What Kind of Powers Would You Have?

A/N So this is a follow on to At Least We're in the Dark Together. It explains something I set up in that story, so you might want to read that first. Again, I got my inspiration from the actors themselves because they have such unique insights into their characters. I hope you like it!

Chapter 1.

All the agents, save May, were gathered in the lounge. Inevitably, the conversation drifted to ideas about why Director Fury wanted to see them. They especially were concerned about getting in trouble over what had happened at the guest house. Jemma, still burning over Coulson not letting her send HQ Skye's blood samples, mentioned that she would like to visit the lab there and do some research. Coulson knew immediately what she was hinting at and felt the anger returning as his face started blushing and his eyes flashed.

"Jemma, we talked about that." He said tersely. Skye felt him tense and laid a hand on his arm. Coulson suddenly got up and stalked from the room leaving the others baffled in his wake.

"All I want is to use the superior lab there to research your blood, Skye. Whatever was in that serum is nothing short of a miracle. I just don't understand why he wants to keep it all to himself." She looked at her friend pleadingly. "Won't you help me?"

Skye felt a lump of emotion clog her throat. She loved Jemma, but she knew why Coulson was keeping the secret of their cure. How could she get her friend to wait until they had more answers without compromising their friendship?

"Jemma, I know it's frustrating, but he has a reason I'm sure." Skye replied. The others looked at each other warily. Grant spoke up.

"Look, Skye, there's something you're not aware of. While you were alone in the med pod with Coulson, May told us some things. Some things that might call into question his ability to make clear decisions…."

"That's not how PTSD works, Grant." Skye felt very protective of her AC. "He might have emotional reactions when the condition is triggered." She looked at Jemma. "Like when someone is trying to get him to do something against his will. But, that doesn't mean his thinking is skewed. He's perfectly able to lead this team. And, May is the one who should be questioned here. Spying on him, and lying to him." The rest of them looked shocked.

"Skye, how do you know all this?" Fitz questioned, a frown on his face. "You were alone in the room with Coulson when she told us this. There's no way you could have heard this."

Skye looked around at them in shock. How did I know? She was dazed as she realized that she had not heard May's confession, but she did know all about it. How?

"I honestly don't know, Fitz." She cringed inwardly at the reactions of her co-workers. They were looking at her as if she had two heads. This, she thought to herself was one of the reasons Coulson had wanted to keep the alien a secret. She didn't know for sure if she had developed some sort of psychic power, but if she had, she would no longer be just one of the gang. She would be looked at as strange and possibly dangerous. It didn't evoke a good feeling in her, and she was glad that Coulson had insisted on keeping the alien a secret.

"Well, I'm going to the lab." Jemma stood up. "Fitz, join me? There are still some tests I want to run before we get to the Hub." They walked away as Grant also stood.

"Skye, I never meant to question Coulson's leadership." He apologized. "But, Director Fury didn't give orders to May for no reason either. There's more going on here than we are aware of."

That's an understatement! Skye rose and headed out of the room. She had to see Coulson. He alone, would understand her profound shock at realizing that she had somehow intuited May's confession.

Coulson sat at his desk, both hands fisted on the surface in front of him. He wasn't aware of the Bus or those on it. Bright sunshine filled his vision along with a pretty island girl. She rubbed his neck and it felt so good. But it didn't last long, it never did. Soon the scene gave way to one of darkness and unbelievable pain. He watched in helplessness as a doctor picked up a medieval-looking metal hook and lowered it to his chest. He saw himself screaming as the instrument was used to stretch his ribs apart again. He couldn't move though. And even though he saw people watching the torture from a room above him, they ignored his cries.

"AC?" Skye had entered the office. She knew immediately that he was having a flashback, so she stood close, but allowed it to play out without touching him. She called his name again when he seemed to relax his shoulders a little. Finally, his eyes cleared and he unclenched his fists. She stepped closer and reached in his pocket for the handkerchief there. Handing it to him, she walked around the desk, retrieved a water bottle from his mini fridge and set it in front of him. She pulled up a chair and faced him across the desk, watching as he wiped his face and took a long drink.

"Bad one?" She prodded gently. He looked lost again, and slightly ashamed.

"Yeah. Sorry you had to see that."

"Don't be. Don't ever apologize for that again, AC. These flashbacks were given to you courtesy of S.H.I.E.L.D. without your consent. When you apologize, you're apologizing for them, and that's just… wrong!" She sighed in frustration. "At least with me, I want you to know that you are safe from judgment. I accept you just as you are. Okay?"

He gave her a genuine smile. "Thank you, Skye."

She studied his face. "Are you up for some more surprises? 'Cause I've got a doozy, but it can wait…" He looked concerned and curious.

"Please don't tell me you've grown a tail." He teased. Skye laughed and it felt good. Here she was safe with all her secrets. Here she had someone who truly did love her unconditionally.

"I… well, I may have developed a…. power?" She started. He leaned forward as she continued.

"Remember how I told you what May had said about your PTSD and how Fury had asked her to watch you?" He nodded wondering where this was going.

"Well, turns out I actually wasn't present when she confessed all this. I was in the room with you." Skye continued. "I explained everything she said to you even though I had not actually heard it."

Coulson did not look at her strangely, he just nodded at this information. "So some sort of psychic ability? But, you weren't aware that it was happening?"

"Exactly! I just knew what I told you was fact, but I was unaware how I knew it." She replied excitedly. "Do you think it's some ability triggered from the alien?"

"Not sure. But it is exciting, huh? How do you feel about it?" He answered. Skye smiled affectionately at him. He was so open about the idea of her having a legitimate power, but also compassionate about her feelings.

"At first I was horrified." She answered. "The rest of the team kind of looked at me strangely. I sorta felt like a freak." Coulson reached across the desk and held her hands in his, reassuring her that she was fine as far as he was concerned.

"Now, after talking to you, I'm actually excited. This doesn't have to be a bad thing does it?" She implored him.

Coulson stood and pulled her around the desk to his side. He sat down again and pulled her onto his lap. Wrapping his arms around her, he softly replied, "Nothing about you is bad. Wherever this goes, whatever you do with it, will be guided by what's in here." He placed his hand over her heart. Leaning forward he captured her lips in a passionate kiss that left her feeling warm and comforted. She found herself looking forward to exploring this brave new world that she and her AC were destined to live in.

To be continued.