As promised (on Tumblr) anew, multi- chap Charloe story. Now, it is new, and a little recycled, as I am taking some scenes from some one-shots I wrote that inspired a longer work.

This takes place after New Vegas, and Charlie saving the Monroes, and just before Dreamcatcher AU epi. This will be follow canon loosely, before a swift departure. In this Dreamcatcher, Aaron is not the only one who experiences the dream, and it is not only one day, but an AU world - if the blackout had never happened.

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I am writing this to have some kind of record of exactly how and why my life changed, and to have a way to understand everything that comes next.

A Rosetta stone, that will translate every tear, every cry and every lash to the heart, through which lens, the world, and everything in it, can finally be understood.

This is not a story about love, or redemption, it has no such neat meaning as that. Redemption and love are not difficult to understand, they are stripes of yellow against a blue sky of crayon.

No, this is not such a story. This is a story hidden in a forgotten book, languishing in a locked library, in a ghost town, with illegible script and missing pages.

It is a story of obsession and vengeance. A story of things lost, perhaps never to be found.

It is the story of my life, as I now remember it, as unreliable as that testimony may be, it is the best I can do, and it is all I have left.

I don't know how it came to this, how I ended up being the final stroke to a life's masterpiece of loss and violence, vengeance and regret. But I did.


Charlie Matheson to everyone, and Charlotte to one.