A/N: Last chapter, Peabody and Sherman have discovered that the house they are investigating IS haunted. And if you're wondering which of the cases the Warrens did was based on in 'The Conjuring' it was the Harrisville Haunting and it happened right before 'Amityville Horror'. In this chapter, we will dig into the house's origins on why it's haunted. Enjoy!

After getting a brief interview with Carolyn and Roger Perron, the Warrens, Peabody, and Sherman went back to the Warren residence. The time was now 9:00 pm and Peabody tucked Sherman into bed.

"I'm sorry you had to see what you saw at the house, Sherman" said Peabody, apologizing for his son seeing Rory in the music box mirror April showed him.

"It's okay, Mr. Peabody. Now I know that the house it really haunted and I'm excited to do my report on something like this" Sherman said. After saying that, Sherman yawned and shut his eyes a bit. The white beagle took his son's glasses off and placed them on the nightstand right next to the bed.

"Goodnight, Sherman" Peabody said ruffling his son's hair and walking to the door.

"Goodnight, Mr. Peabody" Sherman said as he closed his eyes and drifted to sleep. Peabody shut the door and walked downstairs to the living room where Ed and Lorraine sat at a large wooden table.

"He's asleep. Did I miss anything?" Peabody asked as he took his seat.

"Only this" Ed said. He clicked the play button on a tape recorder and listened to the recording.

"It's November 1st, 1971, I'm sitting here with Carolyn Perron who with her and her family has been experiencing supernatural occurrences. You may begin" said Ed's voice on the recording. The part where Carolyn was supposed to be talking was silent.

"Nothing" Ed said before turning off the tape and rewinding it.

"That is strange" Peabody said. Lorraine was the next to speak.

"You guys are not gonna believe this. I looked into the history of the house, and the first owner was a woman named Bathsheba Sherman, she was one of the many women to be accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials" Lorraine said as she showed some photographs of the house with the tree in the backyard with a noose hanging from it.

"She conducted witchcraft and spells in the very house the Perrons are living in right now. One day she gave birth to a baby and used it as a sacrifice and threw it into a fireplace where a fire was started" Lorraine continued. Peabody was shocked to hear something like this.

"She took her God-given gift and used it against him" Peabody piped in.

"Exactly. But you guys are not gonna believe this next part. At exactly three o' seven AM after she sacrificed the baby she climbed to the top of the tree in the backyard, tied a noose to the big branch, put the rope around her neck, proclaimed her love to Satan, cursed anyone who tried to take her land and then hung herself" Lorraine concluded. Peabody knew it, the house wasn't just haunted, it was CURSED.

"Curses were common when witches and warlocks wanted enemies destroyed. Not to mention Carolyn said that clocks stopped at three o' seven in the morning" Peabody said.

"Exactly, the clocks stop at the exact same time the witch killed herself in the 1800's" said Lorraine, she then placed a map on the table that showed the property where the house was, and several red dots that were scattered along the property.

"This is a map of the original 200 acre farm, but the government subdivided it and sold off. There have been complaints of entities haunting these parts of the property as well" she said.

"The problem was, they didn't know the property was cursed and anyone who owned these properties ended up dying" Peabody pointed out.

"Exactly" Lorraine said before pulling out a photo of an obese woman dressed as a pilgrim with Rory, the same ghost boy Sherman saw in April's music box.

"That's the boy Sherman saw in the mirror" Peabody pointed out.

"Rory, the same boy April and Sherman saw used to live on one part of the property with his mother went missing and his mother killed herself after that. There was another boy who drowned in the pond here, not too far away from the house. And there was a woman who worked as a drudgery maid at a neighboring home, she committed suicide too" Lorraine said.

"People took her land" Ed said. A click noise could be heard and Ed, Lorraine, and Peabody looked to the tape recorder that began playing by itself. All three were spooked by this when it turned on by itself.

t's November 1st, 1971, I'm sitting here with Carolyn Perron who with her and her family has been experiencing supernatural occurrences. You may begin" after that part of the tape played again, there wasn't silence, but deep grumbling that sounded very demonic. Soon gibberish words were being said in between the grumbling in the same deep dark voice the grumbling came from.

"Oh my God" Peabody said as he listened in on the recording of the grumbling and gibberish.

"Who's voice is that?" asked Ed. Lorraine and Peabody shrugged, neither of them knew. They could only assume there was something else that couldn't be seen in the room with them and it spoke when Carolyn did in the microphone and canceled out her voice.

A/N: There you have it! The origins on why the Harrisville house is haunted, or cursed. It's all explained in the movie, but this is also what happened in the actual case. Consider this story, as I called it in chapter 1, a paranormal history lesson. Now ghost/demon/witch hunting gets real when we get to the next update. Please review, thanks!