Author Notes: Thanks to my Beta-reader EmoPokemon, whom without her I am sure that my passage would be much more messier then what you are reading now. Thanks to other writer such as Requ, although I don't know you personally, but your story of "A Formal Arrangement" was rather inspiring, especially on lapels, suits and riding breeches.

The platinum blonde stood before a full-sized mirror eyeing herself, checking for any crease or crinkle on her suit. "Rule number one: Always make yourself presentable and neat when meeting your client." Smoothing out a little disturbance at the lapels of her handsome tuxedo, she then began to check the rest of her attire, lifting her hair to check the collars and giving a last-minute check on her carefully polished black leathered shoes. Satisfied with the results she continued to wait for the meeting between her and the new client. "My first client." She stressed to herself. "Make everything perfect, as this is the moment you have been training for." And within moments a the clear familiar voice of her teacher came from behind the door "Candidate number seven, you shall now proceed to the great hall for the meeting with your client." Referring to the number on her door, favor ism are not allowed at times like these, "Even though I am his best student." Thought the girl proudly "Rule number two: Do not show emotion when you are attending to your job, conceal them with the best of your abilities."

Seeing that she had stepped outside her door, her teacher immediately announced "My name is Hans Ender and I shall act as your guide, please follow me." With that her teacher turned on his heels and the impassive teen begun to follow suit, her shoes clicking lightly against the bare ground. This gigantic manor is her school and her home, the place where she had learn all the things she had need to know because this is a school, not for any normal students, but for people who'll become Butlers, trained to serve and work under families of powers, with the ability to tend to their each and every single need. Passing through the library where others like her are relentlessly keeping up with their work, the pair reached the looming entrance of the great hall. On the very top of the door wrote a sentence, signed by the principle she stating, " A good butler can only be a slave. A brilliant butler can be a servant, friend and master. A perfect butler can be something much, much more." The girl had always admired the Principle, she possesses an air of authority, with a certain iciness to her, bet yet not without kindness and care.

The girl had met her during the first day, not only had she helped the blonde merge into the new surrounding, she had also comforted her on the loss of her family and ever since, the blonde girl had vowed to become someone just like the principle, a perfect butler and compassionate teacher. Pulling on her gloves, and taking a rather deep breath, she reminding herself "Conceal, don't feel." She stepped through the doorway without looking and took a deep bow at the slim figure sitting at the desk, " Good evening ma'am, my name is Elsa Frost."

Anna had been sitting the table doing nothing for the past few minutes, so far six butlers had been presented to her and she had turned all of them down. "It's not like I actually need anyone to take care of me, I have been doing fine for the last 16 years without any help." She grumbled to herself. It had only been three days since her father sent her a message stating that she should get a butler and how he booked an interviewing session for her at this manor.

The news of this had caused her to throw a gigantic tantrum, which would have been great if there was actually an audience (apart from some servants that she never interact with.) She'd whined all the way from her home to the destination, knowing that her father would be rather angry if she disobeyed. She'd decided to turn down every butler she would meet, not only does this allow her to keep her own freedom of having the occasional party at her house and her father won't even know about that.

But when the seventh butler went into the room, she wasn't so sure about her own plan anymore. The arriving butler had to have the most gorgeous looks she had ever seen. The girl's pale complexion contrasted greatly against her icy blue eyes, her platinum blonde hair had been tied back in a bun, and her body was clearly outlined by the suave suit she was wearing.

"Damn, she's wearing a suit, she's just so adorable and handsome at the same time it's probably illegal." Anna ogled at the butler's cheekbone wondering what it would be like to press her face into that inviting neck of hers and just nuzzle or maybe have little bite on that perfect complexion of hers. The girl took a bow and introduced herself as Elsa Frost.

"Elsa, Elsa, Elsa, that is probably the sexiest name I've ever heard in my entire life, and for such a sexy person too." It was common knowledge among her friends that Anna did have a rather unique proclivity on crushes, since they did had some wild parties over the past. Let's just say it involved a lot of wine, several friends and games of "never have I ever".

"Her hair is just so tidy, it'll probably be great fun to mess it up. Tangle it around my finger, and do all sorts of inappropriate things to it." Thought Anna dreamily, her eyes clearly travelling up and down the blonde's body. Just looking at Elsa had caused Anna to develop a warm fuzzy feeling inside her heart; it had the similar feeling to be lightly drunk. "I think I've just fallen in love." thought Anna giddily. At first glance she immediately loved Elsa's serious demeanor and all the teasing which she would be able to enjoy and as Elsa introduced herself, Anna noticed much more about her, under the icy cold surface lays an innocent, fun-loving personality, "I'll break open that layer of ice even if it's the last thing I do. We could be best of friend or maybe something… even more." Grinning at her own suggestive thought she continued listening to the speech of Elsa Frost with extra attention.

Meanwhile Elsa continued to introduced herself stating all the different things she had learnt in the past, including housekeeping, martial arts, fashion and designs and a Master degree in cooking of gourmet and desserts. The moment Elsa mentioned desserts Anna immediately forgot about her mission of not-getting-a-butler and blurt out " Do you know how to make a chocolate decadence cake?" surprised at her own outburst, the teal eyed girl begun to blush furiously and continued in a smaller voice "I really do love chocolate desserts."
Elsa stared at the copper haired teen, there was something about her voice that's different from other people of similar status, their voice usually contains a fair amount of pride and arrogance and those are the things she had learnt to tolerate and bare with during one of her training. In this girl "Miss. Arendelle" she corrected herself glancing at the naming pin she is wearing, she hear little or almost none of those nasty attitude that would annoy her. Instead in their place was a voice gleaming of adventure and fun, it had woven itself into her being just as silk into clothes, those personality shone from every pore of Miss. Arendelle's body. Elsa found herself being mesmerized by Miss. Arendelle's copper locks, her teal eyes and her delicious toned legs, the chemise she was wearing revealed her bare shoulder, showing smooth, lightly freckled skins. "Her legs are rather alluring, if only I could just squeeze them a little or lie on them for a nap. Wait, what? No, no, no, no, you are in way over your heads here Elsa, concentrate and stop thinking about your clients like that. Conceal, Don't feel." She quickly reminded herself, however looking at Anna had caused a feeling the she haven't felt in a long time to erupt from her heart, that feeling reminds her of home and family, friends and companions, of Love. That feeling had made her heart throb continuously; she began to feel rather light-headed

Smiling about Miss. Arendelle's remark on desserts Elsa answered "Yes, I have had a lot of practice making chocolate desserts, including chocolate decadence cakes, however that would only be one of the many that I would be able to make, I have master the art of making an assortment of "Satiny chocolate glaze", The classical "Chocolate chip cookies", "White chocolate pound cakes", "raw chocolate pudding and basically almost any chocolate dessert you'll be able to find, after all I do like chocolate myself." She ended shyly. Her statement earned herself a large excited squeal from Miss. Arendelle

"Can I please just sign the contact first before you continue?" begged Miss. Arendelle hurriedly as if the butler would vanish the moment she finishes her introduction. "I just want to get that out of my mind for now." Her eyes widen with desperation and anxiety.

Elsa's heart begun to melt at the sight of those puppy eyes, her defense begun to crumple down and although this have never been tried before Elsa weakly replied, "If you want to, then I suppose I'll have to comply won't I?" she took out her contract and placed it on the table, Miss. Arendelle took the contract without any hesitation, ticked all the boxes without reading them and signed her name.

Anna grinned up at the slightly shocked and confused butler and said in a sultry tone "Now you are mine, snowflake."