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Chapter 1: Visions of Harry

Alice Cullen sat alone by the river near her home. Her delicate features contorted into an expression of deep concentration. Her visions had become disturbing to say the least, and with each one more vivid and solid. These would happen if she didn't so something, but the question was: what could she do?

The boy in her vision was nothing but a baby, no older than two. He lived with a family she was sure were not his birth parents under horrible conditions. It wasn't poverty, as that would not have caused her heart to ache. Children raised in even the poorest of families could also be rich in love and the attention that money could never buy. No, this boy was treated lower than a pet, lower than a servant, as if he was a pile of dog shit the family accidentally stepped in. In her visions, his treatment only grew worse with time. The initial indifference turns to vicious abuse.

Normally, while the visions were disturbing and agonizing to watch she would not interfere. Children while precious were abused everyday all over the world, and Alice was one to champion them when she found herself in the position could not save them all. A single phone call to her brother-in-law Peter would have any child abuser taken care of, but these visions, this boy was different.

It was her latest vision that has her at a crossroads. The boy was her kin. She had been shown the relationship via a family tree in her vision. The Potters were her family in England. Her mother's family had emigrated in the early 1800s because they were something called squibs. As a relative, she could not allow this little boy to suffer. She had to step in. She could probably make sure the authorities were called and that action was taken. That was not an option though; the boy was her family, her last bit of living humanity.

Her decision made Alice got up to find her husband, who was undoubtedly packing up his study. It had been a peaceful four years here in Eureka, California, but it was time to move on. A family of vampires could only stay put for so long without raising a few questions about how they physically didn't change. The new house in Independence, Oregon wouldn't be ready for a few more days, so the family was just tying up loose ends. Well, most of the family was tying up loose ends.

Bella and Edward were taking a cross-country drive with their daughter Reneseme and her husband Jacob. Nessie was starting at Notre Dame University in a month, and the drive was meant to ease the anxious parents into letting go. Initially they offered to attend with her, but their daughter shot that idea down quick. Nessie and Jacob needed some time alone, without the pressure of being surrounded my nosy family all the time. She needed this, and her parents needed to let go. Alice did not envy any of them.

She walked through the front door and passed Esme and Carlisle as they boxed up the last of the breakables from the sitting room. She wandered through the house until she came to a stop in front of Jasper's study. Quietly she opened the door and just watched as her husband meticulously packed away he treasures and books. After fifty years of marriage, he still took her breath away.

"Enjoying the view, darling?" Jaspers southern drawl showed itself as he continued to pack.

"Always," she answered. Alice stood in the doorway mentally building her courage for the conversation they had to have.

Jasper noticed Alice's anxiousness, and stopped what he was doing. He walked over to her, and wrapped his arms around his wife kissing the top of her head. "Whatever is bothering you, sweetness, you can tell me, and together we'll figure it out. Just tell me what's wrong." Jasper tilted Alice's chin until she was looking him in the eyes. "Just tell me whose ass I'm gonna be kickin' and I'll take care of it, darkling'."

She took a deep look into her husband's eyes, and saw the honest love in their depths. No matter what happened he would stand by her. She laughed to herself a little. Knowing her husband, as she did as soon as he found out this child was family there would be no doubt, what the right thing to do would be.

"Jasper, these visions I have been having are getting more vivid. It usually means that if action is not taken soon they will come to pass, and that just rips my heart to pieces."

The little hairs on Jasper's neck stood up on ends. He felt her fear, and his eyes unconsciously scanned the room for a threat. "Is the family in danger? Is there some harm coming for you, Alice? Tell me so whatever it is I can stop it."

She shook her head in the negative. "No, there is no danger to us." She placed her small hand in comfort on his cheek, and then pulled him over to the leather high-back chair in the corner.

Sitting together, she told him everything. She told him of a little fifteen-month-old baby being left on a doorstep in the middle of a winter night. She told him of his treatment, where he slept, the sadness, and emotional torment. She told him about the abuse getting worse as he got older, and then lastly she told Jasper of the family tree, and how this waif was the last of her blood family on her mother's side.

If vampires could cry, they both would have had rivers running down their faces. Jasper held her close and closed his eyes. So many emotions swirled around him that he could not separate what was his and what was hers. He calmed himself by taking a deep breath and let it go.

"If this baby is the last of your kin then we have to go and see what we can do. We can't leave him there to be tortured. No one, especially a child should have to put up with that shit. Not to mention I can't imagine what it would do to the child in the long run if he survives it." He hugged Alice a little tighter, and lifted her off his lap placing her on her feet. "I'm gonna call Peter and Char, and have them get the plane ready. We'll be heading over to England."

"What will we tell the family?" Alice asked happy that Jasper was taking charge. She appreciated it more than he would know.

"We tell them nothing, right now. It will just upset everyone, and they'll want to tag along. We don't even know if there is anything we can do yet." Jasper fished his phone out of his pocket and began to dial.

"Jasper?" she voice small as the worry poured into his name.

He looked in the eyes with determination. "Don't worry, darling, we will make this right. I swear we will. Why don't you go talk to Esme and Carlisle and let them know we will be leaving as soon as we finished packing. We'll meet them at the new house in a couple of weeks at the latest."

Alice shook her head in agreement, and went back through the house to where her parents were. Jasper would make this all right. She just knew it.