he sighed and shook his head. "Fine... You all were never on this ship as far as me and the crew are concerned. None of the passengers know your name so we don't have to worry about them talking about you in name."

Giselle looked concerned. "But Ash... Gary is on the ship as well. Won't he tell everyone about all of us and what you did?"

Ash just shook his head. "No, not Gary. If I know him then he is going to forget that any of this ever happened and go back to being his usual pompous self. Besides, there's no way that he'd tell anyone that I was able to succeed where he failed. He'll forget that as well and the next time I see him it'll be like he never saw us on this ship and never encountered Team Rocket. That's just Gary's way."

Giselle nodded in understanding. The captain placed a hand on Ash's shoulder. "You be careful now young man." He looked at all of the kids. "You all as well, take care of each other." They nodded at his request and then he looked back at Ash. "Never before have I met someone at your age with such strong beliefs, morals and courage. Your going to go far son. Just make sure that your careful. I think that a kid going after an organization like Team Rocket on their own like you are is a very foolish thing to do. However, if your set on this then just be careful young man and go with all of my luck."

Ash nodded at the captain. "I will sir and thank you. Take care of all the passengers and their Pokemon please. Especially Gary Oak. He may be arrogant and look at me as nothing more than an annoyance but I still see my old childhood friend in him somewhere."

The captain smiled and nodded. "You got it m'boy. I'll see you around."

Ash nodded his head and then he and his friends took off for the opposite side of the hall. They disappeared out the door that lead onto the deck and the captain just stared after them. He looked up at the ceiling. "Arceus, please watchover those kids and ensure that I made the right decision."

He then turned around on his heel and ran off after his crew and the passengers. Much more spry than an old man who had previously endured a large fall from the top of a balcony should be able to. As he ran he shouted out. "This old captains still got some life in him! If those youngsters burn with the fires of so much youth then so can I!"


Down in the shopping section of the ship, everyone was quickly scattering around and vendors were abandoning their stands so they could all make it to the lifeboats in time James walked around in a slump as he looked out over all of the heads of running people, trying to find the short swindler that fooled him into buying Magikarp. Everyone was so scared at the fact the ship was going down and was so busy trying to make it to the lifeboats, that no one noticed James walking around in his white Team Rocket uniform.

"Hey Ombré!" James was yelling out, looking utterly depressed and defeated. "I want my money back! You fooled me!"

He continued to scan the many people who were running around and saw no sign of the man he called 'Ombré'. James sighed and slumped his head down. "Jessie and Meowth are going to kill me." He muttered.

James suddenly heard someone calling out to him from behind one of the stands. "James! James over here! Quick!" The person whispered out to him.

James turned his head around and saw Jessie and Meowth motioning to him from behind a nearby stand. He walked over to them and they pulled him behind the stand before he knew what was happening.

The instant he was facing his teammates James instantly began bowing down to them while stammering out apologies. "I'm so sorry you guys! I couldn't find Ombré, please don't beat or scratch the money out of me!" He begged.

Jessie just shook her head irritated. "We don't care about that right now James! The ship is sinking and we need to find a way to get off of this deathtrap!" She snapped.

James looked up in confusion. "The ship is sinking?!" He said terrified.

"Yeah!" Meowth piped up suddenly. "Apparently de rest of da team attacked the ship with missiles from one of the Team Rocket sea to air hovercrafts before dey left!" He said angrily. "And dey just left us here!"

James looked between both of his teammates nervously. "What are we going to do?! How are we going to get off here?! We can't use the lifeboats that everyone else is using, they'll capture us and then hand us over to the coast guard!" He fretted.

Jessie just smacked him over the head. "James we're criminals! We'll just steal one!" She simply.

James's eyes grew wide. "But how?!"

Jessie smirked. "I believe that we can think of something..." She told James with a devious smile that was mimicked by Meowth.

James gulped. "I don't like where this is going..." He said nervously.

He didn't get to say anything else however, as his teammates jumped him and began initiating their plan. The only that could be heard behind the stand was James's muffled pleas of protest.


Ash and his friends had went through the hallway where their cabins were at on the way to the deck and grabbed their packs that they luckily hadn't unpacked to much out of yet. It was a simple matter of throwing a few things in their packs and then they were gone.

They had finally made it out onto the destroyed deck just as they felt the ship start to tilt and rock violently. They had to grab onto the rails of the deck to steady themselves as they continued forward to the very front of the ship. "We need to hurry up Ash!" Brock called out to him. "The ship will start sinking any moment!"

Ash looked back at Brock as he continued forward. "I know Brock! Just a little further!" They were actually having to shout at one another because of the tilting and thrashing of the ship. Not to mention the violent rain torrent that was pouring down on them and the sound of the loud and violent waves crashing at the sides of the sinking ship, desperately awaiting to drag the vessel down to their endless depths.

They finally made it the front of the ship and Ash looked down at the raging sea below them. He drew a Pokeball from his belt and silently said a prayer to Arceus as he threw the Pokeball into the air and shouted, "Gyarados I need your help!"

The great water serpent appeared down in the ocean with a loud bellow of his name. "Gyroooo!" He shouted over the sound of the storm.

Ash shouted down to his Pokemon. "Gyarados! I need your help, can you carry me and my friends on your back?! The ship is going to sink!"

Gyarados instantly reared his head up and called out loudly in response to Ash when he heard that his Trainer was in trouble. "Gyrooo!" He bellowed, nodding his head.

Ash looked at his friends. "Guys..." He started.

Misty seemed to know where Ash was going. "Ohh no Ash... Don't tell me that we have to..." She groaned out loud.

Ash just nodded his head. "I'm afraid so Misty... We have to jump."

Giselle looked like someone had just told her that her favorite perfume was about to go out of stock. "We're what?!" She yelled.

Ash grabbed ahold of her shoulders. "If we don't Giselle then we'll go down with the ship."

She looked over the edge and her eyes grew wide. "But it's such a long way down..." She muttered fearfully.

Ash pulled her into his arms. "We'll jump together okay? Just keep your legs straight no matter what."

She nodded her head nervously and Ash just smiled at her reassuringly. "Everything will be okay, I promise." He said soothingly.

She smiled at him weakly. "I trust you Ash." She said scared, but firmly.

He looked up at Pikachu. "Get inside my track suit buddy, you'll be safe there."

Pikachu nodded and then Ash unzipped his jacket. Pikachu hopped in and then Ash zipped it back up so only Pikachu's head was sticking up. He looked at Brock and Misty. "Are you guys ready?" He asked them.

They both nodded their heads, looking very nervous. "Good." Ash said. "Now as soon as you get in the water swim for Gyarados, he'll pull you up onto his back."

They nodded and then Brock stepped up to the railing. "Here goes nothing." He said as he plugged his nose shut and jumped over the edge of the deck. He fell like a stone and hit the water far down below with straight legs. He surfaced a few seconds later and then swam for Gyarados, getting knocked around badly by the waves. When he got close enough Gyarados reached down into the water and carefully picked him up with his teeth and lifted him out of the water. He turned his head around and placed Brock on his back, where the young teenager grasped onto the Pokemon tightly.

Misty stepped up next and looked down at the water far below her with fear visible in her eyes. "Misty!" Ash called over to her, making the girl look at him. "You got this Mist. Just jump and trust me."

Misty smiled at Ash and nodded her head slightly. "Thanks Ash..." She said as she looked back down at the water. She mimicked Brock and plugged her nose up before jumping off of the deck and into the water below. Ash and Giselle watched as Misty swam to Gyarados and the Pokemon repeated the same action as he had for Brock.

Ash looked at Giselle, who was clinging tightly to him. "Are you ready Giselle?" He asked her softly.

She looked up at Ash with fear and determination in her eyes. "Yeah... Let's just get this over with."

Ash smiled and nodded and then went to move them towards the edge. Giselle suddenly stopped him before he could get within eye view of Brock and Misty below. "Ash..." She began. "About earlier... I just wanted you to know that... I meant it when we almost kissed." She looked away for a second and then continued. "But if you didn't mean to and were just confused or something I... Understand. I just-"

She was silenced when he placed his hand under her chin and made her look at him. "I meant it." He said simply and firmly.

Before she could say anymore he suddenly brought his lips down upon hers in one swift motion. She squeaked in surprise, but quickly got over her shock and began kissing him back. Since it was both of their first kisses it was a little awkward at first, however they quickly got into sync with each other and began moving their lips perfectly in time with each other. They brought their lips apart temporarily and then brought them back down upon one another immediately. Ash pulled her closer to himself as poor Pikachu was trapped in between the two of them, looking awkward and confused.

When they separated, both were blushing slightly and looking a little embarrassed. Ash smiled and brushed his hand against her cheek. "Let's do it." He said without breaking eye contact from her.

Giselle smiled warmly at him and hugged him tighter. "I'm ready." She said with no hesitation.

Ash turned back towards the edge and then stepped up to it with Giselle. "Here we go..." He said to her.

She nodded her head and Pikachu burrowed down deeper into Ash's jacket. The two jumped over the edge and instantly straightened their legs. Ash subconsciously pulled Giselle closer to him and tucked his head protectively over hers as they plummeted. They hit the cold ocean water and instantly sunk beneath the waves. They paddled hard and eventually crested back above the surface and started swimming fiercely for Gyarados. The waves were extremely rough and kept trying to drag them back down below the water. It didn't make it any easier that they had their packs on their backs weighing them down either. However, Ash could say that he was very happy his pack was waterproof, otherwise the water would have made his pack even heavier.

They finally reached Gyarados as the large Pokemon reached out and went to grab his Trainer first. Ash shook his head and pointed to Giselle. "Her first Gyarados!" He shouted over the waves. Gyarados obeyed and delicately picked Giselle up out of the water and sat her on his back, in front of Brock.

He reached back down and even more carefully picked his Trainer up out of the water and sat him down in front of Giselle so Ash was closest to the front. Gyarados liked all of Ash's friends, but his first priority was his Trainer.

Ash patted his Pokemon on the neck. "Great job buddy now get us out of here! Start heading north!" He shouted to his Pokemon over the roar of the rain.

Gyarados bellowed loudly and then took off. "Pika?" Pikachu asked as he raised his head and squinted at Ash from where he was in his jacket, trying to avoid the rain.

Ash smiled down at Pikachu. "It's okay buddy you can stay in there where it's warm and safe." He told his Pokemon.

Pikachu nodded happily and then burrowed back into Ash's jacket. He zipped it totally up so that Pikachu could stay as warm as he could. He called back to his friends loudly. "Are you guys okay?!"

Brock answered back first. "Doing fine Ash!"

"Yeah just wet and... Really wet! Besides that I'm fine!" Misty called back as her and Brock looked out at the violently churning sea around them.

"Y-yeah... I-I'm f-fine!" Giselle answered back, shivering majorly.

Ash looked back at her and then began shifting around on the Pokemon's back. "W-what are y-y-you doing A-Ash?!" She asked confused while still shivering.

Ash didn't answer and just kept shifting around until he was sitting directly behind her. She looked confused and when she looked at him questioningly he just wrapped his arms around her midsection tightly and pulled her close to his chest. "What are you doing Ash?" She finally asked him, instantly feeling herself getting warmer being pressed against his body.

Ash just smiled and leaned down to whisper in her ear, glad that Misty and Brock were too focused on the storm around them and couldn't hear what he said. Not they would have been able to anyway, the storm was too loud to hear anything over it unless you were shouting. "Well I have to keep my girl warm don't I?" He said softly in her ear as he gently kissed the side of her cheek.

She blushed bright red. "So I'm your girl now huh?" She teased him back silently. Not that there was any need for silence in such a loud storm.

Ash looked at her more seriously. "Yes... You are. That is, if you want to be..." He said as he looked in her eyes. Giselle just blushed and leaned back into his arms. "I think... I can be okay with that." She said with a smile as Ash leaned his head on top of hers and smiled as well.

They looked back at the sinking St. Anne and Ash said worriedly, "I hope everyone got off of the ship okay..."


The captain had managed to sort every one of the passengers into the lifeboats and was now lowering them all down into the water. A task that was proving to be difficult since the ship was rocking around so badly. They could definitely tell that the ship was sinking because they felt the entire ship drop nearly a whole level, which meant that the entire bottom floor of the Anne was probably submerged in water right now.

One of the crew members was getting ready to prepare another lifeboat for the next set of passengers when suddenly, two people came walking up to him. They were dressed up in travelers clothes and were pretty covered up. The 'man' was wearing tan pants and a floral pattern button up shirt with sunglasses on and a straw hat. 'He' had a red mustache on his face and because of the hat, you couldn't see his hair.

The second was a 'woman' and wore a long purple dress, purple light over coat that showed her 'pregnant' stomach, wore sunglasses as well and a sun hat. You couldn't tell 'her' hair color either.

"Excuse me son, would you mind clearing out of the way? The ship is sinking don't you know and my dear wife here is pregnant with our first child." The 'man' said in an oddly pitched sounding voice for a man.

"Yes young man would you please allow us that lifeboat to ourselves? I would greatly appreciate it." The 'woman' said in high pitched voice that didn't sound quite right.

The crewman nodded his head. "Of course! Quickly, get into the boat!" He ushered them hurriedly.

The two people obliged and stepped inside of the boat. The crewman then lowered the boat down into the water below. After the boat had been in the water for a short time and had begun to move away from the ship that was now halfway submerged and the other lifeboats, the last of which had finally left the ship, the odd 'couple suddenly threw off the clothes they were wearing.

"What a trusting fool!" The now revealed Jessie said as she laughed.

James removed the last article of his disguise and removed the 'bump' in his stomach that was actually revealed to be Meowth, curled up. He glared at Jessie as Meowth unfurled himself and shook his fur out. "Never speak of that to anyone ever again!" He said angrily to her as he continued to glare at her. "Why couldn't you have played the pregnant woman?! You ARE a woman Jessie!"

Jessie just scoffee. "And even pretend to have this perfect body out of shape and deformed in anyway?! I don't think so! Now stop whining James, we got off the ship completely unnoticed thanks to MY brilliant plan!" She said arrogantly.

Meowth suddenly came into the conversation. "Your brilliant plan?! It was my idea!" He said while waving his fists in the air.

Jessie just waved her hand in the air. "What does it matter Meowth? We're a team and that means we share credit for everything we do. Except for when James makes an idiotic decision on the spur of the moment! Like buying a worthless Magikarp!"

James got up and pointed his finger at her. "You should know not to give me free excess to the bank account Jessie! I never make good decisions!" He shouted back.

The two teammates began arguing until they were interrupted by Meowth. "Uhh guys... We need to get further away from de ship. Da tides trying to pull us back towards da other boats."

Jessie and James stopped bickering and looked ahead at the now almost completely submerged ship and lifeboats that were gathered back a safe distance away from it. "He's right!" Jessie agreed. "We have to something! James use the oars for the lifeboat and get us out of here!" She demanded.

James seemed confused and looked around. "But Jessie, there are no oars."

Jessie suddenly grabbed him by the throat and started shaking him back and forth. "You let us get on a boat that no oars?! What's the matter with you James!" She shouted.

Meowth suddenly got in-between them. "Will you guys knock it off!" He shouted. "I got a plan!"

Jessie shopped strangling James and looked at Meowth expectantly. "Well?!" She said impatiently.

Meowth walked over to where James was and grabbed some rope that was in the corner. "We'll use James's Magikarp since it's a Water-Type and have it get into da water. We'll tie dis rope to it and have it pull us away from here!"

Jessie nodded her head. "Your a genius Meowth!" She looked at James. "You heard him James! Bring out that Magikarp!"

James quickly fumbled around for Magikarp's Pokeball and then called out the Pokemon once he found it. "Magikarp help us!" He said as the Pokemon appeared in the lifeboat in a flash of light.

"Karp Karp Karp! Magikarp!" It said as the Pokemon floundered around the boat.

Everyone sweat dropped and then James tied the rope to Magikarp before throwing him in the water. "Now get us out of here Magikarp!" James commanded.

The fish just continued to flounder around in the water as it was being pushed around by the harsh waves. Jessie just sighed. "Well... So much for that." She said defeated.

Meowth just stared in disbelief before placing his head in his paws and shaking his head. "We're done for..." He said hopelessly.

James stared at his Pokemon in shock for a little while before losing his cool. He started shouting at Magikarp. "What kind of Water Pokemon can't swim in water?! Your useless Magikarp! I can't believe that I ever let that swindler talk me into believing that you were a special Pokemon!" He raised Magikarp's Pokeball into the air. "I don't want to be your Trainer anymore you pathetic fish!" He yelled as he threw Magikarp's Pokeball onto the bottom of the boat and stepped on it with his boot, crushing it.

He realed the rope back in and untied it off of Magikarp and then held the Pokemon out in front if him. "Get lost you poor excuse for a Pokemon!" He shouted as he punted Magikarp off the boat and into the ocean a few yards away.

Magikarp floundered around helplessly and began calling out in fear, "Karp Karp!" As it was beat around by the waves. Suddenly, the Pokemon began glowing a bright white. Jessie, James and Meowth watched in disbelief as Magikarp changed form before their very eyes and became a larger, taller and much more fierce looking creature. The new Pokemon towered above the waves and as the light finally died down the Pokemon bellowed loudly. "GYROOO!"

As the three Rockets stared in awe at the newly evolved Pokemon it turned it's head and looked down at them. The fury and rage that was burning in it's eyes terrified the three teammates. Meowth sputtered out. "I don't tink you shoulda kicked it when it was a Magikarp James!" He said frightfully.

Jessie latched onto James's arms and shouted at him. "Do something James! It's your Pokemon!"

James shook his head to clear it and looked up at the enraged Pokemon. "G-Gyarados!" He said, his voice trembling in fear. Which was not something you ever wanted to show in front of a Pokemon like Gyarados. Especially when they were angry. "A-as your Trainer I c-command you to calm d-down!"

The Pokemon just swung it's massive tail around and sent a huge wave at the three of them, nearly capsizing the boat. Meowth clawed James's face angrily. "Ya numbskull! You destroyed it's Pokeball remember!" He shouted. "Your not it's Trainer anymore!"

James looked down at the shattered Pokeball and gulped. "Ohh yeah... Right..." He half squeaked out.

The furious Gyarados opened it's massive mouth as a swirling blue energy began gathering in it's maw. Meowth looked like he might jump out of his fur as he shouted out. "D-Dragon Rage! Get us out of here yous two!"

Jessie and James put their hands in the water and began desparetly trying to paddle away from the unstoppable blast of energy that was soon to strike them. "Paddle faster!" Meowth shouted again as he put his own small paws in the water and began paddling.

Gyarados reared it's head back and then lunged forward, the powerful blast of bluish energy streamed straight at the fleeing Rockets. It struck their boat head on and a loud explosion rocked the area as the water exploded around them and sent the boat hurdling into the sky. "James you idiot! You had to buy that Magikarp!" Jessie yelled as they were flying through the air.

"I'm sorry!" James whined back.

"Your both idiots!" Meowth shouted.

The last thing that could be heard before the three Rockets disappeared into the night sky was, "We're blasting off again!"

Gyarados staired angrily at where they disappeared for awhile before plunging beneath the churning sea.


The storm had begun to pass slightly by the time that Ash and his friends were about a mile away from where the Anne had undoubtedly by now sunk. The sky was still dark, or at least... Darker than it would normally be at any rate considering it was night time. The sea was still unsettled and from what he could see, Ash could tell that even if it was daylight he wouldn't be able to see down below the water because of the murky debri that the storm had washed up to the surface from the bottom of the ocean.

He looked around at his surroundings and then checked the navigation on his Xtransciever to make sure they were heading the right way. He had no idea exactly where Pokemon Land was, except for the directions that the Grunt he had interrogated had given him and they were vague. Merely 'Twelve miles north' was all he had been told. He had told Gyarados to head north so he was hoping that Pokemon Land was actually on the main land mass and not some island or otherwise... They would be looking around forever.

He suddenly felt Giselle tighten her hold on him and then let out a small sigh as her breathing returned to a slow and even pace as she pushed her head further into his chest. He smiled. She must have fallen asleep sometime back and was now resting comfortably. Since he had the time he contemplated his newfound relationship with Giselle.

He couldn't really say that he was surprised that they had ended up where they had. He had felt a special connection when he first met her back at Pokemon Tech and saw how she acted around him ever since they had started traveling together. It was obvious from the very beginning that they connected on a level much more than friends but still, they were both young and this was uncharted territory.

Ash was very mature for his age and Giselle grew more and more mature herself with everyday that she traveled with them. Either way, he should have know that they would have eventually ended up as more than friends eventually. The attraction between them both was just to strong. The circumstances on the Anne just escalated their relationship and made the unavoidable happen sooner.

Ash was happy about it though. He felt so... connected to Giselle. He was extremely grateful for Brock and Misty as well, they were amazing friends but it was just that... With Giselle, he had a totally different kind of relationship with her that he couldn't compare to anyone else in his life or either of his two other friends. Of course, he never kissed either of them and the thought of that alone made him shudder.

It was obvious why with Brock, he was a guy! But with Misty... She was like a sister to him. Or least, he had come to see her as one. However, he was starting to get a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach that Misty was beginning to look at him in a different way and he dreaded the possible conversation he may have to end up having with her. If he did, that would involve him revealing his and Giselle's relationship. Which he was afraid would make Misty develop hard feelings for Giselle and that was the last thing he wanted. Especially since the two of them had finally started to form some kind of friendship.

He put the thoughts from his mind for now and turned back to more pressing matters. He pulled out his Poke'Dex and then pulled out one of his Pokeballs. He wanted to do a transfer because he felt like, for some reason, he was going to need the Pokemon that he was sending away for sometime very soon.

He placed the Pokeball on the transporter and input what Pokemon he was asking for before sending it away. He decided on sending Pidgeotto away since the Pokemon he was getting in return would also be able to fly.

He sent away the Pokeball and waited in anticipation, hoping that Professor Oak was up and could complete the transfer. After a few minutes of waiting another Pokeball suddenly appeared where Pidgeotto's had disappeared. Ash smiled, Professor Oak must have been up after all. He took the Pokeball and spoke to it. "I might end up needing you girl."

He put the Pokeball away and then pocketed his Poke'Dex before closing his eyes and falling into a light sleep, the sounds of Giselle's light breathing lulling him into slumber.


Ash stirred lightly in his sleep as he felt bright light shine down onto his closed eye lids. He felt very hot for some reason and it wasn't until he finally opened his eyes that he remembered where he was. He saw the large head of his Gyarados bob up and down as the Pokemon swam swiftly through the water.

He looked up and saw the sun shining down brightly on the wide open ocean that surrounded them on all sides. He had to squint from the brightness of the sun and after he did he looked around. He couldn't see land anywhere nearby which meant that Gyarados must have stopped sometime in the middle of the night to rest. Otherwise, Ash knew that they would have reached land long before now.

He was amazed looking out over the expansive ocean. Just last night the sea was vicious and unsettled. Today it was calm and serene, like no storm had occurred at all. The sun was shining down upon the water and made it look like the water was sparkling. The waves gently lapping against Gyarados's side as he glided through the water.

Ash felt someone groan against his body and felt them move around slightly. He looked down at the beautiful young lady in his arms. Giselle had her arms wrapped tightly around him and had her head pressed into the crook of his neck. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around at her surroundings. She yawned cutely and then looked up into Ash's face with eyes still blurry from sleep.

He was smiling and spoke softly to her. "Sleep well?" He asked her, still smiling.

She returned the smile and unwrapped her arms from around Ash to stretch them above her head. When she was finished she wrapped her arms back around Ash and placed her head back in the crook of his neck. She sighed happily. "Morning..." She mumbled contentedly.

Ash chuckled softly and turned his head around so he could see if his other two friends were still sleeping or not. He saw that Brock and Misty were still fast asleep so he reached out and gently began stroking her hair. "I'm glad. I didn't how you would sleep considering where we are." He said as Giselle sighed again at the feeling of him running his fingers through her hair gently.

"I slept very well, especially since I had a very comfortable pillow." She replied back with a smile.

At the angle she was staring up at him Ash was mesmerized by how the sun hit her and seemed to make her glow. He lifted her chin up to his face a little closer and Giselle must have known what he was going for because she tightened her grip around him and brought herself closer to him. She brought her face up close to his and then Ash closed the remaining distance between them and connected his lips with her own soft ones.

The kiss was soft and quick, but as they as they pulled away they brought their lips back together again and shared in a longer and deeper kiss. Ash brought her as close to his body as possible and Giselle wrapped her arms around him as tightly as she could.

They pulled away after a short time and rested their foreheads against one another for a moment. They suddenly heard Brock and Misty begin to stir and quickly separated, turning back around to face front.

Brock and Misty yawned and stretched as they awoke and looked around at their surroundings. "Where are we exactly?" Misty asked as she stretched the kinks out of her neck.

Ash finally reigned in his emotions from kissing Giselle and spoke without looking over his shoulder. "We're heading north to a place called Pokemon Land. It wasn't too far from the ship but I think that Gyarados must have stopped for the night."

"Pokemon Land?" Brock asked confused.

Giselle answered for Ash. "It's this really big and exciting amusement park!" She said with glee in her voice. She had also gotten over the racing emotions she felt at kissing Ash by now. "Every semester break at Pokemon Tech, several of the students would go to Pokemon Land with their friends and family and come back saying how amazing it was. I went one time before with my own parents and younger brother and sister one summer." Stars appeared in her eyes as she continued to describe the amusement park. "The attractions are so amazing and they even have these giant mechanical Pokemon that roam the park and amaze all of the visitors. They look so real that at first glance you actually think that they ARE real!"

"Wow!" Misty said with wide eyes. "Sounds like an exciting place."

Brock nodded his head. "Definitely sounds like someplace my own younger siblings would love to go." He said thoughtfully.

Ash spoke up. "Well after today no one will be going to that amusement park anymore. I'm going to be shutting it down."

Giselle looked shock. "Why on earth would you want to do something like that Ash?!"

He turned back to his face his friends. "Because it's owned by Team Rocket, that's why." He answered her.

Giselle seemed stunned. "How do you know that?!" She asked him in disbelief.

Ash then explained everything that the Grunt he had interrogated on the ship told him. Especially the part about Pokemon Land being one of Team Rocket's biggest sources of income.

After he had finished explaining all about the dirty operation that Pokemon Land was covering up, his friends looked mortified. "That's horrible! Pokemon trafficking?!" Misty said in anger and utter shock.

"I never would have guessed..." Brock said, equally as surprised.

Giselle looked the most upset by the news. "Me and my family went to that park and gave our money away... Too Team Rocket?! Just so they could keep up their trafficking ring?! I feel terrible..."

Ash reached back and placed his hand on her leg comfortingly, but just out of sight of Brock and Misty. "You couldn't have known Giselle. Neither you and your family, or any of the other families who have visited that park knows what's going on there. I guarantee that if they did then no one would ever visit Pokemon Land again. I'm not going to let Team Rocket keep smuggling Pokemon out of that amusement park and that's why I'm going to destroy it."

Giselle looked confused. "But how?"

Ash just grinned. "Ohh trust me, I have an idea." He said mysteriously.

Giselle, Brock and Misty went silent then, knowing that Ash wouldn't tell them anymore yet. After a while of silence, Brock finally broke it. "I was wondering something Ash." He asked the younger boy.

Ash tilted his head back in Brock's direction. "Yeah Brock?"

Brock shifted on Gyarados a little before asking his question. "Back on the the ship when you were battling that Team Rocket Commander's Pokemon with Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander and they were attacked by those powerful three attacks... what was that strange elemental shield they used? I've never seen anything like that used in a battle ever, and I've watched nearly every League match over the years and I was also a gym leader."

"Yeah Ash so was I and I never saw anything like that before either." Misty chimed in.

"I was top student at Pokemon Tech and learned everything there was to know about different types of strategy counters and team counters in tag battles. I've never seen anything like what Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur did back on the Anne." Giselle stated as she shifted closer to Ash.

Ash raised an eyebrow at his friends curiosity but answered their question. "It's just a counter shield really. Or my own version of a counter shield at least..."

"A counter what?" His friends asked together.

Ash laughed a little before answering. "It's basically an offensive move that I've taught my Pokemon how to use as a defensive move. The one you saw back on the Anne is one that I've been working on with those three for quite awhile now actually."

Giselle suddenly interupted him. "So all of those times that you would disappear during training with those three you were..."

"That's right." Ash interjected. "We've been working on that move a lot. It starts out with Charmander using Ember, or I guess now Flamethrower, to create the fire dome around them that you saw first. Charmander had to really learn how to control his fire for that part of the move. Then Bulbasaur plants a Leech Seed directly beneath their feet and huddles Charmander and Squirtle close to him. As the seed sprouts and begins to ensnare the three of them, Charmander stops Flamethrower just as the vines reaches him first and begins to sap his energy."

Ash stopped and made sure that his friends were following him so far. When he saw they were he continued. "Then Squirtle immediantly uses Water Pulse and creates the dome of water that you saw after the fire dome dissipated. It's basically like a second shield."

"But Ash..." Brock interrupted. "How does the fire dome not go away once Charmander stops feeding fire to it? He can't even get his flame through Squirtle's water dome once it comes up."

Ash held up a hand. "I'm getting to that trust me." He collected his thoughts and then continued. "You see, Leech Seed plays a big role in the success of this move. I worked with Bulbasaur tirelessly on learning how to manipulate and use the energy that he gathers from other Pokemon using absorption attacks like Leech Seed. Sort of like... Re-directing the flow to suit his needs if you follow me. He's like a medium, he channels the energy through himself and then into whatever he needs to use it for. The Leech Seed that's inside the water dome with them sprouts and covers the entire inside of the dome. The vines attach to Charmander and Squirtle and sucks their energy out. That energy is then fed into the fire and water domes. Charmander's energy is fed into the fire dome surrounding the water dome and Squirtle's energy is fed into his water dome. Since energy is not solid it can pass through anything. Meaning that Charmander's energy can pass through the water dome and contact the fire dome. Since Charmander's energy signature is the same as the fire that came from himself to make the fire dome in the first place, the energy acts as a fuel line and keeps the fire dome going without Charmander needing to feed it directly with his flame. His energy does the fueling for him. The same exact thing is done with Squirtle and his water dome."

He paused to catch his breath before going on. "Bulbasaur is like the energy restorer for this technique. He uses Growth during this whole process and then the Leech Seed vines shares Bulbasaur's increased power from Growth with Charmander and Squirtle during this very energy consuming defensive maneuver. Now your probably wondering how the fire and water domes spin and swirl around in perfect control right? Well, it works like this: The energy that Charmander puts off for his fire is different than the energy that Squirtle puts off for his water. When they both feed their energies into their respective domes at such close proximity the energies react to one another. It's like an opposites attract sort of thing. Both energies push and pull one another from their respective domes and this causes rotation, which is what causes the spinning and perfectly controled movement you see in the domes. Their not being controled by the Pokemon, it's just the natural reaction that both energies are having with one another. They are opposites and want to overcome the other."

He stopped again. "The coolest thing about the energy that's being fed into the element domes is this: Since both of Charmander and Squirtle's energies are nothing but pure power and life force, the energy gives sort of like a physical covering to the fire and water domes, making them even more resilient to attacks than normal."

When he finished all three of his friends were gaping like fish. "That's... Amazing." Brock stammered out, at a loss for other words.

"No kidding..." Misty said.

"I never would have thought of something like that before..." Giselle said in a daze.

Ash just scratched the back of his head and chuckled. "Yeah well... You didn't see the whole thing either." He admitted sheepishly.

"There's more?!" They all said at once.

He nodded his head and continued. "Pikachu is part of it as well. He didn't get to though because I had him go off to sabotage Team Rocket's helicopters."

"What does Pikachu do?" Brock asked curiously.

Ash looked down at the little yellow Pokemon that was now sleeping in his lap after he had crawled out from his jacket and began scratching the Pokemon behind the ears, earning a happy and muffled "Cha..." From him.

Ash then explained. "He does the same kind of energy transfer that Charmander and Squirtle does, only he has much more energy than they do. This means that he feeds electricity to both the water AND fire domes. Basically, sparks of electricity are seen arcing over the two domes. Since Pikachu's energy is neutral compared to Bulbasaur and Charmander's, his energy acts like a moderator between the other two energies and keeps the whole thing more stabilized and in harmony. His energy also adds more power and resistance to the dome. As you've already seen, they don't need Pikachu but it makes the whole thing MUCH more effective when he's involved."

Ash stopped scratching Pikachu and stared off into the distance. "This is just level one though. We're actually working on making it to where Pikachu's electricity actually becomes able to absorb the power of attacks and send it right back to their opponents. Kind of like how a meteor hits our atmosphere and skips off."

Ash got a wide grin on his face. "The real fun is going to begin once Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur evolve the first time. They will have much more energy to put into the Element Shield, making it bigger, stronger, more powerful... You name it! The possibilities with this technique are limitless! They could learn how to move while in the shield, see through the shield and even launch moves through the shield! It's all dependent on how the energies are manipulated. Simple as that. We'll be be able to make big improvements on the shield when they evolve into their second stages, but the really amazing improvements are going to happen once they reach their last stages of evolution and have full access to their energy reserves. For now the only thing they can improve on is getting Pikachu's electricity able to redirect attacks and that's it."

Ash's friends were still in shock by the time he finished and Brock just shook his head. "Only you Ash... Only you." He said smiling.

"That's just... Wow Ash! Wow..." Misty said in dumbfounded amazement.

Misty and Brock looked out at the sea on opposite sides to clear their heads and at that moment Giselle leaned up next to Ash's ear. "That's my... Ashy." She said flirtatiously as she kissed the side of his lips quickly. "You never cease to me impress me." She whispered to him before leaning back against him and looking out in front of her towards the ocean

Ash blushed red and coughed slightly before focusing on something unseeable in the distance. Giselle giggled quietly at his reaction before they were all suddenly thrust forward as Gyarados abruptly stopped moving.

After they had righted the themselves Ash leaned over and looked at the side of his Pokemon's face. "What's the matter pal? Is something wrong?" He asked concerned.

Gyarados didn't respond and instead just looked around in every direction, very unsettled and on high alert. Ash was confused as to why his Pokemon was acting the way he was, but Ash soon understood why. The answer to his unanswered question came rising up out of the ocean around Gyarados on all sides. Ash and his friends went wide eyed at the sight before them.

Positioned around Gyarados in a tight circle, offering no way out, were several other Gyarados. At least five of them were surrounding Ash and his friends in a tight circle, with no chance of escape available. They all looked angry and were staring them down with fierce looks in their eyes. Especially the one that was in the middle. It was staring down at the humans before it with such anger and rage in it's eyes that Ash had to wonder if humans had done something before to anger it so badly.

Ash's Gyarados looked between all of the Gyarados in turn and growled loudly at them, warning them to stay away from his Trainer. The wild Gyarados ignored the trained ones warning and opened their mouths. Several blue spheres of energy began to take shape in their mouths and Ash knew what they were instantly. "Get us out of here Gyarados! Dive below the water and come up on the outside of the other Gyarados!" He commanded hurriedly.

Gyarados reared back and prepared to dive down into the water. "Everyone hold on!" Ash yelled back to his friends.

Giselle wrapped herself around him like a vine and Brock and Misty laid down on top of Gyarados and grabbed onto his scales tightly. Gyarados dove beneath the waves just as the other wild Gyarados unleashed their Dragon Rage attacks on the spot where the objects of their rage just were. The combined attacks exploded in the water and caused a giant explosion that kicked water into the air at least thirty feet high.

Gyarados resurfaced about twenty yards from where the other Gyarados still were at. Ash and his friends were soaked to the bone but ultimately glad that they had managed to avoid Dragon Rage.

Ash sputtered water out of his mouth and shouted to Gyarados while patting him on the side to show how important what he was about to say was. "Swim fast Gyarados! Get us out of here!"

Gyarados took off without a seconds hesitation and rocketed through the ocean at impressive speeds. Misty looked back behind them. "Guys their following us!" She shouted loudly over the sound of the rushing waves that Gyarados was making as he swam as fast as he could through the water.

Ash called back loudly. "Gyarados are very territorial! They won't stop pursuing anyone who invades into their territory!"

"Why are their so many Gyarados?!" Giselle shouted.

"Because we're in the Gyarados Straight!" Brock answered her. "This stretch of ocean contains more Gyarados than any other body of water in the Kanto region!"

Ash kept looking and saw that the Gyarados were still following relentlessly. He knew they weren't going to stop and he suddenly had a plan. Granted, a very insane and hairbrained idea but still... an idea nonetheless.

"I have a plan guys! Whatever happens don't fall off of Gyarados!"

He looked down at his Pokemon. "Gyarados, I need you to keep heading north until you reach land okay?! Take care of my friends!"

Gyarados looked sideways at Ash while he kept speeding through the water and just nodded his head. Ash smiled and looked up at Pikachu. "You coming buddy?" He asked his starter.

"Pika Pikachu!" Pikachu answered affirmatively, like it should have been obvious.

Ash smiled and made sure Pikachu's grip on his shoulder was tight before standing up carefully on Gyarados. "What are you doing Ash?!" Misty yelled at him.

Ash kept his eyes on the water as he answered. "Distracting those Gyarados so you guys can make it safely to land!"

Giselle reached up and grabbed Ash's hand. "No Ash! It's too dangerous! Those Gyarados could... Could..." She trailed off, unable to finish her sentence.

Ash lifted her chin up to his face. "I'll be fine Giselle, I promise. Besides, those Gyarados aren't going to be any match for the Pokemon I'm using to help me."

Giselle stared at him for a little bit with a wavering look in her eyes. She hugged him tightly and whispered to him. "Please be careful Ash..."

He hugged her back tightly and responded. "I promise Giselle."

He unlatched from her and turned to Brock and Misty. "I'll see you guys soon!" He said as he gave them a two fingered salute. They nodded at him and wished him luck before he looked down at Gyarados. "Stop for a minute Gyarados!"

His Pokemon came to an immediate halt that jerked them all around. Ash looked back at the fast approaching Gyarados. He drew a Pokeball from his belt and spoke to it. I need your help girl." He reared back and threw the Pokeball high into the air. "Dragonite I need you!" He shouted loudly.

The Pokeball opened up over the water and out came a blast of white energy that quickly formed into the colossal form of Dragonite. When she was fully formed she raised her head to the sky and bellowed loudly. "Dragooo!" The sound waves of her call actually shook the water around Ash and his friends, making large waves form that pushed Gyarados around in the water.

Her form actually blotted out the sun behind her as she looked down at her Trainer. Ash called up to her. "Dragonite I need your help! There are several Gyarados chasing us! Can you help me fight them off while my Gyarados takes Brock, Misty and Giselle to safety?!"

Dragonite looked furious when she heard about the Gyarados that were trying to harm her Trainer and nodded her head. "Dragoo!" She answered him.

Ash smiled and yelled back. "Thanks Dragonite! Lift me up then!"

Dragonite reached her large, clawed hand down and gently scooped Ash up. She placed him on the top of her head and then Ash yelled down to his friends. "Get going guys!"

Gyarados heard his Trainer and instantly took off again in a burst of speed. Ash looked towards the approaching wild Gyarados. "Get ready Dragonite!" He called to her.

She nodded her head and stepped herself out wide wide, her whole body spanning a great distance as she stood as a barrier between the approaching Gyarados and where Ash's friends were escaping.

The Gyarados finally made it to them and stared up at the massive Pokemon before them with anger in their eyes. They quickly formed several Twister attacks that took the shape of large funnels of water. They sped towards Dragonite and Ash quickly commanded her. "Dragonite use Dragon Tail and kick up a large wave to destroy those water Twisters!"

Dragonite swung her already glowing, large tail around and hit the water in front of them, kicking up a huge tidal wave that knocked the Twisters down like nothing and hit the Gyarados, knocking them under the water.

The Gyarados resurfaced a few moments later looking angrier than ever. They opened their mouths and began forming blue spheres of energy in their mouths. Ash smirked. "Dragonite... Take it."

His Pokemon nodded her head and stood tall and firm. The Gyarados released the attacks and as they rushed towards Dragonite they combined to make one large Dragon Rage. The attack hit Dragonite dead center and caused a large explosion that shrouded Ash and the Giant Pokemon from view.

When the smoke cleared it showed Dragonite still standing where she was previously, looking like the massive combined Dragon Rage never hit her. She reached down to her stomach, where the blast had hit, and scratched it absently. Ash grinned ear to ear. "Great job girl! Now... Show them YOUR Dragon Rage!"

Dragonite opened her mouth and began forming her own Dragon Rage in her mouth. The sphere looked exactly the same as the Gyarados's only much, much bigger. Her whole body began to glow as she reared her head back. In one fluid motion she thruster her head forward and released the massive pent up energy.

It rocketed towards the Gyarados that were all huddled together, the size of the beam of energy looking three times the size of the Gyarados's combined Dragon Rage. The attack struck the Gyarados and caused a massive explosion that made thirty yards of the ocean around where the attack hit to dip down low and then explode high into the sky, well over sixty feet high.

When the attack passed, the Gyarados resurfaced from below the water badly singed and battered looking. They were completely out cold.

Ash sweatdropped and patted Dragonite on the head as he continued to stare down at the furiously churning waves that were kicked up from the blast. "Great job girl but uhh... I think you overdid the power on that attack a wee bit too much..."

Dragonite scratched the back of her head and cooed embarrassingly. Ash patted her again and smiled. "Don't worry girl you still did great!" He praised.

Dragonite stood proud with her chest puffed out as Ash looked back down at the injured looking Gyarados that were now floating unconscious in the ocean below. He sighed. "Arceus... I can't leave them there like that. They need to get treated and I only know one way to go about it in this current situation..." He contemplated what he was about to do for a few seconds and then made his decision. "Man Professor Oak is going to be surprised..."

He reach back into his pack and counted the number of Gyarados there were. He counted five and so he pulled out five Pokeballs. "Hey Dragonite can you lower me closer to the Gyarados please?" He asked his Pokemon.

Dragonite lowered her head down towards the Gyarados and when she was close enough Ash stopped her. He enlarged the Pokeballs. "Here goes nothing..." He said to himself.

He threw the Pokeballs at the unconscious Pokemon and then watched as all five were sucked into the balls. After they were sucked inside the Pokeballs floated back to Ash and rested right in front of him on Dragonite's head. All five balls were together in a cluster as they started shaking back and forth. Ash and Pikachu watched with baited breath as the balls continued to shake and roll around.

Eventually they stopped shaking and 'dinged' all at once while sparking off little bursts of energy, signyfying that the captures were complete.

Ash released the breath he was holding and looked up at Pikachu. "Well buddy... That makes six Gyarados. We're in for a lot of work..."

Pikachu nodded his head. "Pika... Pikachu Pi." He agreed.

Ash watched as the five Pokeballs glowed white and then suddenly vanished into nothing a few moments later. "Here they come Professor Oak..." Ash said as he patted Dragonite's head. "Take flight Dragonite! Get high in the clouds and head north please. We have to meet up with the others."

Dragonite nodded and rose out of the water. She beat her powerful wings and took off into the air. She entered into the cover of the clouds high above and then headed north for Pokemon Land.


(Oak Pokemon Laboratory: Pallet Town)

Professor Oak was sitting at his desk going over some research notes when he suddenly received an alert on his computer. 'ding ding ding!' "Trainer profile update for: Ash Ketchum."

Professor Oak rolled his chair over to the computer and checked what the update was about. "Let's see what Ash has accomplished now!" Oak said to himself as he pulled up Ash's Trainer profile.

When he saw the number of Ash's Pokemon increase he became curious and looked to see what Pokemon the boy had captured. When he saw the spot under Ash's Gyarados that said 'Number of' he was shocked to see the number jump from one to six.

"What the?!" He said loudly.

A few seconds later the teleporter in the Lab activated and a Pokeball appeared. Professor Oak walked over and picked up the Pokeball. A few seconds later another one appeared. He picked that one up as well and then another and another until he was holding five Pokeballs in his arms. The Professor just sighed. "Ash's Pokemon are going to need a bigger pond... Or lake." He said to himself as he went to perform the routine medical check-ups he did for every new Pokemon he received.


Ash finally begin to see the familiar sight of land through a break in the clouds that Dragonite was flying through. He could see what looked to be large roller coasters of some kind further in land which lead him to believe that he had finally reached Pokemon Land.

He looked down near the shores of the beach and saw a small blue speck that Ash guessed was Gyarados floating in the water. "Head down towards the shore Dragonite but be careful not to be seen. This place is run by Team Rocket and I don't want them knowing about you yet if I can avoid it."

She nodded her head and then slowly descended down towards the beach. Brock, Misty and Giselle looked up towards the sky from where they were on the beach and when they saw the giant Dragonite coming towards them they instantly began calling out to Ash.

The huge Pokemon landed gracefully in the shallows of the water and then lowered her head down and allowed Ash to hop off of her. When his feet were on the ground Ash turned around and called up to Dragonite. "Thanks for your help girl! Take a nice rest." He returned the massive Pokemon to her Pokeball and had no more than turned around to face his friends when he was tackled and squeezed into a tight hug.

He looked down and saw Giselle hugging him tightly and he wondered how she appeared so fast. "Thank Arceus your safe Ash!"'she exclaimed happily.

He hugged her back. "I'm glad your safe as well Giselle." He replied back as he hugged her tightly.

He released her after a few moments and looked to his friends who had finally made it over to them. "Ash! We were worried man!" Brock said to his friend.

"Did you and Dragonite take care of those Gyarados?" Misty asked.

Ash kept a loose hold on Giselle's waist that both Brock and Misty noticed but didn't say anything. He answered them. "Sorry I worried you guys, Dragonite took care of it though. The Gyarados were pretty banged up after the fight so I captured them and let them transfer to Professor Oak so he could heal them up."

His friends seemed surprised. "You captured all of those Gyarados?!" Misty asked him in shock.

Ash nodded. "Yep. They needed to get healed up and I wasn't about to leave them just floating in the middle of the ocean unconscious."

"You always seem to get sucked into catching Pokemon Ash." Brock said amused as he shook his head. "Most Trainers have to search far and wide for Pokemon, but yours seem to just fall in your path."

Ash just shrugged. "I really don't question it too be honest. I suppose it's just Arceus willed or something maybe."

Brock nodded. "So what now? How do you plan on taking down Pokemon Land?" He asked curiously.

Ash looked out over the forest in front of them. "Well the first thing is to find the main control building of the park that controls everything, especially the giant mechanical Pokemon. If we can destroy the control building and the giant mechanical Pokemon then we will cripple Pokemon Land. I'm going to get some evidence of Team Rocket's smuggling operation here and then, if I get enough useful information, I may make an anonymous call to the police and get them over here to arrest the members of Team Rocket that I'm sure are here. I may even be able to get some more info on the Pokemon trafficking that Team Rocket is doing from the Game Corner in Celadon if I'm lucky."

"How are we going to get around unnoticed?" Giselle asked.

Ash pointed to the tree line. "We'll stick to the cover of the trees for the most part and then once we get to the control building we'll break away from the trees and sneak in."

His friends nodded their heads in agreement. "We're with you Ash!" Misty said resolutely.

"We got your back man." Brock said with a smile.

Ash looked at Giselle and she have him a 'really?' Look with a raised eyebrow. "You know I'm with you Ash." She said with a small smile.

"Pika Pikachu Pi!" Pikachu said from Ash's shoulder.

Ash smiled at his friends and then looked out at Gyarados who was still floating in the shallows. "Great job buddy! Thanks for getting everyone here safely."

Gyarados nodded at his Trainer's praise before Ash returned him to his Pokeball. He then turned back to his friends. "Let's go guys."

The group of friends headed into the forest, intent on ending Team Rocket's undercover Pokemon smuggling operation.


They had walked for sometime now in the cover of the forest. They stayed right at the edge of the tree line with Ash constantly scanning the environment for cameras or any other kind of security.

They saw the entire park as they went on and saw many people all enjoying the many different attractions. They also saw of the many different attractions the park offered. Carnival games, roller coasters, shopping areas, food stands, ferry rides across the river that ran throughout all of Pokemon Land. It was hard to believe at first glance that any place so... Fun and exciting could be run by such a terrible organization like Team Rocket.

Ash knew better though and he was intent on ending this part of their organization today. They wanted to mess with innocent people and Pokemon? Ash would do whatever it took to end them. He didn't know why he felt so strongly about getting involved with ending Team Rocket the way he was. Maybe it had something to do with his destiny? He didn't know the answer to that but he did know one thing: If someone was mistreating innocent people and Pokemon then he would get involved and he WOULD stop it. His age be damned.

They suddenly saw a large shadow fall over them and when they looked up they saw a gigantic Blastoise walk past them just fifty yards or so from where they were. "Wow that thing is gigantic!" Misty exclaimed.

"No kidding." Brock said as he looked up at it as well. "How do those things even walk?"

"Their not walking." Ash answered the question that was on everyone's mind. "If you look closely then you'll see that their all on tracks. Just really cleverly concealed."

They looked at where Ash was pointing and saw that he was right. They could just barely see the tracks that the mechanical Pokemon were on, sticking up out of the ground ever so slightly.

They heard a loud and mechanized sounding shrill cry and looked up. They saw a giant Moltres flying by over their heads. "Okay then Ash." Misty asked him. "How is THAT flying?! I'm pretty sure there aren't any tracks in the sky!"

Ash just shrugged. "Those flying Pokemon are a lot more advanced than the other mechanical Pokemon on the ground are. They probably have guidance chips implanted in them that are controled remotely and allow them to fly like they are. Either way, they are still going to be controled the same way that all of the other mechanical Pokemon are. You bring down the main controls and they'll come down to. All of them." He said confidently.

Misty then looked at Giselle. "How many kinds of giant mechanical Pokemon are there in the park Giselle? You've been here before so don't you know?" She asked.

Giselle nodded. "Let's see... There's the Blastoise and Moltres we just saw. Then there is a Venasaur, Charizard, Kabutops, Rhydon, Zapdos and even a Pikachu."

Pikachu perked up at hearing that he had a giant mechanical counterpart. "Pika Pika?"

Giselle scratched Pikachu behind the ears. "That's right cutie! You have a giant robotic cousin!" She cooed to him with a smile.

Pikachu callee out happily and relaxed under Giselle's 'magic' fingers. He never liked being coddled. Mosty because Ash never coddled him or any of the other Pokemon. Ash was extremely kind and caring to them and made all them feel like his friends and part of his family, but he drew the line at coddling. Ash believed that it would interfere with training and the militant and battle ready attitude he was always trying to instill into them.

So needless to say, Pikachu didn't like being coddled. However, he made an exception for both Giselle and Misty since he liked them so much. Even though he did like Giselle a hair more than Misty. He allowed them to coddle him and that was it. Ash didn't say anything since he didn't want to deal with Misty's fierce temper and he never said anything to Giselle since... Well since he had a major soft spot when it came to her.

Pikachu knew how much his Trainer liked the female and he was very glad that they had... Did whatever they did with their mouths back on the ship that seemed to make both of them very happy. Even though, to Pikachu it was odd. Why would you suck on each others mouths when you could rub cheeks together and share electricity? He just shook his head. Human courtship rituals were strange and could apparently last a VERY long time before the pair actually got together. He was just glad that it happened quickly for Ash and Giselle.

"That's a lot of robotic Pokemon." Brock said, bringing everyone back to the conversation at hand.

"And their all going to be destroyed just the same way." Ash said with a tone in his voice that showed just how serious, sure and confident he was feeling.

They all fell silent after that and kept walking through the forest, hoping they would soon find the main control building.


After some time they came to a large fence that had barbed wire on the top. It was cleverly positioned right in the very back of the park, hidden away by all of the coasters, tents and everything else that was meant to draw the most attention. If anyone did see the big fence that was at the very back of everything they would most likely think that it was for employees only or maybe for maintenance.

Ash knew better. He had a very good idea of what really lay beyond the fence and he wasn't going to let a small barrier get in his way.

He knelt down and inspected the fence. After sizing it up he stood back up and looked at Pikachu. "Use Iron Tail on a small section of the fence Pikachu!" He commanded his Pokemon.

Pikachu nodded and jumped off of Ash's shoulder. His tail turned to iron and then he swung it around as hard as he could. His tail made contact with the fence and a good portion of it was broke in, revealing a decent sized hole they could get through.

"Come on guys." Ash said as he went throught the hole in the fence.

His friends followed and they started heading deeper into the restricted area of the park. They walked for awhile until they started getting out of the thick forest they had been walking through and eventually saw a large building in the center of a large open area. There was another fence around the building and an electrical station near the side of the large building.

The building itself looked very much like a large maintenance facility where everything that ran the park would reside. Ash grinned to himself. They had found the main control building!

He motioned for his friends to follow him as he ran out of the cover of the forest and to a nearby tree that was rigt beside the next fence. He walked up and inspected the fence. It was much stronger looking than the last fence so he knew that the same method for last time wouldn't work.

He had an idea and released Charmander and Squirtle. Ash commanded Charmander to use Flamethrower on the fence to heat the metal and then commanded Squirtle to use Water Pulse and cool the metal down.

When they were done Ash looked at Pikachu. "Okay buddy, the metal should hopefully be weaker now. Try Iron Tail!"

Pikachu nodded and turned his tail into solid iron again before swinging it at the metal. Ash's theory was correct and the fence broke away and revealed another hole, larger than the last one, for Ash and his friends to get through.

After returning Charmander and Squirtle Ash motioned to his friends to remain silent and then follow him. After crawling through the fence Ash instantly made a dash for another tree inside the compound and ducked behind it, his friends mirroring him.

He motioned for them to look where he was pointing and when they did they saw what he was pointing at. There were several security cameras set up on the walls of the building.

Ash pulled out another Pokeball and released Bulbasaur. Ash spoke quietly to his Pokemon. "Bulbasaur I need you to do something okay? See those camera's on the walls of that buildings?"

Bulbasaur peeked around the side of the tree and saw the camera's. He looked back at Ash and nodded. "Bulba!"

Ash nodded. "Good. I need you to use Razor Leaf and knock those camera's off the wall alright? Can you do it?"

Bulbasaur nodded again. "Bulbasaur!"

He got into position and Ash stopped him. When Bulbasaur looked at Ash confused the boy just pointed at Pikachu. "Pikachu use Iron Tail and angle it towards the camera's. Keep your tail in Bulbasaur's line of sight so he can see. Your going to use the clear reflection of your tail when it's in iron form to show the image of the camera's to Bulbasaur so he doesn't have to step out from behind this tree."

He looked at Bulbasaur. "Just focus your Razor Leaves on the images of the camera's that you'll see in Pikachu's tail. You'll do fine, just relax."

Bulbasaur nodded and then Pikachu got into position. He focused the images of the camera's in his tail and then Bulbasaur got ready. He focused on the camera's and then breathed out slowly before releasing a small salvo of leaves at the security camera's.

Ash watched with anticipation and grinned widely when he saw every single one of the leaves strike the camera's, slicing them off of the walls neatly. Ash reached down and patted Bulbasaur on the head. "I knew you could do it buddy!" He praised his Pokemon.

Bulbasaur smiled widely. "Bulba!" He said happily.

Ash smiled at his Pokemon and then returned Bulbasaur. He looked at Pikachu. "Great job to you as well buddy!"

He looked back at his friends. "Come on guys let's slip inside." He whispered to them.

They nodded their heads in reply and followed Ash as he dashed towards the building and then crouched down by the side of the wall. Brock, Misty and Giselle joined him and crouched down beside of him.

He spoke to his friends quietly. "I'm willing to bet that there's a ventilation shaft up on the roof of this building. I'm going to have Bulbasaur use Vine Whip and latch onto the roof. Once he's up he'll drop his vines down to us and we'll use them to scale the wall up to the roof."

"Right." They answered together.

Ash called back out Bulbasaur and explained to him what to do. After Bulbasaur had reached the top of the roof he pulled up Ash and his friends one by one. When they were all on the roof Ash looked around and saw a large vent, confirming his theory to be true. He instructed Bulbasaur to yank the grate off with Vine Whip and after it was gone he thanked Bulbasaur before returning him and then looking at his friends.

"Are you guys sure your ready for this?" He asked them.

"Of course we're sure Ash!" Giselle said like it was obvious. "We've already came this far, let's finish this!"

Brock and Misty offered their own words of certainty and Ash smiled. "Alright then, let's go. Follow me."

He went over to the large vent and stepped inside of it. He slowly inched his whole body inside and then disappeared into the darkness, Pikachu riding on his back. Brock, Misty and Giselle followed soon after and disappeared into the dark ventilation network after Ash.


After crawling through the vents for some time and passing many room and offices below them, all of which were filled with Rocket Grunts, they finally wondered above an empty storage closet.

Ash quietly removed the vent covering and dropped down into the closet, followed by Brock. He grabbed Misty's hand and helped her down and when it was Giselle's turn he reached up and had her drop into his arms. He grabbed onto her hips and pulled her close to him as she fell. After lowering her feet to the floor he looked into her eyes for a moment and smiled at her softly before turning away from her and walking over to the door of the supply closet.

He cracked the door open and looked out into the hallway on the other side of the door. It went in two different directions he observed and after he was done taking in his surroundings he shut the door and turned back to his friends. "Alright guys, there's two different ways to go. Giselle and I will go one way and you two go the other way okay?"

"What are we looking for?" Brock asked.

"Your looking for any control rooms or any other kind of room that may look important. Specifically, if you see any rooms that have a lot of controls and seems like it may control something important in the park. Also, any information you can find on Team Rocket that seems like it's important. Like info on their Pokemon smuggling rings, team rosters, possible future oparations and schemes, biggest sources of profits and anything else that may seem crucial to taking down Team Rocket."

Brock and Misty nodded in understanding. "Good! Let's head out, we'll meet back here in one hour." Ash said as they excited the closet.

Brock and Misty followed the left hallway and Ash and Giselle followed the right. They walked in silence for some time, being as quite as possible the whole time. They passed several offices and rooms on the way that they would stop by and search if it was clear of Rockets.

So far they had found nothing of interest but had run onto many members of Team Rocket. They were literally swarming all throughout the building and on more than one occasion they nearly found Ash and Giselle. Only clever concealment and quick thinking saved them.

They finally came across a door at the end of the hallway that was guarded closely by two Rockets. Ash ducked inside of a room and pulled Giselle in with him. "That door probably leads to exactly what we're looking for." Ash said quietly.

"But how are we going to get past those two Rockets?" Giselle asked.

Ash smirked. "Leave that to me honey." He told her with a wink.

She blushed at his affectionate name for her but quickly concealed it and punched him in the arm. "Well then get going Mr. Casanova!" She urged him.

Ash chuckled and then stepped up to the door and looked up. Above the door was a window that was at level with some pipes on the ceiling out in the hallway. The pipes lead over to the door that the Grunts were standing guard in front of and went behind them.

Ash rubbed his hands together and backed up a bit. He took off running and jumped up towards the door frame. He grabbed ahold of it and lifted himself up towards the window. He pushed it open and then crawled through it. When he was on the other side of the door he silently jumped for the pipes overhead and grabbed ahold. He swung himself up on top of the pipes and then walked across them silently.

Giselle watched in utter amazement as Ash scaled the pipes as nimblly as a Mankey and as deftly as a Persian. He was now standing directly over the Rockets and they had no idea. He dropped down behind them as silent as death and then crept up behind them. He jumped up and wrapped his arms around the first Grunts neck. He locked him up in a grip like a Seviper and began choking him.

As the man started to struggle his partner turned around. When he saw what was happening he made to lunge at Ash, but the boy jumped up, using the Grunt he was holding onto for leverage and wrapped his legs around the other Grunts neck.

He whipped his body around in a twisting motion and all three of them tumbled to the ground. Ash was on his back with the Grunt he had his arms wrapped around laying on top of him. The Grunt he had his legs wrapped around was writhing around under Ash's legs

After a few intense moments of struggling, both Grunts passed out unconscious from lack of oxygen. Ash slowly released his hold on them and then stood up. He brushed his track suit off and motioned to Giselle, who was still watching from the door of the other room with wide eyes.

She walked over to him and nervously stepped over the unconscious Rockets. "Are you okay Ash?! I was really scared when that other Rocket came at you!" She said with worry still clearly written on her face and also a little bit of anger.

He looked at her in confusion for a few seconds but then smiled softly when he realized that she had just been worried for him and that was what was making her act this way. "Hey I'm totally fine okay. Nothing's wrong, not even a scratch!" He lifted her chin up to meet her eyes with his. "But thanks for being concerned about me, it really means a lot to me." He said gently to her.

Giselle scoffed. "Well how else do you expect me to act?! I'm your girlfr-" She trailed off suddenly, looking embarrassed by what she was about to say.

Ash blushed himself a little and just brought his lips down on her's for a sweet and gentle kiss. He didn't have to ask her or try to get her to tell him about what she was about to say a moment ago. They both knew what she was going to say and they were both completely alright with it.

He separated from her and then turned back to the door. "Shall we?" He asked with a mock bow.

Giselle rolled her eyes. "Alright funny guy let's just go already!"

Ash chuckled and then opened the door. When they stepped inside of the room they were greeted by the sight of what they had been looking for the whole time.

The room was not very large and was mostly black in color and atmosphere. Much like the rest of the building was. There was a large control panel in the front of the room that was decked out everywhere in controls of every kind. Suspended above the controls were several monitors that showed images of every inch of the park.

In one corner of the room was a table that had several pieces of paper scattered all over it. There were also filing cabinets against the walls and bookshelves that Ash felt certain held records of not just everything to do with Pokemon Land but most likely, the manifests and records of Team Rocket's smuggling operation at the park.

Ash just gaped like a fish at the possible diamond mine of valuable information he had just stumbled upon concerning Team Rocket's heinous crimes. He quickly turned around and one by one, grabbed both Grunts he had incapacited and brought them in the room with he and Giselle.

After he was done dragging them in he shut and locked the door and then threw the Grunts in the corner. He left Pikachu to watch them with strict orders that if they were to awaken then he was to shock them back into unconsciousness. A command that Pikachu was only TOO happy to comply with.

Ash turned to Giselle. "I'm going to go and see how I can use the parks main controls to our benefit here. You go and sift through the papers, filing cabinets and record books and then tell me anything you find that seems important okay?" He asked her.

She nodded her head. "You got it Ash!"

They both then set to work, trying to find out anything else they could on how to not just take down Pokemon Land but eventually, the whole of Team Rocket themselves. After sometime of messing around with the controls, Ash finally had a plan formulated that would help cripple the corrupt amusement park.

He went over to Giselle just as she was coming over to meet him. "Guess what I found?!" They both said together.

Ash laughed. "You go first."

Giselle nodded and began. Good news and bad news! Bad news is: We don't have nearly enough info to bring down Team Rocket with just the papers and files that are here. Mostly everything is just files on Pokemon Land and the smuggling operation that Team Rocket runs out of the park. We have more than enough evidence for Officer Jenny and the police to bring down this place permanently and even put away all of the many Rockets that work here at Pokemon Land. However, Team Rocket's boss and accountants are very smart. They managed to cover their tracks really well so that in the unlikely event that this park was exposed, shut down and every Grunt here was arrested, the higher ups and rest of the team would be protected."

Ash processed what she told him and then motioned for her to continue. "Go on."

She took a breath and then continued. "The good news is this: If we shut down Pokemon Land it will really hurt Team Rocket's wallet and stop about half of their smuggling operation. Even though Team Rocket has wide influence all over the whole Kanto region, their biggest set-ups are here and at Celadon City. That brings me to my next point: We may not have enough info and evidence to bring Team Rocket down with what we have here at Pokemon Land, but I know where we can find it!" She said excitedly.

"Where?!" Ash asked, just as excited.

She smiled widely at him. "Celadon City! If we can infiltrate and take down their base of operations and Game Corner, which is what they use to smuggle a large percentage of Pokemon with, then we can literally cripple and destroy Team Rocket with all of the data, files and recorded accounts of all the horrible acts they have ever committed that's down in that base. From what I've read here in this room so far about the Celadon HQ, you can get information on anything and everything their doing and planning to do! Including top secret projects! The police could BURY Team Rocket with everything they keep hidden at their HQ!"

Ash took a thoughtful pose and then said after a few moments. "Well then we'll just have to... 'pay' a visit to their HQ won't we?" He said misheviously.

Giselle sighed. "I knew you'd say that..."

Ash have her a sly grin. "Ohh come on sweetheart you know you love my reckless attitude." He did a terrible eyebrow wiggle and Giselle laughed. "Your impossible!"

Ash shrugged but leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. "Maybe, or maybe I just don't like to get bored!"

He took her hand. "Now come over here, I want to show you the plan I cooked up!"

Giselle smiled and shook her head but followed him over to the control panel. "Okay, here's what I have." Ash began. "All of these controls command everything here in the park, as you can see by the monitors above us." He said, pointing to the monitors overhead. "If you overide these controls then you can get anything you want in the park under your control. Even the giant mechanical Pokemon."

Giselle looked suspicious. "What are you getting at Ash?"

He grinned like a cheshire Delcatty. "I plan on overriding the mechanical Pokemon's controls and then have them destroy Pokemon Land."

Giselle looked horrified. "You can't do that Ash! There are people here, families! With children! They'll be killed!"

Ash just placed his hands on her shoulders. "Calm down Giselle. I know that there are families here and I would never put innocent people's lives in danger."

She crossed her arms. "Then what are you going to do then?"

He brought his hands up and placed them behind his head, looking smug. "I'm going to use the intercom system from in here and tell everyone that the giant Pokemon are out of control and that they need to leave at once."

Giselle's eyes softened. "I'm sorry Ash, I know you wouldn't hurt innocent people intentionally."

Ash just waved her apology off. "Hey I understand, believe me! I'm glad that you care about people's safety. I would hate it if my girlfriend had no sense of conscious whatsoever."

Giselle nodded her head. "I know I just... G-GIRLFRIEND?!" She shouted with wide eyes and her mouth agape.

Ash just winked at her and gently closed her mouth. "Might not wanna stand there with your mouth open wide like that honey. You might catch a Flygon." He said jokingly.

She closed her mouth the rest of the way and blushed furiously. "A-anyway! So what are you going to do after the giant mechanical Pokemon destroy the park? Aren't you going to destory them as well?" She asked curiously.

Ash smiled so wide that Giselle thought his mouth would literally rip off. "I'm going to leave that... To Dragonite."

She looked utterly perplexed. "Dragonite?! How?!"

Ash turned back to the monitor and typed in a few keys on the keyboard. All of the smaller images on the monitors disappeared and was replaced with one big image of a large warehouse looking hangar that had something giant right in the middle of the room with a large covering thrown over it. There were several large lifts around the mysterious object and a few computers as well.

"What is that?" Giselle asked him.

"It's another giant Pokemon their working on I'm pretty certain. This makes the alibi for Dragonite showing up and destroying the other giant Pokemon perfect. Everyone will think that she's the new Pokemon they were making in the hangar below this building, became activated by the malfunctioning controls and went haywire along with the rest of the mechanical Pokemon. The way that thing is being kept secret, I doubt any of the Grunts actually know what KIND of Pokemon that the new giant one is supposed to be so know one will suspect Dragonite hopefully.

"When are you going to do it?" Giselle asked him.

Ash turned away from the monitor and walked towards the door. "First thing we need to do is find Brock and Misty so we can all be together when the destruction of the park starts. I don't want us all getting separated when that happens, especially since we're going to have to get out of here as soon as it's over. Since we don't have any good information to give the police that could take Team Rocket down all at once I won't get them over here like I originally planned. I'll do that once we infiltrate their main headquarters and get everything we can against them. Even if the police arrested all of the Grunts here at Pokemon Land now, since there is still a whole organization left they would just break them out of prison in no time.

Giselle nodded her head. "Well then, Misty and Brock are probably waiting for us back where we came in by now, we can probably find them there."

Ash smiled at her. "Great thinking! Let's go." He looked over at Pikachu who was still keeping watch over the unconscious Grunts. "Come on Pikachu let's go! I'll leave Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur to keep watch over those guys."

Pikachu ran over and jumped on Ash's shoulder. He released his three Pokemon and ordered them to keep watch over the Grunts. Bulbasaur bound them up with his vines and then he and the other two kept their eyes glued on the criminals.

Ash smiled at his Pokemon's discipline and willingness to please him before thanking them and running out the door with Giselle, intent on finding Misty and Brock so they could initiate the plan.


They found Brock and Misty waiting for them in the closet they had come from just like Giselle speculated they would. After Ash explained what was going on and the plan he had for taking down Pokemon Land, they headed back to the control room.

Upon entering they found Ash's Pokemon exactly how they left them and the Grunts still unconscious. Ash turned around and faced Brock and Misty. "Did you guys find anything worthwhile?" He asked.

Brock shook his head. "Not a thing. We came across a bunch of Rockets and nearly were seen a few times but we managed to stay undetected." He answered.

"Yeah it's a good thing that you guys found all of this or otherwise this would have all been a bust." Misty said.

Ash walked over to the control panel and began messing around with the controls. "It's time to start guys. I'm going to override the control system and then put the plan into action."

Misty tilted her head to one side. "How do you even know how to do this stuff Ash? Those controls and that computer system looks pretty advanced."

Ash kept furiously typing away on the computer and working with the many different controls as he answered her without looking up from what he was doing. "The five years I spent training with Professor Oak that's how. He taught me a lot about a lot of things. Computers, programming and tech was one of them." He answered absently.

"Wow..." Giselle said dreamily as she looked at him.

Sometime later Ash stopped what he was doing. "Alright guys I'm about to re-boot the system. All of the power in the whole park is going to go down for a few seconds while everything is re-programming itself. This is where Team Rocket is going to find out that something is going on."

"Shouldn't we be worried about that?" Giselle asked confused.

Ash shook his. "They won't be able to stop it. By the time they figure out what's happening it'll be too late. I've ready implanted the commands to destroy the park into the mechanical Pokemon's mainframes. Once the main system comes back online their new commands will download to their personal mainframes a few minutes later. This will give me time to announce what's happening so all of the visitors can get out of the park and flee to safety. "

"But I thought that the mechanical Pokemon couldn't walk on their own?" Misty asked confused.

Ash put the finishing touches on the new programming and then turned back to Misty. "Well... From what I've found here in the system, they do have the ability for free range movement and they also have attacks commands based on each Pokemon their modeled after. No doubt something that Team Rocket built into them just in case a smuggling job went bad or the police came snooping around for any reason." Ash said bitterly. "They created machines that would be harmless until they decided otherwise. Eh! Won't they be surprised when their own money makers turn against them?" He said with a dark chuckle.

He then turned back to the computer. "Beginning re-boot... Now!"

Ash pressed the 'enter' key on the computer and instantly the entire room went black as the power shut down. For several minutes they all waited in silence and darkness until the lights suddenly flashed back on. The computers and control panel came back online and Ash ran over to them. When the intercom system came back online, Ash shifted the view of the monitors to the main view of the park where he could see all of the people in the park. He spoke loudly and clearly into the speaker that was in front of the intercom.

"Attention all Pokemon Land staff and visitors! This is a warning to evacuate! The control systems that control the park have have went haywire. We believe a virus has affected it. We have lost all control over the parks mechanized attractions! This includes the giant Poke'Bots that roam the park! They are malfunctioning and starting to attack the park itself! Evacuate now! I repeat! EVACUATE NOW!"

When he was done Ash stepped back and stared in satisfaction as the entire park went into a mass panic. Every single monitor was filled the with the sights of fleeing patrons and staff as they ran for the main gates of the park.

Just as the last few people had finally made it through the gates, the giant mechs came back to life. With the new commands implanted into their hard drives the robo Pokemon broke free of the tracks that confined them and began rampaging through the park.

Ash got an excited look on his face and raised his hands in front of him in anticipation. "And here... We... Go!" At that very moment, the destruction began.

Every single structure the giant mecha Pokemon came across was either smashed under their massive weight or blasted away with one of the attacks that they had built into them. Ash watched with a smug look on his face as every monitor he was staring at showed the sight of Pokemon Land being destroyed by the very machines that made it so successful in the first place.

The mechanical versions of the Legendary Birds Zapdos and Moltres flew around the park, burning and electrocuting everything that was in their path. Venasuar, Charizard and Blastoise were currently smashing their way through the heart of Pokemon Land, destroying everything from small shops to large roller coasters along with the other giant mecha Pokemon Pikachu, Kabutops and Rhydon.

Ash grinned even wider when he saw several Rocket Grunts run out into the park from the very building they were in now, trying in vain to stop the destruction that was taking place.

Ash finally turned away from the monitors and turned to his friends and his Pokemon. He thanked Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur for keeping watch over the Grunts and then returned them. He then addressed Brock. "Help me grab these two Grunts Brock." He asked his friend.

Brock nodded and then went over to the unconscious Rockets with Ash. "Let's take them outside for phase two of the plan. The building is probably empty of Grunts now so we should be able to walk out unseen through the front door. Most of Pokemon Land is probably destroyed by now and that means it's time for Dragonite's part. Even though I don't like them, I still don't want these Grunts in this building when Dragonite destroys it.

He paused for a second and looked back at the monitors that were still showing the utter chaos happening in the park at that very moment. "If I want Pokemon Land totally destroyed then Dragonite has to destroy this place as well so that unfinished mecha the've been working on downstairs never get's completed. If everything here is destroyed then Team Rocket won't decide to rebuild, which will really hurt their organization."

"That make sense Ash." Brock said as he reached down and grabbed one of the Grunts by the arms while Ash grabbed the other. They dragged them out the door and then began walking through the hallway, heading for the door.

After they made it outside they dumped the Grunts on the ground a few yards away from the building and took off running out through the hole in the fence that they had came through earlier. Once they had made it back into the forest, out of the way of the chaos that was ensuing, Ash pulled a Pokeball from his belt. "Dragonite I need your assistance!" He shouted.

The TRUE Giant Pokemon appeared in a burst of light and towered over the trees as she called out loudly. "DRAGOOOO!"

Ash looked around and wasn't surprised to see that none of the Grunts had noticed Dragonite come from her Pokeball. They were all much to preoccupied with the mechanical Pokemon that were wreaking havoc everywhere.

Ash called up to his Pokemon. "Dragonite! Do you see all of those giant Pokemon that's destroying everything right now?!" He shouted.

Dragonite looked out over the landscape and saw the mecha Pokemon scattered around, destroying everything they saw. She also saw the many Rocket Grunts running around on the ground, trying to stop them. Her eyes narrowed when she saw them and a low growl erupted from her throat.

Ash waved his hands up at Dragonite to get her attention. When she looked down at him he shouted. "I know your upset at seeing Team Rocket Dragonite but I need you to ignore them for now okay?! I need you to destroy those Pokemon you see!"

When he saw the confused look on Dragonite's face he explained. "Their not real Pokemon! Their machines that Team Rocket built! Can you destroy them for us and then destroy that building there when you done?!" He asked, pointing from the mecha Pokemon to the main control building.

Dragonite nodded her head eagerly when she heard that what she would be destroying was property of Team Rocket. Ash grinned. "Then Dragonite... Smash!"

Dragonite smiled viciously. Gone was the kind and sweet gentle giant. Now a Pokemon of unimaginable power and size that was absolutely pissed at Team Rocket, stood in her place.

She beat her wings powerfully and then took to the air. She bolted toward the action at much faster speed than a Pokemon of her size should be able. Ash's training for her really was working wonders.

She met with her first victim almost immediately, the mecha Blastoise. She rushed into it, knocking the machine down to the ground. With a powerful jerk of her arms she ripped the head off of the mech and then turned and faced the Charizard mech.

Seeing her as a target and enemie, the mech opened it's mouth and fired a stream of hot flames at Dragonite. Still holding the head of the Blastoise mech, she threw it as hard as she could and it soared straight through the flames. Dragonite jumped in the air and avoided the false Flamethrower headed for her.

The head of the robo Blastoise struck the Charizard in the face and knocked the covering off of it's face, exposing machine parts beneath the surface. Dragonite suddenly appeared from up in the sky and came crashing down on top of Charizard. She grabbed it's wings and pulled hard, ripping them off. She then raised both fists high into the air and brought them down on the machines back with a loud bellow of "DRAGOO!"

After her fists had impacted with the machines back and destroyed it she turned around and was blasted by a Solarbeam. She skidded back in the ground and dug herself into the earth. She looked up at the source of the attack, saw the mecha Venusaur in front of her and growled loudly.

She reached down and grabbed a large steel beam that was laying on the ground where the Ferris Wheel once was. She took off running at Venasaur. It fired off several Razor Leaves at her but she started twirling the steel beam in a circle. The leaves hit the spinning beam and were all stopped in their tracks. As Dragonite drew closer, mecha Venusaur tried to hit her with Vine Whip. She stopped running and dropped her beam to the ground. When the vines reach her she grabbed ahold of them both, one in each hand and held them in place. She fell to her back and pulled back on the vines hard. Venasaur flew forward towards Dragonite and right as it passed over top of her she threw her legs up into it. She then flipped them around in midair and landed on it's back. She grabbed the loose vines now hanging by Venasaur'a side and wrapped them around it's neck. She stood up and tightened her grip on them.

She began spinning around in a circle and lifted Venasaur off the ground. She continued spinning the mech Pokemon around and when she saw robo Moltres flying towards her from high in the sky, she finally released Venasaur and sent it hurdling towards Moltres. The false Fire and Grass-Type machines collided together and made an explosion in the air. The now mangled and destroyed machines came plummeting out of the air in a flaming ball of metal. They were right over top of the mecha Rhydon and crashed down on top of it, driving the other machine into the ground and causing another explosion that rocked the earth. When the smoke cleared, all three mecha Pokemon were destroyed.

Dragonite reached down and grabbed the steel beam again. She turned her head and saw the mecha Pikachu and Kabutops looking at her. One in front of the other. She tilted her head and gave them a hard glare. Being machines, they just stared back and then prepared to attack her. She tossed the steel beam in the air and then caught it in her hand. She twirled it quickly before stepping forward slightly and throwing the beam hard. It sailed like a javelin and hit Kabutops directly in the abdomen. It impaled the machine and then came out the other side and impaled the mecha Pikachu, also coming out the other side.

While both machines stumbled around Dragonite jumped and flew in the air towards them. She landed right on top of the beam that was connecting both machines together and pressed down hard, splitting them down the middle like they were butter. She grabbed ahold of the beam and yanked it from them in one fluid motion. As they fell to the ground she dropped the beam and grabbed ahold of them before they could hit the ground.

She looked up into the sky and saw the final mecha, Zapdos, flying towards her. She crouched down and glared up at the flying machine. Keeping a tight hold on both mecha's in her hands, she jumped high into the air and chucked them at Zapdos. The machine swerved right and left, avoiding the large projectiles, and kept coming towards Dragonite.

She spun around in midair and brought her tail around in a powerful Dragon Tail. Right as Zapdos reached her she hit it hard in the face with Dragon Tail, knocking it's head off and sending the machine rocketing towards the main control building. It hit with an earth shattering 'BOOM!' And caused a massive explosion.

When the smoke cleared sometime later it revealed both Zapdos and the building to be utterly destroyed. Dragonite turned around and took in all of the destroyed mech Pokemon with satisfaction before looking down at all of the Rocket Grunts that were staring up at here in fear.

She released a loud bellow. "DRAGOOO!"

Dragonite stomped her foot on the ground hard and caused a tremor that knocked several of the Grunts off their feet. The Rockets all turned around and took off running in terror, out of the ruined and utterly destroyed amusement park and away from the furious Dragonite that looked like she could kill them all any second if they stuck around in any longer.

After they had disappeared into the forest, away from the annihilated park, Dragonite smirked to herself. She would not have actually hurt those pathetic excuses for humans since Ash had told her to leave them alone but still... It felt good to scare them. They deserved it in her opinion.

She lumbered back over to where Ash and his friends were. They were now standing out in the open area where the main control is... Or was. It was now just rubble and Ash was sitting on one of the large pieces of concrete that had been scattered across the field. He had a wide grin on his face and when Dragonite came into the clearing Ash called up to her. "That was an amazing job Dragonite! Those mechs didn't know what em!"

Dragonite smiled happily at her Trainer's praise and cooed out happily. "Dragoo!"

Giselle walked up and put her hand on Dragonite's foot. "Ash was right Dragonite! Watching you fight those mechs was amazing to watch!" She said sweetly to the Dragon Pokemon.

When Dragonite saw who was touching and talking to her she smiled brightly. "Droo Droo Dragoo!" She cooed to the girl.

Brock and Misty just stayed back and smiled at the scene. They were also very impressed but they knew that Dragonite preferred Giselle over either of them, so they just kept their distance. They knew that she would never hurt them, Ash had trained her too well for that, but they still didn't want to get too close to her.

"Pikachu! Pika Pika Pikachu Pi!" Pikachu called up to Dragonite, congratulating her.

After he finished praising his Pokemon, Ash returned Dragonite and then turned to his friends. "Well guys... That's it. I really wanted to say thank you for helping me through this and standing by me... It really means a lot." He said sincerely.

Brock smiled and waved off his friends words. "Ash we're your friends. That means we'll follow you down through whatever you do."

"No matter how crazy and dangerous it may be!" Misty teased him with a smile.

Giselle came up to Ash and grabbed his hand gently and held it close to her. "I'll stand by you no matter how many evil organizations you make enemies with." She said looking into his eyes with a smile.

Ash laughed out loud and scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "Well that's good Giselle because after today I think Team Rocket's gonna be after my head. If not now then definitely after I take down their base in Celadon and they find out that I really didn't die when the St. Anne wen down. " He said this with complete seriousness and had a look of worry on his face. "I don't want you guys getting hurt..."

Giselle placed her hand on his cheek and looked into his eyes. "Everybody has to make sacrifices and put themselves in danger for the greater good Ash. If this is what it takes to bring Team Rocket down then we'll stand by you through whatever happens. I promise I will. Besides..." Giselle's face turned into one of excitement and playfulness. "I'm dying to see what the Kanto region says when a group of 'kids' brings down a powerful criminal organization like Team Rocket!"

Ash laughed again. "Well I'm glad all of this excites you!" He said with a smile.

Giselle smiled warmly back at him and Ash found himself lost in her eyes again. They looked at each other and both were wishing they could show their affection for one another so badly. But they knew they couldn't with Brock and Misty standing right there.

Brock suddenly coughed and the two stopped staring at one another. They looked away with light blushes on their faces and then Misty asked something that shocked both of them. "Ash, Giselle... What's really going on between you two?" She asked hesitantly but firmly.

Brock chimed in. "Yeah guys we're not stupid. We know that something is going on between you two and it's easy to tell that you have strong feelings for each other."

Ash and Giselle blushed madly and Giselle began stuttering. "W-what d-do y-you m-mean?!" She squeaked.

Misty sighed agitatedly. "Ohh come on Giselle! Anyone with eyes and a brain can see you that you like Ash! And the same goes for you Ash!" She said pointing at him.

Brock interjected more calmly. "Look guys it's just... We're your friends and if something is going on between you two then we want you to feel comfortable telling us about it. We don't want you feeling like you have to hide wanting to be together or even being together now if you already are."

Ash and Giselle looked at each other and then back at Brock and Misty. He sighed. "Your right guys and I'm sorry. The truth is... Giselle and I kissed back on the Anne for the first time and ever since we..." He looked at Giselle and took her hand in his, intertwining their fingers. He looked at her with pure adoration on his face and she returned his look with just as much affection. "We've wanted to be together but... We were worried about how you guys would react to it."

Brock nodded and then spoke. "I can understand that Ash. You were worried that we wouldn't accept it." He walked up and placed his hand on Ash's shoulder. "If you and Giselle want to be together Ash then you have my support."

Ash and Giselle smiled at Brock. "Thanks Brock." They both said together.

Misty walked up and stood in front of Giselle. "Promise to take care of him Giselle and you have my okay." She said with a hint of sadness in her voice and in her eyes.

Giselle nodded and gave Misty a quick hug. "I promise Misty. I'll always be here for Ash just like I'll be here for you two. Your my friends." She said with a smile.

Misty gave a small in return and then looked at Ash sadly for a moment before looking away again. Ash decided to break the silence in the air. "Well guys, what do you say about heading out for Porta Vista and taking a little vacation after all this stuff with Team Rocket?" He suggested.

"That's sounds great!" Giselle said as she tightened her grip on his hand.

"Ohhh that would be amazing!" Misty said with stars in her eyes.

"Pika!" Pikachu said excitedly.

Brock nodded and pulled out his map. "Sounds good to me Ash! And it looks like Porte Vista is only about two days journey from where we are now."

Ash smiled. "Then lead the way Brock-O! Let's head to Porte Vista!"

The friends cheered and then Brock lead the way out of the ruined amusement park and towards the main road that was only a short ways away from where they were currently.

As Ash and Giselle brought up the rear, walking side by side down the road that was still close to the coast where they could actually see the ocean to their left side. Ash reached out to slip his hand into Giselle's and she eagerly complied, letting him pull her close to him as they walked. "Well... I guess there's nothing stopping us from being together now Giselle." Ash said as he looked at her.

Giselle looked back at him and smiled as well. "I guess there's not is there?"

Ash fiddled with their intertwined fingers a little bit and then said. "You know Giselle... I know we're young and we haven't known each other for a long time so... If you don't want us to be together then I would understand and we could be just friends if you-"

He was stopped from his rambling when Giselle suddenly halted and pulled Ash towards her. She locked her lips with his and kissed him hotly. He eagerly complied and kissed her right back, pulling her as close to him as he could.

They broke off the kiss and she looked him in the eyes intently. "Ash Ketchum! We just received permission from our friends, which was the only thing keeping us apart, too become a couple! Now dammit! Pluck up that courage you use for everything else and have fought Team Rocket with and ask me to be your girlfriend already!"

She placed her hands on her hips and took a pose that Ash found to be both very cute and incredibly attractive. He grinned goofily and bowed jokingly to her. "Ohh my sweet and fair Giselle! Would you do me the honor of entering into a relationship with me? I can promise that it will be filled with romance, adventure, laughs and on occasion a slight hint of danger and strange Pokemon."

Giselle giggled and pulled him up to face her. "Let's make a limit on the danger and and an increase on the romance and you have yourself a deal mister." She said with a teasing glint in her eyes.

Ash chuckled and pulled her close to him. "You my dear... Have yourself a deal." He pulled her back in and they kissed again. They took their time and held onto each other tenderly as their lips continued to glide across the others in an elegant dance of affection.

They pulled apart a short time later and rested their foreheads against one another. Brock suddenly called out to them. "Hey lovebirds ya coming?!"

"Yeah we're going to Porte Vista how about you?!" Misty shouted back to them as well.

Ash and Giselle parted from each other and laughed. "Coming guys!" They said together. Ash tightened his grip on Giselle's hand and then they took off running after their friends, anxious to reach Porte Vista and have a relaxing vacation.


A Rocket Grunt walked nervously down a long, dark hallway until he came to a door that was guarded by two other Grunts. He sputtered for permission to enter and they let him pass.

He entered into a dark office that had no light anywhere. Sitting in a chair behind a desk, with a Persian sitting by his side, was a man draped in the shadows of the office. He had his fingers crossed and was staring intently at the Grunt, who seemed to shrink under his gaze.

The man spoke in a low and smooth voice. "I have been expecting someone from the St. Anne operation to report to me on the status of the mission. I expected one of the Commanders to give me the details on the operation, but I guess they had better things to do than give a status report on a mission of such importance to their leader."

He leaned back in his chair. "So... Speak!"

The Grunt visibly jumped at the shadowed man's command and began sputtering. "Y-yes sir! Y-you see... W-we didn't... It's j-just... I-I..."

"Stop stuttering and speak clearly you imbecile!" The man growled out.

The Grunt jumped again but immediately started speaking clearly. "Sir! I'm sorry to inform but the St. Anne operation was... It was a..." He stopped and gulped.

"Yes?! Go on!" The man ordered. Losing his patience.

The man breathed in deeply and then exhaled before continuing. "Sir... The St. Anne operation was a failure. Are team was forced to retreat."

The man leaned forward and pounded his fists into the table. "What?! How is that possible?!" He shouted.

The Grunt jumped in the air but didn't dare start stuttering again. "Apologies sir! We had no choice in the matter. Our forces were overcome by a boy who rallied the rest of the Trainers on the ship together and beat us back. After he defeated Commander Alania in battle she and Commander Zetson fell apart. Commander Rykon ordered us to retreat and we did. Unfortunately, the boy somehow disabled the choppers we used to get on the ship. We were forced to leave on one of the the sea to air hovercrafts that we had waiting in the wings for back-up."

The man breathed heavily from his seat. "So you mean to tell me... That a child was able to defeat the entire squad of Grunts I sent for that operation and one of the Commanders?! How?!" He demanded.

The Grunt shook his head. "He was a very skilled Pokemon Trainer sir and he had very strong Pokemon with him. We were just no match for him..."

The man continued breathing heavily and the Grunt began fearing for his life. "If it helps sir, we hit the ship with missiles from the hovercraft. The Anne has been confirmed as sunk by the news stations. Undoubtedly the boy and his troublemaking friends are dead sir. We won't have to worry about him anymore."

Before the angered man could say anything further the door to the office burst open and another Grunt came running in. "Giovanni sir!" He shouted as he came to a stop.

The man who was revealed to be Giovanni shot up from his chair. "What do you think your doing bursting into my office Grunt?! You had better have a good reason for your intrusion or else! I'm not in the best of moods!"

The Grunt gulped and hesitated before blurting out. "Pokemon Land has been destroyed sir!"

Giovanni slammed his fist down on the desk again, hard enough to leave knuckle prints. "DESTROYED! WHAT DO YOU MEAN DESTROYED?!

The Grunts cringed in fear. "Sir... Something went wrong with the control system of the park. The mecha Pokemon went haywire and destroyed the entire park. Some new mecha Pokemon that was still under construction was activated during the rampage and then destroyed the other mecha Pokemon!"

Giovanni walked over to the closed window of his office and stared out through the closed blinds. "Leave me!" He shouted.

The Grunts were gone as soon as the last word left his mouth. He continued staring out the slight crack of the blinds and had one thought pass through his mind. 'The cloning project Dr. Zager is working on and the Silph operation cannot fail! The St. Anne operation not succeeding and Pokemon Land being destroyed were definitely unforeseen complications. Half of our smuggling operation has been lost along with it! It's all on the Game Corner in Celadon now. There can be no more problems with this organization. Luckily that... Boy is out of the way now. Ohh well... Once we succeed with the Silph operation and Dr. Zager finishes his cloning project, Team Rocket will be unstoppable! The world will be ours! These misfortunes are mere bumps in the road. Everything else from here on out should be smooth sailing if the commanders get their act together! With that boy dead, I feel are problems are now past. '

Giovanni continued to stare out the blinds of the window. Foolishly thinking that most likely, the worst of their problems were over. If only he knew...

(End Chapter Seven)

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