Chapter 1: Arrival

Renesmee's POV

I sighed as I got ready for the long trip I was about to make. Why did I have to do this? Oh right, it was because my mom was being sent out of the country to work for a few months. Her job had relocated her to London, England to work for the next nine months and she wouldn't be back until sometime after New Years. For me this meant that I was going to go live with my dad in Forks, Washington until then. I would spend summer with him and attend school there come Fall. My mom didn't think that it would be a great idea for me to go to England with her, just to have to come back again in a few months.' It wouldn't be fair' she had said to me numerous times when I had complained.

It was times like this that I wished I had a brother or sister, that way I would feel less alone. I wish that my parents had adopted another kid before they had divorced when I was only ten years old. Me, I was adopted when I was five years old. They called me the "mystery child" because nobody knew where I came from. There was no record of me anywhere. I also wouldn't talk either. Nobody was sure why, at that age I should be talking already, shouldn't I have been? It was all weird. All I had was a piece of jewelry that said Renesmee on it. So naturally everyone assumed that was my name. I also had a locket that had a picture of who I assumed were my biological parents. "Plus que ma propre vie" the locket read. I looked up the translation which read "more than my own life". The picture contained two teenagers who didn't appear to be older than 17 or maybe 18 years old. To say that they were extraordinarily beautiful would be an understatement. The boy had bronze hair, just like me. He was gazing lovingly at the woman who I naturally assumed was my mom. She was also very beautiful with her brown hair, extremely pale skin that reminded me of snow white, and also the gold eyes. The strange gold eyes, and extremely pale skin stood out to me the most.

"Renesmee!" I heard my mom shout.

"Coming!" I shouted back before snapping my locket shut and putting it away in my carryon bag.

I got the last of my luggage and went to the living room. I was taking three bags of luggage, two were filled with all of my precious stuff that I couldn't bear to leave behind. The third was filled all of the stuff that my dog would need. There was no way that I could leave my dog, Beethoven, behind. Not that any of my friends wanted to look after a huge 200 pound Saint Bernard anyway. It was even hard to convince my dad to let me bring him. I looked at the large, goofy dog who was already half asleep in his kennel from the vet prescribed sedative that I had given him. Normally I wouldn't sedate him on a trip, however I was flying from New York City to Seattle, where I would have to change planes and take another 1 hour long flight from Seattle to Port Angeles. I almost forgot to add the one hour long car drive with my dad. We thought it would be best if he slept most of the trip.

My mom and I filled up the van with all of our bags for the trip. She was also leaving the same day that I was. I thought it was kind of funny that we would both be flying in opposite directions.

We took in the scenery as we took one last drive around the city. After all, I would be saying my goodbyes to the sun for the next nine months. I already couldn't wait to come back. I would miss my home, my school, teachers, friends, and of course my mom. My mom assured me that I would make new friends during the time that I would be living in Forks, but I didn't see the point. Why make new friends when I was just going to leave them again in a few months? I guess it would make me feel less lonely though, maybe making friends wouldn't be such a bad idea.

My already sad mood became that much worse when the airport loomed into view. I could feel the tears beginning to form in my eyes. Stop it! I told myself, I needed to be strong. I'm 17 years old, I shouldn't let this get to me to much. Besides it would really hurt my dad if he knew how I felt about this whole situation. He was looking forward to having me in under his roof. It had been years since I last saw him. I wasn't even sure if he would recognize me because I hadn't sent him any pictures of me either. The thought of that sent a pang of guilt in my stomach. The guilt eased somewhat when I remembered just how much we communicate on the phone and through email. I was also on Twitter and Facebook, but my parents never bothered to join any kind of social networking site so communication that way was out.

"Nessie will you snap out of it already" mom said. I hadn't even noticed that she was talking.

"I'm sorry mom. What were you saying?" I asked.

"I'm just telling you to enjoy your trip. Enjoy living with your dad, he's been dying to see you. Make the best out of it. You'll have Beethoven, that should make you feel better. Make new friends, who knows you might actually enjoy living in Forks" she said.

"I'll try" I said. Enjoy living in Forks? The most sunless place in the entire U.S? A place that I had never been to in my life? The whole idea of enjoying Forks seemed ridiculous really. However, my mom was right. I should try to enjoy my stay there. After all, who wants to spend 9 months in a state of misery? It might be extremely difficult though.

We arrived at my drop off place first. My mom helped me load all my luggage onto one of those push cart things. I lifted my dog's crate with ease. It was amazing that I was able to lift a 200 pound dog with no difficulty at all. I always had upper strength that you wouldn't believe. I was stronger than full grown men. No doubt that was extremely strange. I was five feet, five inches tall and I was thin as a stick. Yet, I can lift up to 200 pounds? Lift a dog who's head reaches my breast? Strange, really strange.

I said an emotional good bye to my mom before I went and stood in my check in line. I watched sadly as she drove off to the part of the airport that she needed to be in. Don't cry! Don't cry! I repeated to myself over and over again.

After what seemed like forever I left my luggage, and Beethoven at the check in counter before I made my way over to security. I hated airport security, it was a pain in the ass to go through.

I mostly sat around reading until it was time to board the Plane. For over five hours I just watched movies until the plane began it's descent.

I changed planes rather quickly because everything, dog included, was being transferred to the next plane. It seemed like right away the plane was landing again. I gathered all my luggage and then headed to the place where I had to get Beethoven. My dog was already wide awake. I guess the sedative must have worn off.

"Soon boy, soon" I said to him when he whimpered.

As soon as my dad saw me he waved frantically.

"Nessie, it's good to see you kid" he smiled.

"It's good to see you to dad" I said smiled back.

"You've grown so much, I barely recognized you" he said.

"I haven't grown that much" I stated firmly.

My dad lead me to his police cruiser. This I was expecting to. My dad worked directly under Police chief Charlie Swan.

We got home rathe quickly and I bagan unpacking my stuff.

"Hey Nessie I'm sorry but I'm going to have to leave you. There was a man who was killed in a mysterious animal attack and I have to go back to the station. Will you be okay on your own?" he asked.

"Yeah dad I'll be fine. As soon as I'm done unpacking I'll just go for a walk around town" I said.

"I'm really sorry" he said.

"Don't worry about me dad. I'm fine with it. We'll hang out later" I said.

He smiled happily and left.

Unpacking didn't take as long as I thought. Beethoven's stuff was even faster to unpack. I set up his bed in the corner of my room along with some of his other stuff. I decied to take him with me when I left. He could use the walk as much as I could after being still for so many hours.

As soon as people saw us coming they moved out of the way looking terrified. It's not surprising. 200 pound Beethoven does look intimidating. When you get to know him you see that he's really a huge softy that'll just lick you to death.

It was getting really windy and I was starting to wish I had brought my jacket with me. I was waiting to cross the street when a fancy car pulled up close to me. I stared closely at the car's occupants. There was a blond man about 23 and a caramel haired woman who was probably a few years older than him. A strong gust of wind hit me again. They suddenly turned and stared right at me. I froze. They were immensely beautiful like the couple in my locket. They had the same gold eyes and pale skin. Odd I thought. The way they were looking at me, it was like they knew me. The scary part was that they looked vaguely familar to me too.

Beethoven barked just then and scared the crap out of me. Now the young couple was looking at my massive beast of a dog and then glancing at my extremely small frame. They looked like they were scared for me. If they only knew how easily I could overpower him.

Finally I was able to cross the street. I could feel their piercing eyes the entire time. Soon I came across the Quileute Reservation and decided to enter. I had never been on an actual Indian Reservation before and I thought it might be fun. Maybe I could get something to eat to.

After awhile I started getting tired so I found somewhere to sit. I removed Beethoven's leash. I trusted that he wouldn't wander to far from me. As I sat there I saw a really big half naked boy in the distance. He was hot! I couldn't stop staring at his nicely muscled arms and chest. His six pack was to die for.

"Would do you think Beethoven? Should I go introduce myself?" I asked. Suddenly my dog took off running in his direction

"Beethoven wait! I didn't mean for you to make the decision for me!" I shouted. He skidded to a halt right by the guy.

"I'm so sorry" I gasped out when I caught up to them. The guy looked at me. Slowly recognition seemed to dawn on him. Something about him seemed familar to. What's going on today?!

"I'm sorry about my dog. I don't know what got into him" I said.

"It's okay, I don't mind. I'm kind of glad he ran up to me like that" he said. It seemed like he was telling the truth. "I'm Jacob Black" he introduced.

"I'm Renesmee Millers" I responded.

"It's very nice to meet such a lovely young lady" he said. I blushed.

"Same here" I said.

"Would you like me to give you a tour? I don't mind being your personal tour guide" he smiled.

"Thanks but I was actually looking for somewhere to eat. Somewhere dog friendly" I said.

"I'd be happy to take you somewhere to eat. We're all very dog and wolf friendly around here" he said.

I smiled, maybe Forks wasn't so bad after all.

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