The Hogwarts dining hall was filled to the brim, not only with people but with sounds. Everywhere students sat at the tables of their particular houses, quietly, or not so quietly, murmuring about their summer breaks, recent news and most of all, the potential recruits of this year. The teachers sat up above, chatting amongst themselves, occasionally glancing down at the students below most often the first years who were, for the most part, huddled at their table like scared little rabbits. It was Only minutes ago that they had tentatively filed in, filled with amazement and wonder at the sight of the grand hall, the room had been bursting at the seams with applause with the song of the sorting hat but now it had fallen deathly silent. Each and every student knew that where they were placed today would determine their careers here at Hogwarts and perhaps even the rest of their lives. Soon a woman entered from the hallway to stand before the stool and classic wizards hat that was the focus point of most of the conversations in the hall.

"Welcome new students! My name is minerva McGonagoll and i am the deputy headmistress here at Hogwarts. Please come forward as i call your name to be separated into whichever of the four houses will become your home away from home." The stern looking woman said, voice echoing throughout the hall

"Abbott, hanna" she called, watching as a blond, pink cheeked girl almost tripped over her own feet as she made her way the the front of the room.

"HUFFLEPUFF!" Grinning brightly the girl trotted over to her assigned table, greeted by laughter, several hugs, and in rarer cases a slightly more impersonal, but no less enthusiastic, handshake.

"Granger, hermione"

"RAVENCLAW!" Blushing shyly the wild haired girl made her way over to the table. Over the next few minutes most other children were assigned to their new houses. Most notably was a draco malfoy, now assigned to slytherin, and Ronald weasley who now sat at the griffindor table, each glaring holes at each other from across the room. Finally it was nearly over, only one of the children left to be called.

"Potter, harry" A chatter went throughout the room, each person recognizing his name and looking in vain to see who would stand up. McGonagoll frowned.

"Harry potter?" She called out, only to receive no answer. Moving to put away the sorting hat, minerva flinched as the large double doors slammed open with a huge crack, sending a gust of wind throughout the room, and halting any noise or movement in its tracks and revealing a black clothed figure. Striding forward with arrogant, purposeful steps, cloak trailing behind him, somehow vaguely looking as if it were large black bat wings snapping dramatically behind the stranger and not any common cloth. Coming to a halt in front of the deputy headmistress harry sneered.

"I would appreciate to be called Hadrian potter- snape if that is at all possible " he said in a voice that clearly questioned her intelligence. Startled by the dramaticisim of the entrance, and trying to remember just where she had seen those same mocking eyes and unflinching scowl which communicated a strangely familiar utter contempt for the world and everyone on it, she motioned towards the chair. She continued to ponder this as the boy sat stiffly on the stool and grudgingly lowered the hat onto his hat as if he would somehow catch a disease should it touch any part of his body.

'Lets see...' The hat thought, weighing up all of the various downfalls and virtues, which were few and far between in the young man 'Not a team player, that definitely leaves out hufflepuff. You're definately smart but at the same time you have a purpose rather than simply seeking knowledge for the sake of having it... You're definitely cunning enough for slytherin but i'm going to have to go with...'


"STOP!" The snape heir cut off the sorting hat with a vicious cut of his hand. No one said a word.

"I forbid this!" The boy snapped, pulling off the hat and slapping it back onto the stool as he stood.

"What?" The sorting hat was stunned

"I might have adapted to hufflepuff. I could have been content with ravenclaw. But you dare, YOU DARE TO TRY TO CONDEMN ME TO A HOUSE KNOWN ONLY FOR THE SERIES OF UTTER IMBECILES THAT HAVE EXITED ITS WALLS?!"

"But.." The hat couldn't get a word in edgewise

"I do not care in the least whether or not you belonged to godric griffindor, so help me if you DARE put me in any house other than slytherin i will take you down into my potions lab and tie-die you into an inch of your life! Are we clear?! Harrison hissed, looming threateningly over the sorting hat.

"Harry potter goes to slytherin" the hat squeaked

"What was that?" Harrison growled, staring daggers into the enchanted garment

"I-i m-mean Hadrian Potter-Snape to slytherin" it called somewhat more loudly, voice cracking uncomfortably

"Thats better" harrison said, stalking in the direction of the slytherin table with one last look of utter contempt. Everyone was frozen in disbelief. This first year student had just humiliated one of the single most ancient magical artifacts in the history of the school in less than 5 minutes. For the first time in years, people sympathized with slytherin. Harrison sat at his forcefully assigned table, taking no heed as to how his fellow house members were carefully edging away from him, and impatiently gestured for them to continue as if nothing had happened.

"Carry on." The hall remained frozen and into the silence Severus Snape smirked, speaking with all of the pride of a mother who had just seen her child take his first steps.

"That's my son"

Flitwick spittaked.