Chapter 4

She always came up here when she wanted to be alone. When she needed to think things through. In her weak moments as the Evil Queen when the old Regina had come through she had fled up here, stepping out on the roof and enjoying the silence, the solitude. Staring up at the stars had always helped her forget for a few minutes how her life had gone downhill after Daniel had died, how she had closed herself off and became evil. Rage and anger so much easier to handle than the hurt.

But this time she wasn't alone. Someone else had found her spot. Someone she had tried to avoid over the last weeks.

Robin of Locksley.

She already wanted to turn around and leave because she didn't want to talk to him. She felt too insecure in his presence, too much like the Regina from the days before she had even met Daniel. The adolescent Regina who had dreams for her life. Dreams that didn't come true. Dreams that had been crushed when her mother had crushed her love's heart.

"Come join me."

His voice startled her out of her reveries and before she realized what she was doing she walked out onto the roof, sitting down beside him and his arm brushed hers as he lifted it and pointed with his finger up to the stars.

"The Great Bear. It's very clear today."

She listened carefully as he pointed out various other star constellations to her, his nearness making her heart beat faster, his knowledge about the stars reminding her that he was actually well educated. Sometimes she forgot that he hadn't been a thief all his life, that he had been living in a castle his whole childhood, probably had had a handful of tutors teaching him maths and physics and astronomy.

And sitting beside him in the silence of the night, being so close to him she couldn't deny the attraction anymore. She wanted him. Really wanted him. With every fiber of her being and she was tired of fighting it.

He must have seen something in her facial expression or maybe he just sensed the change because when he looked at her the next time, his eyes narrowed, his breath coming out faster as he stared at her, his eyes flickering to his lips and up again but still he didn't act on the obvious tension and a part of her contemplated if it was better that way.

"We should go inside." He said quietly, standing up and holding his hand towards her to help her up. "It's getting cold."

His fingers closed around hers as he pulled her up and she stumbled, right into his arms, stiffening slightly, wondering what he would do next. She leaned back, almost stepping away from him and breaking the contact before they would do something foolish but he didn't let her, one arm coming around her waist, pressing her against him.

"No way." He growled. "You are not backing away now, majesty."

And before she could say anything his lips crashed down on hers, his kiss stealing her breath away, his tongue immediately darting into her mouth and she moaned, grinding her hips against him, feeling his fingers splay out over the small of her back while his other hand trailed along her neck.

He was panting harshly as he broke the kiss a few seconds later, his forehead leaning against hers, his thumb brushing over her cheek.

"I need you, Regina. God, I need you so much."

She didn't say anything. She just stepped back and took his hand in hers, pulling him with her.

The End

My story 'Just Let Go' immediately picks up where this story left off but it's M-rated and it's M-rated for a reason so if that's not your cup of tea you should not read it.

Thanks for joining me on this ride and I hope I'll see you soon. :-)