Caffeine Addict

Version: (Could be any of them)

Sibling Moment: Kayla (16) and Don (19)


Saturday morning Kayla jumped out of bed at 5:30 AM on the dot, hurrying into the kitchen to turn on the coffee pot. This wouldn't be an abnormal occurrence, on any day but Saturday and Sunday. Master Splinter had decided that on weekdays, Monday through Friday, training would begin at 5:00 AM and go for an hour and a half, so Kayla would have enough time to get ready for school afterwards. But on weekends, seeing as no one really had anywhere to go during the day, he allowed his children to sleep in until 7:00, and then they'd train until about 8:30 so Mikey could watch his cartoons. Then, they'd train for a bit during the afternoon and go on patrols at night.

So when Leo, who woke up at 5:00 everyday by choice for training, saw his little sister in the kitchen so early, he was perplexed. Sliding his swords back into their hilts, he paused his practice to head into the kitchen. He crossed his arms over his plastron, his shoulder leaning against the side of the doorway, his usual posture, as he watched her set up the coffee pot.

"What are you doing?" he asked curiously. Donny was the only avid coffee-drinker in the family. The other turtles would drink it on occasion; but Mikey, Raph, and Kayla preferred soda, and Leo and Master Splinter preferred tea. Unlike everyone else, who could drink coffee once in a while, Kayla hated the stuff with a passion, saying it was too bitter for her tastes. Since Donny preferred it black, they rarely bought anything like cream or sugar for it.

Upon hearing his voice Kayla looked over her shoulder at him. She wasn't surprised to see him, everyone knew he woke up before them to train alone.

"Um, what does it look like?" she asked sarcastically, gesturing to the coffee pot before she moved to put a couple slices of bread in the toaster.

"It looks like the fervent coffee-hater is making a pot of black coffee." Leo answered pointedly, ignoring her attitude. Like Raph, Kayla wasn't always a morning person.

Kayla paused before reaching up to the cupboard to get a plate down.

"I'm getting it ready for Don. You know how he doesn't properly wake up until he's had his, like, seventh cup of coffee." she answered like it was obvious. It sounded like an exaggeration, but it really wasn't. Don wouldn't be 'awake-awake' until he's downed at least five or six cups.

"So, you woke up over an hour before training to get Don's coffee ready? You know he won't be up until, like, 6:30, right?" Leo asked lightly, still trying to figure out what she was up to.

Kayla shrugged as she pulled her toast out of the toaster. "Yeah, but I figured he'd want it to be ready for him when he woke up."

Leo studied her through narrowed eyes as she spread peanut butter over her toast. "What are you up to?" he finally asked, giving up on figuring it out.

Kayla looked up at him, her slightly-widened eyes giving away that she was, indeed, up to something. But she managed to keep her cool. "What? I'm not up to anything. I couldn't sleep so I thought, since I'm up anyway, I'd get his coffee started."

She sounded believable enough, but Leo knew her better than that. However, he knew it couldn't be anything too bad.

"Just don't do anything that'll get you in trouble, Kay." Leo basically pleaded before he left the kitchen to return to his practice.

"What, you think I'm dumb enough to do something like mess with Don's coffee. Please." she scoffed as she sat down at eat her breakfast. No, she wouldn't do anything to Don's coffee. She needed it.


About an hour later a half-asleep Donatello stumbled into the kitchen, heading straight for his full coffee pot. He blindly grabbed a mug out of the cabinet above his head and filled it to the brim with the steaming, black liquid. He slumped into his seat, practically chugging the drink.

"Morning Don." Kayla greeted him with a smile as she took a sip of her glass of milk. He mumbled what sounded like a response. Kayla stared down at the tabletop, occasionally casting a glance at her brother as he drank.

When he was halfway through his fourth mug, Don looked down into the endless black drink, his chocolate brown eyes sharp with intelligence, instead of dulled by drowsiness. After a moment, he turned and looked at Kayla.

"I didn't make any coffee this morning." he stated simply, as if he was silently trying to figure out how it was possible.

Kayla hid her smile behind her fist, which was propped under her chin.

"Interesting observation there, Brainiac." she joked.

Don narrowed his eyes thoughtfully as he looked at her. "Did you make my coffee?"

Kayla shrugged. "Maybe I did. Maybe I didn't."

Don gave her a mildly annoyed look. "Kayla."

"Alright, I made your coffee. You're welcome." she answered.

Don looked back down at his mug thoughtfully before he looked back at her, his eyes narrowed in suspicion this time.

"Why'd you make coffee? You don't drink it." he pointed out, his voice sounded as if he were trying to solve a complex math problem.

"I just felt like doing something nice for my brother. Is there something wrong with that?" Kayla asked innocently.

She could almost see the flashing red warning lights going off in Don's head.

"Okay, what did you do?" he demanded, not looking mad, just mildly nervous and uncomfortable.

"What makes you think I did something?" Kayla asked, sitting back in her chair.

"You're buttering me up because you're about to give me some bad news, now spill."

"I wouldn't call it bad news."

"Kayla." Don warned again.

She sighed in defeat. "Okay, okay you got me. I may or may not haveā€¦" she mumbled something after that, that Don couldn't hear.

"You what?" he asked.

She sighed again, "I failed my math test." she admitted sheepishly, looking up at him with an innocent grin.

Don's eyes widened before he glared at her.