The world as we know it is lost. There is no freedom, happiness or anything of the sort. All we have is hard work, determination and a sliver of hope. People live in underground science labs, each and every person either trying to find a cure or dying of the disease. Death is a daily thing, and funerals are absent because the bodies are burnt. A fly would send off about 15 alarm systems and extermination squads hunt for hours to make sure it dies and gets burnt to ashes. Meat is a thing of the past, as it will end up as ashes as well. Fresh air is something we dream of in bed, and anything not relating to work is removed from society. Children never play, they get taught the basics of biology and chemicals as soon as they can talk. All this, because of one insect, just one small organism the size of a pinhead, ruined humanity. Everyone is dying ever so slowly, only the most optimistic believe that there is hope.

It started off as Insomnia. Nothing serious and only 4 people had it. It seemed to develop a knack for air travel, infecting planes with 30 or so people. It then infected boats, but stayed in the northern, colder areas, dying in warmer areas. Eventually the symptoms got worse and the disease spread, leaving people gasping for air, vomiting, dying by total organ failure and even going insane. It evolved and started to spread to new countries, gaining a resistance for heat and even gaining a resistance for antibiotics, making it extremely hard to find a cure for.

We only noticed it once it started to cause vomiting, and by that point over a million people had been infected. The world saw it as a massive threat and scientists from absolutely everywhere began researching for a cure. It was all in vain though. The first person had died by the disease. After the first month of the cure, half the world's population was dead, 3 and a half billion people gone, because of one tiny insect. The work for a cure was getting slower, as more and more of the scientists were dying. We moved underground and anyone who even had the most minor symptoms, even the common cold, were killed and the bodies burnt.

There are only a few people left now, and the disease is still evolving. We can't keep up with it, it just evolves so damn fast… *cough* cough* I don't have much longer, a few hours at most *cough* Who thought that the end of the world would be a *cough* common cold? It's funny how something so innocent can *cough* cause so much *cough* destruction.

The rest of my *cough* colleagues are *cough* dead now. I think I'm the last person left on Earth, and I'm *cough* Infected *cough* There is no *cough* hope… The world is *cough* lost… If anyone finds this, any- *cough* anyone at all *cough*, know that this world is not *cough* safe… Stay… Away… *crash*