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When Charizard Awoke to a new loop, he noticed two things. The first was that he was a Charmander, which was par for the course at the start of a regular loop. However, the bigger thing was the person who stood in front of him, who had just Pinged.

"Gary?" Charmander asked in surprise, looking up at the grandson of Professor Oak.

"Wrong Oak. I'm Blue," he corrected. "'re Ash's Charizard, aren't you? No other reason you'd think I was Gary," Blue reasoned.

Charmander snapped his claws. "Oh yeah! You're pretty much Red's version of Gary!"

"Something like that," Blue said, rolling his eyes.

"Right, so what are we doing?" Charmander questioned.

"Well, as it happens, you're replacing my starter, who's also of the Charmander line," the Trainer told him.

"Really? Well, I'll roll with that for this Loop. I've got some training I need to do," Charmander declared.

"All right," Blue agreed.

"Why did I agree to this again?" Blue groaned.

"Oh, quit your belly-aching already!" Charizard roared at him, in between dodging Kyurem's claws.

Blue still had no idea how the pseudo-dragon had convinced him to go all the way to Unova just for this. "Didn't you say you had some kind of plan?!" he tossed back, even as the Boundary Pokémon slammed Charizard into the ground.

"Of course. Feast your eyes on this!" Charizard declared. Kyurem roared and fired a Dragon Pulse at him, which Charizard dodged as he flew right at Kyurem.

"Eat this!" he roared, right before he collided with Kyurem and erupted into an explosion powerful enough that Blue was knocked off his feet from where he was standing, on the ground.

Blue's Scizor immediately released himself from his Pokéball, and went to pick his trainer up. As Blue got back to his feet, he noticed two things.

The first was that Charizard was lying in a small crater in front of him.

The other was that Kyurem was unconscious in front of both of them in an even bigger crater. Out of habit, Blue tossed an Ultra Ball at it, before turning to Charizard.

"What the hell was that?!" he demanded.

"Gh...ow," Charizard groaned as he pulled himself out of the crater. As he did, he noticed that his right wing's wing membrane was torn. "Arceus damn it," he grumbled.

"What. Was. That?" Blue repeated.

"Blast Burn," Charizard grunted.

"{I was under the impression that Blast Burn was a Special move,}" Scizor pondered.

"Normally, it is. It's a physical variation I invented during my last Smash loop. Still need to work out a few kinks," Charizard explained.

Blue frowned in thought. "That looked a bit like Flare Blitz," he noted.

"It was modified from Flare Blitz, yeah," the Lizard Pokémon agreed.

"Seems a bit dangerous with all that recoil. I could help you fine-tune it," Blue offered, before seeing the Ultra Ball stop shaking. Kyurem was caught.

"Hey, thanks, Blue."

"No problem, although I am slightly annoyed that you keep calling me Gary..."

24.2 (Zulaq)

"Are you a boy, or a girl?"

"Er, Gramps?" Gary asked, confused. "Shouldn't you already know this? You practically raised me!"

"Game loops," Red shrugged, "be thankful that he at least remembers your name properly. Blue's had to live with all sorts of weird, bizarre or downright insulting names."

Professor Oak scowled at the pair. "Yes, I know it's stupid, but I'm legally required to ask these questions. If I don't get a proper answer, video recorded naturally, the League will shut down the lab. Now sit down and answer the question."

24.3 (Firehawk242)

Flora was used to not being entirely human. She was a fairy who was also a vampire. She'd been a witch before. She'd even been a cyborg in one loop, although fortunately that hadn't stuck. However, she was used to being humanoid. Thus her current disorientation. She was some sort of cherub-thing with enormous ears, two short arms, a crown of flowers, and a stalk-like thing instead of legs. Oh, and she was holding a flower larger than she was. Flower included, she was maybe four inches tall.

"Can someone tell me what I am?" Flora asked.

"Huh," the blue turtle in front of her said. "You appear to be a Flabébé. I'm Squirtle, Anchor for the Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team branch of the Pokémon loops."

"Flora, Anchor for the Winx Club loops."

"Oh yeah, you're that new loop I've heard about," the turtle said. "Fairies, right?"

"Yes," Flora said. "I'm the Fairy of Nature."

"Cool," Squirtle said.

"I wonder if my powers still work like this," Flora said. "Do you mind if I try transforming?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"Enchantix!" Flora announced. A flash of light filled the building she and Squirtle were occupying. When it faded, Flora was very different. To start with, she was much bigger, more than ten times her previous tiny size. Instead of her tiny crown of flowers, she had an enormous collar made of flowers. A pair of green antennae sprouted from her forehead and her stalk-leg had extended. Two leaves grew upwards from the bottom of the stalk, looking sort of like her usual wings, while two much smaller leaves grew downwards, superficially resembling feet.

"That's... not what usually happens," Flora said.

"You've evolved," Squirtle blinked. "Twice, actually, making you a Florges. That's probably how the loop interpreted your powers."

"Loops do that?"

"All the time," Squirtle said with a chuckle. "All the time. So, how do you feel about rescuing some Pokémon?"

"If we're helping people, I'm all for it," Flora declared.

"That's the spirit!"

24.4 (Scorntex)

Red had been practicing with his team out on Route 8 when Green had shown up, and in an unusually cheerful mood. Given that this was Green, Red did not feel very good about this.

"What did you do?" He asked, warily. Green smiled a practiced smile.

"Well..." she began, "you know how I usually pay a visit to Team Rocket around this time?"

Red's expression showed her he knew. It was hard to forget, given some of Green's previous tries. She had combined her fondness for disguises with her fondness for outrageous stunts, resulting in one Loop where Team Rocket had apparently been broken into and stolen from by Agatha. And a surprisingly nimble Agatha at that.

"Anyway," she said, "I may have been going through their files, same as usual, and it is possible, just possible, I may have taken a bit more than usual."

She fished into her pocket for something. "Behold!" She declared, holding something aloft. It was a floppy disk. Contrary to what Green seemed to be expecting, it did not glint triumphantly in the sunlight, and Red didn't look any more impressed.

"... yes?" He finally asked. "What is it?"

"The details and whereabouts of every Team Rocket operation in Kanto." Green explained triumphantly. "All on one handy floppy disk. Which, by the way, took some work, even with my slicing skills."

She held it back and forth in the light. "A copy of which will reach the heads of the Pokémon Association by..." she checked a non-existent watch, "Lunchtime."

Red looked at Green's smile. "Oh," she added, "and while I was there I may have left juuuuust enough information to lead Giovanni right to Pryce's doorstep."

"Okay." Red said, "that is pretty impressive."

She kept smiling at him. "So, what've you been up to this Loop?"

Red pointed to where his Pokémon were practicing (well, most of them were. Pika had taken out a folding chair from somewhere and was calmly sipping a daiquiri.)

"Nothing much." He admitted. Green shook her head in despair.

24.5 (Saphroneth)

Dawn blinked, looking around.

This was fairly new.

Big underground cavern, slowly filling up with people... she had a momentary thought that perhaps she was going to perform, but before she could follow up on that idea someone tapped her on the shoulder.

"Are you alright, my dear?" asked someone who somehow reminded Dawn of Professor Oak. "Not wandering off into dreams of other worlds than Pern?"

"Pern?" Dawn repeated, a little confused, and the man's smile broadened.

"Aha, I thought so. Welcome to our loop, young woman. If you'll follow me, I'll explain once we're seated."

There was a resonant hum which made the cavern seem to sing, provoking a few awed gasps from the audience, and Dawn decided to follow the local Looper until she was properly settled.

"Pern, Pern..." she mused, as she took her seat - this man she was with seemed quite important, if he was able to get a front row seat despite his height. "I've heard the name..."

"Well, I'm touched that we're famous but saddened that what for is not," he said, seating himself. "I should introduce myself before we go any further. I am Robinton, Master Harper."

"...master what?" Dawn blinked.

"I can sing, play, compose or even make an instrument. Just don't ask me to dance, at least not after I've had as much wine as I prefer," Robinton winked at her. He gestured, and with a flicker a winged bronze creature about as big overall as a Treecko landed on his shoulder. "Ah, Zair. What kept you?"

The bronze animal - he looked a little like a Dragon-type to Dawn, if she went by her baseline experience - regarded him with whirling blue eyes. I was busy doing things. Mnementh and Ramoth send their love.

"I heard him!" Dawn said, pitching her voice low. "Is he Psychic?"

I most certainly am, Zair told her. Hasn't she been here before?

"Alas, no," Robinton said. "How are your loop memories coming, miss...?"

"Dawn," Dawn supplied. "And they're taking a while..."

"Well, I'll supply the simple version," Robinton said. He hesitated a moment, looking up into the cavern, and then another of those deep thrummmmmms came. This one louder, and closer.

"Pern is many things, but the most well-known one is - dragons."

As he said that, timed to the second, the dragons of Benden began to file into the hatching grounds to watch the event.

Dawn jumped as she realized the great sandy lump lying at the far end of the arena moved, revealing itself to be an enormous golden dragon.

Ramoth, her loop memories prompted. Then they all came in a rush, and she blinked.

"Oh, I see," she said. "This is a hatching. So... I guess this is where people and dragons become partners?"

"That's correct!" Robinton smiled. "Now, if you don't mind, let's leave the discussion of your time here until later - I never tire of watching a hatching."

It was quite the experience.

Dawn's closest parallel to it was that it was like watching a whole class of trainers getting their first Pokémon at once - except that the nature of the dragon-bond meant that they were fast friends in a moment.

Or perhaps it was like meeting an old friend again after a long time apart - except that it was a new experience.

"Yes, it's quite something, isn't it?" Robinton asked, a smile quirking his lips. "I remember when I Impressed Zair, and that was a magical-"

He kept talking, but Dawn didn't hear him. All her attention was abruptly focused on something else.

"You have got to be kidding me," said a grumpy and touchy and familiar voice. "After all that trouble with dragons, now I am one?"

"Piplup?" Dawn breathed.


"Ah," Robinton said, now grinning broadly. "Well, young lady, go to him! He needs you."

"How can I hear you without you speaking?" Piplup asked, shaking his long serpentine neck in confusion, as Dawn clambered over the retaining wall and dropped to the sand. "I'm new to this whole Psychic type thing. Does this make me a Latios?"

Then he reached Dawn, and for a long moment there was only each other.

"Is this what you think of me?" Dawn asked, mental tone hushed. I never realized...

"We argue," Piplup admitted. "But I do love you really."

"Thanks for agreeing to see us," Dawn said, sighing.

"It's not a problem at all, miss Dawn," F'lar - the local Anchor, apparently - told her. He passed over a glazed mug of some kind of juice, and she took a sip.

Do I get anything? Piplup asked.

F'lar nodded. "Bucket of fish under the table."

"Dawn, can't you make some poffins soon?" the former Water-type requested plaintively.

He was pretty quick to get eating the fish though.

"This thoughts thing..." Dawn asked, frowning. "Is it... permanent?"

"Depends if you want it to be," F'lar answered. "It fades if you don't want it, strengthens if you do. To answer your other question, it's got no known range limit but can't cross loops or times."

"That could actually be quite useful, in battle," Dawn said.

"That assumes I'll want to listen to you."

"Quarrelsome sort, isn't he?" F'lar remarked mildly. "You said you were from a loop with Pokemon?"

"That's right - Pikachu's branch," Dawn agreed.

"I've been in worlds like that a few times. Once Lessa and I were trainers in Hoenn... strangest thing was our starters."

"What were they?" Dawn asked, as Piplup laid his head on her lap and she began scratching the scales absently.

"I am a teleporting, psychic dragon," the enormous bronze dragon at the other end of the chamber noted placidly.

"...They weren't Latios and Latias, were they?"

"Right in one," F'lar smiled. "That was a very short quest. Anyway, a quick rundown on our loop. The main duty of dragonriders is to battle Thread - a mindless organism from space with an uncanny resemblance to carnivorous pasta."

Dawn snorted.

"As a Bluerider - though of course there's already people having apoplectic fits over a female bluerider - you'll be naturally expected to fly with the others. I can probably get you assigned elsewhere if you'd rather, though."

The coordinator shook her head. "No, I'm fine doing that. Uh... actually, does it matter if Piplup does a few non-standard things?"

Well, do not keep us in suspense, Mnementh said lightly.

"How would this death-pasta stuff do if it fell into a horizontal sheet of ice-cold mist?"

F'lar raised a hand like a fencer signalling a touch. "I can see you're a young lady with style."

"It's actually my normal job..." Dawn smiled.

"It is? Interesting. There's a few of Master Robinton's subordinates you might like to meet, in that case..."


Professor Oak blinked at the ever-shifting form of the person who was standing in front of him. "Err...are you a boy, or a girl?" he asked.

The figure shrugged, shifting to a male form. "It really depends," Vent admitted, before switching up again. "Some Loops I'm a boy, some Loops I'm a girl, and some Loops this keeps happening," Aile explained.

"Err...I see." Okay, not really. But you couldn't really blame him. Samuel was getting a rather large headache from this. "If I may ask-?"

The figure sighed, switching back to Vent again. "Yggdrasil can't figure out if I'm supposed to be Aile..." Switch back to Aile. "Or if I'm supposed to be Vent." Then during the midway of the switch, "Don't worry, I'm used to it by now," they said in both voices.

"Ah. Now I do see. Unfortunately, this blasted paperwork is going to be a bit of a bother...but why I don't I let you pick your Starter regardless? I'll have a talk with the League about your, uh, unique situation."

"Thank you, Professor."


Something was off about this Loop. Kasumi couldn't quite put her finger on it, but something was off.

"Hey, Takeshi, does something about this Loop feel weird to you?" she asked her friend from Nibi City.

Takeshi blinked in surprise from where he was whipping up dinner. "Not particularly. Why do you ask, Kasumi?"

Kasumi sighed. "Oh, never mind. I must be imagining it," she said, dismissing the feeling.

"If it helps, something feels weird to me too," Togepy offered.

"No, it's fine, Togepy-chan. It's probably that last Loop over in Red's place getting to me," Kasumi said kindly. Before anyone else could offer their opinion, a giant explosion rang out, shaking the ground.

Eyes wide (yes, I know that's a fallacy), Takeshi asked, "What was that?!"

Meanwhile, Kasumi glared. With Pikachu Unawake this Loop for some reason (someone was probably Stealth Anchoring or something), there was only one person who could have caused that. Someone who notably wasn't here...

"Satoshi, you idiot! What the hell are you thinking?!" she screeched, rushing off to give her idiot friend a piece of her mind.

Takeshi shook his head, adding some spices to their dinner. "Don't ever change, you two," he said fondly.


It was another bright and shining day in Ponyville. Twilight and Spike were exiting the Golden Oaks Library, just shooting the breeze.

Twilight sighed in disappointment. "I was really hoping the others would be Awake this Loop. I needed to talk to them about something important."

"Gee, thanks," Spike said wryly. Twilight flushed at her unintentional insult.

"Sorry, Spike," she apologized to her number one assistant/brother/son/whatever.

"Eh, it's fine. Anyway, last Loop I was over at Anakin's place, and he told me something interesting he'd heard from Oshawott. Basically, it-" Spike was cut off when a metallic arm came out of nowhere and clutched him around the midsection and pulled him away.

"Spike!" Twilight yelled in concern, whirling around to see who it was. What she saw was so distracting that she stopped everything. And so did everypony else nearby. What do you say when you see a giant cat-shaped hot air balloon? Only...something about it looked familiar to Twilight.

"Listen, is that a purple unicorn I hear?" a white pegasus with a long red mane asked from within the balloon's basket.

"It's speaking to me loud and clear," her companion, a white unicorn with a short blue mane replied. He was fiddling with something within the basket.

"On the wind!"

"Past the stars!"

"In your ears!" their final companion, a cat that was walking on its hind legs, stated, having finished locking Spike in a pink cage of sorts. Then they continued on with a flourish.

"Bringing chaos at a breakneck pace!"

"Dashing hope, putting fear in its place!"

"A rose by any other name is just as sweet!"

"When everything's worse, our work is complete!"



"And Meowth, now dat's a name!" And then suddenly it clicked for Twilight just who they were.

"Putting the do-gooders in their place..."

"...we're Team Rocket!"

"IN YOUR FACE!" Meowth crowed, before hitting the button on a remote he had. From the basket, twin rocket engines extended, sending the balloon rocketing away.

Twilight blinked once, then twice, then immediately panicked. "Hang on, Spike!" she yelled, summoning her Element, ascending, then flying after the balloon as fast as she can.

While Team Rocket made like their namesake and rocketed away, Spike was not very impressed. "You guys know I can get out of here any time I want, right?" he pointed out.

"Ha! That's what you think! Tell him, Meowth!" Jessie declared.

Meowth, however, did not like this idea. "Why me?! I'm steerin' dis thing! Make James do it, he's not doin' anythin'!"

"I'm keeping an eye on our incoming pony princess! I can't do it!" James shot back.

"Grrr-! Fine, I'll do it!" Jessie seethed, before turning back to the amused dragon Jedi. "All right, this is how it works! For starters, that cage is made out of pure Pixie Plate!" she announced.

Spike blinked. "Pixie Plate?" he asked in confusion.

"That's right! Arceus's Fairy-type Plate, courtesy of a certain Togepi! And as everyone knows, Fairies are immune to Dragon stuff! In other words, you can't use any of your dragon abilities in that cage! And as for your little Jedi tricks, we've coated the thing with miriskin!"

Spike quickly grew a deadpan look. "Miriskin is a hoax. Only living ysalamari can block the use of the Force," he pointed out.

James grinned, and turned around to look at him. "Ordinarily, but we obtained it in a variant where that's not the case!" he rebutted, waving his hoof back and forth in an imitation of a wagging finger.

"The cage is also built so that you can't use your little size-shift thing either. You'd crush yourself! You're not getting out of that cage until we let you out!" Jessie declared.

"Or we blast off..." Meowth added under his breath.

Spike shook his head. They really had him backed up in a corner here. Just, one thing was still confusing him. "Why are you guys even doing this anyway? You're obviously Loopers, considering you have miriskin, and whatever a Pixie Plate is. So..."

At that, the Looping Rocket members all grew somber. "When we first started Looping, we were a tad frustrated with how we never won in baseline," Jessie began.

"We figured that there was nothing wrong in trying to be the good guys, since we are pretty good at it. But..." James continued, before pausing.

"It jus' wasn' us! We're good at bein' good, but we love bein' bad! It jus' took us a while to remember!" Meowth summarized.

"Well, to be more accurate, we're bad, but we're not evil, if that makes any sense," James mused.

"Okay, but why kidnap me?"

Jessie shrugged. "Practice." She would have elaborated more, when James paled on seeing what was coming up behind them.

"Uh, Jessie? Meowth?" he squeaked out.

"Wat?!" Meowth asked in irritation, before the other two Rockets turned around. Then they too paled.

Seeing the Rainbow of Light flying right at them would probably do that to anyone. The Rainbow slammed right into the balloon, causing a giant explosion! While Spike's cage was caught by Twilight, the other three went flying in a completely different direction.

"Looks like we'll have to go back to the drawing board," James sighed.

"GAH! I thought we only look bad in comparison to the twoips!" Meowth raged.

"That's it. We're using a cloaking device next time," Jessie snarled. But then the three grinned, because they knew what was coming next. And as much as it tended to annoy them, there was a bit of nostalgia involved with it. So…



24.9 (calvinball)

Red walked up to the podium rather awkwardly, uncertain of how to present himself to the crowd of men and women looking up at him. He felt out of place at this press conference, out of place in this suit, out of place with these papers. He wasn't a guy who was good with words. He never was, never would be, and being "Mr. Red" in a near-Hub Loop didn't change a thing about that.

...but still. He owed it to the man to treat the death as real as any other death, regardless of the circumstances. It had been a strange, meta, existential Loop that had forced him to look at his own life and try to come to terms with the fact that whole universes considered him to be little more than fantasy. And yet it was a strange sort of fantasy, the type countless millions across the cosmos respected as being just as real to them as anything else. So he owed it to the man at least for that, at least for being the curator who backed up his existence and made it possible for his own life to inspire entire worlds.

He was never meant to make this announcement. But for Satoru Iwata, he would.

"Hello," Red finally spoke into the microphone, getting the attention of the reporters before him. "As some of you may already know, my good friend Satoru Iwata passed away a few days ago." Red couldn't help it; he began to tear up. "It was a strange friendship, and the circumstances of our meeting were stranger still, but there are few men that I respect more. He had a curious way of reading me, of understanding me completely... And I'm sure some of you have felt the same because of what he has done. For Nintendo. For you. For me. It is a tragic loss, but I know he wouldn't want us to mourn forever... but I know he'd understand if we do mourn."

24. Preview

May 22, 9:37 AM
Saffron Courthouse
Defendant Lobby No. 5

[Courtroom Lobby ~ New Prelude]

(...Sigh. I should have figured that something like this would come up. And I thought this Loop was going to be peaceful too,) Apollo Justice thought wistfully.

"Hey, come on! Cheer up, Polly! This isn't something that happens every day, you know!" his assistant and half-sister, Trucy Wright, attempted to console him. Apollo wasn't actually looking at her at the moment, since he was too busy with his self-pity.

"I know, it's just...I still remember the circus that happened when Mr. Wright defended that whale in court. I'm worried that something else ludicrous is going to happen. I mean, that's usually the trend-" Apollo trailed off when he noticed what Trucy was wearing.

Instead of her usual magician's outfit, she was wearing a suit almost identical to his own, fitted for her, of course. Oh, and the colors of the suit and tie had been switched around so to mimic her adoptive father's suit. "Uh...Trucy, why are you wearing that?" Apollo asked, confused.

Trucy pouted and crossed her arms. "Can you believe it, Polly? There's actually a dress-code in this loop for paralegals!"

(! Wait, really? Well well...maybe there won't be as many shenanigans as I thought...)

"Um...excuse me, Apollo?" another voice rang out. Apollo knew who it was. It was their client, who had hired them to represent his...ward, of sorts. Honestly, it still boggled Apollo's mind, but then again, it was just how things normally happened in this Loop, so he had to run with it.

"Oh, Mr. Ketchum," Apollo said, turning to face him. It was indeed Ash Ketchum who had requested their services, although he looked rather out-of-place standing in the courthouse with his normal adventuring clothes on.

"Hey, come on. I told you, just call me Ash," the Ketchum said uncomfortably.

"Hey, Ash. How're you doing?" Trucy asked, ignoring her own plight of not being able to wear her preferred attire to try to cheer him up.

"Um, good, I guess. You guys gotta help him, please! He wouldn't do anything like this!" Ash pleaded.

"Don't worry about it, Mr. Ketc-, er, Ash," Apollo said in order to calm him down. "After all, since he didn't do it, he's obviously innocent. ...Where is he, anyway?" Apollo wondered, looking around. He couldn't see the defendant anywhere in the Lobby.

Ash looked rather uncomfortable at that. "Oh, right...he's in here," he said, bringing out a Pokéball. It had a little lightning bolt sticker on the top, and was wobbling in his hands. "I didn't really have a choice. The law says I need to keep him in here while he's under suspicion, and can't let him out until he's been cleared. Even after all this time, he hates being in here, so..."

"I understand. Don't worry, Ash, we'll get him off the hook!" Apollo declared.

(Defending a Pokémon...I never thought I'd ever get wrapped up in something like this, but then again, considering what happened with Mr. Wright and Mario...on second thought, I should have seen this coming.)

"Polly? Court's about to begin," Trucy told him, before looking apologetic. "Sorry, Ash, but since you're responsible for him, you're going to have to sit in the defendant's chair."

"It's fine! I have faith that you guys will win, and that everything will be all right!" Ash said, pumping his fist.

(Well, it's nice that our client actually has faith in us for once. Maybe we'll actually get paid? ...Oh, who am I kidding? When it comes to protecting the innocent, being paid doesn't really matter! Look out, court! Here comes Justice!)

24.1 - Blast Burn is one of Charizard's custom specials in Smash 4, replacing Flare Blitz. Figured he'd attempt to learn how to do it outside of Smash.

24.2 - Probably Oak's most well-known line, come to think of it.

24.3 - Fused Loop with Winx Club, of all things. ...Try to stay objective, me..

24.4 - So Giovanni now knows who kidnapped his son… -ducks for cover-

24.5 - Dawn and Piplup, everybody.

24.6 - Vent...Aile...err, they're the Anchor of Mega Man ZX. the Loops, Mega Man is full of issues. Enough for subscriptions!

24.7 - Rikai dekimasen. Nani ga chigaimasu no? (I don't get it. What's different?)

Apologies for Google Translate. I don't know that much actual Japanese.

24.8 - How have we not seen these guys lately?

24.9 - Rest in peace, Satoru Iwata. 1959-2015.

24. Preview - A short preview of Turnabout Thunderbolt, an Ace Attorney/Pokémon Fused Loop. Coming to you as soon as I finish Turnabout Mario Sunshine!