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-Earlier as dusk on the day before departing was coming-


Luffy's eyes practically shone like the stars in the sky as he stared at the gondola before him. Specifically, the big bull headed gondola that he'd be wanting to ride when he first saw it.

"Huh. So that's the really cool gondola he was talking about earlier?" Johnny asked while Yosaku took a drag from his cigarette.

"Well, it looks more intimidating than the rest." Gin shrugged.

"I think he only wants to ride it because it's the biggest one here." Valerie sighed with a smile.

"Annnd...done. Okay, I'm going back to the party." Grace stated after finishing her painting of the gondola.

"We get to ride it?!" he asked joyously.

"That's what the owner said." Conis explained with a smile as she watched Luffy bounce around on the gondola with child-like glee. "It's to thank you for saving everyone from Enel. They said you can use it for as long as you wish."

"WAHOO! I'M TAKING IT OUT FOR A RIDE NOW!" Luffy yelled as he got up to the helm and...

"Is it weird that I'm not surprised that I saw something like that coming?" Gin snickered in barely contained amusement as he stared at the gondola, which was now floating upside-down, a laughing Johnny and Yosaku stomping on Luffy's bloated stomach after fishing him out of the clouds.

"KYAHAHAHAHA! I WISH I HAD ONE OF THOSE VISION DIALS!" Valerie cackled from where she was pounding the ground alongside Su, tears of laughter running down their faces.

"Actually, I may stay just to try and paint that if it happens again." Grace chuckled halfway through packing up her painting.

"Are you alright?" Conis asked in worry before Luffy roared and got to his feet.

"GRRAAAAHHH! STUPID GONDOLA! STAY UPRIGHT AND LET ME RIDE!" he yelled as he stretched out, flipped the gondola over, and jumped aboard.

"3." Gin started.

"2." Yosaku grinned.

"1." Valerie snickered.



"Yeah. I'm staying." Grace grinned as Johnny and Yosaku dove back in, leaving the rest to either laugh at Luffy's hilarious misfortune or to worry about him.

"PWAH! Thanks." Luffy said with a grin before roaring as he flipped the gondola upright again. "This time for sure!"


Luffy, and those restraining him from jumping back out there, turned to see Conis raising her hand.

"If you'd like, I could steer it for you." she offered with a smile.

"Really?! Awesome!" Luffy whooped as he got free from the others restraining him and jumping back onto the gondola. "Come on! Let's go! Hurry hurry hurry!"

"Calm down, Luffy." Valerie laughed as Conis boarded the gondola, Su safely in her arms. "Besides, what are you going to do anyway?"

"Just a few times around the island!" Luffy grinned.

"That's it? Just you two-"


"Sorry." Gin apologized half-heartedly with a wave of his hand. "Three of you. I mean, what about the party back on the island?"

"We'll be back. But I wanna ride this before we leave!" Luffy said before turning to Conis. "Let's go!"

"Right." Conis nodded as she revved up the engines and slowly sailed down away towards the White-White Sea.

"Well, there they go." Johnny hummed as they watched them go. His neutral looked faded into a throughtful frown. "Still don't see what the big deal is."

"If it was anyone else, I'd think they were trying to get some alone time." Yosaku said aloud. The two ex-bounty hunters let that hang in the air for a moment...

"HAHAHAHA! YEAH RIGHT!" the two of them roared with laughter as they began supporting each other as they stumbled off to go join the party.

"I'd paint that, but the mere thought makes me uneasy." Grace mumbled as she jumped onto Gin's back, making the tired looking man fumble around a bit in surprise.

"Why are you on my back?" he snapped.

"Piggyback. Take me back to the party." she ordered. "And I will use this if I have to." she stated as she held her paintbrush in front of his face. "Remember the last time I used this on you?"

The cold sweat forming on Gin's brow said all as he silently began following Johnny and Yosaku, leaving the chocolatier by herself. The smiling chocolatier that was watching the gondola in the distance.

"All alone, huh?" she mused as a mischievous glint came to her eyes. "Idea~"


Luffy was ecstatic to finally be riding the gondola...for all of five minutes.

"This thing is soooo slooooow!" he whined as he hung from the side. "Can't this go any faster?"

"I'm sorry, but this is top speed." Conis apologized as she pushed the engines to top speed, though that hardly made a difference. "This type of gondola is meant for relaxing in, so it was designed for slower speeds."

"Is that why it has a couch?" Luffy asked while looking over his shoulder at the piece of cloud furniture in question.

"Indeed." Conis nodded at him before looking at the large glow that was the party coming from Upper Yard, a wistful smile on her lips. "It's still strange."

"What is?" Luffy wondered aloud as he watched the glow as well.

"Being free." she sighed, a look of peace coming across her features. "From Enel. From this war. From all this hatred between us and the Shandians. It's like...a massive weight's been lifted from our shoulders." A few tears began to slip from her eyes before she rubbed them away and turned her smile to him. "And it's all thanks to you and your friends. Thank you!"

"Shishishishi! You don't need to thank us. It's what friends do." Luffy laughed. Conis couldn't help but giggle as she stared back out at Upper Yard, her smile slowly turning into a sad one.

"It's a shame that you have to leave so soon." she said.

"Yeah. It would be awesome to stay a little longer, but my crew and I have more adventures to go on." Luffy replied, his mind going to all that awaited after they dropped out of the clouds. The adventures to be had, the people to meet, the good...and the bad. "And a lot of things to do." he muttered the last part.

"Really? What kind of adventures have you gone on?" Conis asked, her gaze shifting back to him. The rubber-man didn't even try to fight the grin that threatened to split his face.

"Where do I even begin?" he laughed.

-Back at the party-

"So you want me to help you with your new powers?" Vivi whispered to Nojiko. Both women were sitting on the outskirts of the party after Nojiko dragged the princess away.

"Yes. But not up here. It'll cause a panic." Nojiko nodded with a finger to her lips. "I'd rather we leave this place on good terms with it's residents."

"Yeah. That would be nice." Vivi smiled. She opened her mouth to say more...before blinking along with Nojiko after Valerie walked by, whispered a few words to them, and walked off. Another moment passed before they both blushed and looked out towards the direction that Angel Beach was located.

"I'm...gonna sit this one out." Nojiko sighed while lifting up her Seastone pendant. "I don't trust myself enough to not let sparks fly if this falls off."

"I...that is...u-uhm..." Vivi stuttered, her blush growing a few more shades of red as she thought of the opportunity to be with Luffy...but what Valerie just suggested?!

"Vivi." Nojiko spoke up, shaking the princess out of her thoughts. She looked up to see Nojiko holding a bottle of booze before her. "Drink this."

"Wha-? Isn't that one of Mr. Bush-er, Zoro's drinks?" the royal asked in confusion before reading the label more carefully. "Correction. Isn't that one of his harder drinks?"

"Yep." the tangerine lover answered before holding her hand up to stop Vivi's objections. A coy smile came to her face as she opened one of her eyes. "You want in, or not?" Vivi stared at the bottle for a moment, then at the ground for a minute, then back up at the bottle with steel in her eyes as she grabbed the bottle.

-On the gondola-

"And then the rain finally fell." said Luffy as he told a very interested Conis about his second time in Alabasta. Granted, it was edited to exclude any mention of time travel and his knowledge of already knowing what happened, but it was still enough to captivate the angel.

"Woooow!" Conis breathed in awe. "So you and your friends saved Vivi's home of Alabasta?"

"Yeah." Luffy nodded before putting a finger to his lips. "But if any others from the Blue Sea who come up here ask, she's still our hostage." Conis giggled while placing her own finger to her lips.

"The Blue Sea sounds amazing." she sighed from where she sat on the couch, her eyes closed as she imagined what it all looked like. "Giants and dinosaurs. Lands with snow and sand and so much more. And all that you've done wherever you and your friends go? I wish I could see it."

"Su~u!" Su agreed from where she lay next to her owner.

"Really?" Luffy asked before smiling at her. "If you two want to see it, then why not see it with us?"

That got the angel and cloud fox to snap their eyes open and glance up at the rubber-man, whose smile didn't fade in the least.

"You're...inviting us?" she asked in disbelief.

"Su?!" Su yelped in equal disbelief.

"Yeah. The others like you two, and it'd be awesome to travel with more friends!" Luffy grinned as he extended his hand towards them. The two of them could only stare at his hand for a few moments before following his arm back up to his face, a warm smile welcoming them. "So, wanna join my crew?"

For Su, it was a chance to explore different pieces of Vearth that were possibly more expansive than Upper Yard. Shit, it was a chance to explore lands that weren't made of Vearth, if half of Luffy's talk of strange islands were true.

"I'm IN!" Su yelped eagerly in her native tongue before her enthusiasm faded as she rethought her answer. She glanced over at Conis as she said, "Well, only if Conis goes too."

"Su wants to go. What about you?" Luffy asked the angel, his hand still held out.

Conis could only stare at the man who liberated the sky from the tyranny that was Enel. Many thoughts filled her mind in the span of a second, her gaze never leaving the rubber-man. If she left, she'd be leaving a world she'd known her whole life and venture out into exotic new locations that she'd only ever dreamed of. But that would also mean she'd be a pirate with them all. Being a pirate meant she'd have to fight against other pirates or the World Government that Luffy spoke of. A World Government that seemed to be, by Luffy's definition, even worse than Enel.

She was ecstatic. She was hesitant. She...couldn't concentrate on account of the sight of Luffy being illuminated by the moonlight making her heart pound!

"I...don't know." she finally answered as she curled up on the couch. Luffy didn't budge for a few moments before pulling his hand away.

"Well, you have until my crew leaves tomorrow to decide." he said, his smile never leaving. Su, having known when she needed someone there, snuggled up to her owner, earning a ticklish laugh from the angel.

"Thank you, Su." Conis smiled gratefully. Su began to nod before blinking when she noticed the red creeping up Conis' ears. She looked to her owner, then to Luffy, then back to her before the gears in her mind started to work.

'This is...interesting.' the cloud fox thought to herself with a smirk before glancing up at Luffy. "Hey. So what happened after Alabasta?"

-A bit away from the party-

"It's your fault that we were interupted!" Alvida barked at Nami with a glare, which was returned by said Navigator with just as much heat.

"Well, sorry for making sure you two didn't get caught!" Nami snapped right back. "I did a headcount before coming to the Merry and saw Usopp was gone, so I panicked and ran. It was only after I saw Usopp out cold that I knew you two were safe."

"And if he'd seen anything?" Alvida asked, her arms folded across her chest.

"In that fog? You couldn't tell what gender the two shadows in the fog were." Nami countered. Alvida's only response was to turn away in a huff, arms crossed over her chest, and pout before walking away.

...Or would've, if Valerie hadn't floated on by while whispering something to the two of them, freezing both women in place.

"I think...I'm going to pick up where we left off." Alvida grinned.

"Only if he's still got enough energy." Nami chuckled as they began walking towards Angel Beach. "Luffy may have a lot of stamina, but even he has his limits."

"Hrm." Alvida hummed to herself, her fingers cupping her chin for a moment before her eyes widened. Going by how Nami's eyes matched hers, she was thinking the same thing.


"An money lender with an all goat pirate crew. A pirate race ending with a friend becoming living candy. And the Rainbow Mist?!" Conis ticked off on her fingers, her smile starting to hurt her cheeks as she looked back up at Luffy. "And this is all happening in the Blue-Sea bellow us?!"

"Yep!" Luffy answered simply with his trademark D grin. "And they say that it gets wilder the further you get in the Grand Line!" Conis practically had stars shining before her eyes as she trembled in ill-restrained excitement. The more Luffy talked, the more tempting his invitation became.

"It all sounds so amazing! Right, Su?...Su?" Conis blinked at the absense of her cloud fox. "Where'd she go?" the angel asked as she stood up off the couch.

"I think she went to the-" Luffy began before the dial engines suddenly cut off, causing the gondola to jerk to a stop. The sudden lack of motion caused the two of them to stumble for a bit in an attempt to stay standing, but ultimately ended with them landing on the couch...with Conis on top, her face mere inches from Luffy's.

"You okay?" Luffy asked a suddenly blushing Conis before she quickly sat up.

"I-I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!" she ranted in a panic, her arms flailing frantically at her sides. "T-The gondola suddenly stopped, a-and-wagh!" she cried out when the gondola suddenly roared to life, causing her to stumble back onto Luffy.

"Mayby the gondola's dials are broken?" Luffy suggested as the both of them got up. "Still, at least the bed broke our fall."

"Y-Yes!" Conis stuttered in agreement, her blush steadily making it's way to her ears.

"Are you sure you're okay? You're face is getting red." Luffy said in concern as he laid his forehead against hers to check her temperature.

"I-I-I-I'm f-f-fine!" she finally said in a trembling voice, her entire everything unable to comprehend what was happening. 'Too close! Too close! He's so close!' the angel thought as she felt her heart threaten to jump out of her chest with how hard it was beating. 'Su! Where are you?! Help!'

'Come on, already!' Su thought with a sigh as she let her foot of the Dial engine pedal, causing the gondola to stop again and sending the two sprawling on the couch. 'You like him. It's written all over your face. So hurry up and...there we go.' the cloud fox thought with a smile when Conis sank further on the couch instead of rising again, her back being caressed by the rubber-man, his hands being mindful of her wings. 'I'll just leave them alone and I can't leave because I can't swim that far shit!' she inwardly cursed after her realization. With a sigh she curled up and just watched the two forms kiss on the couch. 'Well, it's not like I've seen worse from those little trips around the village.'

The two gave off light moans as they kissed, Conis' fears melting away and Luffy's instinct starting to build. Her fingers gently brushed through his hair and massaging his scalp while his hands rubbed circles on her back, with the occasional brush of her wings making her breath hitch.

"Please be careful of my wings, Luffy." she whispered onto his lips.

"Sorry." he said before giving her left wing an experimental rub, causing the angel to shudder in delight. "Does that feel good?"

"My w-wings are a little sensitive." she breathed out as he continued to gently run his hands through the soft feathers, causing her to moan under his touch and her heart and mind to race. 'Why is this happening?' she thought as they turned over on the couch, positioning her under him as they continued to embrace each other. 'Why is my heart racing? Is it because I'm grateful? No, his whole crew had a hand in taking out Enel. And Wiper was the one who finished him off, yet I don't feel this way about him or Luffy's crew. So...why am I feeling this way for Luff-aahhh!' Her brain hit a roadblock when she registered Luffy gently nipping the area between her neck and left shoulder.

'Wow. The rubber-man's a daring one.' Su thought as she watched the scene unfold.

-With Robin-



Those words refused to leave Robin's mind as she slowly made her way through the ruins back towards the party. She had joined the many other citizens of the sky that were gathering around the great belfry upon the cloud above Giant Jack, a few dozen Milky dials spent to make a bridge to get there. After reading the Poneglyph, and watching as the Chief of the Shandians claim that their fighting was now truly over, she had left to rejoin the others, though her mind abuzz with questions.

'How could Roger read and use those characters? And that part about guiding the text...could he have meant the Rio Poneglyph?!' She was engrossed in her thoughts that she didn't notice that she was about to bump into another before...



"Wha...?" Robin blinked as she stared down at her crewmate that was now massaging their sore butt. "Miss Artist?"

"Robin?" Grace asked in equal confusion before shuffling to gather what didn't look like art supplies.

"Flowers?" Robin asked, a small smile forming. "A gift for or from you?" Her smile fell back into a frown when she noticed the young artist stiffen up, a small gasp escaping her lips.

"...from." she said in a quiet voice as she collected the last of the fallen flowers, stood up, and excused herself before walking off deeper into the ruins. Robin followed her form before closing her eyes, her arms crossing over her chest. She stayed like that for a minute before her eyes opened and she dropped her arms and began walking in the same direction Grace had gone. She found her on her knees, flowers before her on a piece of charred land with a painting of an enemy enforcer standing before it, and her hands held together in prayer. She didn't react when Robin stood next to her and looked at the ground, but she didn't flinch when she felt a hand on her shoulder.


"Why is this different?" Grace asked, cutting Robin off. Her hands slowly began to tremble as she continued. "I've used my paints before to hypnotize others. I've used them to make them laugh, or cry, or to just keep them quiet." The trembling soon spread to her voice as she took a deep breath to try and keep herself calm. "Targets of Baroque Works...strangers for various reasons...even our friends on the ship when some of them bugged me or tried to make me do some work. I've painted them all with my colors...so why?" She turned up to Robin, tears flowing down her cheeks while biting her lower lip to keep from outright sobbing. "Why can't I get this one man out of my mind?!" she begged before throwing herself on Robin and just wailed, stunning the woman for a moment before slowly brining the crying artist into a soothing hug. This was all she could think to do for her crewmate since this was all new to her, being there for someone.

"I wish I had the answer...Grace." said Robin as she just let Grace cry.


'What...have I done?!' Su thought as she watched the scene unfolding before her. She had expected Conis to give in after causing the Gondola to constantly shift and stop, making her constantly fall onto Luffy. She had expected her friend to kiss the rubber-man and be glad for her. But she hadn't expected events to turn out like this! The two were kissing with a little more heat, with heavy breathing mixed in. But when all but Luffy's shorts and Conis' panties fell to the floor, things really started to heat up. Especially since Conis moaned in delight when Luffy began massaging her breasts. She watched as her best friend squirmed and wiggled under Luffy's touch while moaning out between kisses, the occasional flick of her nipple making her jump.

"Don't stop!" Conis moaned as she dug her nails in his back, her toes curling onto the cloud couch as Luffy moved his lips down to her tits, his tongue stretching out to slowly slither around the left one.

'Oh...my...fox!' Su screeched internally as she watched the spectacle, her body and mind warring with each other in trying to both swim back to shore and staying to watch what may happen next. She didn't even chance to blink as Luffy picked Conis up with his tongue, the appendage still tasting her as he brought their lips together. The angel shivered as the slimy tongue steadily got longer as it wrapped and licked downwards, leaving a trail of saliva as it went along her pale skin. It wrapped itself around her breasts, slid down and around her belly and hips, then down and back up each leg before the tip began to brush against her panties, rubbing against her moistening folds-


Luffy blinked as he looked around the edges of the gondola in confusion for a moment before turning his attention back to the quivering angel whimpering and moaning under him.

-Angel Beach Shore-

"Hooooly shit!" Alvida cursed as she peered through her binoculars at the gondola a fair distance away. The moonlight gave just enough illumination to allow her to watch her rubber-brained captain ravage Conis. Her face was slowly reddening as she bit her thumb with a grin. "He's been holding out on us."

"Let me see!" Valerie asked as she snatched the binoculars from her and looked through them in the gondola's direction before matching Alvida's blush with one of her own. "Woooow!...You think she's a sub?"

"If she's got a grin like that on her face while being tied up like that? Oh yeah." Alvida nodded before something washed up on shore. The two women looked down to see a blob of fur shake itself dry, revealing a trembling and disoriented Su stumble on her own paws. "Su?"

"Where'd you come from and why were you swimming?" Valerie asked as she kneeled down to help right the cloud fox.

"Su...Suuuu...sssuuuu..." Su wheezed out while pointing a paw at the gondola before falling on her face out cold.

"Maybe she's got a weak stomach to whatever they're doing out there?" Alvida guessed before staring out at sea when the sound of a dial engine sounded out. Both women turned to see their orange-haired navigator steering another gondola towards them, the back holding a rather large sack.

"Got everything we need!" Nami called out before shooting a half-serious half-sly glare at Valerie. "And I can't believe you actually talked us into this."

"Come on. A chance to have some fun with Luffy in a gondola far away from the others? Who wouldn't jump at an opportunity like this? Besides, it'll be fun!"

"Well then, what are we waiting for?! An invitashion?" came a slurred voice. All three women turned to see Vivi walk towards them, her face looking red and a grin stretching across her face.

"I'm shocked that you showed up." Valerie said in honest shock as Vivi walked towards the gondola. "Didn't think you had it in you, your highness."

"HA! Fat chance! And you're right about it being more fun with others. Gives you all a chance to watch while Luffy has fun with his favorite!" Vivi boasted in a drunken manner.

"Excuse me?! His favorite?!" Alvida snapped in indignation.

"Well, why wouldn't I be? I'm fucking royalty, so of course I'm better!" Vivi announced before tripping over into the gondola, followed by a fit of giggles.

"...I think she's a lightweight." Valerie said as they all stared down at the giggling princess before she waved her hand in front of her face. "And from the smell, I'd say she's been hitting the hard stuff. As in, the Zoro grade whiskey!"

"Must've thought it'd help her unwind." Nami shrugged before looking out at the beach. "Nojiko not coming?"

"She said she was shitting this one out. Didn't wanna have her new necklace fall off and kill us." Vivi explained before letting out a small hiccup.

"Good idea." Nami nodded before starting up the dial engine and steered towards the other gondola. "Get ready everyone!"

"It's Luffy that needs a heads up! Kyahaha!" Valerie laughed.

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